Pavitra Rishta 5th September 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 5th September 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Archu telling Manav, I know it must be difficult decision for you to come here and Ovi.. Manav says to her, please don’t remind me anything about Ovi, I am already feeling guilty and he leaves to check all the arrangements.

Archu then calls Dk and says they have reached here already. Dk says we are almost ready as well.. groom is taking a bit long to get ready. Archu tells him to come fast and says, you did great arrangements. Dk says, we are getting bahu like Purvi so this is nothing in front of that.

Sulo tells Vinod that she is happy because he came here with his family. It feels good seeing him helping like this. Vinod says, you and Archu also tried to solve differences among us. You have taken first step, I have just responded to it. And by coming to wedding, I have got my family back and as long as it’s about arrangements. Sulo gets emotional. Vinod leaves to check all the arrangements.

Archu asks Priest if he needs anything else. He says, everything is ready but where is bride? Archu then calls Purvi, who is in beauty parlor. Purvi tells her, she will be there soon and tells her not to worry. Sulo asks Archu, why are you so tensed? She will be here on time.

Manav’s dad is getting ready for the wedding. Savita asks him, you seem in hurry? He asks Savita to give his watch to him. Savita says, I asked one question and you got so angry.. imagine what I must be going through right now. She asks, you’re going to Purvi’s wedding right? He says, so what.. I don’t scare from you. Savita starts fighting taking Archu. Manav’s dad says, I don’t think Archu’s decision is wrong and that’s why I am going to support her. I am going to give blessings to Purvi. He takes away his watch from her hand and leaves. Savita is angry and says, in end Archu took away her husband and Manav from her.

Archu asks Purvi’s friend why she didn’t come with her from parlor. Her friend says, you called her and said to come fast right? So she left early from there. Archu is worried as Purvi’s phone is off. Manav comes to her and says priest is saying time is running out. Archu then tells him about Purvi. Sulo also comes there. Manav then calls Arjun and says to Archu not to take tension, he must know where Purvi is. As soon as he dials his number, Arjun comes there with Ovi in wedding dress and stuff. There is sindhur on Ovi. Everyone is shocked seeing that.

Break 1..

Arjun is very sad. Archu asks him where is Purvi and how could him and Ovi.. Arjun says, I know what you are seeing is very shocking.. but unfortunately this is the truth. He says, I left my house to marry Purvi and then she called me and asked to meet her.

Flashback scene:
Purvi calls Arjun and asks him to meet. Arjun says, I want to meet you too, my love, but we are getting married in some time.. I am meeting you there right? Purvi says, no I want to meet you right now, it’s urgent. She requests him no to question and come to meet her. Arjun leaves from there. Purvi lies to her friend saying she is going to wedding and leaves.

Arjun arrives to the place where Purvi called him. He says, everyone must be waiting there and you called me here all of a sudden? Purvi asks him, what can do you for me? Arjun says, I don’t know why and what you are asking. Purvi again asks him, what can do for me? Arjun says, what you mean? I did everything for you so far and now only thing is left is my life.. if you tell me I can jump from here and commit suicide. Purvi says, it’s very easy to die for your love.. if something that’s difficult to do then it is to LIVE.. will you be able to live without your love? Arjun says, what? I am not getting what you’re saying.. are you okay? Purvi says, everyone says about living and dying since long time but now time has changed.. challenges are new.. they are more difficult.. you tell me, what you can do for me today? Arjun says, I told you, I love you and I can do anything for you. Purvi says, what if you don’t get me? All stories, novels say it’s impossible to live without your love.

Arjun says, I am not getting why are you telling me all this. Purvi says because I want you to live. Everyone dies without their love, but I want you to live. She says, by living our love will get new heights. Purvi asks him if he is understanding what she means. Arjun says, I understand but I think you don’t know what you are saying. Purvi says, we are getting married today and I want something from you, will you give me? Arjun says, we are getting married soon and we will be living together for entire life.. what more I can give you? What else can I do for you?

Purvi says, I WANT YOU TO MARRY OVI. Arjun is shocked.

Break 2..

It starts raining. Arjun says to her, you’ve gone crazy right? All arrangements are done for our wedding and you are telling me to marry Ovi? Purvi begs him to marry Ovi and says you just promised me that you can give me anything, you can do anything for me. Purvi says, with your one decision, my mother will get her family, her children, everything. She begs him to say yes. Arjun says, i understand your mother, her family, but what about us? Purvi says, we can’t marry. If we marry then my mother’s life will be destroyed. I know her very well, she never tells anyone about her pain but she is very sad from inside. Here we get married and her “rishta” of so many years will end. what do you think.. I will be able to marry with this guilt? I won’t be happy and won’t be able to keep you happy either.

Arjun tells her to relax and says they will talk with Archana and he is sure everything will be solved. Purvi says no, this is only solution. She won’t tell us anything… but we can’t be this selfish and marry. Arjun gets angry now and says, your mother, your family, ovi, but what about me? I love you, damn it. Why should I marry Ovi? I don’t love her. You want me to lose you for your mother? What’s wrong with you?

Purvi says, I will lose everything if I marry you and I will get everything if I don’t marry you. You can’t do this much for me? Arjun says, no I can’t do this.. I can’t do this for you. Purvi says, I know this is difficult for you to marry with Ovi. Arjun asks Purvi, you never loved me right? Purvi says what are you saying? You know I love you a lot but I only have this one chance to do something for my mother. You know very well, she has done so much for me. Arjun says, just try to understand I can’t keep Ovi happy because I love you. Purvi says, I know you will give all happiness to Ovi because you’re a good guy.

Arjun says, fine.. you think everything will be alright if I marry Ovi, your mother will be happy right? Tell me, if I marry Ovi then you will be happy? Purvi says, yes. Arjun asks her, so you’re trying to say that you can see me marring Ovi? It’s not about today.. you will have to live your entire life without me? I can’t do it.. will you be able to do it? Purvi turns away her face and says, yes, I have already decided because this is the right decision. Arjun says, fine.. if you think this is right then okay.
Flashback scene ends.

Archu is very very sad and has expressions like what did you do Purvi?

Episode ends.

Precap: Ovi comes to Archu and touches her legs for the blessings…


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82 Responses to “Pavitra Rishta 5th September 2012 Written Update”

  1. SHRUTI says:


  2. Yara says:


  3. Yara says:

    Ekta Kapoors’s gone crazy! She is ruining the minds of Indians.. High time people retaliate especially Zee TV for the sake of the future of India… She is setting a bad example to all youngsters!!!!!! What a disgusting women.
    Over all don’t you find her serials to be so stupid..
    1)18 years down the line still Manav does not know that his mother gave Archana the divorce papers instead of the air ticket.
    2) The father and sister knows it and are keeping silent- HW STUPID IS THIS!!

  4. MES says:





  5. anymous says:

    if arjun and purvi are not married and the truth of savita is not out on 7 and manav and archana are not one again then pls sop this serial it is becoming a bullshit now. what stupidity close the serial

  6. Anonymous says:

    if arjun and purvi are not married and the truth of savita is not out on 7 and manav and archana are not one again then pls sop this serial it is becoming a bullshit now. what stupidity close the serial

  7. akansha says:

    i know that this happened wrong.but i am waiting for 7 september’s 1 and a 1/2 hour episode in which hitler didi and sugni’s mother r going to show real face of savita to everyone.

  8. JV says:

    Jeez…wtf.. Y dis had to happen seriously I av nomore interest in dis serial anymore.. I jus hate ovi..

  9. Anonymous says:

    lagta he yeh cvs pehle dhobi the. dhula dhulakar show ki jaan nikaal di!!!! gosh, save these souls…..

  10. Judhi says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. Ekta what nonsense is the story turning out to be. I wll never watch Pavitra Rishta again. As this name does not comply with the story. I hope lots of people share the same view as \i do and tht the rating go real down. I am going to stick to sapne suhane (Gunjan)and Afsar Bitiya (Krishna) only.

  11. MEL says:

    One would think that after the drama with manav and archana the writer would atleast give her daughter purvi a happy ending…….So exactly what shud we learn from this show, that the rich gets all they want and the orphan purvi goes on her life suffering????????? the writer should atleast have thought about that and give people hope in love…I hope the writer reads our comments and maybe it would be a dream(highly unlikely.

  12. ishika says:

    i thnk now i ll watch d new serial “honge juda na hum” atleast it ll be better den dis crap…….
    who ll lyk to watch ovi n arjun together n purvi der separate frm her luv….
    y does ekta always pays stress on sacrifice rather den true love????
    leave such thngs u idiot women…

  13. SA - Lost Fan says:

    I have to admit that whilst reading through this ‘oh so predictable crap’ i was more anxious to read the comments.
    I think that this Ekta character wants to drop the ratings & end the show…. why else would she ruin the used to be good serial??
    If there is any reconsiliation between Arjun & Purvi, i think it would be a disgusting insult to ‘pavithra rishta’ as the magic is gone.. you cant break up pure love & then try to unite it again…it will never be the same!! (Then you’d rather watch ‘Punar Vivah’)
    This is misleading & sick!! Looks like this Ekta cow is using ideas from ‘The Bold & the Beautiful’….hahahahahhaaaa
    Anyway… wont be watching this serial anymore…

  14. Anonymous says:

    I hate you purvi……bt i love u..

  15. SYS says:

    I am 100% sure the Producer & story writer is MAD . & also 100% sure who logh hum per Badhlaa lee rahi hai . Becoz they doesn’t like our comments so that happened . Bcoz they are do /did /done anything for reverange us . But lastly i must say that they did wrong . So for what GOOD BYE ” Pavitra rishta ” good bye forever keyoun ki 3years see same chiz dekh ker paak gayee hoo . So now i can’t tolret this anymore . Truely i attached , adicted this serial but now Its 100% correct time to move on & leave the serial . May serial Arjun aur Purvi liyea dekhta tha but now . . . . . . . .
    So good bye Pavitra rishta good bye . Now ekta you can do anything with the serial . But your productio team & the serial already lost , bocome lost LOTS OF FAN , VIEWERS etc . Once again good bye Pavitra Rishta .

  16. Fan From Malaysia says:

    an expected scene… already knew purvi will ask arjun to marry ovi 4 her mother’s happiness…

  17. Wenz says:

    It’s very very horrible episode ever…. Young generation is also watching this serial very happily…. Watching like this story line young generation’s mind will b affected……about da marriage….it’s give a bad idea of marriage. They will think marriage is a game… So it’s better to stop watch like this serial 4ever…… And if u done the in this way of pavitra rishta the lot of viewers are lost 4 watch this… And ur interest will b gone in vain.. So it’s better if this serial going in possible way… That every1 hoped…. And don’t drag 1 storyline 4 too much…… It will b boring 2 watch…

  18. Noor Jahan says:

    I agree with all above and feeling very sick now. Very disappointed with the whole episode:(

  19. Anonymous says:

    stop this series NOW! it makes no sense at all.

  20. Nafisah says:

    Wow! Ekta has gone nuts. I want to believe and assume that this episode is a dream. Else Pavitra Rishta will loose all it’s viewers. What a pathetic episode. I’ve lost interest in Pavitra Rishta bcos of today’s episode. I hope my 3 years of watching pavitra Rishta won’t go down the drains

  21. Dew says:

    Not watching this Show ever again. There is a difference betweenn making a serial interesting and making it disgusting. What they just showed is Disgutingly low. Its like they have lost their brains. Its unrealistic and also very unpleasant now to watch. Sorry- Will not watch again.

  22. Sonya says:

    This show should not be nominated for any awards going forward. Sorry Archu / Manav I have great respect for you. Arjun / Purvi they spoilt your character in the show. Totally disgusting.

  23. Anonymous says:

    the producer is very mean hurtful episode

  24. Anonymous says:

    this show is shit now

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