Pavitra Rishta 8th May 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 8th May 2013 Written Update by ArVi-licious

Pavitra Rishta 8th May 2013 Written Episode

At the hospital soham is siting with archana, tells her to open her eyes n apologizes for all his mistakes, he blames it on his upbringing and thanks her for all the new relations he has now.. tells her he met teju n tells her he helped teju buy mangoes and was happy to help her.. he is sitting holding her hand and the new lady doctor comes in..

they both see each other n recall their encounter.. she threatens to call the cops, he questions her n tells she tells him she is the doctor, he tells her, he is her son.. she then asks his name n realises that he is the one who shot archu, she freaks out and runs out of the room, saying she cant treat her anymore,

she runs into manav, he questions her abt archana health, but seeing her so tensed, he asks what is wrong, she narrates her dilemma.. she says she belongs to a middle class family n is working part time to aid her further studies.. and is no position to risk her life and career being around soham.. she goes on to tell how already twice soham has misbehaved with her.. manav gets angry and goes into the room and tells soham to stay away from that doctor, he is responsible for her coma n now is also interfering with the treatment n throws him out.. as soham leaves, he tells the doc, that just coz she is his mother’s doc, she is safe or else he would have gotten back to her for lying abt him to manav.. manav then assures the doc that soham wont trouble her and requests her to continue her treatment.

doctor Gauri, is reading to archana from a book and says that she is sure archu can hear her.. she goes on to say she has to try hard and give them a sign, to let them know that she is responding to the treatment.. soham is there and asks her what she was doing.. she replies saying its part of her therapy.. soham is lost listening to her english! he gives her a confused look and she says ”therapy”. and then says its useless talking to him.. soham get annoyed and begins argiung, but then the doc says, archana needs care and treatment.. she goes to explain, how they need to look out for some signs of her recovery, she tells him to check out for changes in the monitor..

the next day, the doc comes in and tells archu, she will massage her legs.. and then apologizes for quarreling with her son right in front of her.. she goes on n on abt soham and his short comings.. archu moves her fingers and the cup of oil(for the massage) falls off the bed.. dr.gauri realizes that archu moved her fingers.. and the monitor also shows activity.. gauri runs out and calls her senior n tells abt archu’s progress, the doc congratulates her.. manav is called and is informed abt her progress.. gauri then tells them abt a dr.aggarwal.. and his treatment.. she advices them to talk to him.. manav then talks to dr aggarwal and some how convinces him to take over archu case inspite of his many appointments. gauri is very happy to hear this and tells them that its the best thing to happen to archana and now there is a chance of her to get out of the coma.. manav, tells gauri that she is like his daughter and is grateful for what she has done.. even savita who is is there, thanks her, gauri says its her duty as a doc to take care of her patients.

ovi is drinking, actually drunk! and manav calls her to give her the good news abt archu’s health.. ovi is happy but when she replies its evident that she is inebriated, and then begins crying, manav asks her what is wrong, she tells him that arjun lying to her.. she tells him that she was chatting with arjun online and saw purvi n pari with him, in her bedroom.. manav is shocked.

PRECAP: manav scolding arjun and says its futile to expect anything good from him.. and that he can continue doing what he wants.. arjun is confused.. manav then tells him that ovi, had seen him with purvi during the video call.


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72 Responses to “Pavitra Rishta 8th May 2013 Written Update”

  1. Shaza says:

    Hi friends Im not in top of da world,it seems lyk I’m happy like nothing before after da hotest news abt arvi reunition thanx writers

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ovi and Teju may be twins but they are poles apart in every way possible. Teju is an independent, fun loving down to earth tomboy. She cares about her family and can socialise with anyone. She never gets pampered the way Ovi does.
    Ovi is stuck up, self centred, super spoiled, selfish and vain brat. She gets pampered by everyone and throws a tantrum when things don’t go her way. Manav and Savitha are partly to blame for what she has become, the rest is just her natural bad character traits. No one seems to wanna acknowledge that she needs to be brought down to earth with a thud and given a reality check that the world doesn’t revolve around her. There are other people who are entitled to love and happiness as well. Everybody is not going to fawn all over her all the time. Ever since her character appeared on the show she has behaved in the same obnoxious manner. Time for her to settle in Canada (or the North Pole) for good.

  3. Midhu says:

    This show should banned bcoz there is no value in this..instead illegal &unfair relations..

  4. rajisri says:

    archu must recover from coma……
    She solves all the problems with purvi……….
    I’m happy to see arjun,purvi,pari together in latest promo…….
    Love u purvi. You must have confidence……
    Wish u all the best from my heart!

  5. Sonya says:

    Very nice episode. Good story, Soham acts very well, so natural.

    • ammara& agastaya says:

      soham is good he’s a delight to watch

    • suji says:

      right said..i just watched this show bcoz of arvi..but now a days am not even watching this show..just going through the written updates.. 🙂

  6. Katrina Patel says:

    Archana will be coming out of coma May 16th episode and will return home but the character will be played by a new actress (Priyanka Trivedi) who looks very much like the original Archana !!!

    • Jessica says:

      Yes, that’s right !!! 🙂 I heard the same thing earlier and confirmed it. I wish the original Archana would come back but at least Manav will have some “Archaa” in his life and the daughters will once again have maternal guidance.

  7. Miss Unbelievable says:

    i hope Ovi drinks and drive…

    or do a drunk dance towards the edge of a cliff and she should drag manav and savita with her lil drunken spoilt ass

  8. Laiba16 says:

    what is that on your pic Mk????

    • MK says:

      Oh it’s a mango tree laden with lovely mangoes that I’m not getting any of. 🙁
      I love mangoes and it’s mango season.

  9. MK says:

    Ok, think the site working ok now. Let see how it goes. I’m back for a while more

  10. Laiba16 says:

    hi mk how r u and yeah i go with you this site is getting worse.

  11. Laiba16 says:

    anyone there??????

  12. Laiba16 says:

    hello everyone

  13. ammara& agastaya says:

    this manav i love the person but not the character oh gosh manav stop taking bait from ur drunk spoilt idiotic daughter and give ppl a chance to xplain themselves

    ovi is the worst

    • MK says:

      That’s good. Let him continue. I want him to drive Arjun out of Ovi life for good. He deserve better. A life alone without Purvi or Pari is better than being married to a spoilt, drunken self indulgent selfish thing.

    • ammara& agastaya says:

      didnt think of it that way thats true

  14. Sd says:

    Plz keep onir’s image as befr.. As a pationate doctor..

    • Midhu says:

      In order bring apavitra rishta of arvi they triying to prove onir as a bad man what a crooked idea..the only good hearted man in this ugly show …no more hope in this show just stop it ..after all it completed 1000 epi fed up with its apavitra rishtas..

  15. Midhu says:

    @pooja right they are trying to make apavitra rishta through reuniting arvi..crap idiot writers show off keliye ek nam rakha pavitra rishta ..

  16. fan says:

    will say it again..purvi deserves to be with her true love and end all this BS about sacrifice. a child is involved!

    onir is a good guy and he needs to be with someone who can return his love.

    OVi is always going to be a selfish little witch who will manipulate everyone to get her ways. manav check your alcoholic daughter into rehab and tell her to grow up and be responsible!

  17. Aparna Pihal says:

    hey MK are you a student?

    • MK says:

      No dear, complete my education. Having problems posting on this site. So will try back later. Hope this gets posted

  18. Aparna Pihal says:

    hey MK are you a student

  19. vijaya says:

    ovi will never change. i think it better for arjun to get back purvi to her atlest she will change by seeing that…

    Manav is worst father if he accepts purvi & soham but they should not accept him as father as he never behaved a good and responsible father

    Archana come soon pls to open manav and ovi eyes if not it will become very late as her family is falling back

  20. Aparna Pihal says:

    hey everybody
    where are bru and miss kriss

  21. AK says:

    [10] For starters Ovi is the biological daughter of Manav and Purvi is just Adopted.
    Just remember when the whole family came to know about Ovi’s condition if she wanted ArMan together she should convince Arjun to marry her.
    No 1 was angry with Ovi expect Archu now everyone is angry with Purvi for her efforts of making Ovi happy.
    Blood is thicker than Water

  22. Aparna Pihal says:

    extremely sorry for the mistake.
    has anyone heard about the savar tragedy in dhaka bangladesh.
    the death toll has risen over 800 as cleaning the wreckage is still going on.

  23. MK says:

    Hi AK, aparna, 10 others, sorry late today, have some errands,
    Love the promo can’t wait for it to happen. I’m sure the writers has something in store for Onir. I hope it’s good though. Hope in the end he is happy wherever he is because I like him a lot.

    • AK says:

      Hi dr. I am also waiting for the Promote like crazy

    • fan says:

      can anyone share what does the promo say??
      i want arjun and purvi to reunite..sorry guys but i think its time and onir should be with someone who can return his love

  24. PAT says:

    This is nonsense,,,, what are the writers trying to do???????????? Why do they want to separate Purvi and Dr. Onir so Purvi and Arjun can be together,,,, the writers need some serious talking to……….. Manav,, you are the worst father anyone can have in their live…… Manav don’t know how to be a good father or else he would have raised the little witch Ovi much better than the way she is right now……….. She is back to her old self,, drinking and all and blaming everyone for her problems expect herself………….. Arjun needs to stand up to the poor excued of a father called Manav…….. Good Archana is coming back to her senses,, and I hope she will not be like the others to jump down Purvi’s throat.

    • MK says:

      Well, they have to do something to get rid of Onir, these writers are mad I say, they always do nonsense in Ekta serials, Arjun and Purvi is to be paired no matter what, but they always messing with people and doing sh””” t

    • AK says:

      Well said MK

    • PAT says:

      You are absolutely right MK,,,, and that stupid of the writers……………

  25. Miss Unbelievable says:

    MK Im distressed…kiss the kids for me still…

    but all these shows are stressing me out these days

    • MK says:

      Like they all have the same agenda. Heartbreak and heartache all at the same damn time

    • PAT says:

      MU,,,,, you are right……….. All the serial on Zee TV are not good at all………. Northing is better than the other,,,,, all you see is stuipdness,, and they are stressful when you watch…….

  26. Aarya says:

    You know what the writers can do anything.. lately especially from last Friday it is totally losing it. I just love to see the total honesty and understanding that Purvi and Onir have, they can read each other’s mind and emotions and feelings. They tell each other everything so that no third person will be able to break that trust. But now Onir is starting to tell lies to Purvi. People don’t change overnight like that. From a strong upright, honest , understanding person to a frightened, lying character… Unbelievable. Don’t change Onir’s character, this is the time for him to show his true character , to do something to get his practicing license back if he is the passionate doctor that was portrayed earlier.

    But the storyline the involves Soham is good. I know the rowdy types like Soham in real-life are actually good caring understanding people with a heart of gold. They can be changed by the love of a girl like to new doctor. Sometimes all that a person needs to change is to know that there is one person in the whole world who cares about them.
    So don’t mess up Onir’s character, build up Soham’s character. Lots and lots of wonderful possibilities her..

    and about the new promo the writers are just looking for desperate means to bring Arjun and Purvi back together. They are even ready to make poor Onir the sacrificial lamb. Oh blimey!!!!

  27. Aparna Pihal says:

    hi everyone
    where is MK?
    wish he comes soon to chat.

  28. Tkxxxxx a lot and love you a lots desitvbox

  29. Bull shit only arnman are truly ment the word pavitra rishta ak bhai not arvi coz arman have a pure relation,understanding and love between then not like arvi they don’t intimate before marrige like arvi but arvi are blessed to have a angel like pari who is cutie,lovely,sweet,innocent,angel,god blessed and adorable i was thinking how can they get a baby like that i think in previos birth arvi have done some good works that why god blessed them with pari8-)

  30. [10] says:

    Not a bad episode at all.yes there were so much rifts…but chalata he…dunno why Manav believes ovi blindly.yes ovi alcohol is the best way to get over the past.drink as much as you arvi scene in the whole episode…

  31. arohi says:

    Pyaar ke dushman sab ke sab. Ovi needs to get hit by a car or drown in the sea or fall off a cliff. DIE OVI DIE!

  32. Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls uplod pics desitvbox with wu.Latest promo was horrible but pari looks like a real angel i love her

  33. Tanmayi says:

    What is going on ?????????????

  34. Tanmayi says:

    What is going on????????????????????????
    Will manav accept soham and purvi??????????????????????????

  35. AK says:

    Pavitra Rishta of ArVi and ArMan only.

    Hi friends hope you are all fine I just cannot wait for the new twist of my lil angel re uniting her Parents <3

  36. AK says:

    Pavitra Rishta of ArVi and ArMan only.

    Gi friends hope you are all fine I just cannot wait for the new twist of my lil angel re uniting her Parents <3

  37. Alisha says:

    stop this bullshit serial yaar.. kuch nhi hone wala.. dragging n dragging witout any sense in d episodes.. meaning less soap.. not at all related to the title of the soap.. all bakwas.. !!! it should be banned..

  38. SS says:

    i cannt gt it…ovi & arjun’s relatn is as if dre is non existance..!! den y cannt dey stp d drama & let ovi & arjun hav divorce!! ovi can marry romil…& as 4 arjun if onir has dark secret den he can be wid purvi & pari!! dats it end of ol trouble

  39. ggg says:

    bull shit

  40. SS says:

    i thnk onir is gtng blackmaild…bt 4 wat dnt knw!!??

  41. veer says:

    omg where will onir go if arvi reunite?

  42. The stupid cv’s are going to separate punir to bring arvir’s apavitra rishta together i hate it whatda fish!i hate this show

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