Pavitra Rishta – Latest Promo – Pari will bring Arjun and Purvi together!

Written Update:
Pari, the angel, is the one who will bring Arjun and Purvi closer.

And once again, two lovers will be together.

Pavitra Rishta title song in background.


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44 Responses to “Pavitra Rishta – Latest Promo – Pari will bring Arjun and Purvi together!”

  1. AK says:

    I hate the leaps sequences!!!!!

  2. Rimjhim says:

    So PR is again taking 20 years leap. These days Onir is turning extra sweet, so when Purvi knows about it, she will go back to Onir with Pari. So no Arvi reunion right?.. How can you do this to us? Leave ekta and her CVs, how could Zee do this to viewers if this was not in card?.. I hate Zee TV more than PR CVs.

  3. I am so happy for arvi. its like a dream come true. That is what I am waiting for months. Thanks EKTA mam. Now u wait and watch the TRP is going to rock. Congress arvi.

  4. Shaza says:

    Hey archu came out of coma,now arvi wil get reunite soon

  5. Tacky says:

    Do Zee TV and Cvs think viers are stupid? How can Arjun Purvi reunite at this juncture? With Ovi gone probably pregnant (and with DK advising Arjun to work on his marriage with Ovi), with Onir turning suspicious but not negative definitely, with Archana in coma ( Even if Arvi reunion is to happen, it will not happen without Archana’s blessings) how is Arvi’s reunion possible?

  6. Shaza says:

    Hi frnds I feel as I’m at da tog of da world after diz reunion of arvi ,al my frndz startd 2 watch diz serial aftr diz new promo,thanx writers

  7. sneha says:

    what abt ovi and onir..? its very unfair. onir is such a gud person and ovi has changed a lot.

  8. Aaradhya says:

    yeah lets hope that this will happen! just leave them alone ovi! you never had the right to seperate them

  9. roshina says:

    will come back to this once there is proof as we have wasted our viewing on rubbish recently. They might reunite arvi in the last episode of pavita rishta as the present track is all about how a how much of vocal power a wealthy business man has over his boss and son in law.Not forgetting how much his wealth can do for the volumes of alcohol his daughter can consume.How much longer of the same track as we have viewing this repearedly for several months.

  10. ArVi#1Fan says:

    Yah!!!Finally ArVi is gonna be together.Luv you’ll

  11. Midhu says:

    Just ban this serial of unfair & illegal rishtas …nothing in it.. no good msg no hope..fed up with this show ..&good bye..

  12. Midhu says:

    Just ban this serial of unfair & illegal rishtas …nothing in it.. no good msg no hope..fed up ..&good bye..

  13. merina says:

    This is Ekta and CVs’ gimmick of raising TRPs. When the confrontation episode gave them the TRP of 3.1, I wonder what would this promo do now.

    Well this could be all about the former gossip of Arvi coming closer emotionally while missing their respective partners. May be Onir will again be imprisoned and with nowhere to go , Arjun and DK, out of humanity (and also for Pari’s sake) will bring Purvi to their house. Purvi’s is still dressed as Misthi will sindoor on her forehead. So Pari had definitely brought her parents closer, but not together.

  14. lol says:

    Ahh the moment we have all been waiting for

    Ya arvi

  15. sadia says:


  16. hi says:


    • cecilia says:

      yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…Its about time, if this is real……

  17. Soniya says:

    A kind request to writers….PLEASE PLEASE DON’T TRY TO MAKE ONIR’S CHARACTER NEGATIVE INSTEAD OF THAT U CAN KILL HIM……because he is only one wid sensible character from the begining so please don’t try spoilin it

  18. Soniya says:

    I don’t think arjun and purvi will be reunited very soon….and if so may be because of some big reason….or may be drama and if dey are reunited also….ovi is der….again she will get pregnant wid arjun’s kid and come back to india ….so mahan purvi will not stay wid arjun…..

  19. midhu says:

    slept with your boyfriend and prepare him to marry your sister and give your child in him to her then again go with with your same ex boyfriend and forget ur family members … what fraud u r purvi… and what a pavitra rishta…….and arjun u boneless ,voiceless ,charachterless man …………hell with u …………..pls end this serial of those apavitra rishtas…i stopped watching this serial….good bye…

    • troll says:

      boneless? Arjun insaan hai, chicken nai. and he has his bone in the right place too. 😛

  20. monu says:

    i’m lovin it…… last the name arjun and puriv will be arvi……pari is really a u arvi

  21. rajisri says:

    superb…. My dream becomes true…

  22. Is it true ??? Feeling lyk its a beautiful dream……i wish it comes true !!シ

  23. Fathima says:

    At last OMG!!!! Cant wait!!!!!!!

  24. Kinu says:

    But what’s going to happen to onir, isn’t that unfair? He loves purvi

    • midhu says:

      its too unfair to onir and ovi both love their partners..but dont worry there isband bajao yaar no pavitra rishta in this serial ,there is only apavithra/illegal rishtas ektha keliye those illegal and unfair rishtas and pvitra rishtas then why bother….clap for ekthas stupidness…hurah….

    • Kinu says:

      I agree midhu

  25. Anonymous says:

    Yaaaaay. This is great news indeed!!!!! True love wins, you just have to have faith in it and believe.

  26. arvi forever says:

    Now i am sure.. Pavitra rishta will go up due to arvi reunion.. Qubool hai will go down due to asya separation

  27. AK says:

    Oh my God is this really TRUE.
    I am so happy
    ArVi to Re-Unite Yipee

  28. pratyush says:

    now just wait ekta! u will see frm today how the trp of show rises!! 😀

  29. pratyush says:

    i will start watching again only for arjun and purvi! arVi rocksss 😀

  30. pratyush says:

    yayyy!! m so happy!! At last Arvi are together.. but it will be little awkward like.. purvi destroyed arjun’s life and arjun was intimate with ovi too! but nevertheless i m still too happy!! more rithvik and asha’s scenes together 😉 i just hope it comes true!!
    Way too happy today :))) 😀 😀 😀

  31. AMLP says:

    finally..a good news from pavitra rishta..nw on i will watch it…

  32. Riya says:

    Well I always knew this was going to happen.. It was just a matter of time
    I am very happy but also very sad for Onir.
    Such a nice guy.. Hope they have thought a good send off for him and not as a villain

  33. Midhu says:

    Ridiculous..pavitra rishta

  34. MK says:

    Now this is what we’ve been waiting ages for.

  35. arvi fan says:

    Finally the ass hole writer has got some good idea:) i will continue watching this show for sure

  36. ArVi says:

    FINALLY! some life in the show
    thank you thank you Ektaji.. late but better than never

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