Punar Vivah 12th October 2012 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 12th October 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Aarti asking Yash, why you had to go that far and bring tea and biscuits for me and Ansh. We were going home anyways. Yash says, if a man doesn’t do this much for his kid and wife, then what’s the point? Aarti cannot believe what she just heard. Ansh smiles and whistles. Yash then says it feels good when you get tea on a highway after a long ride.

Aarti is smiling. Yash then starts drinking tea but tea cup falls from his hand. He looks at Aarti and says, tea was extra hot. Ansh is laughing and Aarti smiles again. Ansh tells him, go dancing again and bring tea again. Yash smiles and tells him to drink his milk quietly. Yash is going to get tea again, but Aarti stops him and says, you don’t have to go that far again to get tea.. you can have my tea. Yash says, it’s fine.. you drink. Aarti says, I meant.. we can share. They then argue, you first.. you first. Ansh says, in ‘you first’ tea will get cold. Aarti requests Yash to drink first. This time he drinks carefully and then passes cup to Aarti and she drinks. Ansh just watches them passing cup to each other.

After they pass cup to each other for like million times, Ansh says, cup got empty since long time, then what are you drinking? Yash looks at the cup and smiles. Yash takes Ansh and goes in car. Aarti then laughs and then goes in.

On the other side, police come to Yash’s house. Prateik and Pari open the door. Police say, we want to talk with Paridhi. Yash’s father comes there and says, whatever you want to talk you can talk with me. Pari is bahu of this house… ‘izzat’ of this house. Police say, who doesn’t know Sindhia family here.. that’s why we didn’t call her to police station. Yash’s father invites police inside and says, I will answer to all of your questions. Pari seems to bet getting worried.

Police say, recently she… Pari interrupts and says, that I didn’t do purposely. Yash’s father asks her, why are you scaring so much? what did you do? Police give her purse and say, she forgot her purse somewhere or it got stolen and someone was using her ATM card.. and I am just here to return her purse. Pari has a sigh of relief. Police leave.

Yash’s father tells Prateik to make Pari understand.. this much carelessness is not good.. else she will have to regret for her entire life if she does any big mistake. At the same time, Vidhi comes there and gives news to everyone that Yash will be here in 15 minutes. Palak and Payal also come there and tell everyone, Ansh is coming back with papa and mumma. Vidhi says, only few minutes are left and I don’t know what preparations should I do to welcome them. Yash’s father stops her and says, before they enter this house.. they have to answer my questions.

Yash, Aarti, Ansh arrive. Yash’s father stop them right at the door. Whole family gathers there now. Vidhi takes Ansh inside. Payal-Palak hug Ansh as soon as he enters. They say, we missed you so much.. you won’t go again right? Ansh says, never and if mumma wants to go then I won’t let her go either. Yash’s father tell Aarti-Yash to learn something from kids. They used to fight so much before but after living together, there is love between them and they can’t live without each other. He says, you two need to learn about relationship from these kids. He asks, what you two did after doing a ‘punar vivah’?

Yash’s father now says to Yash, I used to think you’re very matured and understanding, but I was wrong. I won’t say that you don’t know how to maintain relationship. But because of your relationship with Arpita, you ignored Aarti’s feelings and your own happiness.. and this is wrong. You worry about someone who is not anymore, but you don’t worry about your wife who is with you right now? You turned your face away from her?

He continues, you think Arpita would be happy seeing this behaviour of yours? No.. she must be in lots of pain seeing this. Buaji interrupts and says to Yash’s father, it’s not all Yash’s fault that.. Yash’s father tells her, I don’t want to insult you again and again in front of everyone.. so it’s better if you stay quiet. Buaji gets shocked and angry.

He now goes to Aarti and says, I was proud on you.. I thought you never give up.. and what did you do? ran away with Ansh? Didn’t you worry about your daughters? who wake up after hearing your voice… you became mother first and then left them again without a mother? There Gayatri is having treatment and no one cares about her.. no one thought what would happen to her if she finds out about this.

break ..

Vidhi now tells them, you two don’t have any clue how much Palak n palak got hurt from all this. Pankaj comes in front now and says, and Ansh.. he was going all around asking for help .. what if something had happened to him? Prateik now says to Aarti, When I saw you first time, I was impressed with how you made us realize our mistake by picking up a hockey stick and I became your fan.. I was always telling Pari to be like you.. but what happened to you this time? you couldn’t ask for your child’s rights to Yash bhai? Pankaj says, today I think.. we made a huge mistake by doing your Punar Vivah.. we tried to create relationship between you two forcefully.. Yash says, no bhaiya… whatever happened was my fault. He joins his hands asks everyone to forgive them. Aarti also joins her hands now and says, I am responsible for all this.. I broke your all and these innocent kids heart. She tells Palak-Payal, you can give any punishment you want to your mumma.

Palak-Payal say, your punishment is that you won’t go anywhere leaving us like this. Aarti says, I promise I won’t go anywhere.. and she hugs them.

break …

Aarti-Yash again apologize to Yash’s father. Yash says, last time.. I guarantee you that I won’t let my past come in between again.. I won’t be unfair with Aarti ji because of which you all get sad.. I will try my best to maintain this punar vivah and try my best that it will go in a history book. I am taking all that Aarti did on me.. if Aarti had confidence that I would accept our child, then she would never leave this house. I am sorry to you all because of this.

Everyone is ready to start a new beginning, but Yash’s father stops them. He says, you two too long to accept your mistake.

Prateik tells him, but they asked for apology already na. Yash’s father says, no.. I want peace in this house and I know how stubborn they are.. they will argue again.. and I don’t want all this to affect these children. And that’s why only kids will stay in this house. Yash and Aarti won’t.

Episode ends.

Precap: Sobhaji is on the phone with someone and she says, you gave such a good news. And then someone rings the door. She opens the door and Prashant falls down on the ground. She shouts what happened Prashant and then realizes that call is not disconnected yet….

pics will be added after update is done…

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85 Responses to “Punar Vivah 12th October 2012 Written Update”

  1. hallie says:

    Awesome episode n update!!!!

  2. Suni says:

    According to The Times Of India , Prashant is going to suffer from cancer timesofindia:indiatimes.com>Entertainment

  3. Hauwa says:

    @Afresh and @suni 9z having u here were do u stay?

    • afreesh says:

      Hi Hauwa ….I’m in middle east…. anyway we discuss about PV related things & not about us . B’cos d other viewers may feel bad

  4. mkkbp fan says:

    aawwwhhhh wat a cute episode …. i wish they have everyday happiness like this and prashant doesen interfere

  5. Happy :-) says:

    Expressions of Ansh were just Super Awesum……………
    Luvvvvvvv u Ansh…………..

  6. megha says:

    lovely episode …………keep going on on pv great show great characters mostly like yash love his acting and expression

  7. Romantic @ heart says:

    @All pv fans on this page pls can we get to knw each oda tru this chat forum!! Am quite jealous of dat popular show on Star tv! Dia comments is usually hilarious sometimes more than 300. Please stop using anonymous let’s use our names or a permanent nicknames nt pv fan or aarya or gurmeet or kratika our own unique identity!! Am Hauwa and am proud to b a punar Vivah fan from Nigeria

  8. Venusian says:

    Hhahah..buajii u need a second wedding i guesss..then y on earth u alwizz ended up hatting her…yash father is really intresting character…he just creating intense love scene for yash n aarti…love his work…a very good effort sir..hats of to punnar vivaah again…storyline has improvement..
    All characters are playing their role quite well…im impressed dear small screens..illl be your fan…till then love you all PV team.
    New Zealand.

  9. KSG!! says:

    This was such a cute episode!!:)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yash father is completely correct…
    Arti is selfish , she kept with her own son,but she did not think about palak payal future…

  11. Fan from Karachi....|§.k| says:

    Coming episodes r going to be fantabulous!! <3

  12. PVfan says:

    yes PV team welcome back you are now back on track. pls no more nonsense like this ever again. pls let AarYa have a little bit of romance b4 u bring this prashant incidence b/tw them.

  13. Chica says:

    Stop staring and tell her you love her Yash!

  14. SJ says:

    Yes I agree, at tat time she should say, baujee I have a past
    I did no know dubejee never told you, I am divorce not widow,
    By the time I got to kno you did not know it wha too late, was scared,
    Bu than how the story will move. there will be another war in Sintha family when truth will come out and Prasant will like to ave his son back

    • Suni says:

      I agree with this comment SJ , we should never support lies , nor people who cheat as well , ok :) . Sorry if I was too harsh before .

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