Punar Vivah 15th February 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 15th February 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 15th February 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: At the Peer Baba’s mazaar
Before the snake can bite on yash’s hand, akash pulls it away, seeing a police officer behind yash and curses him. He sees yash at a drinking place drinking water. He thinks that yash should drink so that he doesnt die thirsty. Yash leaves from there and approaches his car, oblivious that akash has slipped the snake in his car. akash waits for yash to sit in his car. Yash gets in the car and closing the door, drives off while akash watches victoriously.

Scene 2:
Location: In the car
Arti calls up yash, but not getting a response, arti is worried.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Radha asks the auto wallah to drive faster as her son’s life is in danger.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
In yash’s car, the snake is lying next to the foot brakes. Yash finds arti approaching in her car, from the front and just then, the snake bites him and he loses control of the car and hits on a boulder. as arti rushes upto him, she is told by yash that he has been bitten by a snake. She is shocked to ehar this. She asks him constantly to stay alert while she goes to get help. She calls up the ambulance and giving them a vague address, to the best of her abilities, she rushes back to yash to attend to him. Seeing him collapsing, she again runs for help,to try and gather up people for her aid.

Meanwhile, Radha comes upto him and is shocked to find that he has been bitten by a snake, and she is extremely concerned for yash and after tying up the area, she goes to get the herbs, all the while saying that she wont let anything happen to him.

Scene 5:
Location: Yash’s house
Gayatri and suraj are shocked to learn from pankaj, about yash being bitten by the snake. Suraj comforts gayatri and takes her inside while pankaj gets involved arranging for the ambulance. Ishita hears all this and smiles to herself thinking that finally akash avnged for her insult and now she’s satisfied to teach yash a lesson for treating the way he did. Buaji finds ishita smiling.

Buaji confronts her saying that how she can be so happy at the fact that yash has been bitten by a snake, when he’s so much of a good man, who cant even insult women a little bit. Ishita confronts her saying that she cant think of another man now, since she is married to akash now and that she isnt the right person to talk about revenge and ill doings since she’s the epitome of this. after ishita leaves, buaji thinks that its good that yash didnt marry ishita as she would have been a 100 times worse choice than arti and that arti is way better than her, since she has never insulted her like this, the way ishita just did.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile arti gets help for yash, and some people place him by the tree and they wait for the ambulance. Arti keeps trying to keep yash alive and also calling up to send the ambulance faster as yash is getting more serious by the minute. She sees radha passing by, and asumes that she’s behind this again and thinks that the herbs are poison, but radha says that it is in fact an antidote to the poisosn. Arti says that she alleged at suraj, and now wants to kill yash too. radha keeps trying to let her put the herbs on her, but arti isnt able to place trust on her. Radha says that arti would have to listen to her mother in law. While arti is cnfused, Radha says that yash is in fact her son and she has borne him and she cant see her son dying lile this. Arti is shocked out of her wits hearing that. arti says that she is concocting lies according to the situation and that she actually wants to kill yash. To prove her right, radha eats some of the medicine and then showing arti that nothing happened, she goes to yash and applies it on yash’s wound. Arti is too bewildered to react while radha is tensed to see if her meds are a success. She keeps telling herslef that yash would be alright and that nothing would happen to him. Arti is shocked to see such concern, when radha hugs yash tightly and cries all the while praying for his safety. Yash regains part consciousness and calls out to arti. Radha is releived and places him back on the ground, telling arti that soon yash would regain full conscious and would be alright.

After comforting yash that he would be alright, arti stops radha saying that she still cant believe what radha had told her. And that she wants to know the entire truth. Radha tries to say that she just did it for the sake of yash, as she wasnt letting her help him otherwise. As she turns to go, arti says that she’s lying now as she saw the motherly love and affection on her face, when she was applying medicines and when she had yash in her lap.She says that she can understand this since she too is a mother, and she understands the pain a mother goes through, when her son is hurt or in pain. Arti says that this pain and this wave of relief on her face on seeing that yash is okay cant be all false, and that she has to tell her the truth as to whats behind all this. Radha averts the question and begins to leave, but arti gives her a swear on yash’s name to tell her the truth, which makes radha stop. she turns around to ask what would Arti do when she knows the truth. she asks arti not to dig the past, as that would just give pain. Arti says that his identity and existence are connected with the past and that as his wife she has the right to know the truth. Then addressing radha as mother, she asks raha to tell the truth. The screen freezes on arti’s urging face.

Precap: Radha says that yash is her and suraj’s son. Arti says that she might have succeeded in getting yash, her son, his rightful place, but in its wake he snatched gayatri’s son, akash’s rights on the family. Radha is speechless.

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  1. Afreesh says:

    Hi guys Good morning, Good afternoon….I read today is maha episode for PV….if so, it’s fine….

    Suni….everything is Okey????….not heared from you….

    Sj……Hope you started your journey….Good luck dear

    Welcome back MK……we were missing you a lot, hope you enjoyed your weekend & valentine day party

    Hi Amica….Thank you for your wishes….God bless you & your family members…..

    Hi pv…..one request for you…..if possible, pls change your name dear, I feel like not touched whenever I pronounce your name…. you know, how much we appreciate our bond in this forum…..just it’s my request, I hope you don’t mind it for sharing my thought…

    Yes friends…..No matter what is the system on their rating but for us PV is always no.1 show…. we feel very connected through this forum, we should be thankful to them for finding our special friendship

    • Miss kris says:

      Hi Afreesh, PV, Neha, Amaica, Suni and all great PV fans,
      Amaica did not go in the water yaar, too rough, but the breeze was beautiful, the morning and afternoon walks and kids exploring, some tiny jelly fishes, lots of dead mudskippers, sand was clean and nice,
      Night time the best, with Denise Plummer brother singing some old time calypso
      Heard some bad news, there was a robbery and rape at a beach house, so sad.

      Back to the show, really can waif for today’s update. But it comes at a time when I have to leave home to get kids from school, so when I get back, it kids to do Home work and my time for some good reading. Haven’t looked at PV on zee tv for quite a while, I read updates and look at the video, because the time in the night is too late and during the day is picking up kids time. But I so want to look at this Maha episode it’s killing me, but will try to look at re run on Saturday,
      Until later.
      Problem posting, ugh

  2. Neha says:

    Hi raji, renu, jose, harish, suni, amica, miss kris and everyone
    good evening. . .

    Intraiya episode paaka wait panren.
    Eppayume aarti tha yash a kapatharanga intha serial la yash a vita aarti ku tha athikama mukkiyathuvama irukunu ninaikren.
    Yash a vita aarti scenes, vasanam ellame athikama iruku.

    • Miss Kris says:

      Hie Neha, it’s morning here, good day, so enjoying PV can’t wait, suspense, drama, twists, turns, that’s what’s it’s all about, but some romance would be the icing on the cake.

    • Amaica says:

      Hi,Neha, Kris,Suni, Afreesh, SJ,Shla, Renu, Raji,
      Punar Vivah,and other lovely fans on the forum…

      Good Morning to all….and God bless.

      Kris and SJ I agree that both Suni and Afreesh
      make excellent constructive criticisms on this
      Forum.They engage us mentally in their
      interactions… as if reading a thrilling novel.
      all for our better understanding of the
      most loved TV serial P.V.

    • Miss kris says:

      I agree fully Amaica,
      This forum has the most constructive and unique comments than the others that are supposedly ahead of PV. PV is definitly the number one show, the the others

    • Punar Vivah says:

      I totally agree Neha, Miss Kris, and Amaica. Waiting for the show is hard. I try to engage myself in useful activites to try to kill time. When you are working toward a goal, then time goes fast. The romance is very, very rewarding Miss Kris. Especially in Mumbai, they made it extra romance because Yash was about to get crazy mad, but it was worth it :). Good Morning, Amaica, God Bless to you too. Suni and Afreesh do bring forth excellent points to the forum that are very stimulating and out-of-the-box. Although Punar Vivah is 4th or 3rd right now, it will always be #1 for us. We all bond over this show, brainstorming and sharing ideas. Go Punar Vivah! 🙂

  3. Anu says:

    WOW punar vivah just keeps getting better and better by the days!! I applaud the writers and cast! marvelous! Well done!! I love love love this show and can’t wait to see tommorrow!

  4. Miss Kris says:

    Hi, Suni, Afreesh, MU, PV, Amaica, Ammara,Fiusa, Neha and all other PV fans,
    I’m back, just checked in, read some of the comments, when I’ve read them all I shall be back,
    Did sneak a comment in, I just knew Radha not Akash mother and is Yash mother,mexchange of babies etc., but that news about Akash not being SP, is real suspense lots of speculation, gripping drama,

    • Miss Kris says:

      Wow, reading all these comments was like reading a very interesting novel, lol.
      Well everything and all things have already been said, not much for me to say .
      So lets wait and see what’s next.
      I am really disappointed to see PV at no. 4 position in this site. That’s a bit unfair because the ounces that are 123 are just people commenting nothing, but if its the amount of comments and not views and unique comments that count, as they say it is, well then the ost comments deserve no.1
      Until tomorrow’s episode, good night.

    • Neha says:

      No 4 irukarathu konjam kasata iruku but punar vivah eppayume en manasula no1 thaan. .
      Intha serial la egapata romance, twist, enjoy panrathukana visayangal iruku naan rompa rasisu, enjoy panren.

    • Amaica says:

      Hi Kris…We missed you very much
      but it’s imperative to spend quality
      time with family and friends.
      How was the waters…Any jelly fish…

    • Punar Vivah says:

      Hi Miss Kris, how are you? I agree with what you said about the ranking of Punar Vivah. We have much more passion and thought into our comments and likes. I do not know how desitvbox is ranking the shows, though. It is unfortunate. But, reading the comments here is going to take you a good 5 hours, lol. What surprises me about our comments is that we make predictions that actually come true on the show. Isn’t it cool to watch the show and know that what you thought would happen happened in the show? About Aakaush not being Suraj’s son, it caused much confusion. That tells us that there was someone lying. Who was lying and did anyone tamper with the reports? We simply do not know yet, but today, we will hopefully find out.

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