Punar Vivah 19th March 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 19th March 2013 Written Update by AbbyluvsMaan

Punar Vivah 19th March 2013 Written Episode

Yash says… just let me go.. Aarti ji.. i cant take it anymore.. 1 word or anything that hurts you, i wanna take it away from your life.. letz go Aarti ji… we cant be here.. we have to take the kids from school also…

Aarti looks crying at Gayatri and goes behind Yash…

All cry except Akash, ishita and Gayatri…

Yash stops and says.. letz go badi maa.. u will also come with us..

Akash looks shocked…

Yash, Aarti and Radha leave…

Papa S looks down crying…

Aarti comes in their room and cries by the photo..

kyu mai jagoon in background..

Aarti takes the photo…

Radha comes there and places her hand on Aarti’s shoulder crying.. Aarti hugs her…

Just then Yash come with Palak and Ansh..

Aarti hugs Palak..

Yash goes forward and holds Aarti..

They come out of the room to leave the house walking in the corridor..

Yash remembers Gayatri throwing water on Aarti…

Aarti cries looking at her hand prints on the wall and remembers how she came into the house…

Yash keeps her hand on Aarti’s shoulder.. Yash moves forward with Ansh..

All are sitting in living room…
Akash is pacing here and there…

Yash and Aarti come with the kids..

Pankaj holds Yash’s hands and Yash pats it back and moves forward…

Pratik comes forward and ruffles Ansh’s hair … and Yash and Pratik hug…

Ansh says.. where are v going Papa?

Palak says..we are going for holiday.. dada dadi is sending us…

Ansh asks Yash.. really Papa…

Yash says.. no.. we are going to our new house..

Ansh says.. where Papa..

Yash says.. dont know.. we’ll have to find one..

Ansh says.. but why.. our house is so nice.. i wont go anywhere.. i wanna live with all.. dada dadi .. chachu chachi.. i wont live alone life before..

Palak says.. not even me..

Pratik says.. yes beta.. we will be together.. i wont let your people go.. Yash bhaiya has made too many decisions…

Pankaj says.. yes.. Yash u wont go..

Yash says.. but i have made the decision..

Pankaj says.. but decisions can be changed.. u will leave us for such a small thing…

Yash pats Pankaj’s shoulder and AarYa move ahead to take Gayatri’s blessings.. they bend down touching Gayatri’s feet.. Gayatri with difficulty raises her hand but doesnt put on their head..

Yash turns away when Gayatri says.. Yash.. its summers.. kids are also with you.. dont know where all u will go to find house.. take care..

Yash cries and says.. yes maa.. we will take care.. u have given this much strength to your son that he can take care of himself and his kids but my strength would have risen if u wud have asked to stop..

Yash turns and holds Ansh’s hands.. Ansh breaks free and goes to Gayatri… Dadi, ask Papa to stop nah.. please stop him.. u r angry with me na that i called Akash chachu as ramdulare uncle.. i am sorry plzz stop Papa..
Palak also hugs Gayatri and asks her to stop Yash..

Aarti comes forward and breaks free Ansh and Palak and tries to take them away crying…
kids keep chanting asking Gayatri to stop yash and Aarti..

Yash takes Palak in his lap when Papa S stops him..

Palak runs and goes to Papa S and says.. thank you dadaji.. i want to live here only..

Papa S gets up and says.. u wont go anywhere..

Papa S says.. why will u go.. this is your house.. u have your right on this house..u are the owner of this house.. the person who has no right on this house will go.. whatever happened today and all that has been happening in the house, seeing that i have decided that m giving this house, all my peoperty to Yash and no one will question on that and no one else has the right on it..

Pankaj and Pratik smile

Gayatri says.. how can u do that? how can u give all the property to Yash.. this house has 3 kids.. all the property should be equally given to the 3.. i wont let this partiality..

Papa S says.. i would have heard you if u wud have said that this house has 4 kids and not 3.. u say i am doing partiality.. u have lost all right and wrong in your motherhood.. hear it all..

Gayatri says.. i wont take this..

Papa S says.. u will hear me.. and listen to me now..

Yash says … please dont do this.. i dont want anything..

Papa S says.. u dont but i want to give you this responsibility… and now no one will question this..

come with me Yash and bahu, u also come..

Akash says to Gayatri.. hold ur husband .. or blood will drip here..

Gayatri gets worried..

Papa S says.. these are the property papers.. from today. everything mine is yours.. i’ll talk to the lawyer tomorrow…

Yash says.. no Bauji.. i cant take this.. on your property, Pankaj bhaiya, Pratik and Akash have rights .. not me.. i cant take the rights of my brothers..

Papa S says.. i know what u can do and what u cant.. thats why m giving u this huge responsibility.. it will be safe with you.. you wont do any partiality with anyone.. i hope how much i trust you , you trust your Bauji’s decision.. u have seen how much hard work i have done for this, and how much u have worked to get business on these heights.. it will be safe with you.. take this..

Yash says.. no bauji.. whatever Akash had to get, i got it. unknowingly.. i have done wrong to Akash..

Papa S says.. no.. u havent done anything wrong.. it was destiny.. n yes my mistake..

yash looks at Papa S..

Papa S says.. u will go right.. u will go with your kids and wife.. u will leave this house right.. but after your Bauji’s last rights…
Papa S loads the revolver..
Yash says.. Bauji .. what r u doing..
Yash and Aarit look scared at each other…
Papa S keeps the gun on his head and a gun shot is head..

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140 Responses to “Punar Vivah 19th March 2013 Written Update”

  1. ammara says:

    oh boy this epi really did it to me i felt so sorry for yash and arti it was sad i jus couldnt understand how g3 didnt stop them
    im happy about suraj though hestood up for wat is rite and has redeemed himself

    shiteater and akash are the same they are both greedy and horrible ppl i mean arti and yash brought them inside the house to give them their rights

    sorry about g3 leaving the show though she is a very powerful actress

  2. bluesnow says:

    hello to every PV fan out there have you guys notice that the month of march has been the most tearjerking month of PV yet this whole month not one day could have gone buy without someone crying. there were tears for so left right and centre it’s time for a more happier note. I honestly cant cry anymore

  3. Apple says:

    Karthik chustuntey meru chala days nundi ekada coment place chestunatu unnaru. So meku suni,afreesh,miss kriss. . . . Vallu endukani cmnt cheyatledo telusaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. MK says:

    Hi Good morning, afternoon, Namaste and Vanakam to all Fans.
    Looking forward to today’s episode.
    So sad G3 has to leave.
    But lets hope the creatives have something interesting
    and equally entertaining for us.

    • Apple says:

      Hi MK i am also hoping and waiting for an interesting story line but not likely to see this tragedy here

  5. Apple says:

    Karthik my native place is vzm but studying in kkd.

  6. Apple says:

    Haa mei bhi yehi socha tha we may see punarvivah again btwn old generation

  7. karthik says:

    do you know yash is blaming himself for the cause of gayathri death

  8. anonymous says:

    Omg kya episode tha yr awsome

  9. anonymous says:

    emotional episode

  10. fortunate says:

    correct me if im wrong but doesnt the show talk about remarriage so i think the producer is on the right truck sorry that G3 has to die but i think suraj will remarry to radha as for yash and aakashs fight that guy deserves serious slaps to get some sense into his empty skull i have a feeling if papa s marries radha things will be fine in the family coz we all know that probems came up when G3 could not share her love and affection btn yash and aakash but radha loves them both ths my thinking hi to every pv fan out there by the way im ugandan

    • Fan says:

      Gosh that’s terrible. Hopefully the 2 bros and
      Sis in laws support yash

    • Fan says:

      Both pregnancy of arthi are horrible moments. Going through saddest period throughout the pregnancy time. Give her a break!

    • MK says:

      well lets see if Punar Vivah, comes once again.
      That would be refreshing to see for a change.

    • Amaica says:

      Hello and Good Morning Ms Fortunate/MF.

      Thank you for sharing your views with us….Totally agree with you….someone should have slapped some sense into his head a long time age.His and Ishta’s eyes are only on the
      the Scindhia’s wealth…Mr Scindia has made the right decision regarding his wealth….Sorry G3 has to exit the show….She’s an excellent actor….We sometimes supported her and at other times did not..all due to the writers script….She is making room now for Radha to get some love and happiness in her life.

  11. Fan says:

    Will g3 die?

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