Punar Vivah 2 01st October 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 2 01st October 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 2 01st October 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Hotel in Mumbai
Sarita excuses herself, while vikrant and raj are both tensed. Abhi asks the lord to help him so that he may succeed in getting their parents to become friends. Raj gets hold of sarita, and compliements her on her beauty and poiting out to a mirror, shows that this reflectes an ideal couple in love. raj says that if she proves that this is a lie, and she loves vikrant, then he would admit defeat. He says that tonight is the night of the descision. Raj leaves, while abhi gets her back to the stage saying that the function is about to begin. The MC asks the couples to come on the stage. Vikrant and sarita are awkward, and abhi gives her hand in his. Raj thinks that tonight is the night that would prove that sarita is forever his. Sarita thinks that she has to prove raj otherwise, and that his life’s truth is with divya. vikrant also thinks that he would forever erase raj and her past, from sarita, and if that happens, then she is actually being with him. The MC says that the following round is a test of their compatibility and their relationship. All are pleased. The MC asks the couples that want to partcipate to raise their hands. The crowd responds, and sarita too raises her hand, which confuses Vikrant. Raj and divya too raise their hand. Abhi takes vikrant and asks him that he has to win today. vikrant says that this is childish and he cant. Abhi asks him to do this for him. vikrant agrees to win for him. They bopth high five and go to sarita. The MC announces the first onset of the round, and the competition thereon which shall determine the COUPLE OF THE YEAR. The game of musical chairs begins, and one by one contestants are eliminated, and finally when raj and vikrant sit on adjacent chairs, raj and vikrant both vow that they shall win, and challenge the other. The Mc announces the winners of this round, four couples out of which Divya and raj, and vikrant and Sarita also qualify. The MC then announces thhat the second round is a dance round, the winner of which shall have to prove their mettle by kissing their better half. Divya is happy with raj’s eagerness. raj goes to sarita and asks if she’s tensed, that the final round is finally here. He says that he would wait to see who she chooses, a loveless marriage or the love of her life.

Vikrant coaxes abhi to let go of him now, as he cant do anymore of this now. He asks abhi to go to the room, and pack for the flight so that they dont miss it. Abhi says that they would play the whole game. Sarita thinks that if vikrant doesnt participate then raj would win, and she cant let that happen, and that she would have to get vikrant to agree. Sarita says that this indeed is winning time. vikrant says that he never steps back. He says that the winning couple has to kiss. They are awkward. But sarita uses abhi to instigate vikrant into saying yes. He falls prey to this plan, and agrees to play. Sarita is relieved.

Raj and divya, along with vikrant and sarita dance together, along with other two couples. One by one, the difficulty level rises and finally divya and raj, and sarita and vikrant remain, each trying to outdo the other. Then, as her dance comes to an end, she holds vikrant in a passionate embrace, and progresses to kiss her, while raj watches in anticipation. His attention distracts and he along with divya is disqualified. But finally she refrains away, and raj is very happy, and others clap too at their marvellous performance. Vikrant tells sarita that he knows that he dislikes her, but couldnt she pretend for abhi, and that she was talking about being very brave then what went wrong now. Sarita is speechless. Raj is happy. The MC announces that sarit and vikrant have won the title. And they awkawardly progress towards the stage. Sarita places the ring in vikrant’s hands, and a shower of graffiti falls on them. Raj says that he knew that she could never kiss vikrant, and is happy.

Abhi, in his room, is super happy that they wont the title and is screaming in happiness. Vikrant looks on happily. Abhi asks if she would always be with them. Vikrant nods, but is tensed.

Sarita, in her room, thinks how could she kiss, when her conscience didnt allow to do that in a crowd. She thinks that raj would think that he won and she loves him. But actually this is wrong, as she wants him to move ahead with divya and she herself wants to commit completely to this marriage.

Divya discusses with Raj, in her room, as to why sarita didnt kiss vikrant, as everybody wanted them to, and she had thought that they would have. Divya says that sarita seemed tensed and asks what could be the reason. raj denies the topic saying that he doesnt have a clue. Divya leaves to change. Raj thinks that she couldnt kiss, because she still loves him, and that he doesnt care for anyone, either for vikrant or for divya, and that he just wants to be with her.

In his room, vikrant is unbuttoning his shirt and is standing bare chested, when sarita comes looking for abhi and is embarassed to look at him like that. He tels her that abhi is asleep in her room. He asks her if he can ask her anything and would she reply truly. Vikrant stops sarita and facing her, asks her what was going on in her mind, down at the party hall, and whether she was going to do something, meaning was she going to kiss him, in front of everyone, and what was she going to prove. Sarita stands shy and speechless, while vikrant leans in romantically to steal a kiss. Sarita is at discomfort in his grasp. He asks why, and for what reason and to how whom, that they are happy, and that they are the perfect couple, and if she wanted to get Raj, her lover jealous, and hence she used him and abhi. He asks if this is true, letting go of his grasp. sarita is in tears. The screen freezes on her distraught face.

Precap: Raj stands on the rooftop, and asks sarita to confess that she loves him and wants to be with him, or else he shall jump. she tries to get him to stop this, but he jumps asking her the same question. Sarita is distraught and tensed.

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68 Responses to “Punar Vivah 2 01st October 2013 Written Update”

  1. fan says:

    abhi is super cute and its funny how he gets vikrant/sarita into his mischief. i hope they dont plan on separating them. when abhi asks his father if mamma will always be with them..there was no response from vikrant. not sure if they are hinting to us of upcoming changes.

  2. fan says:

    good epi but i wished they sarita/vikrant had shared that “kiss” even if it was on the cheek to prove to raj that he cant manipulate sarita. hes really obsessed with her. and precap- what the hell is he thinking?

  3. noshnii says:

    ezaz khan is the best……….

  4. saanvi says:

    Raj is a pshyco case, he needs to be in a mental asylum , men like him do’t deserve any girl in their lives be it sarita or divya.

  5. Laraiba says:

    More than all of this, if Sarita shared with Vikrant about what Raj was doing and why it would clear all the misunderstandings and perhaps, build the trust that their relationship desperately needs. All these secrets are undermining everything. Why Sarita doesn’t tell Vikrant and just suffers all of his accusations built on the fragile condition of their new relation and the suspicion put in his mind by his former MIL I don’t understand. Really stupid.

  6. sanju says:

    sarita vikranth r perfect
    Raj should leave her alone
    When his socalled sacha pyar is for sarita he is using divya
    He cannt respect woman and their feelings
    What would divya goes through if she came to know the truth
    Raj even played with saritas feelings for 10 years and even now

  7. sanju says:

    Dont u think raj became too selfish he doesnt caee for divya,vikranth he just wants sarita back

  8. Sonya says:

    What nonsense is this. Raj did not care for Sarita for 10 long years and now he was to jump. I like Raj but at this stage I would say go jump. Sarita you got to make up your mind and be loyal to your husband and child and forget about Raj – don’t give into him.

  9. * Betty * says:

    Sarita and Viikrant needed that kiss
    to seal their destiny. Raj is turning out
    to be an obsessive ex husband. He just
    might try an “OJ” on Sarita.
    I liked him better in that soap with Abba. In
    PV2 not so much.

  10. fia says:

    Don’t jump Raj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For god’s sake Sarita plizzzz kiss vikrant.So that Raj is relieved.

  11. kk says:

    Ooooo Sarita has to kiss vikrant I hate vikrant with his arrogant face,But Raj is also doing like a bastard I loveeee Karan grover also in yahan main ghar ghar kheli But here his character is just making him bad. Dont jump plizzz raj If he jumps then the story will be boring.Hate vikrant like Sarita,Divya and Raj but not vikrant hate that bastard.We know there character but loveeeeee karan.

    • Daisy says:

      KK, we are on the same page. I like Raj but right now he is to much. As for Vickram we already see his true colors, arragont, and darn out nasty and mean. Who will want to spend th rest of their life with a man like that, when things doesn’t go their, they will use anything to get what they want we saw that when he blackmailed her into marriage. And now he is forcing her to love and accept him, when she clearly told him she only marry him for his son. If he had a little decency left he will gave her time, and with time things will fall in place. Both him and Raj don’t deserve her. I feel sorry for Abby bc he is caught in the middle.

  12. An says:

    For god sake, just kiss Vikraant! And as for Raj, he’s like a pest! I love Karan Grover but his role here sucks big time….he seems heartless towards everyone besides sarita…

  13. kris says:

    Oh why are these writers making Raj into a bumbling buffoon, a stupid fool, shallow and manipulative,
    Such a dumb thing, this show is full of crap, when will it bpget better, thought it was getting better with Sarita and Vickrant,

  14. Moshina says:

    Wtf Sarita should just kiss Vikrant,I like them as a couple,this serial is just dragging,getting me very annoyed and dissapointed,writers need to give sarita and vikrant love scenes now,its over due,just kiss him,its no big deal moron,raj should kill himself,he is like one rapist 😐

  15. BUTTERFLY !!! says:

    .Thanks rimjhim… 😀 omg.. What the hell ???? Raj is such a crap … Love savi.. Sarita should kiss him….

  16. Hey everyone i just wanted to say a big Thank you to N=C=R for posting the links of Karan and Surbhi interview. It really me up after all these sad scenes in Qubool Hai.

  17. umai says:

    Omg!!!very interesting epi.raj day by day you are going nuts.hate you the most.why the hell are you acting for such a stupid character??i wish raj dies and let all other 3 live happily.divya may marry gaurav.

    hi all my friends…@jes,@kris,@MU,@Mahi,@BF,@Kaira,@anjali,@zeenah,@beth,@tani and sorry if i missed anyone.

    Hey is anyone here who visits this page through mobile???im using the mobile and now when i do so i have to pass a HUGE newspaper named Aster.its not only for pv but also for mb and ipkknd 2 also.is it a problem with my mobile or some setting by the admin.please help me out.im fedup of that hell paper.please.

    @jes-hope you do the exams well and the paper is very easy like jelly!!!Best of luck.im having my exams inanother 3 months time.urg.,i hate exams.

    the hot news is that divya would slap sarita at the airport for using both the men and taking raj away from her.

  18. jes says:

    bye guys..exams on…nid to sleep..nite

  19. Sristy rode says:

    If I was at sarita’s place,i would have back to raj..because saraj can never be happy without each other if sarita really loved raj

    • joy says:


    • joy says:

      I totally agree with you. If Sarita really loved Raj, how can she be expected to kiss someone else after a few days of marriage? She did not marry to be with Vikrant but with his son and Vikrant blackmailed her to marry him. Therefore, if we are realistic, it is not possible for Sarita to become intimate with Vikrant, at least, not until a considerable amount of time has passed.I do not like how Raj is using Divya but I can understand his frustration and he did decide to keep Sarita BEFORE her remarriage, things just did not work out in their favor. Hope they’ll be together because they love each other. Vikrant is too mean!

  20. AVI says:

    I just HATE RAJ!!!! I love vikrant and sarita!they have to kiss!!! :)) love them, if she goes with Raj…I’ll stop following this serial!!I love it though!!its awesome!!!:))

  21. Kaira says:

    Hi frndz,i m commenting after a long time,why is life spoiling his life?if sarita want to work her marriage,let her do that with that arrogant vik..you move on with vik and become a superstar and show vik that love cann’t be bought by money..sarita you should back on raj’s life and adopt little abhi

    • jes says:

      hi kaira..good to hv u back

    • MU says:

      But wouldnt that kill Vikrant if he gave away his only child to sarita?

      I dont agree with that one.

      If Sarita does return to Raj then leave little Abhi with Vikrant. That father-son bond cant be and shouldnt be broken due to Sarita leaving

      All i pray is for little abhi’s happiness. And Abhi wouldn’t be happy without his father, that his world since his mom died.

      In my books only death should separate a child from it’s parent or if a parent willingly gives them up. And we all know Vikrant would never give up Abhi not even if he was dying right there on the spot.

    • Kaira says:

      If sarita don’t adopt abhi,this isn’t a big matter..but it would be a cheating if she would act loving his father cz she actually not(don’t know.but sometimes seems she’s dying to work her marriage.agree it doesn’t take 10years but how can a people love in so short time like sarita)..if she doing it for abhi,she should’nt.cz love cann’t happen at compromising

    • Kaira says:

      Sorry I mistook at my first comment..wrote vik instead of divya

    • vyshaa says:

      @ kaira its ma point of view

      if raj can in and out of love so quickly why can’t saritha, both had been for so long years their respective loved ones

      as u said vik is arrogant but not that stupid like raj i jst commented the character raj, wht does threatening that he would commit suicide shows abt a person’s character.
      vik is also wrong so does raj but for me raj does so many wrongs endlessly
      we shouldn’t jst blindly comment on a character dr,

      all have commited wrong one compensates with other but it is vry bad for saritha to play with the feeling of vik and divya
      raj is vry wrong in using divya for his selfish deed

      one more tink dear in life we can fall in and out of love so many tym for atleast one person we have to b sincere and try to make that love work well, but after marriage there is no room for love to other person except u r hubby
      i think saritha too feels the same she wants to b genuine to viki this wht she was also doing with raj, i don’t see saritha realy knows what a true love so far

      she is confused as raj but happy to see viki and divya as matured people

      but when saritha feels and tastes the real love, she would throw away her sacrificing selfless character but i’m definite she won’t do something stupid like raj

      im vry disappointed towards raj how can he 4get div her life abt 12 years ago, ofcourse he can fallin and out love but its so hard to see divya being deceived by both raj and saritha

      sry dr kaira if i ever hurt you this is all ma point of view i can’t tolerate these stupid characterisation, don’t take me wrong i need more of u r comments it would always keep us enjoying the show
      take care keep in touch

  22. Oh raj,wht r u doing dear?you shouldn’t spoil your life for sarita..she spoiled her life by marrying vik..let her slve this..but love saraj

  23. AVI says:

    I loooooooove Vikrant!

  24. zeenah. says:

    What nonsense! Please kill ur self raj I will be relieved and also the spoiler news is that divya will slap sarita in aiport because of raj!!!

    • jes says:

      oh my….reali???both shallow minded people

    • cecilia says:

      I agree kill yourself Raj, you are just 10 years too late..Sarata belong to Vikrant now and I think they make a nice couple….you need to get over it…he has become so obsessed

    • divya says:

      ur correct sarita nw belongs too vikrant let her live life n go ahead n she can luv vikrant too later bt hw studpidity it’s i just hate this episode …plz change this

    • MU says:

      what!! Divya will slap sarita??

      i wonder if Raj told a twisted tale to Divya!!

      Divya can keep Raj :) Perfect couple :)

  25. Maria says:

    Oh,raj is so handsome,love him

  26. Love raj..if anything happens to my dear raj,I will not forgive vik nor sarita

  27. jes says:

    Yesterday,I commented as jes and today too..My name is jesica and my friends call me as jes..haven’t anyone seen two person of one name?what’s the matter of stealing id in it?

    • jes says:

      im not telling dat ur stealing my id..im just informing those dat i normally chat with dat ur a different jes…dats all..sori if u took it wrongly

  28. jes says:

    sooooooooooooo cute…vikrant and sarita were holding hands during musical chairs

  29. Mahi says:

    Sarita should tell Vikrant that she’s trying to make their marriage work and both of them should come to a solution.

  30. trinity says:

    Jump!!!! Jump!!!!! U Fool!

  31. Panchi says:

    Damn! Sarita u shd hav kissed vikrant …IDIOT!!

  32. jes says:

    stop behaving like a child raj….please be more matured

    • MU says:

      what sarita should do is go back inside call Divya and say:

      “Raj is drunk, he’s on top of the rooftop and is planning to kill himself please hurry”

      She should also call the hotel staff and report that there is a drunk man ontop of the rooftop. She should then call Vikrant and kiss him.

    • jes says:

      exactly MU….the main thing is call someone in dont get stucked in another mess created by raj

    • MU says:

      probably if Divya comes and Sarita stays in the background Divya will know the reasons for his stupidity
      if raj dies…lie will move on but i tell you…it aint sarita’s fault that he died.

    • BUTTERFLY !!! says:

      Well said mu… believe atleast that it would happen 😉

  33. jes says:

    sarita should have just kissed vikrant….haish

  34. MU says:


    kisss i say

  35. jes says:

    veri interesting episode

  36. jes says:

    thank u rimjhim

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