Punar Vivah (1 & 2) 20th May 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 20th May 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 20th May 2013 Written Episode


Scene 1:
Location: Hospital in Mumbai
Yash finds ishita, carrying ayu, and taking him away in her car. They see a young girl, her face unseen due to the helmet, runs off on her scooty after ishita. They too get in their car and drive off. As they miss ishita’s car on the road, the same sccoty girl, guides them to the factory, where she saw ishita going. Yash thanks him and takes the car towards the factory.

Scene 2:
Location: In the godown
Ishita gives the baby, to the hooligans, who hang him by the railing. Yash comes in and is shocked to find ishita and the hooligans carrying their baby. The hooligans capture him. He asks ishita to give the baby to them. But ishita says that she would, but only when yash accept her love. Yash refuses to this, citing his undying love for arti. Ishita is disgusted, and says taht she doesnt understand what he finds in arti, as he’s even willing to compromise on the baby because of that. Yash tries to reason with her, saying that this isnt love, and he would never do this to arti. She says determinedly, that because he has refused, she would kill his baby. Yash is shocked as the goons begin to cut the rope keeping the baby tied. Yash, pari and prateik are horrified seeing this. But just then, the same scooty girl, comes in and holds the baby. ishita confronts her demanding to know who is she, and trying to snatch the baby from her, but she jerks ishita away. Prateik catches hold of ishita. Pari takes the baby from that girl, and she leaves. Sensing ishita helpless, yash too breaks off from his ties and gets into a scuffle with the goons too. Finally, he slaps ishita, hard and reprimands her for her crime, and says that this is just her selfishness, and her venomous revenge. Yash says that he cant imagine someone stooping so low. ishita says that she loves him dearly, and if he isnt here, her life is useless. She says that she would take several births if need be to be with him. She finds the knife, and to everyone’s horror, she tries to kill herself, but is stopped by yash, who holds her hand, while prateik asks him to let ishita kill herself. Yash says that she should be handed to the law. the police comes in and takes her away, while she keeps crying out to yash, to hold her lovingly once. After she’s taken away, yash holds ayu, and asks pari and prateik not to tell this to arti, as that would unnecessarily bother her. He then asks about the lady, who helped them, and then vanished. Prateik says that he didnt know her. Yash says that she was a god sent angel, who saved ayu today. They all leave, with ayu.

Scene 3:
Location: Hotel in bhopal.
While all are getting ready for the function, akaash is asked to take the kids along too. arti is tensed and angry at yash for canceeling her calls, when all it would take for him, is to pick up once and say that everything’s alright there. Radha makes her understand that since he hasnt called, it means that everything’s alright, as otherwise he wouldnt have been able to hide it from her. Arti is slightly pacified. Suraj comes in and asks them to hurry up, as they have already called lots of times, and it doesnt look decent. Radha tells suraj that they would all be out in the next 10 minutes. suraj leaves.

The ladies get nostalgic remembering their first steps into the scindia mansion. Vidhi says that she’s excited of meeting the new occupants of their old times, and the marriage is just an excuse to see their lovely home. Arti says that they would miss Bhopal badly, and then to cheer them up, says that Bhopal too would miss them.

Scene 4:
Location: At the event
while yash is getting late for the meetine, they have to go through a strenuous security check, mandatory for all in mumbai. As they wait, the same scooty girl also arrives, and gives her laptop too for the check up. Yash and prateik are unaware about her presence. As the security belt gives the laptop out, yash takes it and goes inside with prateik.

While yash is managing the entire event, the event head comes in and tries to throw her weight around on him.
The event manager reprimands yash, hailing from small town, and says that they are never uptodate with their work, and dont understand the importance of their work. Yash says that he has everything ready, and that the biggest of personalities hail from small towns, who made it big in big cities like mumbai. the lady asks him to get going with his work, and not waste time. After she leaves, yash goes towards his laptop.

Yash, when he opens his laptop case, finds that his laptop is mixed with a girl’s, Divya Malhotra, and thinks that it would be very bad for him, if he doesnt find the laptop soon. Just then the girl, who had helped them earlier, comes in, carrying yash’s laptop. She pats on yash’s back and as yash tunrs around, he recognises her as the same girl who had helped them earlier with ayu’s life.

Scene 5:
Location: Scindia mansion
Yash’s family arrives at what used to be Scindia Mansion.
The family is all nostalgic at seeing their house, now the Jagotia Niwas. akaash and everyone else is very nostalgic seeing their house after a month. The kids too are very sad. But pankaj says that they shouldnt be sad, as their work is now shifted to mumbai, and hence they dont stay here anymore. But just like they made a home out of this house, of bricks and cement, the present people would do the same to this house. Buaji says that just like arti, vidhi and pari came in this house, similarly a new girl would come and have own memories in the house. Arti too prays for the same, for sohan lal’s son, Raj and Sarita, whose function they have come to attend.

Sohan Lal introduces his family, lamenting on the fact that he has 3 daughters who wont do much to keep up their prestige, as they would leave the house soon. Radha says that they give equal weightage to boys and girls, as the world is changing and they should adapt too to the changing times. Sohan’s wife says that she would have understood if radha had three daughters herslf, instead of 4 sons. She says that she just wishes for a grandson now in the next one year. Arti tries to reason with her that marriage isnt only for childbearing, and that firstly there should be a foundation, so that the husband and wife can face all kinds of times together. Sohan’s wife says that she too is saying the same, that with the children the love would grow manifold. Radha teases arti that all Mother in laws arent like her, who understand everything so wisely. arti smiles.

Pankaj asks about the groom. His mother tells them that he has gone out. Sohan ji is disturbed to hear this. His wife says that he has gone out to get ready. arti too agrees that these days, men too take time getting ready. sohan asks about yash, commenting on his luck, to have been lucky to marry twice. Arti doesnt like it. Suraj politely says that he’s in mumbai for some improtant work.

All are very happy that the bride has come to adorn the function. Sohan’s wife requests arti to welcome the bride into the family and this house. She agrees and does so, while all watch in glee. Arti and vidhi tease the bride, sarita that now even guys make their wives wait, but the wait is finally worth it. They tell her that a whole evening of fun has been planned for her. Just then, the cultural programmes begin, with dancing and celebration, in full swing.

Arti overhears a tensed sohan lal talking to his wife, about the disappearance of his son, due to overpampering by his mother, as the bride has already arrived, and their son is nowhere to be seen. His wife grumbles that his relation was made without even consulting with him, and that its indefinite now whether he would even come back or not. Sohan is very angry. arti thinks that if he didnt want to marry, then he should have told her before only. The screen freezes on arti’s tensed face.

Precap: Arti dances, while she and sarita anxiously wait for the groom to arrive. They keep staring at the vacant door, in anticipation. The groom however is very frustrated, as his dilemma drives him crazy, as he aimlessly drives around the city. Meanwhile, yash tells the girl, that the person who has waited so long for her, would wait for longer, if he truly loves her. The girl looks up at yash in hope.


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285 Responses to “Punar Vivah (1 & 2) 20th May 2013 Written Update”

  1. Suni says:

    Choti behan Apple , MK told me that you can read our messages but that you can’t reply ,
    I’m wondering at PV 1’s ending , where exactly did Vidhi’s son Vedant go ????
    He was most present at ArYa’s wedding . Was he also kidnapped , but , no one bothered since only Aarthi’s sons are supposed to feature in kidnapping plots ???
    Only one kid missing hmmmm , that isn’t too bad given the type of storyline they featured for kids , I guess :S .
    I thought that I was watching IPL for a moment . The way they tossed that poor babe Aayu around like a cricket ball . SJ did say that the IPL leads to lower TRPs at this time . The clever writers found a way to incorporate IPL into PV storyline , just to please us cricket loving fans . So sweet !!!

    I dare say Afreesh !!! I think that baby Aayu used a body double for these stunts . He didn’t look the same somehow . I now understand why Aarti didn’t recognise her own baby . It is the baby’s fault !!!
    . He demands a body double for the stressful scenes and confuses poor Aarti . . . He has learnt a lot from daddy Yash , in a very short space of time , since Yash is sometimes not GC either .

  2. Suni says:

    Afreesh Good noon to you my wise and currently sulky friend :) .
    I have been thinking too much again and I need to ask your opinion please . Based on yesterday’s observation of PV 2 ‘s inception , it doesn’t appear as though this show was well planned . It does seem rushed and without a sensible , relevant plot .
    I am wondering about what you had said previously that there appeared , from news , that there was an impasse between GC , the Mittals and Zee TV which cantered around GC cooperating with a rival networking site SP . This seems to make a lot of sense , since Zee had no intention of cancelling PV anytime soon , the Mittals had new actors and were going ahead routinely with their show ,then suddenly things changed .
    Does the Mittals have some sort of contractual obligation to fill the time slot left vacant by PV1??? . If that is the case , it would explain the rush to start a new show in the way that they did . PV wasn’t under any threat of being cancelled like sone other shows that go off air . There must be a time period to allow for Zee Tv to find a replacement show . PV 2 didn’t start on its own strength . I all seems weird yaar .

  3. Raji says:

    Hi everyone namaste.

    • Suni says:

      Namaste Raji .

    • jai says:

      Hi raji vanakam.

      Vidhi and aarti avanga kalyanam pannidu vanthatha pesunanga nijamave rompa kastama iruku. Ella serial um mutiyum podhu happy end tharuvanga but pv la palaiya visayangal solla solla manasu senthu kasta padu enaku ks show mutiyarathu ninaichave kastama iruku. Next ks ka show enna eppo marupitiyum varuvanga?

    • Suni says:

      Vanakam Jai

  4. Khinmg Win says:

    Before Aarti’s remrrie she drive scooty .Now PV2 new girl , she also drive scooty .

    What is this ?Mattil

    • Suni says:

      Yeah , excellent observation .
      The Mittals have gotten cheap . They have found a way to start a new show with an old set , old props and downgraded actors .
      I wonder if they also pay the writers less for producing substandard plots ?

  5. Bluesnow says:

    what a nice way to start off pv2 mittals with a family that is living in the dark ages. i can see that husband living in the dark days talking like ” she has 3 daughters and i have 1 son” what kind of shit is that aren’t they all his children. if the writers keep going like this well they can just flush this show down the toilet for all i care cause they just took a step back in my book. pv1 all about remarriage and delicate topics of todays society. pv2love triangle and backward thinking. lawd put ah hand.

  6. geet says:

    season 2 purna vivah is boring season 1 was nice not season 2

    • Amaica says:

      Friends Afreesh was so accurate in her comparison
      I clearly understand, since I have just seen the show.
      Forum friends have had their glimpses of this earlier
      on…and their anger and disappointment are very well justified….GC,KS and the entire PV cast must be credited for Excellence and Perfection…
      PV2…cast is not what I expected…I am disappointed.
      All my hopes have been shattered…for PV2
      They should have ended PV…and call it a job well done.

  7. Trinity's Heart belongs to AARYA says:

    Hey guy,was just on YT having a good ole aarya overdose.
    Ladies as we go to bed tonight please say a prayer for the people affected by the tornados in the states.
    Trinis hurricane season is coming up!please everyone be prepared.
    Lenny we”ll figure something out,I think most of us will hang around just so we could stay in contact.
    Now ladies tomorrow we have to deal with these idiots again!just to get a scrap of aarya(who would’ve seen this coming)
    So let’s not get angry and rant and rave like looney people!
    I say we get scarcastic!
    Suni I expect you to be witty and wonderful!
    Oh yeah guys were not the only one pissed off,zee and the mittals have managed to piss off every single pv forum there is!
    Before I forget I”m pleading someone please feed rubina!
    Guys one more before I go,no gc,very soon no shakti,zee has no eye candy!LOL!
    Good nite and sweet dreams PV1 FAMILY

    • Suni says:

      LOL , ok we rest well, , eat right and meet back here tomorrow armed with our wits . . . No prob .
      It is a bit funny though that the Mittals managed to piss everyone off at the same time .
      They have such power !!
      If only they can use that power for good . . .

    • MK says:

      Good night Trinity, me going to bed soon too.
      Just wanted to let you ladies I’ve been on shashi sumeet productions page on facebook and OMG, everybody cursing them.
      Hundred percent commenting, is angry, hurt and same comments as us. They using GC and KS to promote PV 2. People are so angry, especially in the manner the ending turned out and of course the Ishita track.
      Suni good night dear I’m up to bed now.

    • Suni says:

      Good night MK , sweet dreams . See you tomorrow :)

    • Suni says:

      I will pray Trinity dear . All those people without homes is so sad . They had no way of preparing really .
      We should be happy that our stress is PV . We shouldn’t let the Mittals upset us too much . Everyday we are blessed to be able to meet here . I’m not going to be made sad by this new show . I’m just going to have fun with you guys while PV 2 lasts .

    • Lenor says:

      Trinity, I will be around but not so enthusiatic but PV Family will be my magnet of hope and inspiration.
      Good Night and pleasant dreams.

    • Lenor says:

      Trinity, the tornado did alot of damage, read headline that 37 people died. Will say a prayer or two for the people in the usa.

  8. Fan says:

    Do you think that they put these 2 families connected and run a new story line? I am just dreaming!

  9. Lenor says:

    Guys, fb wants to know our views if they can post PV2 episodes on PV page from admins. Are they for real.
    MK, you can inform them no way, let PV2 get their own and leave PV alone. Still piggy-backing on PV. Shameful and disgusted. Jeez….

    • MK says:

      I hear you Lenor, will check it out.

    • Trinity's Heart belongs to AARYA says:

      Oh lawd! They serious about that!
      I said this earlier,the more I learn about pv2 the faster I want to runaway.

    • Suni says:

      They really don’t understand the fans’ emotions at all .

    • miss unbelievable says:


      NO BBC WAY

      They wanted PV2 they wanted that show give them thir own forum posts

  10. Gurmeet's Love says:

    Hi all,

    I haven’t seen the episode, just read the WU…have internet problem. But honestly, I’m not happy with this #AngryAtPH#. Why should they end PV1 like this?????? Why with Ishita???????!!!!! I wanted Aarti to kill Ishita! Really!!! Just like there was a fight between Yash and Prashant, I think Aarti should have killed Ishita…
    But like I read that Yash slapped her again? WoW #DreamyEyes#…
    And the new entry’s, I wish them good luck…
    I will only watch till the last AarYa scene..
    I just can’t believe that AarYa’s story ends :-( I really feel like crying :'(…
    But honestly, Yash was very hot at the wedding, I saw that in the picture…

    I will surely miss Gurmeet as Yash, Yash stole my heart <3…
    While writing this, I remember when I saw Gurmeet and Kratika for the first time haha…
    Kratika I saw @JhansiKiRani… I thought that she's an example for every woman, she's strong and all that..but I didn't watch the whole soap…
    And Gurmeet, I saw him at first in an entertainment program, I think it was on Sony , Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega, and I fell in love with him and started to watch Geet… But sadly those were the last episodes :-(…. But then Punar Vivah zindagi milenge dobara started and I was so happy to see Maan singh uff Gurmeet as a very decent man Yash… Will never forget PV1, it showed and taught how life should be lived and only Yash and Aarti ( Gurmeet and Kratika) can show this…

    Have a nice day …

    • Lenor says:

      Hi GL, that was so touching. Please keep in contact.

    • Suni says:

      Hi GL :) . KS and GC were the best . The Mittals didn’t even come close to finding a proper to substitute for our lovely family . I was immediately drawn to PV 1 because of the sad look in Yash’s face . He was so handsome as emotionally scarred Yash , lol .
      Come to think of it , PV1 also started with a wedding , Mansi’s wedding .

    • Lenor says:

      Suni, this is just a repetition of PV. Started with Mansi’s wedding, Aarti singing and dancing, Yash was the wedding planner for Mansi’s wedding. He is also the wedding planner for the Mumbai wedding. What next.

    • Suni says:

      Well lets hope that they scrap PV 2 and continue PV 1 in a similar way to Choti Bahoo :) . Wishful thinking !!

      Zee TV was boasting that this is the first time that a second show has started with the same name but , with a different cast . If it was such a good idea to do this , I am sure that someone would have done it years ago , with one of the many soaps around .

    • Gurmeet's Love says:

      Hi Lenor and Suni… Thank u… You all on this forum are like my family, really… #bighug# … Every comment I read is so nice and sweet…
      And yes, I notice too that PV1 started with a wedding where Aarti danced and Yash was the planner. And it ends also like that, the only difference is that Yash and Aarti are not at the same event… Both are at different locations

    • Lenor says:

      GL, have no fear, both Yash and Aarti would finally meet up where Yash would also go to Bhopal and both he and Aarti would meet/introduce the PV2 two leading ladies to the viewers.
      Yash and Aarti would return to Mumbai where their final scene would take place in their bedroom.

  11. Lenor says:

    Good Night my beautiful PV Family, lots of Hugs and luv you all.

    • Suni says:

      Good Evening Lenor

    • Lenor says:

      I’m sitting here reading all the comments and you guys are making me laugh and at the same time easing some of the tension of PV ending.
      You all are a great bunch of people, fantastic writing and lots of jokes; I couldn’t have gotten a better lot of PV friends. You all always make my day. I’ll tell you what, one of the things I will surely miss is that when I get into the office on mornings and turn on the computer the first thing I do is get on this forum and read all the comments. I really look forward to this every morning and it has become my eye opener for the day; it really makes my day. Now what am I going to do now?

    • Lenor says:

      What’s up Suni.

    • Suni says:

      Don’t worry Lenor . PV 2 seems very entertaining , not necessarily on screen though . We will find ways to entertain ourselves even without PV 1 . We will just be honest with our views on this show . I didn’t even watch the episode yet , but , reading and the forum chat was very interesting . We have to accept that our show is almost gone and something has replaced it .

    • Sj says:

      Hi Suni how are you

    • Suni says:

      I’m good SJ my precious :) . How are you ?

    • Lenor says:

      Yes Suni, we all have to come to accept it but there will always be that lump in my throat and blurred vision.
      There is no replacement for Yash and Aarti, none whatsoever. I do not have or hold ill feelings towards anyone or anything, but alot of the others on the forum would like to see PV2 fail. The more I think of this, truly speaking I am beginning to feel the same.
      Lord forgive me for thinking like this now, just can’t help but feel this way. But, then again if PV2 makes it well……

    • MK says:

      Hi Lenor, I do agree with you hundred percent. If I am not on the forum I feel like I need my best friend. I’ve become so attached to the friends I’ve met here.
      But don’t worry even if I’m not looking at PV, I will be here reading the updates and commenting, silly comments and all. Don’t want to lose these friends anytime soon.

    • Suni says:

      Lenor , I know how you feel . PV had a certain magic that is not easily recreated .
      I personally wanted PV 2 to be better planned and with a more dynamic cast similar to PV 1 .
      I feel that the Mittals have more to say on their theme of remarriage , but , they have burnt the audience very badly by the way that they treated us . Not only the Mittals , but the PV actors are also complicit in the shows untimely end .
      I am more angry than hurt . I know all things must end eventually . But , like the general consensus says , why did it have to end like this ??

    • Lenor says:

      MK, I would also be visiting the site but as I said before it just wouldn’t be the same. Yash and Aarti was our communicating core just like a magnetic, we were all drawn revolving around them. My magnetic would now be my PV Family.

    • Lenor says:

      Suni, Zeetv and The Mittals/PH have done us a grave injustice. Like you, I feel angry and hurt. Like they say the “grass is not always greener on the other side”. I am beginning to have bad thoughts about PV2 and its early demise. Why, because of so many wrongs that were done to us via PV.
      I wish that PV was now starting, Oh how I would be waiting patiently to see it.
      In January 2012, when the first PV promo was shown, Yash had definitely caught my attention. It was like WOW what a good-looking, handsome guy, really. Then I saw Aarti and I found somehow she wasn’t suited for him, he needed someone more attractive – but I was certainly wrong, she proved me wrong. As they say “opposites attract” hahahah! That’s one of the reasons that I decided to record all the episodes of PV and now I know I’ve made a good decision. I can always look back at these now famous episodes of Yash and Aarti and the entire Scindhia Family, this is my treasure. Now looking at them they are the best jodi on Zeetv, who can st otherwise. As Pratik would say “Made For Each Other”.

    • Suni says:

      Yes :) well said Lenor .
      I know what you mean about GC , I started looking out for the promos to see his handsome face before PV started . I remember Aarti looking at Arpita’s pictures around her and Yash saying that she is his wife . I was like ” what now ?” He must be crazy telling that to his new
      wife !!!

      They lured us into watching PV by using clever but pleasant tactics.
      Now I feel that they are behaving like con artists .

    • Sj says:

      Just a bit of sad pv became our family, i would come home and I Would not talk properly with my mom
      And wanted o watch Pv on big TV I know things have to end
      BUt we will t know who messed up and end up prematurely ,
      Did not affect any one,except th audence
      Audience Gould sue the Mitals, Mittals shoud sue the actors , actores shoud use PH , PH shoul sue to Creatives , creatives shoud use I writers
      Audience time
      Audience emotions
      Audience r went in to truma
      Audence trip to mental hospits
      AuiSienc went on forum on each other nerve many time
      Pharmacists was tired t fill our prescription
      Home made remedy did not work
      Npad of my friends fainted
      So after all this when finally things were getting better, and time to see ARYA romance
      They brought ishita and ended prematurely
      Who affected the most


    • Lenor says:

      Yes SJ, audience certainly affected the wrong way.

    • Lenor says:

      Suni, the way The Mittals behaving they pass con artists stage. They trying to pull the cover over our faces with their so-called copycat PV2. They using PV to introduce PV2 hoping that the trps would raise. What a joke, don’t be surprised that we might have the last laugh on The Mittals/PH/Zeetv. HA…HA…HA…!
      They had such a good thing, what’s that, “don’t miss the water until the well runs dry”. Let’s wait and watch and see what happens.

    • Lenor says:

      Suni, don’t be surprise if GC and KS and the rest of the PV cast have the last laugh. At least they would be satisfied in some small way, may be alittle happy in their achievements.

    • Suni says:

      Yes SJ my dear , you have described our journey together very well .
      We have laughed and cried , teased and comforted eachother . We have grown in our thinking and our love and respect for eachother is to be cherished .
      I think that our wise leader, who always tried to show us the right path , is very unable to take her own medicine dear . Afreesh advised that we ” just go with the flow ” but she is heartbroken even more than us . She doesnt realise how much I listened to her advice , I didnt shed a tear for PV 1 after her words and I haven’t watched any old episodes yet , to bring on the nostalgia .
      I can’t comfort her alone SJ dear , let us go together and get a group hug . No need for drugs or mental institutions yaar :) . We have eachother .
      You have exams this week , which you cancelled last week . Do well ok , the Mittals and Zee TV Nd their actors need to take a backseat to your hardwork and future .

  12. QH & PV #1 fan! says:

    who’s getting married?

  13. Trinity's Heart belongs to AARYA says:

    Hey guys I just watched on line,this new family boy oh boy!,can u say cavemen! My iq droped a couple points
    Gc wow it should be sin for a man to look that good!
    Ks beautiful beautiful my girl looks regal,she is really a stunning woman.
    Just hanging on till their final scenes together.
    I won’t rant about these dotish writers giving ayu back to partik and the spoiled brat.
    Ks and gc wish u all the best.
    Mk the bedroom scene was fantastic.
    Zee and the mittals,u guys have no idea what you just lost.
    Suni u rock! Indian Mr Bean ! LOL

    • Suni says:

      Trinity dear , you said it right . They are taking us back to the cavemen days . I thought that india had long gotten past the problem of people wanting male heirs . But. , wait !! This is supposed to be about remarriage hmmm . . .

    • MK says:

      Still laughing about that Mr. Bean too.

      Yes dear, and also we say a bit of Pari and Pratik today, it was long over due and very nice. But did not like how it was with Yash and Arti Ayush, should have been very own little Pari. :(

    • PAT says:

      Guys,, I think they telling us what to expect from the serial………… It is supposed to be about remarriage,, but they are telling us it is about male child in the beginning of the show……………. we shall see………….

  14. Bluesnow says:

    hey guys good evening i just had to come on to see what happen to my fav couple on their last day. im so going to miss them wel bye

    • MK says:

      Hi Blue how exams?
      Enjoy reading

    • Bluesnow says:

      why the mittals toying with fans emotions pv1 was to finish in june then it became 17th may then today now arya still on for tomorrow why they doing this to us. they just prolonging the pain and sadness for us fans.

    • Bluesnow says:

      hey MK i am tired of it already

    • Amaica says:

      Girls leaving to pretty up myself for dinner and dance…see you guys later.
      Suni call up The Tra..p…rt Min…er…C. S.. Let him know the destination and he will give you a bus.
      By sweethearts see you girls later.

    • Suni says:

      Hi Blue . Good Evening :) .

    • MK says:

      I know how it is Blue, my daughter is writing CSEC.

      Amaica, don’t dress up too much, you go make we look underdressed lol

      These people don’t care about fans.

    • Lenor says:

      Amaica, Have fun!

    • Lenor says:

      Hi Blue, you’re right but we all feeling the pain, so one for all and all for one ya.

  15. Asmaa says:

    Assalamu Alaikum

  16. MK says:

    Suni you should have seen the very beginning of YMGGK with Karan. Especially when he took a stand and yanked Abha’s hand and forcefully got married to her, the way he yanked the drapes and set it alight etc. he performed quite admirably.
    After the creaters kinda killed the character and did nonsense as they usually do to all serials.

    • MK says:

      Amaica, Suni I’m just looking at parliament live, boy this Anil Roberts could talk.
      He have me cracking up. Paper not even good enough to use in a more comfortable place. Hehehe
      Make me think that the writing over the past few weeks of PV, hehehe what would that paper be good for. According it not even good enough for the toilet.lol

    • Amaica says:

      MK, Suni…I don’t think I will appreciate these actors in PV since I have seen them in previous shows…Very disappointing.

      Girls I made a great vegetarian dinner….drive down to my home and lets have a farewell celebration for PV…Suni pick up MK and the other girls … there is room ,food and drinks for all…cheesecake for desert.We will put on some music and dance the night away…Trinity,Blues Lenor, Pat, Anu Asya all are lovingly welcome to join in this farewell celebration.
      I will be looking out for you guys….Bye.

    • Suni says:

      Mk , I’m not saying that the guy didn’t have his day . I’m sure that he was brilliant on YMGGK in the beginning , because youth makes everyone look good . But , now he is 32 and he looks weirder. How many female fans really want to see him ??
      The Mittals do not want another GC to be the centre and over shadowing factor of their production . They want to tell a story without the fans being all googly eyed and crazy for the actors, more so than for their story even .
      . Many other shows have handsome and talented leads , QH, Saraswatichandra , Amarra’s Agastaya from Dastaan .
      I am just complaining that we only got talented . . .

    • Suni says:

      Thank you so much Amaica . I will go hire the Maxi now :) . Because we can’t all fit in an SUV even , there are a lot of us :) .

    • MK says:

      Amaica, vegetarian is my style, and some non alcoholic wine, (chamdor) and Bollywood classic music is my type of music, together with some modern day hip hop.
      So how we doing this, via the Internet hahaha.
      But loving the wether, could wear a sari like Arti and dance in the rain. One of my secret passions. Lol

    • MK says:

      Suni do you think the Mittals are on the road to commit suicide with PV? Why? What are they really up to? Because really, this cast is really not the kind to draw the crowd, so to speak.
      Had they gotten some unknowns, I think they might have had a fighting chance. But with these three, well one anorexic, one already had his day, well I like shrishty they going to kill her now finally with a crappy story line.

    • Suni says:

      Mk , if your’re going to wear a sari like Aarti and dance in the rain, then you are going to have to get a guy like GC for the rain dance 😛 .

    • MK says:

      Hehehe Suni, I go call mih nephew, he just have to paint himself a light color and put on a wig hehehe, he got the mussels to lift me over his head lol, even with my heavyweight lol

    • Suni says:

      Nope , nephew won’t work here :/ .

    • Lenor says:

      Thank you for the dinner invitation Amaica.
      Sounds great, vegetarian food, dessert sounds great, dancing, let me know what to bring perhaps some wine or something.

  17. Suni says:

    KVG looks like an Indian Mr Bean .

    • MK says:

      Omg, my daughter used to look at YMGGK sometimes with me and she thinks he looks like one of the Jonas brothers,
      But good one Suni. Actually he was a bit of a joker in YMGGK. And some of his comic scenes if you saw from the beginning did make him look funny.
      But I still liked him at the beginning of the show though, I stopped looking after it started dragging and repeating some stuff.
      Actually that is one show, I don’t think those writers forgot previous plots.

    • MK says:

      Well looking at that pic above don’t blame you. But he is not bad looking lol, mr. Bean lol. I’m cracking up now. Gotta tell my daughter this one =D

    • Trinity's Heart belongs to AARYA says:

      Suni! I”m loving ur wit!
      Agitated bunch! Dat sums up this forum so well
      Suni ur a riot.

    • Amaica says:

      Suni and Mk the girl next to Karan looks like Radhika from Choti Bahu….how is she involved in this show.

    • Suni says:

      MK , Rowan Atkinson is a very talented man , but no one will cal him Mr Handsome either .
      The funny thing is that the character that KVG will be playing , Raj , is supposed to be a serious guy . I’m not understanding the choice of a male lead .

    • Suni says:

      It’s my flip side Trinity 😀 .

    • Suni says:

      Amaica dear , Rubina , who is the actress who played Radika will be Raj’s first love . Raj is married to some other girl named Shiristy I think .

    • MK says:

      I get yu Suni, so far the most serious actor I’ve ever seen is GC. I’ve seen grumpy vexed and others, but serious and quite is GC.
      Don’t know yaar, these people had to wrap up in a hurry and made rash decisions and wrong ones and the list goes on and on

    • MK says:

      Amaica, Rubina now looks anorexic and zombie like. A far cry from her look from choti bahu the first one.
      I’m really turned off by her look now.

    • Suni says:

      Very true Mk , everything just seems too rushed .

    • Amaica says:

      Suni, My husband asked if you girls have heard or seen the disastrous tornado in Oklahoma…It is very sad…Predictions coming true.

  18. MK says:


    This entire scene in bedroom just before Arti leaves for Bhopal is on of the best scenes.

    What, the Mittals trying to pacify us with this crumb?

  19. Afreesh says:

    Hi Guys….I had decided not to say anything bad about the new cast & story. Since I’m not ready to wish them (mittals & GC) or curse them either for their future endeavours.

    However, the positive note is PV1 family members were standing with high standards infront of PV2 family members. The new family is looking like a complete idiots who are living with low standards ( now I understand why did mittals selected KG as male lead). I think, the story concerned with the people who are rich but illiterate. Anyway I don’t like to discuss much on them at this time.

    The most irritating part is the violence against an infant. The father yash was watching the tragedy like a terror movie as if he can’t even shake his hands , latter he was fighting with the goons like a lion. Then again he did touchy touchy scenes with Ishita by the name of lectures.

    Suni….this is what I always refer the writers never think about logic. I understand the necessity of rescuing Ayu by the stranger. If the script requires such plot, let them do it sensibly… atleast yash might’ve fought with the goons at the time of catching, why should he watch like donkey when his son is falling down???..

    Sj…. after 3 weeks they have provided new costume to our beloved PV cast. Arthi & Vidhi had nice sari & makeup. I don’t understand why didn’t they try such earnings for Arthi before. She was looking very beautiful with that whole costumes.

    • MK says:

      Afreesh, since yu mentioned about Yash standing there watching his son fall. Remember the kidnapping of Ansh where he was falling and Yash caught him and was even shot.
      These writers obviously forgets their earlier writing.

    • Suni says:

      Afreesh my dearest , you are like a breath of fresh air floating in with your infinite wisdom . I understand that you do not wish to prejudge the show but, the Mittals have forced us to be an agitated bunch .
      Of course the cast has to look good now yaar , they are there as bait for us to watch PV 2 . They are no longer the stars of their own show but , the guest actors on an imitation show .

    • Suni says:

      MK , the writers do not care . They are putting a plaster on wounds which requires stitches . They gave us romantic scenes , so we should forever be content with their erratic and nonsensical plots .
      I was an ardent fan of PV 1 but I can also be a bitter critic .
      . It doesn’t matter if I criticise or praise . The writers will continue to push there rubbish all the same .

    • MK says:

      Suni you are so right dear, I’ve noticed the same with many serials I’ve looked at before.
      These writers just don’t care and according to someone, as long as the money keeps rolling in.

    • Amaica says:

      Oh My Afreesh…I am delighted to see you dear…Suni has described your presence in excellent glory…You are our Angel you have come to pacify us all…we are all wounded
      and weary ready to hang up our boots and call it quits…Afreesh it is going to be a very difficult for the replacement cast…they will not be easily embraced by the fans…I think gradually everything will fall in place.

    • Hate PV says:

      Y r u people thinking so deeply abt dis stupidous show ??

  20. MK says:

    Suni, someone had mentioned that Heena will be in PV 2 but did not say what role she would be doing. But I have not heard anything after. Don’t know if trinity in any one of her investigations might have unearthed anything.

    • Suni says:

      I’m going to hope that it was just a rumour , but , we can’t trust the Mittals .

    • Amaica says:

      Girls…Have you all seen or heard of the tornado in Oklahoma….It is a critical situation there.
      Husband sent this message to you all…

    • Suni says:

      Didn’t hear , but thank you for the info. Amaica . I will check it on CNN .

    • MK says:

      Oh Amaica my husband just told me he saw on, bbc news.

  21. MK says:

    Oh Anu he’s dear, Karan and Abha, great couple indeed.
    And that is one of the leading lady in blue next to Yash dear. So sad. She looks like a zombie now.
    And Anu as Suni says, the forum is still fun. We have created a circle of friends here that will be missed dearly so some or most if not all of us will visit this forum just for our friendship sake.
    You are welcome to join in our chats still.

    Ammara our Karan only looks good with our Abha. Suhasi is in this other show. She is really a great actress indeed, can’t see her with anyone else too. Well not just yet. But they do have to move on.
    I will not be able to look at this ne PV, maybe a peek now and then. So will see how he fairs.

    • Suni says:

      MK , even on YMGGK , I didn’t like Karan . I thought that Abha was too pretty for him . I had actually wanted the doctor guy whose wife had died to marry Abha when Karan had gotten all wonky . He doesn’t seem suited for romantic roles .

    • MK says:

      Hehe, oh yeah that guy is so cute.

      Yeah Abha is very beautiful. Her acting is superb which actually made the show and also made Karan look good with regards the chemistry they had together. Well I’ve been comparing other tv couples with them since and still haven’t got close.
      I sometimes look at pieces of house to catch a glimpse of that chemistry with her new costar. But it can’t compare.

    • Amaica says:

      MK…I honestly hope they air PV2 at a decent hour…The original PV was aired too late at night and
      that also contributed to their low ranking and failure.

    • MK says:

      I had to fight to make time to see during the day because I could not have my tv in the bedroom on at that hour because kids in the room will not sleep. So could not look at it in the night.
      Daytime because of time change now I can look if I don’t have errands to run etc. so will be quite difficult to look at pv2 and really couldn’t be bothered

    • Amaica says:

      Suni…Your standards are very high pertaining to the opposite sex…Education , Good Looks and Proper Moral Values have to be packaged all together….Suni I do admire and love you for this…very rare qualities to find in young girls today. Our Yash is blessed with all these masculine qualities put together.

    • Suni says:

      Amaica , if you think I’m fussy , you should hear Afreesh’s standards !!!
      I’m a bit harsh on KVG because I don’t see him as a romantic lead . I know that he is very talented , but , he doesn’t command the screen like KSG or Gourmeet or the way Sushant Singh used to on PR .
      In reality , it don’t mind if the guy isn’t the most handsome , as long as he has a good heart and ambitions .
      But , on screen. I like to see the masculine , eye candy kinda guys , lol .

    • Amaica says:

      Suni…..The boy I had in mind would have been perfect but has been taken….he suits the description with a bonus.
      Afreesh…Well I don’t know who could match Ms Perfect….DC’s son perhaps…or someone with similar genes.SJ will find her cutie in the hospital.
      Suni I am just feeling crazy dear…so don’t bother
      with the side talk..have to get my mind out of PV…

    • Suni says:

      Amaica , I kinda already have a boyfriend . But , thank you so much :) .

  22. ammara& agastaya says:

    a bit disappointing in the yash and arti end though they should have been together not in separate cities i hope that b4 it ends they bring them back together

  23. ammara& agastaya says:

    hi guys,

    u all know i’m gonna give the show a chance coz i love karan toooo much

  24. Anu xD says:

    Guys don’t mean to be mean but….WHO IS THAT STANDING NEXT TO YASH IN THE BLUE IN THE PRECAP?!?!?!?!?!?! She can’t possibly be the star! She looks like the side star, you know the sister of the sister of her sister of their father’s brother whose cousin is her cousin who is her sister…if you get what I’m saying!

    • Amaica says:

      Anu…Relax dear,we can fuss as much as we want no one cares.Artie and Yash seems happy to move on..Lets give them our love and blessings as they aspire to achieve their goals.

    • Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastic says:

      DWL ANU



      ROFLMAO :)

  25. Anu xD says:

    Also to add to my “love letter” to Punar Vivah;

    to MK, SUNI, MU, FINUSA, AMAICA, KARTHIK, LENOR, TRINITY, PAT and all others, not would I only miss Punar Vivah but I’ll miss you all too…very very very very very very very very much! I know there are other forums but still there is no other show than PV1 and so I guess its Qubool Hai for me..but that’s BS right now!!! But love you guys lots!

  26. Anu xD says:

    I honestly, truthfully need to say this, please don’t hate me I beg but the Punar Vivah 2 plot is absolute rubbish for what I’ve read and it would fail horridly…I say this time and time again PV1 is mainly popular because of Yash and Aarti well more so Guru and Kratz!

    p.s the above is my views and none other!

    • MK says:

      Everyone here says the same Anu, we all love you too.

    • PAT says:

      Anu,, everyone feeling the same,,, but I think the writers should just keep our beloved couple on too so they can make this new serial great……………..

    • Suni says:

      It seems like crap , but the forum is still fun :) .

  27. MK says:

    Hey all, I have a confession to make, since Ishita track started I have been pressing the dislike button.
    I have two browsers on the ipad. Four on my PC and two each on my kids laptop (four). And been going on all hitting the dislike button.

    Amaica will check for you later.
    Finusa where are you, Ammara, hey.

    • MK says:

      This Rubina looks like a ghost. Shrishty looks good though. Still a crappy show.
      Karan looks sad. Not in the emotional sense though.

    • Anu xD says:

      True,there can be none better than Yash and Aarti and again MK no one look better by Karan’s side other than Abha!

  28. Anu xD says:

    To Punar Vivah Zindage Milage Dobara,

    the words I’m not gonna cry, I’m not gonna cry is currently playing through my head. I knew this day would come but not so soon! I lived everyday since February 20th 2012 in amazement; in wonder and either exited or angry or sad and these were all thoughts of Punar Vivah and what would happen next. I never thought I would write this goodbye so soon! I first watched this show because of the title think I love the movie vivah so why not try Punar Vivah….and little did I know O would fall in love with the concept and actors.

    Firstly Gurmeet and Kratika are no less than a perfect couple in my eyes, their Jodi is truly special and there can be none other. Who would have thought that Jansi ki Rani and Maan Singh would be the next amazing Jodi!??!?!?! I think they suite each other perfectly. They both are truly skilled and amazingly talented and I pray to God to see there Jodi together once more but my chances of getting that wish is slim to none but to them thank you for being my Yash and Aarti and wish you both all the best for the future…

    The cast is truly amazing…from Vidhi, Pankaj, Pratik, Pari, Gayatri, Akash, Rasgha, Suraj, Ansh, Palak, Payal and baby Ayu, Mr.Dubey and Shoba maa,Mansi, Aman even to Prashant and this hurts but I-shit-a aka *itch (lol..had to put that in there) they are all amazing…never can there be better paring.

    Watching Punar Vivah was truly something…I touched all of my emotions, I got angry, I was sad, I was happy, I was truly excited, I got giddy, I was furious and always jealous of Aarti for having such a handsome husband and ….I fell in love!

    So on that note thank you Mitalls, I never gave up and you gave me the best! Thank for first showing me my favorite Jodi and loved the lessons you taught through Punar Vivah 1! All the best!

    So this is it the end of my favorite show Adieu Yash aur Aarti forever………………

    • MK says:

      Hi dear Anu. We will miss them dearly

    • Lenor says:

      Hi Hi Anu, very nice, you seem to have given this alot of thought, consideration and your personal feelings and very well put into words. I guess most of us feel the same here.
      Can’t seem to say goodbye, all I can say is that I will miss them dearly and very very much.

    • Amaica says:

      Hello Anu…You spoke for all of us…We feel the same.

    • Anu xD says:

      MK, LENOR AND AMAICA….I’ll miss the show but I’ll miss talking to you guys about the show just the same!

    • Amaica says:

      Anu…We shall all miss the original PV…but please visit the forum and say Hi to us…We all need each other at this time…so please don’t stay away.

    • Suni says:

      Very well said dear Anu .

  29. Trinity's Heart belongs to AARYA says:

    Somebody call the navy the coast guard!
    Sinkin Ship!
    It back fired mittals!
    U just manage to ANNOY us even more!

    • Trinity's Heart belongs to AARYA says:

      Just saw d pick of Karan above
      Why can’t I stop laughing!
      Mk I know u like but,u have to admit the pic is funny.

    • MK says:

      Yes it is very funny. I liked him in YMGGK. He did that role great. It was his. The role was made for him. He did not have to copy. This is a copycat thing. He cannot look good here.
      I’m already turned because of the intro and of course anorexic Rubina.

    • Suni says:

      Trinity , KVG walked straight off the sets of a comedy show called Hum Aapke Hai In-Laws .
      He has every reason to look funny . Like Afreesh said the guy is a comedian .

  30. Marie says:

    This is what I call a classic pickup script…it reads alot and at the same time says nothing, a girl just appears and saves Ayyu, while two grown men could not do it, and what about the girl confiding in a stranger(Yash) about her love interest, and all the other crap taking place at the so call wedding…what a sad way to end such a wonderful love story…”The Yash and Arti story was the best I have ever seen on Zee…goodbye Arya….

    • MK says:

      You right Marie, and tell me she can’t even bloody run properly but outran a fit and healthy Pari, a very muscular Yash and Pratik. Shameful shameful writing totally disgusted

    • Amaica says:

      Marie…It is really a sad way to end such a lovely show.

    • Suni says:

      Yep , totally agree Marie .
      It was a terrible ending for PV 1 and an even worse beginning for PV2 .

  31. nisha says:

    i will be the happiest girl in the world if this show does not end and yash and aarti are the star

  32. Lenor says:

    GUYS, seriously, Yash and Aarti would be with us for how long again, I really can’t take this for much longer.
    BP rising and rising, heart beating faster and faster,
    not good.

    • Amaica says:

      Lenor….Take in some deep breaths dear…It is not worth getting sick over it….The milk is already sour…So lets find a way to enjoy the sour cream…

    • Suni says:

      Lol Amaica . . . I don’t think the writers even have sour cream , just spoilt milk .

  33. Anonymous says:


    i miss u ks & gc

    Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
    Tere bina kya wajood mera
    Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
    Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

    kyunki tum hi ho
    ab tum hi ho
    zindagi ab tum hi ho
    chain bhi, mera dard bhi
    meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

    tera mera rishta hai kaisa
    ik pal door gawara nahi. .


    Aarya milegi dobara. . .

  34. MK says:

    Hi Lenor, trinity, pat, Bluesnow, Suni, Amaica, Afreesh, SJ, Finusa, SS, MU, trinity, this ship I sinking fast with Mittals at the Helm trying to bail out water with a strainer, ie, Yash Arti for a few more episodes. They are throwing us scraps hoping we going to lap it up and continue watching, hoping we get hooked on PV 2 well, they are in for a rude awakening.

    I can’t believe these people with that kidnapping thing. Ishita has been like a pebble in our shoe for so long and still she’s in the end too.

    Did not even bother to look at the video. Will wait till tomorrow to view the episode. When Yash Arti gets back together I will of course wait for it impatiently.

    • Lenor says:

      Hi MK, know what you mean.

    • Trinity's Heart belongs to AARYA says:

      MK I gonna quote Mu “this *ockery I cannot comprehend”
      Suni made me laugh till tears came out my eyes!

    • Amaica says:

      Hi Mk..Just this minute checked in..read update and husband open door..just came from work..have to go..hope all is here when I return bye missing you all so much.

    • Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastic says:

      MK whats up momma

      but SSLK is also sinking too

      Zee tv shows are sinking….

      all this foolishness…do the mittals think we are dogs that they can throw us a bone or scraps of left overs and we will at once eat them out of happiness or desperation???


    • MK says:

      MU sslk sank quickly we did not get to breathe.

    • PAT says:

      MK,,, that the worst the writers could do………….. They made a very big mistake and they are trying to cover it up,,, but it is not working……………….. They should have killed her character off a long time ago,,,, but they don’t know what to do so they are taking the witch alone with us,,, even though we DON’T LIKE HER A LOT…………….

    • MK says:

      Pat, you think they covering up or was it deliberate?

    • Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastic says:


      I personally feel that they gave HP a contract to star in both shows. Be evil in one and be good in the 2nd. Were they so desperate to get new stars for PV2??? Or was she so desperate and her manager demanded she show 2 sides of her sweet as honey and deadly as a snake side

    • Amaica says:

      MK…Am I right in assuming from the comments that that witch Ishta will be in PV2 as a good person…I don’t want to ever see her again…let her rot in jail…she is a
      very bad example to society…are they planning to send
      her off to do penance with Mr. Dubeyji for her evil deeds.

    • Suni says:

      Please say it is not true somebody . They cannot bring Heena back . No one wants to see her now , why would we want to see her in the future ??
      Where did you guys see this ???

    • PAT says:

      MK,,, I think they are covering up their mistake and it is not working right for them…………. They should have killed her long,, long time ago,,, but no,, now they really don’t know what to do……………

  35. Trinity's Heart belongs to AARYA says:

    I”m reading all these comments,can I just say I luv u guys!
    This morning I was sad,now I pissed and the scarcasm is starting to flow.
    In the word of SUNI “hit the dislike button until it makes sense” LMFAO!

  36. Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastically Pissed says:

    I dont know what to say…truly

    Im already sick at it is…now i have to put up with the Mittals crap? Why didnt they allow Arya to rescue their own child? Why did Yash hide this fact from Arti who is the mother of his children and have every right to know what happens with her child? Why is the Mittals so much stuck on Arya giving up Ayu to PraPar? Why did the new girl stay there and rescue the baby she doesnt know what the heck is going on? Why


    DO YOU THINK ANYONE GIVES A SH*T ABOUT anorexic Rubina clown face Karan and outdated Shristy?



    Stop torturing us and end our Orginal Punar Vivah on a good note! We want to see Ayu with his original parents I want to see that witch hang herself in jail. I want Pari and Prateik to adopt a baby girl and hand over Ayu to his original parents

    Just stop being an asshole and end it with grace


    Yo ma head a get hot and mi sick already to backfoot kmt

    • Lenor says:

      MU, you said it right girl.

    • Suni says:

      MU , I understand how you feel . As though the Mittals have stabbed us in the back and immediately they say Welcome ! Welcome ! I have a new show for you to love , forget ArYa , forget the Schindia clan and the kids . PV 2 will be the best show on earth without all those great actors . How do they except us to embrace another show like this . . .

  37. Suni says:

    I am going to dislike this until it starts to make sense , I never once disliked PV before but today was senseless . What was there to like today , apart from Aayu being saved by a stranger ??? Wow Ishita got sent to jail !!! She should have been behind bars weeks ago .

    • Trinity's Heart belongs to AARYA says:

      I also at a loss to undestand wat I just read.
      I was like huh?
      The pv2 ship has bearly left port and is already takin on water!Lol
      Just imagine they are using ks and gc as life boats for their show
      So just imagine wats gonna happen when ks and gc aint there.

    • Lenor says:

      Wow Suni you sound mad as a “hatter”.

    • Suni says:

      Exactly Trinity . I am really happy that they didn’t show KVG today . I read the article that you ( or was it Blue ) posted where he said that he is not a method actor and that he will add a certain depth to PV2 which PV1 lacked . Seriously !?!? If GC cared a bit more he would have taken offence to that statement . .
      I really hope that KVG can swim when PV2 sinks , because I really question his method less acting .

    • Lenor says:

      Trinity, how are you.
      It seems that Yash and Aarti will be with us for another day or two. Whopeee!!!!! I hope for the rest of the week.
      Apparently PH using them to cushion the arrival of the new cast for the new show; so disgusting.

    • Suni says:

      Why thank you Lenor , the Mad Hatter was an interesting character in Alice in Wonderland 😀 .

    • Lenor says:

      My pleasure Suni.

    • Amaica says:


      Where is our Afreesh….I am missing her…and SJ sweetheart come on tell them as it is.
      Suni these people ran out of ideas for this show
      a long time ago…that’s why they are giving such
      crappy ending…Yash and Artie are happy to get out
      They don’t care about us….They will never come on
      this forum to even say thanks to their loyal fans.
      I hold back my emotions most times as I know it is
      a waste of energy.

    • Suni says:

      BIG HUG for you Amaica :) .
      The best way for the Mittals to thank us would be for them to ensure that their writers please the fans . I understand that there will be drama and tense moments , but they are very out of touch , or like you said , just don’t care about their fans .
      This PV 2 didn’t even attract new voices to this forum , but rather , most of the loyal PV 1 fans stayed away . The Mittals are running with an old Western gun in their hands and it backfired in their faces because the audience doesn’t seem interested in neither PV1’s ending nor PV2 ‘s beginning .
      I think that Afreesh is very hurt and disappointed and though she advised us to move on , PV was an important part of her life and she is very sad and upset by the fact that people’s egos can turn them into zeros sometimes . The fans have been cheated and disappointed by the heartless approach to Punar Vivah’s untimely end .

  38. Suni says:

    Really Mittals ??? You so badly want us to watch your new show that you showed us child abduction and abuse till the end . Aarti or Yash should have rescued Aayu . That new girl had no business being shown as the heroine here . The storyline on PV1 emerged from the very first episode so I instantly loved what I saw . Not the same here , certainly not the same .

  39. SS says:

    cannt figure it out…how cld it be punar vivah 4 karan here!!! divya leaves him..4 carrer..he cmes & weds shrishty..!! does dat mean he was married 1nce..& den divya came in his lyfe..!! oh so confusng!!

  40. Suni says:

    How can I again trust the Mittals’ Production House ??
    They play with their fans , like a cat plays with a mouse . . . .

    • Sj says:

      My lips are stuck and got sealed with crazy glue can not open.
      May be it is better , scremeed so much no one listen
      So it is better to keep my mouth shut for. While

      One more time not defendng mittals, yes mitts are partly responsible
      Look Mitals are producing a show dia or batti over two year #1 show

      What an one di when actors do not keep commitment and not giving her 100% and want out
      What PH and. CV and Mitals do a frust GC wanted out tan KS had problem
      Than Mitals screwed story line and we the audience were the critic and at last we the audience are te sufferers and are crying.
      Nothing can be done ARYA are nt coming back.
      Actors are realizing that they made big mistake. There were An interview given by ARTHI
      Where she was disappointed

      When ever we compare we as an audience will suffer. We should watch new actor as new story as an independent mind without a compare.otherwise we will be burning our blood for someone pleasure

    • Suni says:

      Great message SJ .
      We shouldn’t take the medicine for someone else’s ailment . The Mittals are moving on , the actors would find other employment . Only us fans , like you said , stuck like Yash used to be , with anger and sadness .

  41. Trinity's Heart belongs to AARYA says:

    Hey guys!
    IF is sayin aayra will be on our screens till wednesday!hope dts tru.
    Yash ur heart is to pure I would’ve let the pyscho bitch kill herself,one less demon in the world.
    Mk don’t worry well get more scenes with yash and aarti.
    The mittals are dangling them in front of us so we will watch the new show,and not jump ship when ks and gc leave!
    Hey mittals “Captain D Ship is Sinking”
    In the words of Amica “they need us we don’t need them”

    • Trinity's Heart belongs to AARYA says:

      Suni the pic u have up will be after aarti returns to mumbai.
      So hopefully well have them till wednesday or hopefully friday.

    • Suni says:

      It doesn’t matter Trinity . It is no longer about our ArYa . The Mittals are promoting their new leads , ArYa will just be there to trick us into watching . This makes me so mad . If this show can’t stand on its own from the beginning what will keep us interested in the middle ?? Certainly not KVG and Rubina .

    • Trinity's Heart belongs to AARYA says:

      Yeah suni ur rite,ks and gc being used to keep us intersted
      Suni I got a dvr will record and ff tru.
      The more we learn about this the faster I want to runaway!

  42. PAT says:

    Hi, guys,, Trinity, Afreesh, Suni, MK, MU, Deep, Lenor, Aysa4ever, Bluesnow, Finusa, and the rest of the original Punar Vivah family………………. Hope you are guys are doing well and that things will be fine………… Well,, I haven’t watch yet but will……….. The witch should be die and not be hand over to the police,,, she is so cheap and a witch………… I think this is the end of our show and I for one will miss it so very much……………. Well,, the groom is missing from the new serial already,,, hope he show up for his wedding…………….. This is crazy…………

    • Suni says:

      Hi Pat :)

    • Lenor says:

      Hi Pat, how are you, I’m doing ok. It seems that Yash and Aarti will be with us for another day or two. Whopeee!!!!!
      Apparently PH using them to cushion the arrival of the new cast for the new show; so disgusting.
      I certainly and I’m sure most of the PV Family on this forum would miss PV and the entire cast. Take care Pat.

    • Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastically Pissed says:

      Hi Pat sweetie how are you

      Hey Suni and Lenor

      Ive said my piece im sick and this is the crap thats gonna make me end up on my sick bed

      Thank You Mittals for sinking your own ship and being real life jerks

    • Lenor says:

      Hi MU, I think the more we say by ranting the less PH taking us on; they have their own agenda.
      I feel however they know how much the fans cared for PV and Yash and Aarti, that they are now faced with dealing with the introduction of their PV2 and only using Yash and Aarti to cushion their PV2. Shame on them. Piggy-back riding on PV.

    • Suni says:

      Hi Hi , MU :) .

    • PAT says:

      Guys,,, I really don’t understand where the writers are going with this new serial and why keep our beloved couple on………. I hope things will be good……………

  43. Suni says:

    Thank you Rimjhim for all your hard work and dedication to us readers .
    You are a gem dear .
    Now you will write PV 2 and although I love you , I’m not so sure how much I’ll like this show .

  44. MK says:

    Hi Lenor. I just finished reading the update and I looked at the previous episode.
    Wow, that broke-oooo foot lady could run faster than Usain Bolt!!!!!!!!
    Just imagine all those people running mere footsteps after her.
    But I’m glad she’s with the police and our AYUSH is safe and sound.
    I think the Mittals heard how angry the fans were and decided to keep the cast for one or two more episodes.

    And I loved Fridays episode where Arti tiptoed back into the room and whispered love you Yash ji and ran back out. Ooohhh that was so cute.

    • Lenor says:

      Hey MK, how goes it with you today?
      I watched the episode first and read the write-up after since the update wasn’t ready as yet.
      Aarti’s dance scene still to see. Yash and Aarti still has to connect and I do hope that their scenes are not rushed and done hurridly. They both should be shown with their children including Aayu like the scene at Aayu’s naming ceremony, where Yash was holding Aayu and Aarti
      was embracing Yash and resting her head on his shoulder and Palak and Payal were there.
      Yes MK, Friday’s episode was just great and you know even a few minutes of this kind of scene with Yash and Aarti can so do wonders for the fans, and that’s all we have been asking for, for so long. (your think the PH understood that).
      As for The Mittals hearing our anger, they probably felt sorry for us and decided to tease us by giving us Yash and Aarti alittle longer; but I don’t mine.

  45. swapna says:

    yash and aarti rocks

    love u guys

    love u aarti and yash and family

    how nice their relation is and how positive everyone in schindhya now

  46. SS says:

    thanks rimjhim..aftr such a long update on d mahasangram..& nw dis!! hats of 2 u!!

  47. MK says:

    Omg, Yash and Arti still in the next episode. Wow. This is so great. But they not together for more cute scenes like Friday.

  48. Jai says:

    So sad. . .

  49. Lenor says:

    Jeez this can’t be the end, what is going on here.

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