Punar Vivah 21st February 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 21st February 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 21st February 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence.

Arti stops and tells yash that she wangts to say something as he understands and feels for his emotions, but whatever he knows is the half truth. yash turns around in surprise and Arti says that it would be wise if he hears him out completely and then take descision. She, then goes on to tell him, but before she can, prateik calls in on yash, to tell him that they have to take akash out in the city, on a donkey, so that people knwo what happenes when people lie. Yash, has no option but to leave.
Arti thinks that she understands yash’s feelings fro suraj, but what happens when yash knows the whole truth and is determined that he would have to hear the whole truth from her today, even if it pains him very much.

Outside, Akash asks radha not to free him or clean him up, as he’s not hurt at the insult, as ever since he’s born, he has been called illegitimate, but he is in pain, knwoing that the mother who she considered god, has told him a lie all his life, when in fact he could have borne the identity of being bad blood. radha triest o convince him, but he says that he would bear that this dream of living in the scindia mansion would also break, just like the others that have broken earlier. He asks radha to go from there, as her tears would make him weak otherwise. radha leaves from there.

Prateik asks the band to play loudly so that they can give a befitting insulting exit to akash. Arti is tensed to see yash’s reaction, who after knwoing the truth is unable to bear the sight of what he sees. Finally yash loses his cool and asks him to stop playing drums and dhola. His brothers too ask as to why has he stopped it. Suraj too questions him. yash says how can he feel everything being right without any regret. Suraj asks whats to regret in family’s happiness. His brothers too are boggled. Gayatri says that yash is so kind that he cant bear ill happeneing to enemies even. Yash says that he cant reveal whats bothering him, as that would mean ruining his family and his parents.

Yash’s brothers ask him to join in parading akash. But yash says that its not required, as that would be of no use. Pankaj and prateik say that they need to do this for suraj’s respect in the society, and ask yash if he doesnt feel to prevent suraj’s dignity. yash thinks that if his brothers know the truth, then they wont ever be able to respect their father ever again. gayatri asks him too, that he cant take sides with aksah, instead of suraj, who akash so shamelessly insulted. But finally gayatri asks pankaj to stop, if yash wont be a part, but she says that akash would definitely be punished.

Radha is in tears seeing that. She is joined by arti, who asks her not to cry, wiping her tears, and asks her to take the swearing that radha had given her and also let her say the truth and save radha and akash from this insult. Radha says that this is not as easy as it seems as this truth is such that it would bring a storm in the family, and that gayatri would go mad knowing the truth. She sys that they wont ever be able to accept akash as real, and yash as their step son. and yash would completely break down. Arti says that akash should get his rightful place in the family.
Ishita wonders as to what is arti talking to radha. Arti is determined that just like Lord shiva had to drink poison to save the world, someone would have to drink this poisonous truth, and yash would knwo the truth. Radha says that would only be yash. She says that it would only bring tension in the family. ishita wonders what relation arti has with radha that radha is patting her on the head. However, arti doesnt listen to radha and tells her that she is predetermined that he would tell yash the truth today itself.

Arti comes outside to find the whole family happily insulting akash. Ishita asks arti as to why she isnt happy along with her family, in insulting akash, when she had been the one who had started this fight to giev justice to her family. Ishita, confronts her saying that she’s again being an ideal daughter in law, and says that her silence is speaking that she’s hiding some truth about the scindia family. She confronts arti saying that the DNA report that her father had brought was a fake after all, which she knows and she knows that arti too knows it. Arti says that its not a fake report, and its very true. But ishita says that doesnt she feel bad that she’s falling below her dignity, in being with the injustice happening to her husband, and lying to ishita on hert face. she tells arti that due to her being quiet, she has to face an insulting life, when yash had already insulted her enough by leaving her stranded in the mandap. yaah had accused radha of a bad upbringing, whereas arti herself about to become a mother, is doing the same thing, by being silent to whats wrong thats happening in front of her eyes.

Ishita tells her that she would forvere be suffocated in keeping this truth in their hearts, and they wont be able to live in peace, thinking that they have devoided a person from getting his rightful place in the society. she curses that arti too would never see happiness in her life. Saying so, she leaves. Arti is determined that she wont let her kids face the wrath of anyone’s curse since her whole reason for her remarriage with yash, was kids, and she cant let them face anyone’s curse. She is determined that she would tell the truth to yash today only. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Yash tells arti that they would have to forget that akash is the illegitimate child of this house. Arti breaks down saying that akash indeed is the legitimate child of the family, whereas he is suraj and radha’s son. Yash is shocked to hear this.

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  1. raji07 says:

    iam also chennai from tamil nadu. i like tamil comments. aarti yash jodi romba nallaruku. pv saturdaykuda pota nallarukum. rendu naal kathuruka vendiruku; nethu precapla aarti umaiya solra mathiri irundhadhu. inaiku yash reactionah parkanum. enaku enamo avar aarthi pasangala vetai vittu povarnu thonudhu

  2. Amaica says:

    Hello Everyone..

    This is for all of us also:




  3. Diksha says:


  4. Miss Unbelievable says:

    Punar Vivah is on FIRE

    its HOT

  5. Miss Kris says:

    Today is my Badi DiDi birthday too, happy bd Badi Didi, I love you love you very much,
    GC is so lucky to be sharing his bd with you.

    Of course Yash will opt to move out of Scindia nivas after all he is a self righteous person.

    • Amaica says:

      Hello Kris…
      That is also my feelings.
      But would Akash accept this family and
      want to live with them..He now seems to
      have a change of heart…and may not care
      for the rich and famous lifestyle anymore.
      Yash will now make his own decisions and
      I am sure it will be in the interest of
      all concern.

    • Miss Kris says:

      Well Yash would want to do what is right and he being the illegitimate child would do what he has too. It also depends on g3 would she want to let him go?
      Also, that is what Akash wanted, his rightful place in the Scindia family, and as you say, would they accept him. Having seen how they cruel they were towards Radha and him. Would he want to be part of such undignified people. We are yet to see exactly what his character represents.
      And what will be he reaction to the truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Akash should move in to Sindhiya house and teach SP a lesson.

    • Amaica says:

      Hi Kris I tried the gravatar link
      so I am just testing here.

  6. rose says:

    You’ve been DUSTED with Rainbow Love glitter (¯`v´¯)`*.¸.*´¸.•´¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨)(¸.•´(¸.•´.•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. . * + * * . + * .*.. * + * JUST * + .+. . * + . + *. * +*. + *SPRINKLING.* + .+ . . * + . + * . * + .+ ,*MAGIC. + * LOVE+*+ . . *+ . +… * . * + .*. *..HAPPINESS * + . *JOY* .+ . PEACE.*… + ** . + * .. * BLISS+ * * + . *+ *+ ..LOVE ……………..HUGS
    •*¨*•+•*¨*•.¸.•*¨*•+•*¨*•.¸..• *¨*•+•*¨*•.¸.•*¨*•
    ¸.•*¨*•+•*¨*•.¸.•*¨*•+•*¨*•.¸. •*¨*•+•*¨*•.¸.•*¨

  7. love says:

    i am upset at the fact that baujiknnows the truth yet still want akash to suffer that much humiliation while the reason he denied him was to keep his reputation. i wouldnt even want him to be my father after this or wanna have anything to do with him. lets see it he is ganna hate yash after he find out the truth. also when is arti belly gonna get big i mean she being pregnant forver with the same size.

  8. Suni says:

    Good morning Amaica ,Miss Kris ,Miss Unbelievable and every one who has morning now :) .
    Good Afternoon Afreeesh and all others :) .

    Afreesh , I am becoming like SJ , PV is invading my sleep yaar !! I will have to avoid this site once my exams start or i might also write a paper on PV !!
    I woke up this morning thinking about our past conversations about being careful of what you wish for . We all wished for the truth to come out .
    Sometimes I think that our writers enjoy teasing us . They probably decided

    ” You guys want the truth , ok no prob, take this !! ” lol .

    We got our wish , the truth will be out .

    • Miss Kris says:

      Good morning my dear and afternoon too
      Suni please don’t let this thing get in your head, I used to but learned not to by concentrating on something else before sleep yaar
      Just try it, whatever else, maybe read sing or religious songs etc

    • Siri says:

      Hey suni, miss kris.. Can u tell me how did u put that pic which is beside your name and how come your name comes in black colour and others in blue..

    • Amaica says:

      Good Morning Suni Afreesh Kris Ms.U and others

      Some one please let us send a card to our Hero
      Yashji on his birthday I am sure he will get it.

      Please go to 123 greetings…you will find something
      appropriate there..I would have done it but I don’t
      know how to post it o to this site.Just being honest.

    • Miss Kris says:

      Ok Siri, you have to go on gravatar.com and sign up with your email address and add the pic you want. When you go on the site just follow instructions and when you post here add your email address.

    • Miss Kris says:

      Siri don’t know about the color of the name dear.

    • Suni says:

      Hi Siri , I did the same as Miss Kris , and , I also have no idea about the name colour .
      Strange thing , your name is the only one appearing in blue for me .

  9. Suni says:


    The best actor to grace the small screens with his presence .

    • Amaica says:

      You got it right girl…..
      Hope to see him in the big
      screens soon.

    • Miss Kris says:

      Oh no Amaica, don’t wish for that, I don’t look at big screen movies, no time dear. So I will miss him on the tv. Lol

    • Amaica says:

      OK Kris..I just wish I could take it back but
      it has already entered into the universe and
      the angels are setting the stage for it to
      materialize…Too late to cancel the thought.
      Never mind I will try and attract
      Sid from Mamta….Where is Sid now.
      or Vickram….since you like them both

  10. Suni says:

    Namaste Raji , Neha how are you both , great job keeping the Tamil fans happy ..,
    Namaste to all you great Tamil speaking PV fans ,
    Hi ! Jai , Amu , PV , Ramya , Raja , Priyanka , Harish , Senehal , Dhana , Ram , Surya ,
    And Vishnu , I left you for last to say a special HELLO , so you won’t think that I missed you this time , lol . It is good to see you all :) .
    Karthik , hello to you and your family .
    Hi bluesnow , Sonnet , JALIL .

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