Punar Vivah 30th April 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 30th April 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 30th April 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence and on the road
The police come in, aand inform them about them, about the kidnapper’s car, that zoomed past, the police patrol, and says that they have noted down the number, and would soon trace the car. yash says that he cant sit here, doing nothing and would go to look for him. Despite yash’s insistence, saying thats not needed, arti decides to go with him, as its after all her baby too.

Ishita is very happy at arti’s plight, but worried when she hears the police inspector’s statement. She calls the kidnapper, and tells that the police knows about this now, and they have their number. Ishita tells to the kidnappers, that they shouldnt be seen here, and if caught by the police, then they shouldnt even dare speak her name, or she would kill them. They ask her what is to be done with the baby. She asks them to throw the baby in some jungle. She thinks that arti’s destiny has always been favoured, but not this time, this time she would see that she wins.

The kidnapper is shocked to hear this from ishita. They wonder how could she be so heartless. they decide a plan for the baby, as they cant bring themselves to kill him. The kidnapper goes to an orpahanage, so that the kid also is saved, and they too get rid of him. They place the baby, and ring the bell, and leave from there. The kidnappers decide to take the money, from ishita for kidnapping as she had promised, and asked them to do. They lament that its such a sweet child, and god knows what beckons him ahead. They move, thinking of calling ishita and telling her that her work has been done.

When ishita turns around, and finds buaji behind her, looking at her reprimandingly. Ishita is surprised to see her. Buaji asks what is she upto. Ishita gets to concoct a story, about how the kids are playing and wanted her to play with them. Buaji starts lamenting, how first ansh was kidnapped, and now the real heir has been kidnapped, and says that she feels pity for suraj, who has to deal with this. As buaji leaves, she is relieved when she finds out from buaji’s talks that she hasnt heard anything that ishita said.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Arti is reminded of yash’s anger on her. While yash gets a call, he tries to juggle between taking the phone, and driving. When arti tries to tell him to be safe, Yash keeps taunting arti, for being so irresponsible, while going out to search for the baby. As yash talks on the phone, Arti spots the kidnapper’s car, and points it out hurriedly to yash. They both run to that point, where they dont find ayu, but the locket that buaji had given to ayu. While arti is distraught, as to who could have done this, and what enemity he had with ayu, yash extends his hand for comforting her, but refrains from doing so, reminded of ayu. He turns away, and arti is hurt to see this.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s residence
The police informs that arti called, doubting ishita, to be behind all this, and begins to interrogate her. Akash gets into a rage thinking that they are doubting his wife, who too had some relation with ayu. prateik asks akash to calm down and let the police do their routine investigation, as its often someone from the family only, who does things like these.Akash agrees. As the inspector contiues, he finds the cell phone, ringing and asks her to attend if its important. Ishita gets the kidnapper’s call and is worried. the kidnappers wonder what to do now. On the kidnapper’s persistent calls, ishita picks it up, under the police officer’s scrutiny. But the inspector picks it up, and the person says that her work is done, and asks for the payment. The inspector asks what work she asked them to do. When the other knows, that its the DCP on the line, the kidnapper, having heard the conversation, and understanding the situation there, they make up a story, of some shows having been ordered by her, and they have called for its delivery related queries. Ishita is shocked but relieved at having such a close shave. Prateik is upset thinking about ayu. Radha asks him not to worry, as yash and arti would get him home. Yash and arti come home, and tell that they didnt find ayu, and shows the locket. Vidhi too is shocked that even that could not prevent ayu from being in trouble. The police comfort her and yash, that they are treating it of supreme importance, and soon would find the baby.

Pari, seeing that the kids are going out to play, asks them to put on ODOMOS mosquito repellant, and explains the whole pleasing experience regarding the same. the kids are very happy to have applied it. they go out to play, while pari smiles.

Yash sits along with ayu’s kids, and watching his video, in his memory. He looks at the locket, sadly. He is highly upset thinking about ayu, and goes to the window. Arti comes in the room, along with the food tray. She goes to yash along with the plate. Arti tries to feed yash, but yash throws it away, in anger, shocking arti. Arti asks why is he doing this, yash retaliates saying that how could she do this. Arti tries to reason with him, saying that she too is very upset and angry at herself, and that she too is very sad. Arti says that her heart and instinct tells her that ayu would be found soon. He says that what she had to do, she has already done, and that he deosnt need her or her help anymore now. He asks her to leave him alone and get out of the room. Arti is shocked at such behaviour. Whiel arti still tries to talk, yash reprimands her to leave the room. Arti leaves, highly upset. After she’s gone, yash collapses on the bed.

Radha finds arti, coming out of her room crying. Arti hugs radha, and breaks down, while radha asks her to compose herself, saying that she understands that yash is angry at her, but he cant be for long. She says that she isnt upset that yash is angry, but that this is sending yash into his previous form, where he never talked to her, and behaved very rudely to her. Ishita thinks that this is exactly what she wanted. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Buaji asks why is she so happy to see arti crying. ishita says that she isnt, as who would be happy to see any couple seperating, and drawing a rift between them. Buaji says that she isnt talking about any couple but about yash and arti. she says that seeing them seperate, ishita’s wish would have come true. Having been put the truth so blatantly, ishita is at a loss of an answer, to buaji’s questions.

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  1. richa says:


  2. Sonya says:

    A very touching and emotional episode. Superb acting, Aarti and Yash you rock! Ishita although in a negative role does a great job! love it. Good story.

  3. Asya fan says:

    It’s good that PV is going to end
    I can’t bear this blade anymore …. :@
    Hate it …

    • asya4ever says:

      asya fan … if you hate the show … then why west your time …. pls dont take me wrong … everyone has a choice ,,, so if pv is not your choice …. there are those who love the show … so let them enjoy their choice ,,,,

  4. Suni says:

    Afreesh , if I am not back later yaar , I will spend my time with you tomorrow and I promise to be here everyday until PV ends and PV 2 starts .
    SJ , I need to spend some time with you my precious friend . I was tempted so many times to break my promise to Afreesh and mention Dora’s husband yaar 😀 .
    Now we must hope that we get another handsome guy in PV 2.. Afreesh if the guy isn’t handsome yaar , even a great plot might not interest me , lol .

  5. MK says:

    @ Suni I did convey your message, she misses you a lot and sends her love.

    @ Pree hi dear, you only came once and disappeared, welcome back. You can visit us here too.

    Morning, afternoon all, sad episode indeed.

    Trinity, if you come on, lots of love and kisses dear.

    Hey Bluesnow, give up on PV I guess.

    • Suni says:

      Thank you Mk 🙂

    • Amaica says:

      MK…What’s on girl..How is your daughter’s exams coming along.Big girl now…Asja girls won some award again..they were aired on television on Saturday.. Heard one of their teachers got promotion to VP at another Asja College.
      Read that you had a great weekend with wedding and all…Honestly, I love traditional Hindu weddings…It is a beautiful…and meaningful.

    • Amaica says:

      MK…meant to say …It’s a beautiful and meaningful ceremony.

    • MK says:

      Yes Amaica, ASJA got lots of awards, the students performed well.
      It’s very stressful, as she does not want to stay on the books as much as we want her too.
      She’s not a whizz like some people. So it’s very testing for me.

      Suni, the guy is Karan from the show with Karan and abha, I have him as my gravatar.

    • Suni says:

      You have a great daughter Mk .
      Yeah I know Karan from YMGGK , I saw him host some awards recently and he was outstanding . I don’t find him too attractive , he is a bit cute , but we have differed in the past as it pertains to the men we find handsome . He is a good actor though . I like the guy who acts in Saraswatichandra . I wish we had that on directv 🙁 🙁

    • Amaica says:

      Hello MK,

      Just looked at PV,cannot get on to May 1st w/update
      hope they did not disable the forum.Don’t worry about
      your daughter.She will do well in her exams. Asja girls get excellent results.Do everything to ensure that she
      is calm and relaxed.All the best.

  6. Simi says:

    They should end punar vivah with gurmeet and arti,it’s their baby.the new pv no one will seethed , they r wasting their time and money.mittals r doing wrong thing the trp will go way down .

  7. Suni says:

    Punar Vivah aka Sneha , where are you ????? I saw someone with your name , but with lower case letters , was that you dear ??? I can only imagine how much this current track pains you dear . You seldom returned after Gayatri’s death .

    • Amaica says:

      Hi Suni …Good Morning,

      I love your picture….very appropriate….It is great to have you back….here is my hug..hug…and kiss…both cheeks…we love you and we missed you dear heart….never leave us again. Afreesh and SJ especially.
      Suni PV has been giving us some sad episodes…I am sure you will agree…
      I wait in anticipation for Ishta truth to be revealed and also to see family’s reaction.

    • Suni says:

      Thank you for all the love and support Amaica dear . I was trying to catch up and I saw your joke about history . It was funny and so true . I was just thinking that this gravatar looks to subdued to suit my personality . I thought about Neha when I put it on . I keep wanting to put back the Real Madrid symbol 😀 .
      SJ made me laugh so hard with her reminiscing of the past . I can’t understand why she thought that I could ever be mad at her .
      How are you dear Amaica ?

    • Amaica says:

      Hello Suni,

      I often thought of you and send you my love and blessings.
      To be truthful I am most times bored to death….has to return to the gym.I look forward to visit the forum and meet with lovely fans…but still there is a thirst in me for something more…Honestly I believe I missed my job.

    • Suni says:

      Amaica , you are too much of a dynamic personality to be bored . I remember you had told me about your women’s group . I can understand that you miss your job , but enjoy being away from traffic and egocentric people . Every position in life offers us certain blessings .
      I had wanted to mention to you my last moments with my mom . It was surreal , I saw her the day before and although she was weak , she still spoke . But , she was having visions , she saw a woman with a baby in her arms although there were no such people there . She also asked ” where am I now ? ” . That question baffled me at first , but I believe that she was in and out of this world and she was already recognizing the differences . The Pundit said that the upcoming year is very important for her soul . He said that her soul will go on a journey to revisit its life on earth and will examine the points where it made mistakes and it will be assessed if it needs to return to earth for any retribution .
      The Pundit advised that there should be no elaborate celebrations and that we should have monthly prayer 3 days or on New Moon . I thought about Gayatri and how quickly they went on with their lives on PV . I am only just beginning to adjust to a new normal. The relationship with our mothers began before our birth . It is impossible to forget our mothers .

    • Amaica says:

      Suni…I admire your mature way of thinking…The priest words are correct….The monthly prayers do help…and it do not have to be elaborate…One of my friends called the priest each month and with her two young sons alone they did simple prayers and havaan. We do monthly Satsang this is what she loved…It a lot of work…but I get help…just two more to do.
      I am happy you shared your last moments with your Mom with me…Her soul was already travelling…she has left you with good memories…cherish them.
      Yes If I check I have plenty on my plate…but it’s not enough…The youths in the village come to our home each week to conduct bhajan practice. I prepare the hall and provide refreshments which I make alone…but still I work so fast that it’s nothing…Suni the women in the group are nice and whenever I am needed I

    • Amaica says:

      sUNI…I don’t know what happened just now ..but to complte my statement….whenever the women need me I am there for them…Thought I will be busy with my sister…but instead other family members are taking her out..I am just standby. Suni what are your plans for the future with regards to work…You are a teacher by profession and is now doing you degree at UTT…Hope to hear form you.

    • Afreesh says:

      Very true Suni…. it’s not easy to move on…..you are in a specific period where you must listen to your heart & mind.
      Suni… I did some mistake at this missing period yaar, I don’t want you to do the same. Just remember your good times with mom and send your love through prayers but don’t ask yourself why such disease for that good soul. It may cause problematic situations to your personal life as like as the way I carried that sorrow in my past days.
      Yes…we know one day we all should die though we couldn’t able to accept this reality. I think you remember my words regarding the journey of mom’s soul. Pundit advice is giving me some hints which we discussed earlier.

    • Suni says:

      Amaica dear , I am still studying , but sometimes I feel I want to leave the country and go live with my uncle in Miami . . I know that I love the profession , sometimes I want to teach secondary school , other times I think that I will like it more at the primary level . I have the option to take a year off and resume later . I think that in the upcoming 3 months I will have to seriously think about what direction I will be going in . I read a quote that said that it doesn’t matter what direction you are facing , what matters is where you are heading . I nee to figure out where i am heading . I have a boyfriend of sorts , he is away , and he plans to never return to this country to reside . I really don’t know definitely about anything :/ .

    • Suni says:

      Yeah Afreesh , I always remember your words . Without you this transition would have been a lot more difficult . I am forever grateful to this forum because I met you yaar .
      That disease was horrible . I saw her deteriorate before my eyes to a shadow of herself . But , I would like to think that she defeated it before her death . She was so strong and brave .

  8. preeeeeeeeee says:

    Haiiii to alll PV Fans ….. hope u”ld remember me kriss,sara nd kerneesh…… hw r u allll??? nd also i heared d news dat pv gonna end 😥 …… 🙁

    anu nd my twin u both r here ??? can u plz cum 2 ipkknd site …..?????? i msd u soooo much ….. 🙁

  9. Suni says:

    Namaste Raji , where are the Tamil fans ???
    Vanakam Neha , Jai . Getha , Jose .
    Renu , I read that you were not well , I hope that you are better dear .

  10. Anu says:

    @suni : how ru dear??? All s fine wid u na???… Missed u alottttt dr…

    @farss : how ru dr??? If u r here cum 2fb tonight dr…

  11. Afreesh says:

    Suni….Sj….friends….Good morning…..Good evening…..♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

    Whether we like it or not PV is going to end which gave us the gateway to create a special & unique relationship, provided a wide spectrum to discuss the spiritual & emotional & intellectual topics, emerged our vision to accept alternate perspectives vide life lessons, motivated our analytical skills and reasoning methods……
    Why????….How???…who did this????…. I’m not interested to rise those questions, but I must accept the PV team has disappointed me very badly. It shouldn’t happened to us…They attacked our emotions us blatantly…There is visible or invisible reasons for everything…..so, we should move on without complaints and complications….okey
    Suni….finally we should discuss the necessity of current track storyline…..
    Why Ayu spotted???….
    Do you remember Suni?…..how much I annoyed on PV team at the time of Arthi’s pregnancy announcement. Until today we have the question why Yash accepted Arthi???…firmly you are trusting he accepted her just because of his responsibility which is Ayu. I’m believing he accepted Arthi for herself not because of Ayu. Yes I agree , their marriage initiated with the aspect of compromise but it reached another level when they appreciated or admired each other.
    How did Ayu formation assisted to bloom their relationship???….
    According to me Ayu created a platform to shatter the hesitations between them to progress their relationship. This is what Shoba believed since she was aware of the stagnant & stubborn nature of ARYA, henceforth Arthi who was willing to flourish her remarriage, took her advice seriously and put effort to save the child. What about yash???…he clearly stated he didn’t want to take risk on Arthi’s life, he agreed to continue the pregnancy just because of Arthi, latter he used Ayu as a safe medium to reach Arthi.
    Okey let me come to the point….
    Now the question is….. without Ayu how this relationship meant to them????….
    Does their marriage based on compromise or unconditional love????…
    If it is a compromise they can’t survive anymore successfully
    If it is based on love they would progress….

    Suni….I remember your disappointments when yash informed the values of life partner….you said he didn’t say anything about his love for Arthi, and you mentioned it was looking almost like a decision taken for compromise….
    Now PV team should answer our questions through Yash…..let’s wait & watch

    The next topic I will continue….

    • Suni says:

      Afreesh , my friend , I feel that Yash has learnt to be a great father but has forgotten how to be a great husband . When Arpita died , he neglected those kids in terms of love yaar . He was so obsessed with Arpita’s love that he went into that boxing ring and didn’t care if he lived or died . Aarti taught him how to love his kids the way he loves them now . She may be lacking as a wife in certain aspects , but the PV team has always placed special emphasis on her attributes as a mother . I keep remembering that Yash did not want to be with Aarti after the Mumbai incident . I think that PV is not postulating strong reasons for remarriage beyond it being for companionship and convenience yaar .

    • Afreesh says:

      Suni….I think I have explained the necessity of kidnapping track… yeah….it’s terrible to watch the new born baby into risk, but our dear writers can’t think different apart from kidnap script…fine
      Why Ishita is there????
      The trouble (Ishita) has been invited by Yash’s blind trust & amature love…. His blind love for Arthi encouraged him to commit a grave mistake ( third marriage). Basically, he did sin by insulting an evil soul, indeed he played with the evil soul without proper knowledge. On top of that he didn’t recognize his sin and never attempt to rectify it properly. There are certain methods to rectify our bad deeds since human does mistakes.
      Did Yash or Arthi take any proper steps to rectify their mistake???…. or atleast
      Did they take any precautions against their mistake???…
      What has blinded their vision???…
      Here, our old topic arise….ARYA’s fatal flaws…the man yash who was always guided by conscience but constantly neglected it’s presence by his blind trust towards mankind
      The lady Arthi who was blessed by her instincts but she allowed her superman quality to play on the ground.
      They knew each other’s flaws but they didn’t try to eliminate it instead they accepted & adjusted themselves with their flaws . But love is not only acceptance it has to eliminate the toxic item whichever existing between the partners. They didn’t care about the toxins….they didn’t learn their lessons which is most important for them to survive over balance life.
      So, the evil soul reached them easily without their knowledge. The evil couldn’t harm their relationship because their love is strong but their responsibility (Ayu) is affected because of their fatal flaws. Now it’s a high time for them to change their personality

      Then the second reason for Ishita’s presence…..

      when a man who was believing on first love and afraid to start a second love was transformed by the effort of another female. If so, why can’t he go for third love???….why can’t someone try for that man if he is eligible personality….
      This is what represented by Ishita’s character… she knows very well he loves Arthi, then why she is trying too hard to achieve him???….because, if Arthi can replace Arpita then why can’t she replace Arthi???
      Why can’t she ????….Yash should answer this question not we….
      I hope he will….

    • Suni says:

      Afreesh ,your points are as brilliant as always . I understand your point that these two never attempted to change each other but , rather they simply adjusted . With Pari we see how society reacts when a woman cannot conceive . I question why can’t man and woman exist in love even without kids ?? Pratheik loves Pari and is willing to accept her as she is , but , her motherly instinct, or maybe,m her need to be normal , is drawing her towards adopting a child .

      When we think about Yash before with Arpita , he was all consumed by her , intoxicated by her love . He wasn’t willing to see a future without her . He pushed Aarti away and only accepted her after he found out about her pregnancy . How did this immediate transition occur , or rather what was the reason for this transition ?? The answer is simple , Ayu is the reason . Aarti and Yash have never existed as they were before , as man and wife , without Ayu . Arpita and Yash were in existence before the arrival of the kids so somehow I feel that Yash’s love was stronger for Arpita than it is for Aarti .
      Honestly yaar , I always disliked the way Aarti avoided Yash’s advances when he was being romantic . She stated clearly that she is a mother first . Yash trusted her to keep Ayu safe . Ayu is a symbol of ArYa love . I remember that Ayu was ill when Prashant was alive but , became remarkably better after his death .
      You are correct , Ishita smells weakness in their Punar Vivah . She is not concerned about the kids , she is there to offer him her version of love . In a way Afreesh , this is the kind of love that Yash had wanted to die for . The love that involves man and woman only , and excludes the world . Ishita is no Arpita , but , is Yash wise enough now to see through her antics ?? Has he learnt anything from his past interactions with people like Prashant, Mr Dubey , Papa S , Akash ???
      Yash and Aarti had given up on love yaar . We know that faith had brought them together , but , now their union has to maintained through their efforts only .

    • Amaica says:

      Hello Afreesh and Suni….

      Afreesh I believe that Ayu is responsible for the marriage to blossom thus far but it started of as a compromise initially….With Ayu out of the picture…Yash has become his old unreasonable selfish self once more…. Sad to say but Artie will not allow this marriage to fail even if he continues to be stubborn.It will be a loveless cold affair.

    • Suni says:

      Amaica , I remember seeing you compare Ishita to Ravana’s sister . I had similar views that PV copies aspects of the holy texts . Akash is always calling Aarti Seeta Maa and referring to Yash as Ram . I remember Lord Ram and the line that was drawn for Seeta , I also remember that the earth swallowed Seeta and they did not reunite . As a child I remember thinking that these are Gods , why can’t they work out this conflict ??
      I feel that both Aarti and Yash are being tested . They need to exist as man and wife without their child . Their love will bloom , as it has never done before , only if or when they become as though they are of one body and soul .
      At present they are obsessed with saving their child , which I understand , but the sacred bond of marriage cannot be taken for granted either . The universe conspired to bring them together . They are very loving towards each other when they are not being tested . It is time for them to rise above their troubles and instead of approaching the problem as two separate individuals , they MUST unite .

    • Amaica says:

      Suni I agree with everything that you say…but I don’t think it will ever be the same again…He cannot live without her but his attitude toward her is very bad…Be it a front or what ..they both lost their child and they are distraught presently…Yash should now walk his talk about being a supportive husband in good time and bad times also that is one of the marriage vows that they took.What I don’t understand is this..They are stressing out the fans with this Ishta character and she should have been caught already along with her accomplices.

    • Suni says:

      Amaica , Ishita can only be defeated if Yash and Aarti unites . Her strength as a devil is amplified when there is agony and heartache . She will only be defeated by ArYa love . I can only hope and pray that the writers are kind to us . I feel they owe us this much for our continued faith in them .
      In life we cannot write our destiny , but the writers can at least make us happy through their plots .

    • Miss Unbelievable says:


      i was right ayu does represent their love

      and without ayu they are crumbling

  12. asya4ever says:

    hi all … how are u all ? hope your all doing well …..

    @ suni my dear welcome back we all missed u … hope your doing ok… my god bless u with u all the happiness in the world … take care dear ….

    • Suni says:

      asya4ever dear , so good to see you 🙂 . Thank you for all your love and support . I send you a big hug and kiss . I kept wondering if you were taking care of yourself and resting properly and how are your headaches ??? How is Anu and Samaira and Xia and Oi ?? How are your studies ?? You are an amazing girl , always taking care of your siblings and you have such great ambition . I looked for you yesterday on the QH forum and was concerned about you dear .

    • asya4ever says:

      @suni dear it’s so good to see you too . . I received your hug and kiss . and i send u a big hug and kiss …. i take care of my self dear … thank so much … and i rest properly…. but sense y’day my eyes are paining alot so i i didnt come here …. Anu and Samaira and Xia and Oi. are all fine dear we all missed u dearly …always take care of your self and always be happy ….. love u dear … will come back when am feeling better …. hope to see u soon …

  13. Samiraa says:

    New E24 segment- written update

    There is a new E24 segment. Both
    Gurmeet and Kratika are shown
    together, while Kratika spoke Gurmeet
    laughed. Both are upset about the
    end, but thats not just it, it was clear
    that both were also angry. They both
    were very sarcastic, especially
    When Kratika was asked why the
    show was closing, she said becoz both
    Aarti and Yash are going to
    bollywood…and she laughed! It was
    clear that she was being sarcastic to
    all those rumour mongers who
    blamed Gurmeet’s bollywood dreams
    for show’s closure! Off screen both
    Kratika and Gurmeet were chatting
    with each other, they were engrossed
    in some deep discussion, and were
    also laughing in between. This is the
    lovely Kratika who is so supportive of
    Next they interviewed Gurmeet. He
    was VERY SARCASTIC! He said just like
    the audience are clueless about whats
    happening, so are we. We are
    shooting the promo today, but have
    no idea whats gonna happen!
    Anyways, hope whatever happens is
    good.and thats the way it should be. U
    have to see his sarcastic laughter and
    expressions to know what i am
    saying! When reporter asked him
    what he had to say on his exit, he said
    “bas itna kehna chahta hu”- and he
    opend a bottle of water, drank, and

  14. MK says:

    Suni my dear if you’re he this morning, or whenever, each day I shall post this for you sweet little sister Apple, she says she’s missing you much and please go on fb for her. She is having problems login into this site.

    Suni I know now is exams to Wil let her know if you don’t come here.

    • Suni says:

      Thank you Mk , please tell her that I love and miss her . I still do not have a fb account , but I will set one up soon ,. Thank you so much for bringing her message .

  15. Addicted to PV fan says:


    i may not know what they were saying but their expressions were so emotional

  16. trinity says:

    Hi everyone I was debating if I should even read this stupidity.
    To everyone yash isn’t faking,and yes he blames aarti.
    But my question is why must aarti always suffer,why is she never left to have a moment of joy in her life?
    Mr yash has always said some horriable things to her like,black hearted,sinner,and know he blames her the premature birth of her son,and I say her son because,when she first learnt of the issues with her pregancy he told her to have an abortion.But she stood firm, now they want to portray him as this saint who never does anything wrong.
    I say he is a jackass who has never deserved aarti’s love or her devotion.He is a selfish jackass who could never feel half of what aarti is feelin yet he disrespects her and humilate her!
    I say let the snake have him and set aarti free let her have her kids and set her free from that jackass pretending to be a man and that totally useless family!
    And here a spoiler ladies the snake will carry food to him which he”ll accept.
    Punar Vivah is dead to me to much pain and heartache.

    • trinity says:

      Thank you for your words of strenght and courage.
      I”m not sure when I”ll be back here, this show has opened back some extremly deep and painfull wounds that I belived where no longer around.
      Thank you for your love and support.
      Have a nice day and a great wk.

    • MK says:

      Good luck my dear, and take care. Please don’t worry, things will get better.

    • Suni says:

      Hi Trinity , I was reading some older comments and I am deeply saddened to hear about your loss . My little sis Apple offered some great words of wisdom to you and she is so strong despite her life not being perfect either . She is an amazing personality who somehow always manages to see the silver lining behind every dark cloud . I admire her approach to life . I know that your pain will always be there , but , in life we must learn every step of the way , and even when we are faced with our troubles we must be brave enough to understand that there are also many joys in life which we notice as soon as we learn to look beyond the heartache . Best of luck to you my friend and I pray that God blesses you with great things in the future .
      I understand how you feel about Yash , he can be a monster at times . But , he is also a very caring , kind and understanding man , who has never or forsaken his duties as it pertains to his reasons for the Punar Vivah .

    • trinity says:

      Hi sunni thank you for your words of comfort,and yes I did see apple comments it was a great help also I”m getting better but its a process and guess it will take time.
      As my granny told me,God never gives you more than you can bare.
      I”m taking a break from all this drama!
      My comments about yash is just me venting needed to get it off my chest.
      He loves aarti,and I know he”ll figure out wats goin on.
      Take care everyone,mk,aysa and suni I know u will do well in your exams. God bless everyone

    • asya4ever says:

      hi trinity my dear hope your doing well … please take care of your self and take all the time you need we all are here for you ….

      Good luck my dear.Please don’t worry, things will work out just fine

  17. 1d says:

    Ask the writers to unite yash n ishita coz he is going mad wt aarti.and that the kidnappers said that she ordered a swing I think she ordered a poison milk for the baby.

  18. ammara says:

    i don’t know if im right im almost never right but i dont think taht yash knows ishita’s intentions i think he raelly is blaming arti he is acting just like he was earlier

    and buaji what a waste she always catches ishita yet never does anything about her or tells anyone everything is a game for her even though that sweet little baby’s life is at stake

    and the whole family they always jus stand around doing nothing i hope they find him soon or he comes back to them through the pratik paridi adoption

  19. Ananmious says:

    What about GC said PV will be his last show. Mittals did not do anything wrong, infected
    gurmeet abuseed mittals,mittals stayed quite. They invest lot of money and paid these acter
    A good deal of amount. Mittals gave and accommodate a great deal
    Did anyone thought why ratting was going down .
    Mittals have been screwed up and so are we audience.

    • Lenor says:

      GC did not do anything wrong either; he did not abuse The Mittals. Before PV aired and both GC and KS were doing the promos which would have been in the early part of January 2012, prior to the start of the show which was February 20th 2012, GC said that this was his last or final tv serial that he would be acting in.
      He further stated that he was tired of doing the same romance scenes over and over hence everyone found
      it odd why he and KS “chemistry” did not ignite the screen. They however proved everyone wrong.
      GC did get permission from The Mittals when filming his movie and doing JDJ; this was stated in tv news via media electronic. Whatever the reason(s) that the show will be ending soon, I guess we will never know.

    • Anaya says:

      Yes I guess we will never know, hy Pv raped up while it was going perfect befor jDJ ratting was
      Going high it s all in news media and newspaper and n an INDAN forum that show us being roped up cause of Gc ‘s in professional behaviour, many people from set said the same thng
      G. Was not even socializing with anyone on sets, li other cast and crew.this was also a very odd behaviour.he was always missing many on PV sets celebrations, came late or was not there
      Or did separately.
      Do not know which one to believe. Which one not, well man time GC sas somthng does smithing else. He is a very talented and diversified acter, well if he said pv will be his last tv shw he want t move to films, why he will take tv shw on star pus, unless he s ong to host something

      Anyway Gc is out from our system, I hardly time to watch tv, ths shw I was glued and when I heard I was very hurt, so is li of other fan.

    • Suni says:

      Hi guys , I’m reading your discussion and what I find very interesting is that despite GC’s brilliance and the brilliance of the Mital’s , they couldn’t find a way to keep PV on the air . The fans love this show so much because these characters are so well developed and they seem real in our minds . This show could have remained on air for years to come . But despite there being such great talent and concept , there seems to be no harmony on the sets . The downfall of this show was brought about because these people did not care enough about its fan base to try harder to get along , but they are going to want us to support them again in the future .
      They have disregarded our love and support and gave thought only about their best interests . I am so disappointed , but the problem with people is that they are only humans .

  20. guru rules says:

    Star plus has offered a big deal to guru,and its now being rumored that they’re also courting Kartika Sengar.
    To mittals and zeetv you can never keep good actors out of telewood I so hope they both sign on

  21. Afreesh says:

    Amaica….sorry dear, I didn’t take enough steps to convince you regarding Yash’s puzzled actions, Infact yesterday I didn’t bother about ARYA because Ayu’s state worried me more than other things. We always try to understand things through insights but this time our vision has blinded by the defeated energy as soon as we recognised that adorable kid’s life was at risk. However, we can feel relax now because there is some positive notes we gained from today’s episode….
    firstly, the kid has gone to a protective place (orphanage) which is safer than his home since his parents doesn’t aware of the immense threat over his life . Probably the evil lady might’ve finished his life, if he stayed at home.
    Secondly, the evil didn’t even know Ayu’s location, So she can’t harm him anymore and also the orphanage staff would take special care on him. That is what conveyed to us through that goons….if Ayu can melt the heart of criminals, then why can’t he loved by the kind hearted people (orphanage guys).
    Thirdly, Arthi said her instincts says Ayu will reach them soon….
    The only thing bothered me is Gayathri’s chain….why did they take away that chain from Ayu???…. what is the motive behind it???….is that they wanted to eliminate that identification from Ayu???…

    Okey….let me come to the topic- Yash’s rude attitudes-…. I’m not sure whether he suspect Ishita or not but today’s episode gave us other hint… he behaves weird for peculiar purpose… he is not happy by hurting Arthi because he is hurting himself after his each rude attempts.
    if we connect that Arthi’s pco call….she clearly explained him the entire scenario but latter she threatened him emotionally by saying ‘she will die if she didn’t get her child’….
    what was his reaction???….
    first he shocked to hear about the kidnap and then he got scared when she pronounced “I will die” and latter gone to furious state

    What if he is blaming Arthi purposely to divert her motherly pain into guilty feelings???… Yash is very much aware of her motherhood and he has experienced her panic attitudes pertains to kids. Yes yes.., this couple accustomed against several kidnap procedure. Hahaha
    If we notice today’s episode…..instantly he came to console her when she cried with Ayu’s chain, then he stopped himself and walk away….. Explicitly, Yash’s inner battle acknowledged in that scene

    He was crying with the Ayu’s dolls in their room but quickly moved away once he noticed Arthi’s presence into the room. He humiliated her very badly but cried aloud once she went out…. why should he cry???

    when they were going in the car, he didn’t allow her to attend his telephone call….why??? What is he doing without her knowledge????….

    Yesterday’s episode was mingled with suspicious attempts and weird activities from yash. And today’s episodes clearly stated his deep love for Arthi & Ayu.

    It is impossible to believe Yash ‘s distrust against Arthi…. Few days back this man yash was lecturing to his family members regarding the trust & support between couples at their worst time. He trusted her love eventhough he caught her with Prashand almost like a thief….he trusted her when Gayathri blamed her with evident proof…. he supported her many time against his family members…. then suddenly why should he distrust her???… He can read her through her eyes which he declared at earlier episodes then out of blue how could he accuse her????….it doesn’t make any sense
    What he said about her flaw (superman thought) was definitely acceptable but his distrust on that phone call is beyond our imagination….
    So…we should wait and watch….okey

    • Suni says:

      Lol Afreesh , time cant change anything between us yaar . I also felt that Ayu is safer in the orphanage . Why are you awake so late dear ??

    • Suni says:

      Afreesh , the only thing coming to my mind is that at present Yash is consumed by guilt that he allowed any harm to come Ayu’s way . Yash is being faced by human betrayal , he has so much faith in mankind . He cannot comfort Aarti if he has no reason to give her to hope yaar . I feel that he is very disappointed in himself at present .

    • Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastic says:

      agrees hiding his emotions to be the husband. someone has to be sane

    • Suni says:

      Hi MU 🙂 .

    • Afreesh says:

      Yeah not sleeping….may be my sixth sense known that you will be here today….
      suni….Did you watched yesterday & today episodes yaar????

      You can’t observe things through wu yaar….you must watch their beautiful display of emotions …
      Are you visiting the forums daily??…do you know what’s going on with PV cast & PH unit???
      Did you aware of our weeping yaar??

    • Suni says:

      I can’t come everyday yaar , but I have noted that PV is about to end . I will watch tonight for sure . I hate knowing that such a good show will soon go off the air , I am disappointed that the writers didn’t appreciate our love enough or that the actors and others involved couldn’t understand the beauty of PV and its forum . The great often goes unacknowledged unfortunately .

    • Afreesh says:

      Where are you Suni…. I’m feeling sleepy yaar….shall I go for rest???… when will your exams finish yaar???… if possible show your face time to time…pls
      Sj…always asking me to bring you here….hahaha

    • Suni says:

      Rest yaar , I will chat with you tomorrow . Good night sweet dreams dear .

    • Sj says:

      Yah ita relief ayu is safe, I hate bua,swords and UTI g Paradhi in. Such a bad situations
      So sad, like ishita I means evil keep winning. I can not understand yash behaviour
      Das ame morning he BAS dragging her. In bathroom.all of ba sudden, he does not trust her
      He should know how much Sheloves her ad ayu. Why yash forgot arthi mid not care evenj her life’s when she hadcomplicationin her pregnancy.even yash asker not to keep the baby
      He trusted het in everything.
      That is his abnormal behaviour does not match evenj to ,the story. Mthe Wayne is screaming
      May be he need Togo in boxing ring mans beget hurt rather hurt arthi

    • Suni says:

      Lol Sj , we will never forget those days of mad Yash . It has scarred us and we never want to see a repeat of him on the treadmill or in the boxing ring . This is a test for Yash and so far he is failing . When Arpita died , he acted as though the children were only his responsibility , he loves them more now that Aarti is his wife . He should be grateful that Aarti is safe and listen to her even if all evidence says otherwise .

    • Amaica says:

      Hello Afreesh,

      My super brain girl….I read your comments last night,but I came on the forum quite late last night and attempted a short reply but was very sleepy and dismissed the idea.This morning I am most happy to see dialogues with both you and Suni.You guys have such deep understanding of PV and is able to evaluate and question the relationship of Yash and Arthi with such authoritative skill.It’s really remarkable and interesting to read and also follow up for replies and answers from other brilliant minds on the forum.
      Three weeks left Afreesh lets make the best of it.Please continue to grace us with your brilliant writing.

  22. Suni says:

    Hi to my favourite people in the world 🙂 , you precious PV fans .
    I have so much catching up to do with this show , I have missed some episodes , but I get the gist of it all . It is such a weak storyline . I can’t understand why PV always places the kids in so much danger . Shla , I won’t argue with you about these writers at present ; this plot is as ridiculous as it gets .
    Afreesh , I think that Ayu is actually safer in that orphanage 🙁 . I will have time soon , I can’t tell you how much I miss you yaar .
    SJ , my darling , how are you ? I miss you sooooo much .
    Apple my little sis , you are always in my heart and thoughts .
    Amaica , my wise and wonderful friend , I hope that you are well .
    Karthik , have you given up on the show dear ?

    • Afreesh says:

      Hi Suni.. I thing I didn’t sleep just because of you….anyway this is what I’m also feeling Ayu is safer in that orphanage….Suni…. it’s not a week storyline yaar…there is a lot of things is there to understand but we couldn’t able to digest the new born kid’s life at risk…and also we couldn’t able to resist the negative energy Ishita. They might’ve dealt it sensibly but they reached over board as usual.
      Why Ayu spotted??? and then why Ishita came to their life???.. this question need to be answered patiently yaar…I couldn’t make out logically, but I will try
      If you can read, tomorrow I will explain these two things which I wanted to share with you…
      Me too miss you very much yaar….

    • Suni says:

      Afreesh , you know what I dislike the most , the fact that Pari blessed the child and this is the outcome . I dislike the way these writers show women in a negative light . I don’t understand Bua’s reasoning and I can’t tolerate that the writers allowed her premonition to become reality . Why is Pari being treated as a blight simply because she cannot conceive ??? Also yaar . Why didn’t Yash ever try to find a companion for Bua . He recognizes his dad’s loneliness , but not his aunt’s . So much to discuss yaar !!! I am bursting to chat with you .

    • Miss Unbelievable says:

      Hey Suni whats up? Hope you are well

      I think Bua is so accustomed to being alone and on a widow’s path that in his thinking she’s always been Bua the one who lost her husband at a young age and is their beloved aunt who helps to raise and love them.

      When his father lost Gayatri so quickly he felt his father’s pain and perhaps compared his situation with him. Remember Bua had a long ample time to grieve before he was born and has adjusted to life. Papa S is at his senior age and had a companion for so long so it looks impossible for him to remain alone. Not only this i beleive he wanted justice for Radha in away that she also deserved marriage to be respectable in society’s eyes. I mean his father had feelings for Radha so why not ignite them and unite them?

      Doesnt like how Pari was seen in this light but the way how the CVs are going they will say childless or fertile a blessing is a blessing and cant be spoiled and this will be shown in her bringing our Ayu home.

      Now my question is how will Ayu be recognised by his parents? Hopefully not through a so call insane Arti on her motherly instinct roll. I just want avoid teh Varsha-Soham moment from PR.

    • Suni says:

      By us they always feel that men cannot live without a wife but that a woman can get by just fine . In my opinion, this is a sexist view . I appreciate that PV shows the reality of certain situations ; they have shown us how society views a woman who cannot conceive , but they are yet to show or may never show us , that a woman has an identity even without a child and that the love between a man and woman can exist even without children , because a person marries for better or worst and the strongest bond of love must be ideally shared between male and female in order to conceive , but what if no offspring is produced ?? Does that mean that this love , between man and wife , cannot be sustained ???

    • Miss Unbelievable says:

      it is sustained if you have wealth and adopt the entire world

      but in truth every man and woman hopes to see a mini version of them walking around their homes. Children does bring happiness to a home no matter how poor or rich they are.

      In some marraiges ppl see children as a testament to their love and its real walking and laughing and doing mischief

      they view men as weak as no sex exists but women from the beginning of time have been told to sleep with only their husbands or mates. Its a universal rule. But in truth some women feel worthless without a child. Adoption releives that for some but others view it as not having that bond of child within their womb that special 9mths going through motherhood. Thats an unbreakable bond there even without the pregnancy period.

    • Amaica says:

      Hello Suni…I am so very happy to see you my dear….I was reading Afreesh comment above and I thought of you…that was before I realize that you were on the forum…however,I thought…where is Suni…where is SJ…. Afreesh would have loved a reply from two also… these two can really dialogue with her at her standard.
      Suni please understand that no one can replace you and SJ
      So please find the time appropriate to catch up with Afreesh on the forum.

    • Ananmious says:

      Hi Suni how are you good to seeyou

    • ANSI says:

      Hello Suni how are you, nice to see you after such a long time

    • Suni says:

      Hi Anamious and ANSI , thank you and old to see you guys also 🙂

  23. soomaya says:

    There are better stories to write for punar vivah but so down rated thinking on kidnapping a new born. They could have made kidnapping through Yash and I m sure Aarti would have supported Yash instead of blaming him like how he is doing for her. Punar Vivah suppose to be about couples living a better life second time around but the script is so boring and every serial is kind of similar instead of being different. It’s‎​ either a woman after a husband or a man after a wife. I think Yash knows it’s‎​ Ishita because she had Aarti’s cell. They all so ignorant to see Ishita kidnap Aryu after so many attempts. Very boring episodes…nothing different to make it a hit

  24. soomaya says:

    There are better stories to write for punar vivah but so down rated thinking on kidnapping a new born. They could have made kidnapping through Yash and I m sure Aarti would have supported Yash instead of blaming him like how he is doing for her. Punar Vivah suppose to be about couples livinga better life second time around but the script is so boring and every serial is kind of similar instead of being different. It’s‎​ either a woman after a husband or a man after a wife. I think Yash knows it’s‎​ Ishita because she had Aarti’s cell. They all so ignorant to see Ishita kidnap Aryu after so many attempts. Very boring episodes…nothing different to make it a hit

  25. Magi says:

    Hi all!!

    Aarti, please get copies of call records so that Yash would know that you are telling the truth and CVs kindly back up and rethink the storyline; really I have not seen so much kidnapping in one family so let them have their son back, take Pari to a good fertility clinic where she can give birth to multiples and end the show on a good note. If in fact PV has to be reinvented then take a page from Choti Bahu and start the story in a new direction with the same casts. Cvs, what in the world happened to all of you? You started out with something new, fresh and out of the ordinary but for whatever reason you have decided to regress and give us ‘same-old-same-old’ as the other shows… Why?

  26. Nadidi says:

    If you could have continued pv guide track Arti loses confidence in herself as a mother and wife, after we found Ayuu quite sour. And will take time before believing the sincerity of love Yash given its behavior during the kidnaping. It could be interessacount and at least for once we would have seen Yash essaiyait to convince his wife instead of the other as it is customary.

  27. finusa says:

    another thing i dont get..if pari/praeteek adopts ayu..isnt yash/arti going to recognise their own baby? i guess have to wait and see.

  28. PAT says:

    Why give us grief when the serial is coming to an end??????????? we don’t need this right now,, since that witch enter the show,, everything went down the drain………. We the viewers can see this but the writers can’t see it????????????? are they kidding me???????????????? Trinity my dear,, I hope you are okay and doing well………….

  29. Sahla says:

    Guru this is too much u hurted arti and made me cry

  30. Marie says:

    what crap is going on in this show, they actually had a new born babe kidnapped, and the bitch smiles at it dump him she says…pleeeese, give me a break, it’s time to reveal this creature, she could not be human, and Yash is an ass for thinking that arti will be so careless as to willing cause harm to her baby…grow up and get a pair, and act like a man

  31. Anu xD says:

    MK hope I’m right when I say this Punar Vivah is based in a lot of things and able all other than family it is based on love believe it or nor and ZINDAGE MILAGE DOBARA! a second chance at LIFE
    Hopefully it will be happy ending and we see that Pari and Pradeep will adopt a baby and the baby will be Ayu so that’s that and the witch will go down! I pray it ends happily that’s my only wish! Finger crossed and Finusa backing you up and staying loyal and possibly begging the Mitalls too end PV happy!

  32. swapna says:

    enjoy every moment of Aarya emotions ,feelings,everything

  33. Anu xD says:

    1. Its ending in a month or less
    5. Gurmeet is sexy
    6. Ayu is coming back, they said so!

    And most of us are pissed at Yash because he is behaving like the thing he has in his pants…hopefully but not to be honest we all hated him when he came back from Mumbai and we hate him now what’s the difference he will obviously change back and be the fun Yash! I wish I can slap him hard and push shita into a bloody vortex but I can’t so I’ll wait for Aarti to do it for not too sure about you all but I gave you guys SIX reasons to make this marriage work please TAKE LONG AND HARD about this!Much Love, Anu!

    • MK says:

      No always dear, there was a show I keep mentioning everyday, Meri Doli Teri Angand where the lead lady was killed by the witch antagonist lady and the lead male was shot and fell into a river and was rescued thousand of miles away and the story continued from there, the same name different casts. The male lead stayed and after a while he was replaced by another actor.
      After a our a year and half or more then his father found him. It was not a happy ending the first time around very disappointing, and this is the same road PV is leading too. I could see it.

      Yash Arti does not be Ayu back, they fight etc, separate, one or both get killed the kids all end up with family or orphans, the show starts with a new couple, way down the road, it might be discovered it Ayu etc. really disturbing when you think of it.

      Stepping out for an hour.

    • finusa says:

      lol..im not divorcing pv. will be here until the end 🙂

    • Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastic says:

      Anu i truly understand why Yash is reacting. He can only express his sorrow through anger If yash cried i can gurantee you the ratings would fly through the sky. Lol

    • viki says:

      ya its too drowsy to see the heartless ishita winning the game . waiting for yash to support and trust aarthi soon

  34. Ayesha says:

    I am feeling bad for Aarya. As a mother aarti must be feeling like her world has lost and the anger from yash must have broken her from inside. But as a father yash is also very very sad that had made him to behave like this. They both are right at their place. But their union would be strength for them.
    As the show is at closure,so hope to see some colourful and unforgetable moments.

  35. punar vivah says:

    Finusa,i won’t beleive this.pls say this is not true.It is so shocking to me.pls don’t compare this show with other show.it’s a humble request from me.

  36. blabla says:

    I cant unterstand why Aarti have everytime to bear Yash anger…

  37. ramya says:

    very sad episode cant bear yash temper……………….yash has changed but i pray this change must not be for long time

  38. blabla says:

    I HATE YOU YASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. MK says:

    Hey Anu Dear, Finusa, Amaica, MU, everybody whose, here I have done like MU, given up.

    I’v Divorced PV I gone over to SSLP meet me there who wants to.

    When these writers gets off their dumb ass shit of a high roll in kidnapping and torture roll I’ll be back.

    Good bye good folks, this is it for me.

    I did promise if Ayu isn’t found today I’m quitting PV.

    By Anu Dear, Apple see you on fb dear.

    Karthik so long see you too.

    Good bye my dear dear friends.

    • finusa says:

      Mk…come back!!
      the show wont end in such a bad way. as you heard its ending in may so they wil try to create drama and end on a high but good note. u must be here for when wichita goes down! lol

    • Anu xD says:

      please don’t MK its coming to an end! Don’t forsake it fater so long! Please for me stay and if not for my sake do it for the actors and Jodi whom we love Gurmeet and Kratika please Mk don’t gooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    • MK says:

      Ok ok I won’t go I cannot forsake my friends and I will miss you guys too much. But this heartache is un bearable and I keep thinking of Trinity and how she must feel. I am so sad for her to relive all these emotions again with this present track. I must be so sad for her. That’s why she’s not here.

      I’ve posted in the production house fb page and getting responses, I hop the Mittals see this and come with something positive quickly.

    • Anu xD says:


    • finusa says:

      haha..i knew you can be persuaded! 🙂

    • PAT says:

      MK,, This serial is on my last nerve…..

    • Amaica says:

      MK…Please don’t go….let us all remain and endure as much as we can….it’d only three weeks..then no more Yash. no more Artie,No more Vedhi,Pari,Radha Maya, and the others….We are friends for good times and bad time also. let us laugh and let us cry together..so my dear please stay…..I saw that you have decided to stay…so fine…you stay right here with PV..good or bad.

  40. punar vivah says:

    I don’t want arya to separate.pls pv writers don’t seperate them.soon they have to clear their misunderstandings.

  41. Anu xD says:

    Not only his kids and marriage MU but he loves Aarti! But yet again SOMEONE HAVE THE PSYCHOLOGIST ON SPEED DIAL AGAIN, BECAUSE MR.YASH SCHINDIA HAS GONE OFF AGAIN!HE needs to go to the mental place…but sadly they may reject him too, only Aarti can bear this pain.

    Mk and you all were right he should go all Yash back from Mumbai but not on Aarti on the freaking she devil!!

    Oh and finally I laughed hard last like didn’t Ishita make the remark that Aarti is not Jansi Ki Rani? I thought but look agin you witch! Aarti so needs to go JANSI KI RANI on Ishita I am dying to see it! (now I know that Mumbai Yash and Rani Laxmi Bai would have an amazing Jodi next time ughhhh)

  42. finusa says:

    yash better be acting to find out the real culprit and not treating arti so badly or else he will be permanently on my “imgainary hate lisT”.
    How can you be upset at your wife at a time like this especially when you claim to love her so much?

    Im surprised akash is upset over wichita but then again..its arti who asked him to be nice and accept wichita as his wife. Changing him to be a better person..he shouldnt doubt arti since he also knows arti is a good sis in law.

    Buaji..why do i get the feeling you very well know whats going on. Its your instigation in the 1st place that led wichita to all her evilness.

    Wichita- girl you really are delusional. Yash loosing his son and wife (broken marriage again)..what makes you think he will accept you?

  43. Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastic says:

    are you serious dwl

    no mo no LOOOL

    (gones mad) Akash defendng Ishta after stating “they (S family) dont knew her true face” when he was so call uniting with her after Artis request. Did not the snake instigate him to kill yash and hurt Gayatri.

    OMG Buaji i need you right now to slap her silly.

    Wait a minute doesnt this dumb vroad realise that even if Arti and Yash separate Yash would not even look up her sari cauz he’s her BIL Akash brother? Hey will the Cvs plan to make her kill Akash and Akash survive he realise Arti’s truth?

    Im on madness sarcasm gloat

    So im divorcing PUnar Vivah to marry another serial

    Good day to my Forum Family

    LOL (madness) first PR now this madness lol

    • Anu xD says:

      Sadly all others are not worthy of marriage as of all current tracks QH is nice and all but the sad truth is yet to unfold….anyway Yash is a complete fool and Aarti should distance herself from him then he will understand!

  44. Anu xD says:

    I am savoring the 14 episodes to come forbid is the last of my favorite couple of all time Gurmeet and Kratika to be quite honest the chemistry has improved highly and they suit each other nicely and are a very handsome Jodi. I’m still not able to get over Chhoti Si Zindage and Sangini and I didn’t watch those from the beginning so image my pain after Punar Vivah and I LOVE the GuruKratz Jodi so darn much! 

    But life ho toh aisi! 

    And as in the words of my dear witch with my own addition (I’m sure you’ll remember it from one of my personal fav episodes, april 11th) she said…


    Too hell with this upcoming show it can never be as good. I love KVG and all but Mr. Gurmeet Choudary and Ms. Kratika Sengar can be topped by no other especially on the concept of re marriage and new love! 

    And as per the current track I question whether  Yash loves Aarti or not? Or is his love for the baby only but I’m 100% sure that Yash does truly sincerely and boundlessly love Aarti. It is not possible for him to love Ayu only  because for Ayu to be Ayu there must be a Ayu in the making (If you get what I’m saying) 
    Ayu was not planned, Yash and Aarti romanced and YASH’S love and attraction finally took over and he finally listened to his heart and let his love take over and his heart assumed control and so came Ayu! So it’s not logical to say he doesn’t love her at all I think he feels honestly betrayed that she left and soon he’ll get over it as we see Yash is a mad lover shear and otter love! He’ll lay his life for Aarti and go to the stars and beyond just to see her smile I’m sure! 

    As for Ishita mera Bhagwan ki kasam I am sitting back and waiting for her secret to be out! Come on buaji for once do some good ( but as the show is ending maybe just maybe she’ll rat the witch out! Fingers cross( 

    And special Hey to Trinity, MK, Miss Unbelievable, Bluesnow (hope you are still alive…JK) and others what’s up?!?

    • Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastic says:

      hey Anu whats up

      i agree with you. Yash will get over this, he has to for this marriage to work and his kids to be happy

    • Anu xD says:

      not only the kids but himself, he loves her he truly does but why is he so angry….vaah yet another turn in trying to find out why Yashu is pissed…

  45. Anu xD says:


  46. Lovely bones says:

    Oh god. This is driving me nuts after read this wu!

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