Punar Vivah 3rd October 2012 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 3rd October 2012 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 3rd October 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Bus station
The episode starts with Ansh talking with arti insign language.When arti asks the reason he says that he is angry at her for leaving dad in his bday party with him.She distracts him saying that they are playing a game of hide and seek and that ansh will have to support her if they want to win.He says that he would but he knows that dad will win,to which arti says that even she fervently wishes the same.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Yash in his car frantically searching for arti and remembering evrey incident of his rude behaviour towards arti and then her indifference,her sympathy towards the extray toy and her lie about going to dargah when she was actually leaving and how finally all the members of the zee family convinced him to go behind her and get her back.He gets a call from prateik saying that the others are looking at airport and railway terminals.Yash tells them that he’s headed towards the bus terminal.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s house
Yash’s father is super angry at buaji for knwoing the truth and still not telling them.She concocts up a lie saying she didnt want to hurt anyone on his anniversary.He says that he is almost certain tht she must have had a role in forcing her out of this house in such a condition.Meanwhile pari is consistently getting a call that she is ignoring.Vidhi says that she believes yash would get arti home as even god would not want to separate a couple when the wife is in a delicate condition.He is angry when a person blank calls on the home no.Pari gets scared.He leaves with a warning to buaji that if anything happens to arti,she would have to face the conequences.

Pari locks herself in her room and takes the call and tells the produces that she has nothing to do with him anymore and that she doesnt care for his shooting and contract anymore and he can drag her to court for all she cares as she gives more importance to family and prateik over anything else.He then sarcastically reminds her that she searched for a companion in him that night.She is reminded of that incident where she got drunk worrying about prateik and he took advantage of her despite her feeble attempts to resist him.She woke up the next mornign and reprimands him for taking advantage of her when she was vulnerable and drunk and that she feels sorry that she betrayed prateik.He tries to calm the situation saying she cant prove that he raped her,as it happened with her full consent even though she was drunk and that in today’s times its casual and okay.She slaps hima dn says that its not okay and she is not that type of girl and leaves.She remembers the incident and is all the more tensed when he tells her that he has a recording of that night and that if she didnt comply,he would send it to her house and blackmails her into meeting him.She is shocked to hear this and is in tears as to what has she done that is irrevocable.

Scene 4: Bus station
Arti takes tickets for her and yash and while walking gets a dizzy spell.when ansh asks her what happened she ignores it and takes a break by sitting in the bench.There sheis lost in thoughts about the good moments between yash and her in mumbai.She is interrupted in her thoughts when ansh asks to sleep in her lap.

Meanwhile yash reaches the bus stop and asks everybody showing them arti’s photo and screaming her and ansh’s name.After many people not recognizing her,one lady guides him to the bench where she was sitting with ansh.He spots the bench where a part of her saree can be seen in betweeen the crowd standing in front of him.He makes a dash for the banch and is surprised and disappointed to find it empty.The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Ansh spots yash looking for them and tells arti.she is surprised but distracts ansh saying that they are in the middle of a game and they have to hide so that papa cannot locate them.

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50 Responses to “Punar Vivah 3rd October 2012 Written Update”

  1. anshel says:

    fgtbhtgnhtg ,ktcgwe

  2. South African says:

    Its about time Yash opens his eyes…
    Damn his sexy (**,)

  3. Suni says:

    Hey guys , for those of you who haven’t seen it , check what this link says about tonight’s episode . http://www.tellychakkar.com/news/prashant-gets-back-reformed-man-punar-vivah

  4. Suni says:

    Prashant is all set to make a comeback soon :( . The character has been recast and now belongs to Vineet Raina .

  5. swetha says:

    will yash find arthi today????????

  6. puja says:

    not a bad episode but why is there no pictures cause thats what use to make desitvbox more special

  7. afreesh says:

    Hi Suni ….. we all know very well that confused yash loved her subconsciously but he denied consciously to admit his love and significance of Arthi in his life ( as he was well trained to hide his emotions and need once he became a widower. Unfortunately his stubborn & stuck mind doesn’t allow him to realize his wandering & come out of his past)

    I believe yash was changing gradually & nothing happened suddenly. Early episodes he gave steal look while adoring her & he stared at her with guilt but when they get intimidated he cann’t help to avoid adoring her and eventough he denied to have intimacy he initiated closeness and touch every time and got irritated when she kept distance with him. But the problem is consciously he doesn’t realize himself till now .

    We all were suggested to PV team that he need a psychological help …….that was given by the Zee stars (I liked Zara ‘s dialogue and attitude)

    Well…. now Yash really need to feel loneliness & suffocation of love for sometime to get clarity of his wanderings towards Arthi. The time will bring him to feel regretted for his rude behaviour and nonsense speeches. But, I don’t know why Mr.Writter made complications into Arthi pregnancy???????…..

    And…. PARI role depicted negatively from beginning ( just because she wanted to balance her family life with career) I just don’t know who is thinking such a sadist way in Pv team????

    • Suni says:

      Good to hear from you as usual yaar :) . I love the way you said it , that “Yash was changing gradually and nothing happened ” . I did not think of it that way . I believed that his wounds from Arpita’s loss were so deep , that he required professional help . But , I understand and accept what you say . Yash’s character is intelligent and he would have felt the pangs of love but he fought with all his might against it . I guess he never thought that another woman could be as perfect as Arpita was for him and the children . Love warmed his cold and sheltered heart . With regards to her complicated pregnancy , I guess they need a storyline . Let’s hope that they don’t over do it …..

    • afreesh says:

      Suni…. Me too feel very glad to share with u

      I hope u are watching this serial from beginning . You remember the introduction of yash scene when he hit Arthi unknowingly ? ( he starred at her as if Arpita come back)

      From beginning yash character is kept without any detail and description about his feelings towards Arthi which was left to make out by the viewers . So, we need to understand him through his eyes and silent language…..

      You are right Suni his wounds and self pity are very deep…. that’s why he couldn’t come out of past and face reality. Initially he didn’t even allow her to take care of his children and also never helped her to become close with them. Eventually, being a smart guy through his silent observation he understood she is capable to replace Arpita’s place . Just because of that he became very protective to keep himself away from her but he doesn’t have any problem for kids to be attached with Arthi. He fully trust Arthi ‘s love to the kids

      I felt like he was begging and pleading to Arthi silently not to attract him or love him and he was enough relaxed that she will never love him as she has someone else. Basically yash is emotionally very weak guy not like Arthi …..Arthi can handle him easily with smart moves but due to her love-sickness she failed. Now the situations are leading their life ……

    • Suni says:

      You analyse very well yaar :) much better than me . I have watched from the beginning . The actors are all so brilliant . I understand both Aarti’s and Yash’s initial fear of loving someone again . It takes time for a heart to heal . Aarpita was Yash’s world , he shared it all with her . It is difficult to find someone like that to give your heart .

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love what arti is doing she have to show yash that we ladys shown respect by our spouse she shouldn’t accept
    yash just like that she should make him suffer a little before accepting him let yash beg for arti’s love let him go throw what arti went through.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love what arti is doing she have to show yash that we ladys shown respect by our spouse she shouldn’t acaccept yash just like that she should make him suffer a little before accepting him let yash beg for arti’s love let him go throw what arti went through.

  10. namratha says:

    wow that bua should have nicely
    loving it

  11. HI says:

    Well, 1st let yash to throw that BUAJI out of the house..and then get Aarti and Ansh home.(And please Aarti, tell Yash about your 1st marriage as well before going home otherwise, they’ll drag it even more afterwards. And yash should realise NOW that Aarti loves him with true Heart)

    But Pari, being a bold girl, has to fight on her own as she did previously and then confess to Prateik about it all. Then goto work in the radio station again with everyone’s wish..That’s the way to go for Pari..

  12. Angel06 says:

    I really dont want yash to find arti and take her back as another trouble is waiting for her. . .<>

  13. Anonymous says:

    get aarthi back and she should be with yash

  14. KSG!! says:

    Aww this was so beautiful!! At least Yash is trying!!

  15. Mapipu says:

    Go Arti, Go Arti… Give that Grumpy Yash a hard time!

  16. ArVi Lover says:

    Yesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally Yash ka dil khool gaya. If you don’t find Aarti, just give me a call Yash. We’ll have a punar punar vivah. <3 Lol!

  17. Punar Vivah says:

    Yay!! Yash is finally going for Aarti! Poor Yash, but also, Poor Pari. That stupid producer guy is horrible.. But, now back to Aarti and Yash, today’s episode was fine i guess but find her tomorrow Yash, I hope this doesn’t take two episodes to find her!! Please Zee Tv DONT MAKE US WAIT!!!

  18. Seema says:

    wow i actually feel really bad for pari. that guy basically raped her when she was unconscious! she tried to say no but was way too drunk and he took advantage of her! she never should have gone to his house, that was stupid of her but this all could have been avoided if bauji had let her keep working at the radio station. i mean of course she is going to be bored at home, she has no kids and all she has to do is cook and clean?! i would be very unhappy in that situation as well but she handled it wrong and now she has a very sad storyline. :(

    • Punar Vivah says:

      I know right…. its horrible. Stupid producer, but it makes sense considering all the times he made her fight with Pratiek in the beginning. I hope that she can handle this well..

    • Suni says:

      Pari’s situation is unfortunate . However I think that the writer’s message is incorrect . Are they trying to say that a woman’s place is in the home ? Many women are very successful , without experiencing Pari’s misfortune . She was very clear to Prateik before marriage , that she intended to continue her career….and he accepted her . She was very patient . I don’t agree with her belligerent behaviour , but she did not deserve this . Thank you , as usual Rimjhim . What ,say you these days Afreesh ? Are you enjoying the change in Yash ? I wil accept the change …..I am not even going to analyse how it came to be :) .

    • Guest says:

      I don’t think pari has slept with the producer, I think he’s lying so that he could use her!!! I really love Pari and I thought she was the only one who fought for her rights as a woman!! I dont think there is anything wrong with fulfilling ur dreams hope they fixes this!! And it’s finally good to see Yash realizes how bad he was to Arti loving the storyline so far:)

    • Seema says:

      Yeah i think they are sending the wrong message as well. women have EVERY right to work and earn a living as men do. i just wish pari had tried to convince her in-laws properly before running to do this tv show. and she should never have gone to his house, that was very stupid on her part. but the show writers are putting a really bad message out there basically saying that if women work, this is what happens which is very incorrect.

      and yeah maybe they never actually slept together, i thought that at first too. i just hope that she tells her family that he took advantage of her so that he can’t blackmail her!

  19. nivanie paul says:

    I hope they don’t drag it till next week

  20. Anonymous says:

    Aww it looks like he’s realizing that he loves her. The way he acted in the 3 hr special made it obvious. I really hope they don’t drag this though.

  21. SJ says:

    go Arthi go, let Yush should be restless for a while, since you have that punarvivah, it was all about Yash, yash feeling, yash emotion,
    Yash love, what yash like. this is about time , a woman should be special somewhere. yash lost lot of weight I think his JDJ , practice and performances. Let us see what happened next. Cute little baby Ansh he is so cute ,his acting is so awesome.

  22. rk madhubala fan says:

    No one can blame Aarti…I’m surprised that she stuck so long with him because if it was me I would’ve left a long time ago. For the past weeks Yash was behaving like a mad man. Even when she tried to tell him that she is pregnant he told her not to talk about that night again cause it’s one of the biggest mistakes of his life.
    What more did he have to tell her??

    And is it me or was Jhalak the reason that PV sucked so much lately? As soon as it ended Yash is back 2 his senses…O.o

  23. miss unbelievable says:

    yay! get your woman yash get your family back! Its now time to fight! it takes two to tango!

    omg i just hope that he gets to them in time and BEG BEG AND BEG some more for Arti’s forgiveness and CONFESS you LOVE for her!

    I jut hope she faints in his arms and get the operation on its way.. We have lives to save ppl!


    • Anonymous says:

      Did you ppl observe that in his wallet instead of Arpita’s photo he now has his new family photo. Hurray!

  24. Anonymous says:

    i appreciate wt aarti is doing…..yash made her suffer alot wid his rash behaviour…..nw its tym for yash to confess his deeds……..

  25. Ty_love says:

    poor yash! can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode..

    • SJ says:

      No it is not poor Yash poor arthi, she is pragnent, she is aging health risk, top of that bua jee. yash have put her a lot, she if you notice the way he look at her. It sees he wan her but not want her, you can not have both way so WHAT POOR YASH

      Let Arthi make him suffer, until he realize what h has done.

  26. JAYA PREMCHAND says:


  27. likhitha says:

    Thanks for the update dear :)Can’t wait for tomorrow’s epi. Hope they won’t drag it!!!

  28. aayu says:

    update soon

  29. rajeev says:

    i will tell u in private.

  30. rajeev says:

    i love yash with all my heart. he is so cute and muscular. oh yash my baby come to me

  31. divya says:

    Plz update fast

  32. Naaz says:

    This is taking too long..pls hurry!!

  33. likhitha says:

    plz be fast yaar :)

  34. Ayu says:

    Plz fast… Can’t wait today..!!

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