Punar Vivah 7th September 2012 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 7th September 2012 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 7th September 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location:Yash’s house
The episode starts where it left with gayatri wondeing whts happend to yash and her house and saying so she sprains her knee in walking.Her sons rest her on a seat and pankaj reprimands her for ignoring herself in this age and is going to fix an appointment for the doctor in delhi right away when gayatri stops by saying that she needs to be her for yash.He however dismises her concern ssying that she has to stop ignoring herself for her son and leaves to get the tickets done.she is still unconvinced and does not want to leave yash in a state like this,when vidhi comes and takes in full responsibility of the house for the two days that yash’s parents would be in dlhi.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s house
Pari is listening to prateik worried abouthis mom,when she gets a call from her director asking hr for a night shift.She tries to talk out of it but then gives in.Prateik is angry that she took this descision without consulting with him.She gives the logic that iots just one night and since mom dad are also not here she didint say no.But she would go today and clarify that she cant do night sfhifts anymore.Prateik reluctantly agrees but vidhi overhearing the entire conversation reprimands her for lying to the family about going to classes and going for shooting instead.Pari rudely responds saying that she places equal importance to her dreams with her family and is not to willing to compromise them for being a housewifelike vidhi.When prateik tries to stop her,she fights with him too saying that she has done nothing wrong and when mom dad return she would tell them the truth.However vidhi still tries to explain that she considers pari her younger sisiter and therefore was just trying to advise her and not trying to take advantage of her responsibility of the house being on her in gayatri’s absence.But she classifies her as poky and interfering and says that is what she does in other people’s life and that she would tolerate being bossed around by everybody just because she is the youngest of them all.Prateik again tries to show his anger,but pari rebukes him for siding with his family when he should be supporting her and her dreams and also tells vidhi that responsinility of being elder is not to always be interfering but also supporting the cause of the younger ones and leaves from there.Pratiek apologizes on her behalf n breaks down in fornt of cidhi that he and his weakness is to be blamed for pari’s behaviour that he has not been able to control.Vidhi however consoles him saying that he is a good son and a loving husband and she has the fullest faith in him that he would make pari understand that she has to mend her ways and adjust according to the family,then mayb the family would also take her hobbies seriously.Vidhi says that she is not hurt but surprised by pari’s behaviour and tells him not to fight with her over this and leaves leaving him worried.

Scene 3:
Location: Arti’s house
Arti after getting the kids’ ready for school comes for breakfast at the dining table when the kids overhear about their grandparents talking about prashant who had just called with his intention of taking over their house.Ansh immediately responds saying that he knows who prashant is and its his dad.Everbody is shocked.When a stunned arti asks him as to where did he know about this,he responds that he knew when sunita aunty had aproached them in essel world during their stay in mumbai.Arti is shell shocked hearing this and having remembered something rushes back into her rrom.Her mother after serving breakfast to the kids runs behind her.

Scene 4:
Location: Yash’s house
Aman is trying to talk sense into yash saying that evn though he says he doesnt love her,he still couldnt tolerate one word against her.Yash clarifies that he supported the truth evn if it had been anybody else he would have done the same.Aman asks him to accept arti who’s such a beautiful and well mannered wife that she has accepted his family as hers and has never once complaint,is the mother to such lovely kids and that she loves him deeply and would not think about giving her life for him if there’s ever a need.Yash says that is his problem.Aman comments this is the first time he has seen somebody having a problm with love.he says that he has seen his liking for arti in mumbai and how he cared for her smallest things and that he loves her.Yash denies that saying he hates her vehemently and goes leaving aman confused.

Scene 5:
Location: Arti’s house
Art and her mother are discussing that yash now knows the secret that they had been hiding from him since the remarriage and that is the reason for his anger.They deduce that he must have known about this on his meeting with the kids and sunita at the essel world.She goes in to a flashback,wher they enthusiastically enetr essel world,yash is the kids guide explaining them everything about the area.Arti seing the dangerous rides is scared and constantly keeps telling the kids to go on the safer ones.But sensing their excitement for the big dangerous ones,yash convinces arti of their safety and takes them to a giant swing.She is still scared but gives in to the kids’ pressure.However when the swing starts ,though the kids are enjoying arti is scared and in her fear she instinctively wraps her palm around his arm with her eyes closed.he also looks on at her with concern.the screen freezes on her face.

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56 Responses to “Punar Vivah 7th September 2012 Written Update”

  1. Judhi says:

    I know in Yash and Aarti wll get togther as they are in love with each other. My biggest problem is what happens when Prashant comes in agn. How ae these people than going to accept Aarti knowing her husband is not dead.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Guys arti is not pregnant. RANBIR just asked if she had any kids and she she does so that’s why she said yes. Atleast that’s what I think cause if she is pregnant then that would be really confusing and…. Different cause I don’t think that I have ever seen anyone in india get pregnant only 5 months after their marriage

  3. Anonymous says:

    Guys. She’s not pregnant.ranbir just asked her if she has any kids and that’s why she said yes. Atleast that’s what I think cause that would be really confusing and….. different cause I don’t think I have seen anyone get pregnant in just 6 months after their marriage. Soo I think he just asked if she has kids which she does, 3. But anyway we’ll find out on sept.12! I CAN’T WAIT!!! Lol

  4. Aj says:

    Oh come man who come arti became pregnent in such short time though she does not remember when they consumated and the show didn’t took any leap

  5. Suni says:

    I agree , we can’t confirm without dialogue . It is just another way to keep us in suspense .

  6. likhitha says:

    i cant wait 🙁 it is more than 24 hrs left for tomoro’s episode i’m missing AarYa 🙁 why dont they telecast pv even on saturday n sunday?? i jus watch 3 serials each one in starplus, zee tv n colors. but my fav is pv. i wonder am i addicted to pv !!!!!

  7. Suni says:

    Hey likhitha, here is the link you requested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfekgMppwYE

  8. dj says:

    no yar aarti is no pregnent.in the promo ranbir gives flower to aarti.website told that he will help to aarti to make yash hapy

  9. dj says:

    oh god koi to iss suspense ko clear karo.

  10. Anonymous says:

    GUYS! I know when arti will arti find out what happened and why he’s mad at her! They’re gonna show it on wednesday September 12 cause RANBIR KAPOOR is gonna help arti find

  11. sonakshi says:

    sorry if i hurt any one by saying dis i think yash was carried away with arti while arti was unconsious mind

    • If so…. it’s really sick minded thought from d creator (writter & director ) what non-sense …..ugly portrait of d 2 characters (Yash n Arthi ) we d viewers cann’t accept such maniac yash n idiot Arthi …..instead of saying unique LOVE STORY …..we should call unique LOW CLASS STORY ……

      A single scene not clearly says crazy yash in love with her …..Then how d hell things can happen with them…..I CURSE d sick minded creator…..

      If d matter is Prashand then fine…..he can put someother ill logical things to support YASH madness ….but not love 2 b insulted with his cruel mind……

  12. mary says:

    why is the reason yash is mad. i like yash he is my boyfrind.lol

  13. Arya fan says:

    Thnx 4 the picz. plz tell us the reason quickly else i wont watch pv anymor.but i kno tat i cant do tis cz i lv pv a lot.i am a diehard fan of arya…..want 2 c tem 2gathr soon….

  14. Yash and arti love! says:

    This is soo confusing! I mean yash is mad at arti! And it’s not cause of peasant cause he kept getting flashbacks of arti playing in the rain. And they’re just gonna drag the story even more by adding prahant but it’s not the reason. I just hate this I wanna go sneak to the writers house and then catch him and tie him up and throw him in a closet and then ask what’s wrong with yash(and if he doesn’t tell I will lock him up in the dark all alone) and then if he does I will write it down and mail it to the director and then WE’LL KNOW!!! (ps. I wish someone did that cause I can’t im all the way in Canada) I hope we find out next week! Cause the flashbacks are just lame. LOL! Ya and hey can anyone tell what Pavrita rishta’s about cause I don’t watch and it has been on for like 4 years soo I don’t wanna watch that many episodes so can someone just tell me what happened in theses 4 years and I don’t care if it’s in a short form or a long form. LOL I TALK A LOT.

  15. dj says:

    atlast it is cleared y yash was anger.after 2-3 weeks it is cleared

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not yet clear he is breaking Arpita’s photos, thinking of Arti playing in rain………. So there is some other reason.
      Hope Arti doesn’t blaber everything thinking he knows about Prashanth and make things worse at this point she should have done it long back and this is not the right time. Maybe, he does not mind even Prashanth’s hidden secret even if he knew that but in his mind there is something else.

      And he told Aman that he is fed up of Arti’s Pyar. What does that mean????????

    • sindhu says:

      we can’t say like that miss or mister dj the writer will however
      change or drag the storyline

  16. mary says:

    aarti thinks that he must hv know abt. her divirce with prashant.

  17. sanmathi says:

    i think that when arthi is enjoying in the rain he may thought that because of that rain only arpita died then why aarthiji was playing on it

  18. Anonymous says:

    Actually Pari should have talked at the end that is Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke’s promotion.

  19. sindhu says:

    I hope pari can be the lead role coz if she was in aarthi ‘s
    place she would have askd yash boldly without tears or crying. the
    reason would have come in two day or less than that

  20. likhitha says:

    this is punar vivah’s written update n ppl r fighting here regarding pavitra rishta hahhaha how funny u ppl are… plz do cmnt only abt pv… if u dnt lik pv then jus get out of here… who askd u to follow d written updates???

    • Suni says:

      Sorry likhitha for commenting too much on PR . I was only trying to show the poor girl the errors of her ways 🙂 .I agree , if you don’t like the show, don’t follow it . It may have been an honest mistake on her part though and it would be nice to have her views on PV .

  21. mary says:

    ovi and arjuin does’nt make a perfect couple. ovi is so obsess with arjuin cause she said that he will not fall in love with her so easy so she said that she will do ANYTHING to make her marrige work so he will like her. but he doesnt like her he is in love with poorvi.

    • Suni says:

      Hey , do you have anything to say about Punar Vivaah ??? I almost feel sorry for you . When would people realise that there is no justice on Pavitra Rishta ? They already exonerated most of the evil characters like Ajit , Rasika and Darmesh. Next stupid Archana will forgive Savita and Varsha as well . This show teaches us that evil conquers good , love brings pain and it is better to shout all the time instead of working matters out peaceably . I may be a fool as well , but I still have some hope for Punar Vivaah . Fans like you encourage writers to produce even more garbage .

  22. mary says:

    u ppl like this .ew i like pavitra rishta. that one is goin nice. teju finds out that savitra had given aarchana the FAKED divorce paper. so i think every1 will accept aarchana. But i don’t know wat will happen to savitra. the judge said that she will go in jail for that.

  23. Suni says:

    Well, I can’t say that I expected any great revelation today , but still , I am disappointed to see yet another flashback 🙁 . There are a few subsidiary stories , that though interesting , they do not hold the audience’s attention. The writers are probably just buying time , they are trying to come up with a viable plan as to the future of this show . It has all the components to be very successful , I love the setting and the cast .Unfortunately, appart from it’s concept , it suffers from a lack of creativity with regards to it’s storyline. We never saw Yash dealing with Arpita’s death , how then can he sincerely fall in love with Aarti .Aarti made peace with her past and embraced her future , her character experienced some growth . On another note , I totally loved seeing both Yash and Aman without anyone else , I kept trying to figure out which one is more handsome . I still think that it is Yash , but Aman damn handsome also 😉 .

  24. laksh says:

    Pls yash. Tel the reason. You love arthi and not willing to accept her in arpitha s place? Why don’t u speak up? Damn still why I am readin this update daily with hope tat atleast today yash will speak up?

  25. Punar Vivah says:

    By the time they give the reason, the serial will be over! This is going very slowly and I wish they would just give the reason. This is completely boring.

  26. az says:

    i guess that the main problem is that yash is afraid because arti had replaced arpita in his heart slowly..that is why he hate her…

    please get this problem been clarified by this monday ep…i hope…duhh

  27. Anonymous says:

    divorce is not the reason…..as yash keeps on thinking about that rainy night in which aarti was enjoying rain….REASON IS STILL ENCLOSED… 🙁

    • inconnue says:

      Maybe it’s the previous reason, “she tried to replace arpita” (’cause he was also thinking about how arpita used to enjoy the rain the first time,if i’m not mistaken)

    • maha says:

      but if its really matters of arthi taking of arpitha’s place in his heart den for sure yash would have speaked out and explained 2 arthi dat no one cn or wil try to take arpita’s place.. Lke he did twice before this and he wil also forgive arthi by this time.. Im pretty sure dat there r other specific and strong reason for yash’s strange behavior.. The daily soap will spice up again once they show us the reason..

  28. Anonymous says:

    divorce matter is not the reason…..as yash keeps on thinking about that rainy night in which aarti was enjoying rain….REASON IS STILL ENCLOSED… 🙁

  29. inconnue says:

    I don’t understand if the divorce thing is the pblm yash is hidding then why did they show aarti playing with rain when yash talked about the reason why he’s angry at her

    PS: please don’t mind I’m just asking 🙂

  30. DLP says:

    I wish I could figure out why I still bother with this show…

  31. Anonymous says:

    aaaaa… arti this is too much how could you forget all about all these situations have done in mumbai… i think in this serial pesent serials are less, flash back scenes ae more. writers, till monday you must stop all these dragings…

  32. Yusra says:

    Why is d director putting all hardship on a sole alone… Arti be patient plz. D patient dog alway pick d fatest bone.

  33. Anonymous says:

    aaaaaa… this is too much arti…. how could you forget about all these situations have done in mumbai… may be in this serial present scenes are less, flash back scenes are more…. writers, till monday you must stop these daggings…

  34. Aj says:

    I was right it was a about divorce matter

    • ARYA FAN says:

      divorce is not the reason…..as yash keeps on thinking about that rainy night in which aarti was enjoying rain….REASON IS STILL ENCLOSED… 🙁

  35. Trini says:

    Seems like today’s episode is all about Pari but who really cares about her role in this serial. Her role is just to make up time and very insignificant don’t really care to see whats going on with her.

    • sas says:

      oye trinni ki bachhi dont u dare to say anything about pari

    • Trini says:

      Sorry if i offended you but i think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I was simply expressing my opinion and everyone has a right to do so wheather you like or not. I was not attacking you if i was then you would have a right to step in and tell me the pros and cons of my comment.

  36. jenny says:

    Update fast plz. . .

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