Qubool Hai 01st February 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 01st February 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Qubool Hai 01st February 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya is shocked to see her and asks dilshad how she found her. Dilshad tells zoya that she knows everything and is told by mariam, that she shouldnt inform her parents. Dilshad says she doesnt need to know the reason for her running away, she knows that there must be a big reason, and that she can stay here till her brother comes. Zoya expresses concern of asad being angry at this, but dilshad says that she’s his mother and would make him understand. When they leave, zoya remembers asad’s talk with her and is tensed.

Dilshad finds rashid at the door and is about to turn the door on him, when he pleads to be taken inside and talk to her. She is surprised to find rashid having documenst of various properties bought in dilshad’s name. She asks why has he bought so many properties in her name. He says that he cant answer her questions now, but they need to be safe somewhere and he cant trust anyone with this instead of dilshad. dilshad is unable to understand any of this. Rashid tells her that an incident happened, on the night of nazma’s first birthday, that changed the course of his life forever. Dilshad keeps asking him whats troubling him, but he doesnt reveal anything, and says that he has to go right now, and leaves the documents with her. dilshad is super tensed as to what happened that night, due to which rashid is so tensed, and that he had to leave them the next day.

In her room, dilshad remembers what rashid had told her. She opens up her almirah and takes out the old photo albums and looks at the photos of nazma’s first birthday. She tries to remember what had happened that night. She also remembers that rashid had been very tensed when he returned with nazma after buying her a gift and told dilshad that he has to leave. dilshad understands that something must have happened when he took nazma out. while rummaging through the things of the past, she comes across a doll, that is speaking in inaudible tones. When dilshad hears it, she is tensed to find that it has a recorder. She decides that she should tell this to rashid and leaves. While she’s gone, the dolol starts playing the recorded tape with a female voice saying that they have gotten rashid to burn down the doll factory and got it on tape too, but he doesnt know that he has committed a more serious crime in his ignorance. mamu’s boice too comes out from the doll commending razia that she has given borth to a beautiful conspiracy against rashid, that would force him to always listen to what they tell him to do. Outside, dilshad calls rashid at her house, telling him that she has found a valuable clue, that would help him in the tragedy that happened with him 17 years back. He says that he would surely comes soon. when she comes back, she tries to get the doll’s recorder to work properly, and a cassette falls down on the ground that escapes her eyes. She goes out of the room.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan, while playing the guitar, is heard by shirin, and tells her that she should go and rest. when she asks him if he’s angry at her. He says he isnt, but he cant be at peace in this house. Shirin says that there was a time when he said that his world is where his mother is. Ayan says that he’s here for her only. She tells him not to be angry at rashid, since what he is doing is for the welfare of his family onle. ayan doesnt reply to that.

Razia calls up the driver to know where’s rashid and ios told that he’s at asad’s house. She is shocked to hear this.

Razia says to mamu that due to the recent events with rashid trying to hide documents means that he’s wanting to break free from their clutches. Mamus ays that they have his weakness in their hands, due to which he cant leave even if he wants to. Razia says that what happened in the Dolls’ factory, has been their Ace Card against rashid, but now its proving to be insufficient to hold him back in the house now. mamu says that this secret has tied him down forvere and she shouldnt be so tensed and if he tries to go, he risks his life by doing that, and his reputation and name and fame shall also be ruined. razia says that maybe he’s right but still she would have to keep a strict eye on him, since they too share the secret in the same manner that rashid does.

Humaira tries to cheer up nikhat and nuzrat, and ayan, who are in low spirits. She tries to cheer up ayan saying that their wishes too are taken care of. Nuzrat gives example of their marriage being broken, that had almost happened due to the elders. Humaira too cheers up ayan at that.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s office
Asad gets mariam’s father’s call saying that mariam is at the house and they wouldnt spapre him now since he has put his family’s life at risk by sheltering zoya and maraim, that he has a confirmed news of.

Asad calls up dilshad’s house and tries to talk, but just then mariam goes by to open the door, hearing a doorbell. Dilshad calls out to mariam to stop saying that she would open the door. Asad hears mariam’s name and shouts out to dilshad to listen to him and not open the door, but dilshad has already kept the receiver on the table and gone towards mariam. As mariam opens the door, a masked man enters dilshad’s house and points a gun at mariam. And at point blank, he fires a shot at mariam. Mariam and dilshad are both thrown on the ground at the impact. Zoya is stunned to see this, while asad is horrified as he hears gunshots on the phone. zoay is shcoked to see dilshad shot. Nazma runs down the stairs and zoya puts up a fight wioth the man and doesnt let go of him. but finally, he is abl;e to ward her off calling her a bloody bitch. In her struggle, she runs out of the hosue aftre that man. He jumps across the verandah and escapes. zoya runs inside the house and comes to join nazma and asks her to call the ambulance while she tries to support dilshad. Asd too arrives and is stunned into statue seeing that. The screen freezes on his motionless face.

Precap: Asad talks to the doctor about dilshad’s health while nazma hears all this. the doctor says that they tried whatever they could but she only has a few hours left and that he should inform all relatives to come and meet her. Nazma and asad are shocked to hear this.

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  1. arshi
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    zoya and asad you both rock

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    good evening everyone pls comment for the sake of qubool hai

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    yeah can’t wait to watch really i love this show so much that i don’t get tired of commenting it if zoya finds out that rashid and dilshad is behind her mom’s death that means she’s gana have to leave dilshad house i guess and how is dilshad behind if she does not even know what happen ?

  4. fan f qh
    February 04, 09:49 Reply

    I hope she dnt die.I also read dat zoya gna knw dat rashid n dilshad s behind her mothers death.I wonder wat gna hppen???I guess lots or twist s store 4 us

  5. arshi
    February 04, 09:42 Reply

    even if asad slaps zoya that means he thinks it’s zoya fault and he’s hurt boz his mother is in grave danger so she’s gana forgive him sense she also cares for dilshad that is if he slaps zoya hope dilshad does not die pls comment all of qubool hai fans thanks

  6. fan f qh
    February 04, 09:32 Reply

    Hi guys.am frm south africa.I think it depends n da num f comments.eg pavitrs has more dan punar n qubool hai.I read n metro masti dat asad gna slap zoya 4 dilshad condition.I mean he alwys get angry but dis time slap zoya its not fair..

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    hasham i don’t really know i am in shock to see it too

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    How on earth, QH is now at no. 4 ? PR is at no. 2? How on earth can that happen?
    PV is at no. 3 that shoul at least be a number before PR
    Something’s gone wrong, how do they determine the popularity, I hop it’s not by the amount of comments, because PR comments are just some little children, making nonsensical and us,ess conversation with each other or just writing one word, one letter or some dots and passing it as comments to reach 600 plus comments, on the 1st
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    arj kiya hai…. mr. khan aur ms. faruki ke kya different usool hai…..mr. khan aur ms. faruki ke kya different usool hai……. that’s why hme ye awesome serial QUBOOL HAII!!!

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    i rly luv this serial nd want it to be no.1… waiting for today’s epi…

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    February 03, 21:33 Reply

    Quboolians are the best

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    Very nice serial

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    It was a superb epi

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    Great epi

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    Lovely epi

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    It is rocking

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    Amazing epi

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    Punar Vivah and Pavitra Rishta have 300+ comments!!

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    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!!

  26. Anonymous
    February 03, 11:15 Reply

    dear asad n nazma,..i feel so sad 4 them …nd wat will b their reaction if dilshad dies???….hope dilshad lives longer…hope the serial get more romantic soon….

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