Qubool Hai 4th January 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 04th January 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Qubool Hai 04th January 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan is not worried hearing asad’s revelation saying that if they were related, then she would already have done the drama and not waited so patiently. He excuses himself saying he has to go. Asad cancels the phone hoping everything goes well.

Shirin asks nikhat to put the ring in imran’s finger. She does so shyly. razia tells imran to do the same to nikhat. haseena gets up to get the ring and deliberately drops it ont he floor. The khan family is shocked. Rashid’s mother asks haseena the reason for this. She says that she doesnt wish to have relation with this house anymore. While everybody is shocked, mamujaan and rashid confront her with anger saying that she shouldnt have insulted them like this in front of people after they gave him more than unrightfully demanded without complaining once. Haseena says that she indeed was handed betrayal by them. And being such a big and respected family, they kept a big truth hidden from her. Saying that she has also got evidence along with her confirming her statement, she leaves the room.

Haseena shows feroz, introducing him as her brother with his injuries and blames ayan for his condition, saying that he was the only one who knew feroz inthis famil. Ayan is shocked to see him and remembers asad’s words and how feroz had beaten him. She also shows the photos as an evidence also saying that he was helped in this by his brother, Asad Ahmed Khan. All are shocked to see the photos. She taunts them saying that she cannot marry her son off to a girl who’s father has two wifes and children sired by both of them and she had already cleared that off at the time of deciding the engagement.

Mamujaan finally says that he was quiet all this while, hearing top haseena’s ill mannered talks just because she was right or else noone has lived to see another day after talking to him like that. he says there was a reason behind keeping it from her. She says that using his name, she had asked shirin and razia blatantly and they had lied on her face. He says that he apologizes for that but there was a reason behind that too that Rashid had broken off his reltion with dilshad, his first wife 17 years back and was never and is never and would never be connected to either her or her daughters. He asks rashid also to tell haseena about the same. Haseena says that she has seen love amongst the two brothers. Rashid agrees disheartened that he has no relation anymore with his first family. But haseena is still unconvinced saying that she has seen the two meeting regularly. Also, she tells them that asad had paid for the gifts to imarn and his family and for ayan’s motorcycle. And says that feroz just asked what their relation and was beaten up by the brothers so badly. Mamujaan tries to tell haseena that for ayan’s childish mistake she shouldnt punish the entire family. But she doesnt listen and again repeats the same thing that she cant marry off her son in such a family. razia too tries to salvage the situation saying that dilshad must have been after this and must have instigated her child to do this and mislead ayan. But haseena takes off imarn’s ring and throwing it on the floor calls off the marriage and leaves with imran who is speechless. Nikhat is shocked and sinks on the sofa. Others too are shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Dilshad asks zoya on the phone about her luch. she says that she would have it outside only and then return home. dilshad cancels the phone hearing the doorbell ring. She is shocked to find mamujaan when she opens the door.she asks him to step in. He refuses with arrogance that he wouldnt enter her house even if lightning struck him. She stoically asks him the reason for his coming. He says that her conspiracies drew him there. He says that he has come to warn her to come her son under control in a leash. She retorts back saying that he is not a horse, but a lion, metaphorically and hence doesnt need to be in bondage. He says that if she doesnt take hims eiously, then she might find this beautiful abode that she hs formed over the years in trouble. she tries to ask him but he raises a finger and quitens her down. He goes on to say that she should inform asad that he shoudlnt do anything to provoke him to take a descision that Asad would regret later. He tells her that nikhat’s engagement has been called off and due to asad. she is shocked to hear this. She tries to talk again but he silences her saying that he doesnt want to argue, he just came to warn that asad should stay away from ayan or else he would face serious consequences. He says that she is wise and knows who he is and what he is capable of. The screen freezes on mamujaan fuming face.

Precap: Dilshad asks asad to promise that he wouldnt see ayan anymore. He says that its not possible for him since he taught ayan to walk, and now that he has started walking, he cant refrain his hand away from him and not show him the right path to walk on. Dilshad says that he has to do it and today he would have t choose who he wants, ayan or herself.

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73 Responses to “Qubool Hai 4th January 2013 Written Update”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I will kill Haseena. it was boaring.

  2. Prashant Is The Best says:

    hight of the jerkness
    arshifan is on the qubool he page.n on top of that she is telling arshi is no 1.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i am also a arshi fan but i started to watch qubool hai.plz both arshi and asya fans dont compare them they are best in their way so plz don’t insualt.ipkknd is past but lives in our heart forever and qubool hai is present so plz try to love this if u con’t then stop watching this show.dont make unnessary comments

  4. Shal says:

    Why these guys fighting for both ipkknd and qabool hei. Both hav diffrnce. Now ipkknd ended and so plzz start to accept qabool hei.

  5. maghla says:

    Yeah farha u r right. But why arshi fans use rubbish words. Its not right, na guys?

  6. Farha says:

    Allah miya wt’s wrong wit u all…if arshi fans don’t like asya just keep quiet nd dn’t insult asya fans..similarly if asya fans dn’t like arshi just keep quiet…both arshi nd asya has their own fan following nd dey both r different n their own ways yaar….

  7. maghla says:

    Ya veer ,hahahahahahahaha……

  8. Veer says:

    idiot arshi fan hw could u frgt tht barun ditch u.he lft the shw only fr a sngl movie!!!
    Barun the dokhebaz.ditcher.n his loser fan is mosquito.hahahahahaha.
    U mosquito leave ths page.

    • U idiot says:

      Dont u dare to tell that our barun left for a movie….he never left for a movie….if u dont know then u better shut up….he left for a break to spend some time with his family….see ur show before commenting on our show,qubool hai s just copying the style of ipkknd….see the way that idiot donkey asad copying our ASR’S STYLE….IF WE ARE MOSQUITOES U PEOPLE ARE COCKROACHES…..hahahahahahaha

    • Veer says:

      hey anonymous you are simply RETARD.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sorry ipkknd fans but barun Left that show and he didn’t even thought abt his fans. He is mean. Think abt that .
    If he even cared abt u guys(fans) then he should have been stick to his show until trp is good.
    Sanaya looks better with mohit.
    Ksg is way better than barun. Barun is a new kid lol.

  10. Zainab fahim says:

    Qubool hai z way better than IPKKDD !!!!!!!:p)

  11. maghla says:

    Hey arshi fans get out

    • AJ says:

      Exactly cuz u and me both know Karan is back and when he’s back we all know he’s the king:)XD

  12. Anonymous says:

    love barun

    • Monty says:

      u freak we also love barun bt only bcuz of few jerks lyk u we need to tke second option.
      Barun ki jo izzat he uski kam se kam nilami to mat karo.

  13. a.k says:

    why r u guys fighting for ipkknd and qubool hai. Ipkknd is in its place and qubool hai in its place.i dont think their concepts are same.

  14. Arshi fan no. 1 says:

    U guyz need to explain so many things to make ur so called qubool hai hero asad best.but we arshi fans don’t need to explain anything to prove that barun was the best.and for that only he got chance in big screen but ur poor ksg remained in small screen.arshi jodi was so popular that no one wanted to see replacing barun with sanaya.and just remember that our show went off air because arnav was leaving and created history that show ended because of our best hero was leaving though there was no other actor to replace in place of barun not also ur karan singh grover.

    • Monty says:

      u r moron na na na na loser loser loser.

    • Anonymous says:

      arshi fan..no need to explain to these idiots. let them gloat and lets see how long this show will air! Asad only has a good body..sorry his acting isnt that great! Oh and lets remind these idiots who the creator of this show is- GUL KHAN! Same as ipkknd!!!! She’s trying to create similar character but clearly its not working!! hahah

    • AJ says:

      Its ok thats jealousy talking its ok

  15. amara manj says:

    hm dilshad thek n kr r han

  16. Seeca says:

    If arshi fans don’t like qubool hai, den why watch nd insult us? Pls respect urselves

  17. aymaan says:

    Excuse me
    I know all of u love qubool hai but that doesn’t mean you insult arshi fans
    It’s not done understood
    And about disease, that u all will get to know if qubool hai has an abrupt ending like ipkknd
    And yea agree or not agree ipkknd is much better than your so called qubool hai.
    And about copying it’s 100% true
    Not only qubool hai but there are more than that are copying so better keep quiet.
    By gettin angry nothing gonna change and also the truth won’t change.

    • Monty says:

      cmon u jerk stop ths.arshi fan strtd al ths v r jst answrng him/her.dont u dare to cmpre ipkknd with qubool he.qubool is mature drama.ipknd is al tym phattu drama.

  18. Blew It says:

    Seriously what the hell. Why does this place resemble a war zone? I’ve watched every episode of IPKKND and I enjoy Qubool Hai too. Both are good in their own ways. And its too early to compare Qubool Hai to any show. Moreover let’s not forget that both the shows are created by the same people. So what the hell is the fight about? I understand IPKKND and Madhubala fans being at loggerheads, but THIS is beyond any logic.

    • Anonymous says:

      Um excuse me? I agree that this place is resembling a war zone, and seriously everything you are saying EXCEPT for the line of loggerheads. The other serials can also say that you are loggerheads, and frankly, you do NOT have a right to judge people. Moreover, even though I’m not a huge madhubala fan, but the ppl there don’t really come and fight on other serials’ pages. So, say what you want to without judging people like a loggerhead. No offence, in my opinion it’s wrong.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Get a life ( arshi) fans. U guys r in trauma. Go and see counsler or psycholgist. If u guys don’t like other shows then why u guys r watching it or maybe u love those shows that’s why u guys can’t control urself to give ur comments I got it now ,u guys can’t leave w/out those upcoming popular shows(sarcastically). Let me tell u all ipkknd fans: title is being copied from movie, some concept are being copied from geet like angry young business man and innocent girl from poor background. Fighting,office, irritating, all the concept is been taken from geet.I don’t know if the production is same but still can’t use everything same. I am not like u guys to hate other popular shows, n I don’t watch that show but saw some epi because of sanaya (she was good in mjht) but got the idea of what’s gonna happen. We don’t hate ipkknd but u(arshi) fans broke our patience to burst out. Get a life. And think before wht u guys(arshi) r taking.

    • Anonymous says:

      100% Percent agree with u What people don’t realise is that HELLLO KSG IS BACK!!!:) people no one can beat him srry but its just i mean look at him please he’s to gorgeous mashallah and come on people Ipkknd is so last year oh wow! I got over it cuz it was just like pain in love but this serial Qubool is different I have never seen this concept in any shows:) its beautiful how its portrayed and I completely loved the show Miley Jub Hum Tum and srry people but I thought mohit and Sanaya are great for each other and Barun he’s only good in tv in reality he’s just one of the guys who like to play sports like any other person would its not really like OMG HE’S A CELEBRTIY!! AAAAA No its more like he’s cool he’s on television and he said so himself that he thinks of himself as a normal person and me to he’s just like a normal men who came on television but people Ksg omg he’s mixed with talent/dancing/tele/film/film making/ normal men/reality show= star!!!:):):) I hate it when people say just cuz he married like 3times their all like oh wow this guy is a player. SHUT UP OK first of all we don’t even know the real story neither will i believe a newspaper or a blog if sure ksg says it thats different but i am so happy that he found his real love which Is Jennifer Windget she’s so kind and nice and awesome with him and she makes him feel really happy like so happy that he loves her. Qubool Hai people will beat every show thats coming on air. And no it was the show Kitni Mohabbat hai that started this whole thing of the guy being angry businessmen who didn’t know what love was and he actually hated women he putted them in the ground floor where its really cold and not good but had some respect for them. The bottom line is Ipkknd was really a litte bit of geet and a little bit of Kitni Mihabbat Hai i loved the old shows a lot they were off the hook amazing !!!:) But no get the hell out of here Arshi pathetic fans for real theirs no season 2 coming a long cuz Sanaya is doing a project with Harshad Chopra in a new show but it’ll take months to make it come on air and Barun is working on another film these stupid media people want the desperate fans to be happy like omg season 2 is coming out aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no losers its never coming on their just friends not like their both a couple their just good friends:) And i like harshad to so he will be a good with Sanaya and laer u know it people are all like omg their both amazing oh wow some fans are just way to whats the word no like whats the word “obsesses”! Qubool Hai don’t wrry until Ksg is on Qubool hai no show can beat this show its way to awesome marvelous spectacular unique different story line = Awesome. Arshi fans ughhhh i even feel disgusted seeing how obsessed their are u guys make me sick for real get lost get a life Barun and Sanaya -friends Mohit =amazing =BF/Husband/friend of Sanaya get lost dweebs for real. Asya rocks:)!!!!! Karan Singh Grover is back so when these people say that that show is better then this or that show is cuter then this oh its ok i know Qubool hai is just so amazing that u guys are really jealous aww so sweet/pathetic its kk cuz to make u feel better this show does rock opps i rubbed it in lol get a life stupidos this show is awesome different story line= Ksg Rules with all his other co stars <3

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yeah did I forget Karan singh grover is always going to be the king if u didn’t watch Dill mill gaye then ur crazy cuz that show was awesome it was him in it duhhhhh amazing armaan <3 and Ridhima<3 queen for me was shilpa the 1st ridhima

    • Anonymous says:

      U have no rights to insult ksg if haven’t watch dmg kk !! no rights watch this #1 show then talk cuz hes the king

  20. ar_ash. says:

    dnt judg qubool hai too…nd also dnt cmpare wit…nd spcly wit ikknd..bcoz its mch and mr thn tat..

  21. ar_ash. says:

    arshi fans..!!!wot the hell was thr in ipkkd …it ws jus a damn…freak.!!!!
    And u arshi ppl gt hell out f hear…!!

  22. ar_ash. says:

    arshi fans..!!!wot the hell was thr in ipkkd …it ws jus a damn…freak.!!!!
    And u arshi ppl gt hell out f hear…!!and dnt mk arshi cheap..

  23. Nahar says:

    First of all, IPKKND went off air BECAUSE it was so good. The executives of the show didn’t want it to be remembered as a stupid show so they ended up cancelling it because it was better to leave it at a positive ending. Second of all, DO NOT judge a serial you didn’t watch because that just shows how ignorant you are and that you are not willing to give a show a chance to make it good for you. It’s not like IPKKND was begging for you to watch it. Third of all, I agree with you. People shouldn’t be complaining about Qubool Hai not having romantic scenes and all, but it’s their opinion. Don’t call someone off and say a serial is stupid when you don’t even know it.
    Fourth and most important, I have watched IPKKND and I am watching Qubool Hai so I can give you an ACCURATE and RELIABLE opinion that yes, so far, IPKKND would seem like a better show to those who have WATCHED/ARE WATCHING BOTH SHOWS. But I am willing, as everyone else should be, to give Qubool Hai a chance to become a really amazing serial.
    Btw, this was mostly aimed at the “Anonymous” down there that wanted to be cool and thought he/she could judge IPKKND without watching it. -___- But it does go to everyone else who shares the same opinion.
    I hope you understood all I have been trying to say. And I hope everyone else that is reading this also understands. 😀

  24. Anonymous says:

    I get why Arshi fans are in love with the show, but don’t bag them about it. You guys might love Asad and Zoya similarly to the way they liked Arnav and Khushi. Plus the serial is still new, so their is still time for romance. Don’t be haters of either, because it’s only tv.

  25. Monty says:

    Arshi fans u need to b checked.you all r suffering through OCD.
    disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension,
    fear, or worry; by
    repetitive behaviors aimed
    at reducing the associated
    anxiety; or by a
    combination of such obsessions and compulsions. Symptoms of the disorder include
    excessive washing or
    cleaning; repeated checking;
    extreme hoarding; preoccupation with sexual , violent or religious
    thoughts; relationship- related obsessions; aversion to particular numbers; and
    nervous rituals, such as opening and closing a door
    a certain number of times
    before entering or leaving a
    room. These symptoms can
    be alienating and time- consuming, and often cause
    severe emotional and
    financial distress. The acts
    of those who have OCD
    may appear paranoid and potentially psychotic . However, OCD sufferers
    generally recognize their
    obsessions and compulsions
    as irrational, and may
    become further distressed
    by this realization.

  26. sathi says:

    @anonymous: hahaha. . U r absolutly ryt. .. Ipknd luvrs blind n dumb. . Anyway v cant straighten d dogs tail. . Dey r lyk dat. . . a smal favor. . Select gud nam 4 u. .

  27. Farha says:

    Ya right dey r in comma…lol:-D:-D

  28. Veer says:

    Guys i m sure tht jerk wnt show off.
    Good nyt.

  29. maghla says:

    Yeah anonymous u r right. Hahahahaha….

  30. Anonymous says:

    These arshi lovers hav problm wid every popular n good shows…
    They just can’t handle d shock as their show went off air….
    N so can’t c d popularity of other shows…
    Firstly they had probs wid madhubala..n now qubool h….
    They think that ipkknd was d best show…i never evr saw dat fattu serial..naam hi bakwass tha uska…
    But if it was d best it wudn’t hav gone off air….watevr b d reason…
    So plz guys let them bark..
    Bechare shock mein paglaa rhe h…
    I dnt knw why they c d shows wen they dnt lyk it…
    N bakwas krte h…
    All of them r blind lovers of ipkknd…
    I knw love is blind..but inke case mein toh deaf dumb sab kuch h…

  31. Veer says:

    Moron whr r u?
    Jst show off you Pest.

  32. Veer says:

    hey u idiot arshi fan wht the hell r u doing here.if u lyk asr we dnt hv any prblm with tht ,shw ur afctn on ipkknd page.nt here.
    Cmon u freak go get a lyf or lyf ll get u.

  33. Farha says:

    Hey arshi fan if u cannot see our mr khan’s acting den i think u r blind dear….ksg came before arnav nd created magic and ksg don’t need to break arnav record he is the best….

  34. maghla says:

    Hey “arshi fan no 1″ get out. How dare u. Don’t come here again.

  35. Anonymous says:

    i dont know wats wrong with lovers of arshi? why do dey always compare every other couple with arshi??

    • Farha says:

      U r right anonymousi…i dnt understand y arshi lover cannot accept other nd keep comparing….

    • Veer says:

      bcuz they all r in coma n cnt accpt the truth tht shw went off.

    • Anonymous says:

      ….because they have low self esteem and they need to comprehen that their show has ended…. no more la la land.
      so bashing other couples is their past time!
      Hope you understand the reason , dear.

  36. Kris says:

    You know that rashid’s new family deserves all the insults they got from haseena because they are not better than her when it comes to being illmannered and stupid. Just like the arrogant mamujan is doing with dilshad. They deserved to be insulted. Poor Assad and dilshad are being wrongfully accused for no fault of theirs

  37. Arshi fan no. 1 says:

    Asad nd zoya are very bad couples.they cant create magic like arnav khushi.and that asad can never beat arnav.he is such a bad actor.hate them

    • Anonymous says:

      asad is the king of all shows
      how dare u talk like that

    • fairy says:

      hey dear arshi fan no 1 go to arshi & watch dem why r u here if u feel dat asaya r bad. B coz U r jaleus wid der popularity soon dey wil beat arshi. :)

    • Anonymous says:

      No u moron arnav khushi can’t even create magic like armaan and riddhima so if dont know that watch dill mill gayye best serial ever

    • Paya Lovers says:

      If you really hate him then kindly do not warch this serial or comment on it just go from here ! KINDLY GET LOST !!

    • Kris says:

      Who the hell is arnav

    • ana says:

      yes dil mil gaye ,,,,,,,,,favourite actor ,,,,,, arman character,,,,,,was th best,,,,,,,,,,,

    • tenny says:


    • Anonymous says:

      No people Dil mil gaye was a show no one could not love its an amazing show but Ksg whos armaan and their are 3 riddhimas they changed a lot but i loved all of them especially Shilpa she’s awesome so also Muskaan awwee miss her atul love him and the others like rahul

    • Anonymous says:

      Hum to chale te dohst bahn ke jane khan DIL MIL GAYE<3

    • Anonymous says:

      Veer watch Dill mill gaye 1st then say retard to these people cuz that show omg it was awesome spectacular and still #1 Cuz ofcourse its Karan SIngh Grovers show people come on lol no one can beat him:) I remember the backround romantic music ” Asmani rang ho mein teri dhoop hoon roshini ka sang hoon lalallala don’t remember the lyrics then their was a romantic/sad song”Ishq leta hai kaise imtihaan hmmmmmmm Ishq leta hai kaisai imtihaan hmmmmm then this was my favorite ine from that song Ishq mein jalti hai hum raat din hmmmmm han yeh mera dil na mane tere bin tere bin please Veer do watch this show if u haven’t u can watch all the episodes in You tubes from 1 to the end and there is a season 2 that ended the day Qubool hai started then after 2 or 1 year this show qubool hai came on air the same day Dill Mill Gaye ended oh be sure to type in Dill mill gaye “season 1 1st then u can watch season 2 its so romantic and lovely and hurtbroken and happy again <3<3

  38. Anonymous says:

    heyyyy… admin can u plz update faster..?

    thnx… and thnx fr updating… helps lyk hell fr ppl lyk me hu dont understand d lang. its ummm.. hindi right..??

    thnx once again..!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    please upload the rest of the episode soon ple…….

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