Qubool Hai 10th June 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 10th June 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Qubool Hai 10th June 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
As asad leaves, and zoya is very happy, tanveer is very upset to see this.

Zoya gets a call from the forensics lab, who tell her that there’s no criminal record of the fingerprints. zoya is a little disappointed. But he says that he has something else to tell her. He says that looking at the size of the fingerprints, its clear that they are of a lady. Zoya remembers tanveer’s lie about it being tanveer’s husband. she relates all the events that raised a doubt, and understands the whole truth. Zoya says that thats why there ‘s no sign of the attacker as the victim and the culprit are the same.

Zoya comes out of her room, and finds tanveer, who asks her what happened, as she didnt find anyone, and the prints didnt match anyone. Zoya asks how does she know. Tanveer says that she knows everything, and she also knows whats in her mind right now. She says that she cant see her guessing and in pain, and hence she would tell, that the knife had her fingerprints. Zoya is shocked, and says that atleast she confessed that she is behind the crime, and asks her to go and confess to asad also. Tanveer says that she would say when she was trying to escape herself from the attacker, who was wearing gloves, she had her fingerprints on. Tanveer says that she would tell this to asad if zoya wants that. tanveer asks her not to lay her in the trap. she asks zoya to herself question, if she can do something like this, and she asks if people would believe her, particularly asad. tanveer asks her to stop making a drama of herself every time. Saying so, tanveer leaves. Zoya is tensed, but says that this time the drama would be on her, as she would reveal the true face behind this.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan residence
Ayan and others break into the door, just in time, for shirin to stop slitting her wrists. as ayan takes the knife, shirin asks why should she live, when asad is getting married, and nothing good is happening in their lives. Ayan says that nikhat would get married to imran, and he would do anything, beg or ask for forgiveness, but she shouldnt do anything, like this. Rashid gets someone’s call and is shocked at what he hears. All ask him what happened. He tells them about the fire in Imran’s car, and that imran was in it. all are shocked to hear this. Badi bi asks how did this happen. Rashid says that suddenly the car got into fire. Nikhat pretends to not believe it, and asks shirin also about it. shirin tries to comfort her, but she goes berserk and leaves. ayan is tensed, as to what he did.

Scene 3:
Location: At an undisclosed location
Asad is shocked when he finds out what ayan did, and reprimands him for what he did, with so much immaturity. Ayan says that he didnt do it intentionally. Asad says that doesnt matter, as he did commit a crime, and god forbid if something happens to imran. ayan hugs asad, and asks what to do now. Asad asks him to first stop crying. Asad asks him to confess his crime to everyone, and makes his point clearly that what he has done, has hurt nikhat the most, and he has to come clean. He repeatedly points it out to ayan that he needs to come abreast. ayan agrees, and then hugging asad again, he leaves, while asad is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
After a visit from the hospital, nikhta is very upset and is crying in front of the girls, that she didnt even get a chance to see him, and is distraught. Ayan sees this and remembering asad’s advise, he comes inside, and tells the girls to go outside. seeing ayan, nikhat breaks down asking him to do something, as haseena pointed out to her, that she’s unlucky for her Imran. Ayan says that she isnt to blame, he is. But nikhat says that her destiny is such. Ayan says that he’s saying the truth, and that this has happened by his hands. Nikhat is surprised and shocked. He says that he put the car on fire. Nikhat shakes away her hand from his. He says that he didnt see imran in the car, and he swears on that. Just then, she gets a call, and is shocked that its from the city hospital.

Scene 5:
Location: Asad’s residence
Nazma and Dilshad leaves, saying that they would come soon. After they leave, zoya puts her plan into action. As the doorbell rings, zoya finds the fumigators as this may kill mosquitoes, but has irritation in the eyes. When asked if there’s anyone else in the house, zoya says that there’s noone. As the whole house is being fumigated, and all are wearing protective glasses, tanveer is oblivious of it all, and sees smoke coming into her room too, which obviously irritates her eyes. She goes to the bathroom, and decides to take off the lens, as she doesnt have any other option. As tanveer comes out of the bathroom, with her stone eye uncovered by lens, she is shocked when she finds zoya coming in her room, with her protective glasses on. Zoya too is equally shocked to see tanveer with her stone eye. Zoya claps and says that she had a doubt that this stone eyed girl was her only, and all of her tragedies and accidents were a drama, to get asad’s sympathy, and asad feels that she’s still the innocent girl, tannu that he knew from childhood. Zoya says that now she would reveal her secret in front of everyone. The screen freezes on Zoya’s face.

Precap: The police say that the last time, someone was seen outside their house, was rashid’s wife and son. This surprises everyone. Zoya tells tanveer, that asad is hers. She says that she would get married to asad. Tanveer says that she might get married to asad, but his wedding night would be with her only. Zoya says that she might try all that she wants, but asad would never betray her.


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554 Responses to “Qubool Hai 10th June 2013 Written Update”

  1. mhk says:

    sb maine kab naam badla?

  2. saurav says:

    @mhk-alia apna naam kyu badalti rhti hai? @umat-tanveer hav no any other option.she has 2 prove asad guity n pressurise him 2 marry her.

    • saurav says:


    • Umat Sehgal says:

      Hahaha. I’m a die hard fan of cricket
      Jst love the bowling of dale styen
      Batting of gale
      Personality of Alastair cook
      Sixes of shahid lalaaaa
      And many more like uvrajjjjj and hafeezz and Stuart broad

  3. mhk says:

    wich new track umatz wo smoking wala kya? Ya wo harry wala?

  4. mhk says:

    aur wo 10 days iz going on till now.

  5. mhk says:

    day by day qh bekaar serial hote jaaraha hai.

  6. mhk says:

    umatz riz iz in her coll today riz ka test b hai aliaz will cme after smetime.

  7. saurav says:


  8. ayshel says:

    Tanveer will spend the night with asad. HOW???? SHE will drug asad and then “suddenly” he will not remember what happend what WILL result that tanveer will say that her baby is asad’s……SUSPENCE SUSPENCE SUSPENCE

  9. saurav says:

    @umat-i hav given my opinion about d new track in below comment. Now your turn.

    • Umat Sehgal says:

      I don’t think so that it’s a surprising one it jst a wastage of time or nothing
      They r jst expanding QH like other serials
      I think they jst want more num of epi instead of story

  10. mhk says:

    em f9 sb.
    Only chatting umat.

  11. mhk says:

    umat watzup?

  12. saurav says:


  13. mhk says:

    mhkzzz iz f9 hehe.

  14. mhk says:

    hi umatz hwz u?

  15. mhk says:

    hi sb,umatz,fatiz.

  16. Umat Sehgal says:

    Nobody wants to come 2 day plz
    Koi to ajao

  17. FULAANTY BS says:

    Hey mk didn’t know your son’s birthday was yesterday
    I just found out I wish a happy Birthday with long life and prosperity :)
    Sorry for the late wishes my gifts r coming soon

  18. FULAANTY BS says:

    Hi everyone, saurav how r u?
    @saurav i think her running from marriage. Is not a bad idea and as for u seeing those tracks before doesn’t mean anything. Or will spoil the tracks, cause they different reasons for doing so,
    So zoya probably did that cause she can’t marry some who trusts his best friend over a person he’s gonna spend the rest of her life with.

  19. maisha says:

    i love u asad and zoya plz reveal tannu truth

  20. saurav says:

    this dragging technique of qh producers is not only killing our intrest towards this show but also affecting its ranking..AND YESTERDAY WE GOT D SHOCKING NEWS of zoyas running away 4m marriage..i personally feel that there is no need of that..we people r bored of such tracks..producer plz go n do something new..intresting n surprising..

  21. saurav says:

    hi quboolians..

  22. Anu says:

    Gud morn quboolians…. Hav a fab day ahead:):)

  23. aki says:

    Why the writer re going on dragging tge tanveer track this is toooo much …….re they playing to change lead role fron zoya to tanveer…….urrrrgggggg……dammmm bad track……..

  24. Suni says:

    Good night Starlight ( I like saying that lol ) .

  25. Umat Sehgal says:

    Ok education I’m doing my premedical am in 11

  26. Suni says:

    Bye you all . Take care and be safe until we meet again .

  27. Suni says:

    Hi Starlight , you’re back :) . Well Cupid…. he is a cherub who runs around with a diaper and a bow and arrow 😀 .

  28. Umat Sehgal says:

    Ok he guyz no one here bye

  29. Starlight says:

    Stupid Cupid really ?? lol
    I had to leave to go have dinner with the hubby
    and torture him by making him watch Teen Wolf :-)

    Zac you should watch Grim. Another favorite
    Of mine … It has monsters and detectives
    all wrapped up in one :-)

  30. Umat Sehgal says:

    Hey gud morning guyz

  31. Suni says:

    Zac , there is nothing cute on PV 2 . The best part of that show each day is when it ends . After today I don’t think I want to even read another update .
    If you are looking for cute Ghosts though , there is Casper the friendly ghost 😀 . I’m just kidding :) . I don’t know any scary ghosts . Real life is sometimes scary enough , so I don’t go looking for scary stuff .

  32. Ok i need atleast two cute/charming characters… Even though in QH i find only asad cute, but he makes it up for two because of his physique…

  33. zac says:

    Ohh…that sounds like my genre… But are they cute ??? I mean i only watch shows whose characters are cute/charming… Like asad in QH… P.s. The “cute” here differs from the “cute” i mentioned while discussing abt ghosts earlier….

  34. Suni says:

    Tanveer’s attacks are direct , Zoya will get the better of her eventually . Pv2 characters messes up each others mind , and there is no one fit to be a hero or heroine there .

  35. Suni says:

    Again ” Nope” . But , she is low key in comparison to the crappy PV2 characters .

  36. Tanveer, a saint !!!!????? Are u on drugs ??

  37. Suni says:

    Bye , same here .

  38. Suni says:

    The scariest part about PV2 is that the PH spends time and money to produce it .

  39. Bye suni…catch u later…nice talking 2u…

  40. Suni says:

    ZAC trust me , Tanveer would be a saint on PV 2 .
    I don’t watch that show , maybe only 2 episodes .

  41. Oh canada…u mean robin’s place… 😀 (robin from how i met ur mother 😀 ) ..

  42. Hahaha suni…. I dont thing pv 2 is scarier than tanveer, haseena and razia…. I havent watched pv though…

  43. Suni says:

    Well , I kinda have a bf , but he studies in Canada .

  44. Coming down to the small screen heroes… :)

  45. Suni says:

    ZAC , I need to do a little reassessment of my previous statement that I do not like horror shows . It turns out that I have been following one for the past few weeks . I will suggest it to you … It is guaranteed to scare you in a way that you have never been scared before . I suggest that you watch PV 2 … But leave the lights on ok 😐 .

  46. zac says:

    May u find the one soon…. :)

  47. zac says:

    @mk happy bday to ur son…. (did some detective work on the other page 😛 )

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