Qubool Hai 18th February 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 18th February 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Qubool Hai 18th February 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya follows the man into the building, after taking a photo of it.

Inside, mamujaan is coversing with the guests while nikahat and imran are being teased by the other girls. Shirin asks if badi bi needs anyhting to which she denies. Zoay approaches casually into the house, and thinks that whoever Raghu has come to meet here, is behind the Dilshad’s murder attempt. She finds raghu behind a pillar, calling up someone and sees hassena’s phone ringing, but then omits her out as she finds her talking to someone else. zoya puts on a veil and goes around in the room, so that noone can recognize and she doesnt stand out in her jeans.

Zoya is determined that she would see who’s behind all this today. rashid collides into zoya but doesnt recognize her due to the veil.

Razia answers raghu’s call saying that he should go out stealthily from the house and meet him in the store room behind the house as she has to give something.
Zoya finds raghu going out and follows.

In her room, razia thinks that this thing is not safe to be here, with badi bi spying and all, and thinks that she should give this to raghu. But she is stopped by haseena who comes in asking her to show the gifts that have come and insistently takes her from there. Meanwhile the packet to be given to raghu, razia keeps it alongside a vase so that noone else can see this.

A veiled zoya collides into badi bi, who is surprised to see her. haseena and the others are busy seeing gifts. she disturbs the pile of gifts kept and again rearranging it, gives it to badi bi also picking up the packet that has fallen out of the packet that razia had kept there. Badi bi leaves along with the pile of gifts and the pouch.

Zoya opens the door to a dark room, where he finds the same person, taking a packet from razia. Unable to see clearly, she tries to get a better look of Razia’s face. Raghu tells razia that a girl was after him, razia says that she knew it and hence she tried to give away a dead body to the police claiming it to be hers.

Razia gives the packet to raghu saying that he needs to keep it very safe. Then razia gives half the money decided for killing dilshad, and says to him that she would have to call him again to finish his task later on. zoya accidentally bumps on the door, making a noise. A tensed razia comes out but doesnt find anyone, and wonders who was at the door.

Meanwhile zoya runs out of the house.

Razia gets a call from raghu saying that the packet that she gave to be kept carefully, is empty. razia says that all her secrets are in it, and he should look carefully. Razia remembers keeping it in the vase and thinks that someone might have taken it then, and wonders who could have done this.

Razia is frantically searching for the packet in badi bi’s room and is comfronted by badi bi, who says that she should be the one who should be searching the room for razia and not the vice versa. Razia asks her to give the pouch, by twisting her wrist and asks her to give her things that she has taken from razia. while she is trying to extort, razia finds nikhat and humaira approaching, and changes her tone immediately and asking as if she is feeling pain in her wrist. The girls tell badi bi to rest while telling razia that the guests who would be leaving soon, are asking for her. razia leaves warning badi bi.

razia again comes to badi bi, while she lies on the bed, taunting her and saying that the medications that she has given her would make her spit out the truth and give her everything that she has taken from razia. Razia asks her point blank as to what does she know about the doll factory conspiracy, but badi bi says that she doesnt know anything about it and dozes off. As razia goes out, she doesnt spot her pouch that falls from the pile of gifts and leaves the room.

badi bi, when she sees the pouch lying on the ground, she is surprised to find that it contains all the photos and negatives that are evidence of rashid’s involvement in the conspiracy. she takes rashid into a room, and giving him the evidences, tells him to burn them down and free himself from the clutches of razia. rashid walks out of the room in a trance, remembering badi bi’s words.

Razia finds rashid at the door. Razia takes the evidence from rashid saying that apart from this, she has many things that are sufficient to put him bahind bars. She says that he can still be deprived of all happiness if the truth comes out.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
asad is worried that zoya hasnt come and not even told anyone. When nazma tells that she doesnt know and also didnt get a response on zoya’s cell, Asad thinks to himself that he hopes that zoya hasnt gotten herself into any trouble this time.

As zoya reaches home, she tells asad about what she saw. But as usual, he doesnt believe when she says that she saw raghu, who they presume dead. She tries saying that she’s not crazy. asad blurts out that if something happened to her, he would have gone crazy. This boggles zoya, but asad composes himself saying that dilshad would have felt bad and this is what he meant.

As zoya is adamant that it was raghu only, without even being sure that it was raghu since she didnt see him clearly, asad is in a fix to believe her. Then she shows him the photo, seeing which asad is shocked and tells that it is rashid’s house. This boggles zoya who says that maybe she did make a mistake after all in recognizing him, or maybe he went into that house to meet an outsider who had come to attend the function. But dilshad comes in and tells zoya that she wasnt wrong.

Asad reprimands dilshad as to why she didnt tell him, about the fact that she had met rashid that day. Dilshad asks him not to mistrust rashid as he himself is involved in a conspiracy for the past 17 years back, in the doll factory that changed everything and kept rashid away from all this. asad asks why did rashid not tell them 17 years back. she says that is because he didnt want her to get hurt. Asad says then howcome she got shot. she tells him that it ws because she got an evidence that could have freed rashid from this trap.

In her room, nazma takes the doll and keeps it in a cardbox and takes them away.

she shows them the property papers that rashid has named on asad and nazma. Zoya remembers her conversation with rashid. dilshad says that rashid is trapped but wants to get out at any cost, otherwise why would he have named them the wntire property. Dilshad says that if she had died, then the evidence would have gone along with her. She tells about the doll that had recorded everything. Zoya asks about the doll. dilshad tells that its in her room, and it didnt work when rashid tried it too. Zoya asks her to show it to her as she’s sure that she can make it work.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road outside asad’s residence
When dilshad asks nazma about the doll, not finding it in her room, nazma tells them that she just gave the doll along with other toys for the poor kids and the van just went out of the house.

The van drops the doll, in its jerking, in the garden of asad’s mansion.

Asad runs after the van but doesnt see it. nazma asks as to why are they so tensed for the doll. as he comes back, he tells dilshad to go inside. Noone’s eyes fall on the doll lying in the garden.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
Despite zoya trying to tell that rashid might be innocent, asad refuses to believe it. zoya asks him to continue their investigation as she feels that they are very close to the truth.

Zoya says that all of this doesnt make sense. But asad says that the person who profitted from all of this, after burning the doll factory, was the one who took the factory at low rates. But she says that if it was done for profit, then they would have done something on those ground, which didnt happen. Asad and zoya keep fighting maong themsleves on rashid’s being guilty or innocent.

zoya says that they would have to go to the doll factory to find out any evidence about what happened 17 years back. Asad agrees.

Scene 5:
Location: The doll factory
Razia says that 17 years back, this factory witnessed a crime, with razia killing a woman and then rashid putting the whole factory on fire. She says that this conspiracy would never be revealed in daylight. the screen freezes on her vicious face.

Precap: Razia laughs reminisceing what had happened 17 years back. 17 years ago, she says rashid that what had he done, he was told to alight the doll factory and not commit a crime bu murdering. rashid says that he didnt murder anyone. Razia says that she might still believe him, but the police wont. Rashid is scared to shit.

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  1. surbhi says:

    im sure zoya was the one in the factory and razia thinks that rashid killed her.

  2. asya 4ever says:

    he means m madly in love with u and i care for u so if anything happens 2 u am gana go crazy

  3. Raj_Simi says:

    Ok now complete version 😛

    Akdu: the guy is dead are you crazy?
    Z: no mr khan i’m not crazy
    Akdu: agar aap ko kuch ho jata i would have gone crazy (if anything had happened to you i would have gone crazy)

  4. asya 4ever says:

    Raj i was just eagerly wiating ur quick notes so thanks yr keep up the good work ur a wonderful writter

  5. Raj_Simi says:

    “Agar aapko kuch hojata, I would’ve gone crazy,”

    “I mean, agar aapko kuch hojata toh, toh am-ammi ko bohat bora lagta,”

    Totallyyyy loved this scene. Mr.Akdu you are definately in love wid our Z 😉

  6. asya 4ever says:

    And u devil razia ur nt gana be free for so long u wil get punished for wht u did soon or ltr

  7. Raj_Simi says:

    Quick Notes: 18th February 2013

    -Firstly, I am impressed we actually got a lot of the secrets revealed today. I wasn’t expecting it since promos can be very misleading.

    -I called it on Z’s mother being murdered in the factory and then the place being set ablaze.

    -Tweedle Ratbag! I didn’t think you had it in you to commit the murder yourself — wow! I figured you’d hire people — maybe you didn’t have the money you had back then? And to blame Rashid (seriously, Ahmed Khan men need to start taking ‘badaam’ because their intelligence only takes them so far!). And how dare you manhandle Badi Bi! *Runs around in a manic rage*

    -Hasina Bi, we already have one villain — we don’t need you, and even if you could be a villain-esque figure, you are no match for our resident Evil Witch!

    -Rashid— you really do need to speed up your reaction time! This is how you got caught in the first place! Also, from this point on, if you doubt your mother, I am going to climb into the television and smack you! Also Rashid during your flashback, was that Li’l Z’s arm I spy?

    -Nikhat, you still have time! Make a run for it and don’t look back. Trust me when I say Imran just isn’t worth the time or the life you will waste if you marry him!

    -BadI Bi, I am so proud that you are undeterred in your mission! However, I am concerned that you are no good at underhanded battle tactics — that’s how you may win a battle, but you certainly don’t win wars this way! And look at you, being all enamoured and affectionate towards your future granddaughter-in-law (irrespective of whom she marries).

    -Shirin and Humera, you appeared and served no purpose other than reinforcing that Nikhat is getting married and actually likes Imran, and Hasina Bi is entirely unlikeable!

    -Tamatar, You look sooo cute. Also potentially detrimental since they nearly lost the doll, but clearly CVs have better plans and have saved the doll once again!

    -DILSHAAD! You have no idea how much I love you! I was genuinely afraid that you weren’t going to come forward with what you knew but you did! Thank the CVs! Also, nice going on trying to explain things, especially Rashid’s predicament (now I know why he loves you so much) to Akdu — though he is unlikely to listen. He might have been born with a manufacturing defect — you should get him tested.

    -Z — oh my dear girl! There are just no words to describe you! Initiative, gumption, selfless and fearless — you stood your ground when Akdu got all, well, ‘akdu’ about everything. You also understood your Dost’s predicament and tried to reason with Badshaah-e-Judgment but it’s not your fault that it failed. You are going to have such an uphill struggle in this relationship, since both of you are so fond of denial, obstinance and ignoring the elephant in the room.

    -Akdu! I get it, I really do but you need to get past your bullheadedness. It’s not Z’s fault that she went down the route she did — it’s yours. If you had reasoned with her or found a way to keep her in sight, you wouldn’t be as annoyed as you are right now! However, ignoring your clear progress as a person (you actually admitted you cared, though you were quick to dismiss it but saying it out loud is enough for now), could you please listen to your mother? You’re always saying how much she means to you and that she is terribly wise — then why aren’t you listening? You can’t go into this battle with preset notions, convictions and ideas!

    -Favourite Scene:

    The flashback scene when Tweedle Ratbag conveniently and quite effortlessly places the blame of the murder on FFIL’s shoulders! That was one clean lie!

    Special Mention:

    *Badi Bi’s affectionate gaze at Z. I am just so excited!
    *Shirin’s GTFO expression when Hasina Bi was talking about the gifts!
    *Tweedle Ratbag’s panicked expression!
    *Of course Akdu’s admission that he actually cares and Tamatar’s v. sly remark about how Akdu was most likely to know where Z was! Just all v. amusing

    The Precap: Aah! I don’t think I need to say anything — just so excited! I want to jump up and down, yayyy

  8. asya 4ever says:

    Badi bi why give him the evidence u should hv bornt it ur self coz ur son is acting lyk a coward for sure com on rashid u can do better then this

  9. Komal says:

    Just can’t wait 4 tmrw epi…asya z most wndrful couple on zee tv:-D:-P

  10. Meli says:

    I guess the lady killed by razia was zoya’s mum n zoya’s dad must b mamujan

  11. mis.b says:

    wow nice episode..
    I cant wait for tommoro..

  12. sera says:

    That woman whom razia killed must be zoya’s mother and mamu his father..

  13. asya 4ever says:

    Qh rocks wow just love it

  14. Asya says:

    i m eagrally waiting for the twist”Gurya Factory Ki Sazzish”

  15. Miss Kris says:

    So if all Razia secret was in the package, what the hell is Rashid problem. Didn’t Badi bi tell him to burn the damn thing, why let Razia know he found it , she would eventually put two and two together and know Badi bi gave it to him and she would let Badi bi have it. Oh, Rashid Rashid what to do what to do with you.

  16. Hasham says:

    I love the epi asya you both rocked

  17. asya 4ever says:

    Asad u just said if anything happens to zoya ur gana go crazy wow that was so sweet of u keep going

  18. Qubool says:

    Waiting for tommorow episode

  19. Shivani says:

    I love ksg

  20. asya 4ever says:

    rimjhin thanks for the update ur doing a wonderful job thanks alot

  21. laksh says:

    Nice episode. After seeing the doll factory and the doll, zoya will remember her past. Waitin for tomorrow. Asad yaar please listen to what zoya is saying.

  22. Profile photo of Rimjhim Rimjhim says: Verified

    Hey guys in the excitement ot give you guys an early update, i wrote it, but forgot to press the update button…sorry, mybad…
    guess Josh mein Hosh mahi khona chahiye…anyways my bad…sorry again!!!!enjoy reading!!!

    • Raj_Simi says:

      hahaha, thats all fine. Not ur fault but definately its QH’s, the way its getting more n more amazing makes everyone crazy…Oh n wid crazy i am going to comment about Asad’s saying he wud have gone crazy if anything had happened to her 😛

      Acha wo baad mein. First thing first. Thanks alot rimjhim for updates 🙂

  23. rukky says:

    Hey guys and girls. I love this show. Love AsYa

  24. asya 4ever says:

    Why did qh have to finish god wonderful episode just cant wait to watch tom epi

  25. asya 4ever says:

    My god why cant asad just believe zoya for once in his lyf com on man

  26. Anonymous says:

    if qubool hai ends i would gone crazy

  27. Iluvasya says:

    Wasn’t the show till 11?

  28. Naziha says:

    Poor rashid 🙁

  29. asya 4ever says:

    God today episode is kiling me really com on pls

  30. sabiha says:

    guys do u know what in just 2 min madhubala has got 102 comments so plz guys if u want qh to be the first one plz write more comment and show every1 that qh is no1 and the best

  31. Komal says:

    Giv the rest of the update quickly….plzzz;-):-*

  32. naajz says:

    plz do it fast.we r waiting for the rest

  33. qwsd says:

    hey guys today its again mixed epi of punar vivah and qubool hai.. show started at 9.30… it gonna end at 11….so it takes time!!!
    but still awesome work rimjhim…. yo da best:-)

  34. aleena says:

    pls update fst….!!!!

  35. riddhima says:

    why admin not updated :O

  36. Anonymous says:

    why update is soooooo slow

  37. Anonymous says:

    why updat is soooooo slow

  38. Miss kris says:

    Oh what the bloody hell, why oh why Rashid what on earth for, that old hag, my god be a man na Rashid stop going to the old dingbat. I know she must have other, but your mother is involved now, get a backbone for heavens sake

  39. Anonymous says:

    Please update fast!! I’m getting late

  40. Anonymous says:

    Do na fast…

  41. Raj_Simi says:

    WOW, this is amazing. The show is getting too excited!

  42. W says:

    fast pls…………………. im waiting…..

  43. nida says:

    hey raj hw ru.soul sisters gayab hogaye kya

    • Raj_Simi says:

      Hahaha..Idk yaar..Samaira was supposed to come back today. Lets see if she comes back but jjjj(another soul sister, lol). She got disappeared without telling anything. I guess she’ll be back too with samaira, afterall sisters made for each other 😛

  44. Anonymous says:

    Kyun itna late update.jaldi karo

  45. Raj_Simi says:

    Rashid??? :O My God, what the hell man?

  46. Maryam says:

    Jaldi pls

  47. Miss kris says:

    Wow, zoya please don’t get in trouble with that old hag Razia

  48. Jenny says:

    Be Fast..lol.

  49. aki says:

    Hurry up plz………….plz…………

  50. Anonymous says:

    Plzz do fast…

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