Qubool Hai 19th March 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 19th March 2013 Written Update by tulipdaisy

Qubool Hai 19th March 2013 Written Episode

Billo(Maid) searching in the bedroom when Zoya catches her and asks her why she is stealing and summons everyone. Zoya tells dilshad that she is stealing, Billo tries to defend najma says even my watch is missing, billo pleads forgiveness and Zoya asks her to bring all the things she stole. Billo shows them what all she has stolen and Dilshad chucks her out.

They check what all Billo has stolen, it has some old memories of Zoya her childhood stuff and seeing this Zoya gets emotional & says it was given by my parents and their only memory with me.Dilshad hugs zoya and consoles her, Zoya happy to find it back.

Rashid comes home to find Badi bee unconscious and cries, Nikhat says now that Rashid is home badi bee will surely wake up. Rashid says becoz of him his mom is like this but he will set everything alright and will prove that he is brave and not a coward and that we will leave this house and go away from here.

Rashid tells he is leaving Rasia’s hubby Siddiqui says you cant go now leaving me behind, Rashid says they never cared for him but he always took care of their business & rasia bhabi always used me as a weapon, didnt help me come out of jail. Siddiqui says i was not ready to bribe police to get you out of jail, rashid says you both made me slave and made me do all wrong work and you were always good in the eyes of others, Siddiqui tells shireen that today your hubby is yelling at me and did you forget I made your life with Rashid or you would have been like dilshad and your kids would have been naajayaz.Shireen tells him that he has helped her a lot but he has used Rashid very well, I trusted you so much but you never cared, helped us.

Shireen sides with Rashid and tells him to lets leave this house. Tanveer wears contact lenses to hide her white eyes and just then Zoya comes but misses seeing it, Tanveer has kept money on the cot and worries if Zoya finds it and hides it on some pretext.

Zoya thanks Tanveer for saving her when Asad was angry on her for feeding him peanuts, Tanveer says Asad is never angry on me, Zoya feels bad. She finds Tanveer’s stuffs packed, tanu says her work is over and she is leaving & if asad finds out he may not allow her to go. Zoya thinks with me he is always ready to send me out of here. Zoya somewhat happy that Tanveer is leaving.

Rasia starts drama and tries to emotionally blackmail Shireen and says her hubby cares for shireen a lot, she tells Rashid that does he know how he came out, Rashid says yes the police found he was innocent so they released him, Rasia says we paid Firoz a huge sum of money to get you released from jail & asks him to check with Ayaan. Rashid questions Ayaan if he gave money to Firoz?Ayaan says yes,Rasia saya we had to do all this as we couldnot see shireen crying so much and Ayaan suffering. Rashid asks what Ayaan had to pay for this help.

Tanveer is leaving and Zoya is very happy , Dilshad asks her to stay back but Zoya says Tanu has lots of work she has to go and is getting late (Zoya wants her to go before asad comes back) Najma says Bhaijaan came, Zoya disappointed Asad asks who is going, Zoya says Tanu has lots of work and has to go, Asad takes her luggage inside, Zoya is sad.

Ayaan remembers Rasia telling him not to tell anyone about the deal, Rashid forces him to speak, Ayaan is speechless, Rashid says these people have trapped you too… Rasia asks why is he doubting them so much, they helped him becoz he is their family, they ahve no bad intention wanted to save shireen’s life, nikhat’s wedding. Just then Badi bee wakes up and comes & Rasia is shocked. Badi bee tells that she had misunderstood Rasia, she is a very good lady. Rasia and her hubby shocked to hear this. Badi bee says this is our house we will stay here & not go away.Badi bee says today she knows whats the truth and they all will stay back here and she holds Rasia’s hand and smiles at her.

Precap – Rasia telling Badi bee that my husband was previously married and had a girl child, I killed his wife & put the kid in orphanage so that they never meet. On the other side Zoya is shown near some shop and Siddiqui is coming towards her.

Mahaepisode on 23rd March at 8pm

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52 Responses to “Qubool Hai 19th March 2013 Written Update”

  1. S.R says:

    I knew it, I knew it!!! Zoya is that persons daughter

  2. lovely says:

    i was knowing it

  3. Zoyaa says:

    I don wan asad to get married to tanweer…..instead he should fall for zoya…….yes one more thing what about zoyas visa…..did she get an extendid visa?? Lol….

  4. Zoyaa says:

    If mamujan is zoyas dad then how come zoyas sur name is farooqui n not siddiqui…….

  5. ammara says:

    missed the last two episodes
    waw i was totally amazed to see that billo rani was tanveer that was a nice twist

    awesome show

  6. truthfull says:

    this mamu might not be that bad.. razia said that she send his daughter to some orphanage, away from her husband.. it means he cared for her..
    and you can see his face and expressions in the precap… it was of pain like he was missing someone…
    I think this mamu dont know the whole story himself..!!!!!

  7. truthfull says:

    this mamu might not be that bad.. razia said that she send his daughter to some orphanage, away from her husband.. it means he cared for her..
    and you can see his face and expressions in the precap… it was of pain like he was missing someone…
    I think this mamu dont know the whole story himself..

  8. truthfull says:

    news guys..
    tanvi will make asad realise his feelings for Z and make him open his heart and accept his feelings for her(which is a very good news)
    but…. 🙁
    will also convince asad to marry her as Z is misfit for him and his family!!!

  9. simran says:

    yup…true…u hav a point…i didnt think like dat…but finally its a serial….nd like every other daily soap…after lots of dramas and stuff will happen nw….

  10. meeraj says:

    Yaa Allah wat a interestin episode so zoya is siddique doughter dat stupid cheap man

  11. Zoya says:

    Plz plz asad zoya ko mila do.tanveer is so cheap.

  12. asya says:

    where are the pics of the episode dude ….rimjhim come back plz

  13. asya says:

    where are the pics of the episode dude ……rimjhim come back plz

  14. reshma says:

    oh allaha zoya is the daughter of that saddiquiii???? yuck!!!, how cheap that mans and his wife raziya character, anways because of zoya only this show is running…. and hope zoya will find some good handsome guy, not asad then asad should release, and it should be toooooo late.

  15. divyaammu says:

    23rd march 2013 mahaepisode promo:

    Asad: Zoya kyun mujhme vo jasbaat jagaati
    hain jinhe main nahi mehsoos karna chhahta ?
    Tanveer: Meri aukat saabit karne ke liye mujhe
    Asad Ahmed Khan se nikah karna hi hoga.
    Nikah ke liye taiyaar ho jaiye !

    (Asad:why zoya u always awaken in me that emotions which i dont want to feel?
    Tanveer:to show every1 my right place i have to marry asad
    Be ready for the marriage)

  16. barun-sanaya jodi fan says:

    i knew zoya’s mum was killed by razia..n i even felt siddiqui was her dad..yuck any man can be so negligent towards his child!

  17. Annie says:

    Arey.. even if Zoya catch Tanvi’s all fake drama also nobdy wuld belive her.. Asad wuld definitly throw zoya out if she speak against Tanvi.. bcs Asad is blindly trust Tanvi.. Nw the entire show is bcm very typical & complex Na??

  18. malar says:

    Hope zoya will pair up with asad soon…
    love their chemistry <3

  19. simran says:

    i knew all dis…bt i cnt understand…y pple pairing zoya with ayan…when zoya likes asad….and even i want zoya to be with asad…i dnt like ayan…he is so wierd….and dat billo rani…..i dnt think she will marry asad….zoya will be d 1 who will reveal tanveers truth to every1..

  20. MK says:

    Yesssss, we did say that Mamujaan is Zoya’s did, did we not?
    How that old Rag could have such a sweet angel as a daughter.
    Well I guess she took after her mother. Poor thing that old Rat Bag killed her to get her husband and his riches I guess.

    Now Badi Bi I hope you do have a good plan up your sleeve this time to expose the old hags.

  21. Megha says:

    I think “Qubool hai” is successful becos of Zoya’s character. Pls writers, nowadaya, her character is so annoying.Pls don’t let Zoya falls for Asad, let Asad falls for her. I hate Asad’s character.

  22. KSG!! says:

    Guys im sooooo sad Qubool Hai is now in third place!!:(

  23. wht the says:

    my question is why is razia telling this to badi bee i thought they were enemies and when is the holi special if you go on qubool hai facebook page then you will find all these videos about asad an ziyas romantic dance

  24. wht the says:

    oh my gosh i cant believe siddique out of all the people is zoyas dad if razia figures out that zoya is her husbands first daughter she will hate her and if zoya gets married to ayan then she would torture her like hell

  25. Sonya says:

    How Razia is mistreated, manhandled. Nice episode.

  26. kiki says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!! CAN’T BELIEVE THAT THAT STUPID SIDDIQUI HAD A FIRST WIFE!!!!! AND HE GOES AROUND REMINDING RASHID OF DILSHAD N ALL BLACKMAILING HIM! HE SHOULD FIRST LOOK AT HIMSELF FIRST! WHO AGREES??? I feel soooo bad for Zoya because of that Razia she lost her mom and her dad just turned out to be a cheater!

  27. Anon says:

    Knew it. Mamujaan was her father.

  28. zeenah says:

    maybe mamujaan did not know that he has a daughter before .

  29. VARUN LOVER!!!!!!! says:

    omg omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i never expected, i mean none of us did, this sooooooo sad, can’t belive zoya’s mom was killed int eh fire.

  30. sallu says:

    tanu s cute but dhokebaz.
    tel zoy not to b too possessive!

  31. sallu says:

    tanu s cute but dhokebaz.

  32. APB says:

    Pls anyone tell about new promo

  33. laksh says:

    promo is not good. tanveer i hate her. she will definitely do everything against zoya to marry asad. my goodness zoya please expose this evil tanveer and save your asad.

  34. Nia says:

    Sh*t!!! The new promo shows that tanveer will now try to marry asad to get better status n lifestyle….
    I thot ths story had a diffrent story line but itz same like other serials…. 🙁

  35. Suni says:

    asya4 ever , I came to look for you , but you are not here .
    Keep good , hope to see you soon .
    Hi everyone 🙂 .
    When will Asad learn ?? He is trusting the wrong girl . I am so happy to see Rashid with some courage and Badi Bi is awake , yay !! But I hope that she is trying to psyche Razia out and not having amnesia or anything . I think that her brain is too strong for amnesia though 🙂 .

  36. fan says:

    what a shocker. so saddiqui is zoya’s father after all!

  37. qh fan says:

    Ok thnks:) I dnw dese sites bt ill check n I’m nt a face book user bt thnks a lot

  38. qh fan says:

    Guys where do I watch d promo of qh 23 march ?

  39. promi says:

    yes i knew tht razia killed zoya’s mom … but who i Siddiqui ??

  40. PG says:

    i was right about zoya being the daughter of mamujaan,and razia killed zoya’s mother and she is step sister of humaria…

  41. Anonymous says:

    I’m not liking Asad much these days .

  42. qh fan says:

    Update nt really understandeble anyways asadd bieng annoying on d oda hand d plot is gettinh intresting n qh on no.3 nw had to happen

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