Qubool Hai 25th June 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 25th June 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Qubool Hai 25th June 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan tells humaira that he has promised her to keep her happy, and hence he had decided to marry her, as he didnt want to hurt her. Humaira says that he did hurt her. As she walks off, ayan tries in vain to make her stop. Razia sees this and wonders when would he understand that hurting humaira would only irk her more, as his real anger is on her. That means since he cant be angry at her, he’s trying his anger on Humaira. she decides to teach him a lesson.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is very hurt and standing on the roof. Aasd comes up behind and sees her like this. As zoya turns around and finds him standing there, she leaves from there, with tears in her eyes, as her dupatta is stuck in the band of his watch. She jerks off and leaves from there.

Tanveer comes and sees this. asad turns away from her. She comes to him, and says that she understands his situation as noone is talking to her too, and that she too should leave from here, as then this topic would be over. Asad asks what happened last night and that he doesnt remember anything. He tells what he saw last, and asks her to tell. Tanveer says that she cant. On Asad’s insistence, she says that he saved her, but the goons’ sent by her husband ran away, but one of them before going, hit him. He fell un conscious, and after that she made him lie on the bed. And when he regained consciousness, he saw her, and went to her. She felt asif he needed something, but he drew her close to him, and was led astray by his desires. She says that she tried to stop him, but couldnt as being a woman, she couldnt have competed against him. She asked to go, but he didnt, and did the unthinkable. She askls what would happen to her now, and what would the society call her now. She breaks into tears saying that she cant live with this taint. She breaks down into tears. Asad comes to her and says that he wont let that happen. tanveer says that she cant let him take the brunt, and would take the blame on himself. She says that he’s starting a new life, and he wouldnt let him destroy it. she says that she would live with this taint, and asks her to go to zoya, that all of this is her fault, and then offers to go herself and tell her everything, and take the whole blame. But asad says that he would confess to zoya himself. As asad is feeling very guilty. Tanveer thinks that she cant even say that nothing happened between them, as he was unconscious all the time, but if she didnt do this, Zoya would never have gone.

Asad says to dilshad that he wants to meet zoya. dilshad comments that he started taking her name, when it wasnt his to. She says that her sister is going to come soon, and she would decide the future course of action. Asad again says that he just wants to apologize to zoya for once. dilshad stops him from doing so, but he forces himself and enters zoya’s room himself. They is shocked to find that her stuff is there, but she isnt. Nazma points out that her Ipad and the purse too is here and she doesnt go anywhere without it. They wonder where is he. Asad is highly tensed. He sees the tavvez, that zoya had worn, left behind. as nazma offers to go outside and see, asad exclaims that she has gone. Her sister comes and tells her that she may have gone to New York, to be alone for some time. She begins to reprimand asad for being so close to zoya and still being the one who betrayed her so badly and broke her. She tells dilshad to tell her if she gets any info. As she leaves, dilshad too goes to her room. Nazma too leaves. Asad is very depressed, while tanveer is evilly smiling. She comes to asad, and places her hand on his, but he jerks it away, and leaves. Tanveer is irritated.

Tanveer thinks smilingly that asad should forget about zoya and her memories soon, and that one day, he would have to come to her. She sees dilshad watching her and gets sombre, having a sad expression on her face. Dilshad says to Tanveer that even after doing such a stooped sin, she doesnt have a hint of regret on her face. Tanveer says that she’s feeling very bad, but asad…..but she is stopped by dilshad. She tells tanveer that she is to be blamed more, as its a woman’s responsibility to hold a man composed, and as long as she is here, she would always remind her that they destroyed zoya’s life. she says that tanveer is quite intelligent and says that she hopes she understands her drift, or else she would have to say clearly. tanveer thinks that she had doen all this to stay, whereas she wants her to leave. And now that she is successful, why would she leave, as she is to stay here forever, as her daughter in law. The screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: Razia tells tanveer on the phone, that humaira is going to Raniganj for her relative’s place, and that she shouldnt reach there. tanveer is surprised. Later, Razia reprimands ayan, that if humaira doesnt return, who would be responsible for that. Ayan is speechlees, while others are disturbed.


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  1. Threshold says:

    Where is your detective sense richard castle?

  2. u mean piyush tere bhai ka naam he ???

  3. alia(ARMAN) says:


  4. alia(ARMAN) says:

    Tum sab ek sath kaha gayab ho jate h???

  5. alia(ARMAN) says:

    Mera bhai yaar vo bahut funny h na is liye

  6. @cj threshold aur tera timing match hote he….kal bhi aisa tha… islie mujhe laga…. sorry if i am mistaken…and if i am correct , then ab dono k time change kar k mat aana…. 😀

  7. alia(ARMAN) says:

    Im fine dear and hwz u

  8. cj kaun yaad aa gaya ??/ 😛

  9. ANIKHAN says:

    @alia:hyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hwz u????

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  11. ANIKHAN says:

    any0ne present there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. @rizz i live in guj and piyush is a common name here….

  13. alia(ARMAN) says:

    Welcome piyush :-) but piyush naam s mujhe koi yaad agaya kahi tum vo he to nahi 😉 😉

  14. Riza says:

    I mean frm d earth to d sun..

  15. alia(ARMAN) says:

    Wah wah zac Tharshlod tumne mujhe bana diya chalo thanx

  16. Riza says:

    Piyush welcome to dis page.feel free to comment.
    No…threshold is not cj…oh let me interfere a bit…how do u kno piyush … frm gujarat

  17. Hey rizz how was ur xam ????

  18. Threshold = cj !!!!!!!!!

  19. Yeah piyush u can join us…. Seems like u r from gujarat….

  20. aki says:

    thanks suni dr i need that one only………just imagine if there was a comp to select three top fans who want to slap tanveer but they ha give some special n best moment of asya 😀 …fi this there would hve been a line to slap tanveer……..
    Thanx riza for link…… 😀
    bro ye konse lang hai ……hmmm fir se alai ne chinse jadu kar diya kya ????:D

    • Riza says:

      Need not say thanks aki.
      D line will b too long…as d distance of d sun frm d earth.haha
      I think dat language is bermuda triangle language.

  21. Piyush says:

    Hey guyz im new here can i join u plzzzz

  22. Asad slaps tanveer !!! So lame….
    I would have put her in the punch bag and puched it the whole day… Dude, learn something from me…. 😀

  23. Threshold baby who r u ???

  24. Y isnt anybody replying to me??? Dint u understand my ques ??? 😀

    • Riza says:

      No..didnt understand…seems a new language u brought from bermuda triangle.
      Sorry i came just to post some comments n links.

  25. Riza says:

    When asked by someone who comment dat
    WHY did asad believe(alwys) in whatever tanveer says?
    Forum32 replied… there is a REASON n soon it will unfold.

  26. Swadha says:

    I am so happy that asya get married soon. YES YES YES. Yeah!

  27. Riza says:


  28. MK says:

    Just read the promo, Asad and zoya patch up, Asad slaps Billo rani yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy
    So happy so happy, but when would they show that . Can’t wait.

  29. Zdtyuiuh

  30. Riza says:

    Qubool hai producers ban media interaction in the sets.
    What do you think….is it a wise decision or not?

  31. Riza says:

    Aki here’s today link check out
    26th june e24 link
    26th june SBS link
    26TH june SBB LINk

  32. Suni says:

    Hi Aki :) . I found an E24 segment , I’m not sure if it is what you mean , but this is it .. .

    tadap raha hai asad
    mehboob ki judai me asad ka hai ye aalam

    showed ajmer scenes
    zoya running on sand
    asad is crying on sand

    zoya runs from him ,her dupatta moves from asad’s face but he could not stop her

    bg–tadap tadap ke

    zoya–main pain ni de rhi hu , main apne pain me hu n asad apne pain me,
    so we r doing some painful things but we r enjoying
    asad–romantic ni hai,intense n painful moment hai,heat ke alawa sab kuch acha hai
    zoya–bahut sare twist hai
    reporter–kya ye dupataa irritate kr rha hai??
    zoya–ni but i m enjoying it, n i liked todays shooting the most
    both say pls watch QH

  33. aki says:

    Gud evening everyone 😀
    somebody tell me what happened in today sbs segment…….jaldi 😀

  34. alia(ARMAN) says:

    :-) :-)

  35. alia(ARMAN) says:

    😀 😀 😀 😀
    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
    😉 😉 😉 😉 😉
    :O :O :O :O :O
    B-) B-) B-) B-)
    😀 😀 😀 😀
    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  36. Chandni says:

    Great news!!!! Asad to slap tanveer. . . . . .WOW

  37. alia(ARMAN) says:

    :-) 😉 :-) 😉
    :-) 😉 😀 :-)
    😉 😡 :-);-)

  38. alia(ARMAN) says:

    Woow 2day sbs and sbb news is super good :-) 😉 :-) 😉 :-) 😉

  39. alia(ARMAN) says:

    Woow 2day sbs and sbb news is super duper good

  40. ayshel says:

    have you allready seen the news??? it’s sooooo quboolfabolous

  41. Zoyaa says:

    Twist in d tale……

  42. Andy says:

    Awweechum! Soo sad though! :'( Poor Zoe!!

  43. Swadha says:

    My sister always said that why you don’t named asad and zoya as zoyasad.

  44. zoyasad says:

    aww.. :(
    cried my eyes out watching this, such a heart-breaking episode. just wish asad finds the truth and everything about tanveer. just wish asad and zoya get back together asap.

    loved dilshad though… such a cutie. *lolawks
    but how dilshad blamed tanveer was amazing….hehe :)


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