Qubool Hai 3rd April 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 3rd April 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with yesterday’s scene where Zoya is crying and Asad hugs her. Asad remembers how desperate Zoya was to search for her father, and then how photoframe guy told Asad that the person for whom Zoya is searching died 15 years ago.

Razia and Tanveer are watching them from a distance. Photoframe guy tells Razia that he did what she told him to. Razia gives him money and he leaves. Tanveer tells Razia, I am a a b*tch already, but I have never seen b*tch like you. You made a daughter to think that her father is dead despite him being alive. Razia says, you’re no less.. and are you feeling sorry for her seeing her tears? Tanveer says, why would I care. Razia says, then what are you doing here? Go and arrange Zoya’s exit from this place. I have ended her search here for forever, but if she stays here, then I will always be afraid of my loss.. and Razia never loses. Tanveer speaks in her mind, I will not only beat you, but also destroy you. Just let the correct time come. Razia asks her, what are you thinking now? Tanveer says, nothing.. and your work will be done. They smile and leave.

Sad song (Dua from movie Shangai) plays in background. Zoya is on her knees and crying. Asad brings flowers and a shawl. They together put it on the grave there. Zoya prays for her dad. Asad watches her, and then prays along with her. Zoya touches the grave, Asad holds her. Zoya gets up and hugs Asad.

They come out and Zoya tells Asad, I wish I could see my father for once. In the background, Mamujan is shown sitting in his car. They leave.

In a night time, Zoya is sitting alone, crying, and looking at something. Asad comes and sits beside her. He gives her coffee and says, it’s just like how you love it. Zoya takes it and drinks it. She then thanks Asad saying, if you weren’t there today, then I don’t know how would I be able to control myself. Asad says, I know how tough this time is for you.. if you need anything, then I am here. Zoya says, I always used to think why my abbu left me.. why he never came to search for me.. to meet me.. and today I found answers of all my questions. I am very sad because my father is dead.. but at the same time, I am happy and relieved knowing he never wanted to leave me. Destiny just didn’t give him chance to find me. Asad watches at emotional Zoya. Zoya continues, some stories never end… it’s in their destiny to be incomplete..

Zoya continues, my mission of coming to India is complete now in a way. Asad tries to put his hand on Zoya’s hand and Zoya says, I should go back. Asad quickly takes his hand back and watches at Zoya. Sad Mitwa in background. Zoya asks him, right Mr. Khan? Asad doesn’t say anything. Asad’s family comes there. Everyone hugs her. Tanveer says, I am very sorry to hear this. Dilshaad asks Zoya if she told her jiju and aati. Zoya says, I will tell now. She then says, I am going to my room. Dilshad tells her go and rest. Zoya leaves. Dilshad says, poor girl.. she came here with so many hopes. Najma asks Dilshad, why Zoya’s sister didn’t come with Zoya? Dilshad tells her, she is not her real sister. They adopted Zoya. That poor girl doesn’t have anyone in this world. Tanveer smiles. Dilshaad and Najma leave.

Asad feels bad remembering him scolding Zoya many times and asking her if her parents didn’t teach her any manners.

Zoya gets a call from Ayan. He tells her, you were right.. Humaira really loves me. Zoya controls her emotions and says, I told you. Ayan says, you’re very quick in finding out truth. Zoya says, not always.. sometimes I am very late in finding out the truth. Ayan asks, but what shall I do now? Zoya tells him, some people never get love in their entire life.. you’ve got it.. respect it.. make sure you never hurt her. She asks him to promise her that he will never hurt Humaira. Ayan promises and disconnects the phone.

Asad is sleeping, but cannot sleep. He remembers Zoya saying that she will go back. Asad gets up and says to himself, I should have said no to Ms. Farukhi that time only. I don’t know why I stopped myself from stopping her. He comes to Zoya’s room. He’s about to knock the door, but then stops himself and goes back. As soon as he goes back into his room, Zoya opens the door. She looks around, and then closes the door. She is then shown packing her bags.

Next morning, everyone except Zoya is at dining table. Asad asks if Zoya is not coming for the breakfast. He asks Najma to go and check, but Dilshad stops her. She tells Asad to give her some time. Tanveer tells Asad that Zoya is a brave girl.. she can take care of herself. Doorbell rings and Najma goes to open the door.

Najma says, someone came from travel agency. She has some tickets in her hand. She says, it’s Zoya’s tickets of New York. Zoya is going to New York on Sunday. Tanveer smiles. Asad remembers Zoya saying, I should go back.

Episode ends on his face.

Precap: Asad says to Zoya, if I say don’t go.. then will that reason be enough? Will you stop Ms. Farukhi? Zoya asks, why would you want to stop me? Asad keeps going closer to her and says, I don’t know that either. All I know is .. I can’t see you leaving. Stay, Zoya.


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    Aki, its ok that u answered .. So u frm india ???? And which team do u follow…???

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    by the way ur sis is elder to u ??? If yes then i feel sorry for u that u couldnt watch QH.. And if u r elder to her then jo what every elder in india does- JUST SNATCH THE TV REMOTE FROM HER and watch what u want…. πŸ˜€ :p

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    aksha=:) thanks for helping me wid dis trouble…i needed some1 to help me wid my own emotions..hehe thanks hon…

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      Ur welcome dr…….n ipl means Indian premier league its cricket league…..like big bash…

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    sorry hon but im a very boring and old fashioned person…hehehe…can u remind me of wat is ipl? and since i dont no wat it is i think u got ur ans..but still tell me…

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    Thats so sad that u couldnt c the precap… Dont worry u’ll get to c the whole part today…

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    U r so sweet becky… Do u follow IPL ????

    • aki says:

      Hmm u hve not ask me……ok but i love ipl ………..hehehe sry without asking i hve given answer……..

  48. surbhi says:

    can any kind soul give a hyperlink to the precap images?:(

  49. surbhi says:

    hey i got something so funny to tell every1…hehe…:
    Today i was possesed by QH:
    This is wat happened after c-ing the precap:
    And this, i swear is 100% true:
    Today at around noon, my two sisters and i were watching a show…it was called American Idol.
    I was totally engrossed and focused on the television…but my mind, the entire time was replaying the precap b4 my eyes…
    So then all of a sudden my sis changed the channel…
    Wel all i heard from my sister was,’Shut the f**k up!!! We’re not watching that u a**h**e!!! We were watching american idol not ur QH!’
    And i swear to God, i hadnt even realized i was shouting QH instead of american idol! It was wen my sis then told me that i said qubool hai!
    Well 4 me dat was the most awkward moment in my entire life, cuz i am like the most silent person at home and everywhere else…
    So i waited bout 1 minute to pass and then i quietly got up wen everyone was focused on the t.v and i went to my room…
    Plzz listen to ur mothers wen they say these kind of stuff get to ur brain…
    Becuz this is the effect QH has on us fans wen dey try to give us the best show in the entire world…
    I dont even know wat else i should say bout my experiance 2day but i can tell u…i would love to be possessed by QH anytime it likes cuz i know i let this show get to my brain…its like another part of me…sorry guys but i cant even find the rite number emotion face thingy to place after this…tell me wat u think so i can know how to feel…sad, happy,mischievous,sarcastic, shy, embarrassed…i have no idea…

    • aki says:

      Hmmmm very interesting act u hd done………hahaha sry yar…………but its happen dont be sad or embarresed….its happen some time……be happy…..

  50. aki says:

    Sry for mistake its miss farukhi….n has….sry…sry sry sry..

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