Qubool Hai 4th April 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 4th April 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with Razia’s and Tanveer’s conversation on the phone. Razia tells Tanveer, your face is ugly, but you give such good news. Zoya is leaving… you made me happy, Billo Rani. Tanveer says, how many times have I told you that my name is Tanveer, not Billo Rani. You heard good news, now let’s talk about my prize. Razia says, you have done such a great work.. I will give you lots of money and gifts for this. Tanveer says, give me my money and you can keep gifts as return-gifts from me. I will give you such gift that you will be surprised. This will keep going between us.. we will exchange many gifts. Razia says, you said that right.. and she hangs up. Tanveer says to herself, and it will be me who will end this. If I don’t make you to get on your knees, then my name is not Tanveer. She remembers how Razia told her that God knows whose bad blood running inside Tanveer and has an angry face. She smiles now and says, Zoya is gone.. now it’s your turn Razia. Everything is happening the way I want.

On the other hand, Razia says, everything is going the way I wanted.. one is gone.. I will handle this Tanveer. And Ayan is already under my control. Ayan comes there now. They both stare at each other.

At Asad’s house, everyone is in Zoya’s room. Dilshaad tells her, you took such a big decision and didn’t even ask me once. Are you leaving for real? Zoya says, yes.. you know why I came here. Dilshad says, I know, but you stayed with us for so many days, shared happiness, sorrow.. and now you will leave all of a sudden.. Zoya says, what do you think that you all are not part of my life? Asad is standing far and just listening. Zoya continues, I value what I got from here a lot, but in end I am a guest. Asad and Zoya look at each other. Zoya continues, a relative’s relative who stayed here for few days.. one day I had to go. Najma says, you can’t go all of a sudden.. I won’t let you go. Zoya says, tomato, you will always feel like that whenever I leave because you love me.. but you have to understand. My visa is expiring and I don’t have any reason to stay here (looking at Asad). Asad looks back at her and walks away from there. Tanveer explains Najma that Zoya’s visa are expiring and she will have to go. Tanveer then speaks in her mind, feeling very bad, Asad.. but whether you want or no.. she will have to go. Don’t worry.. I will make sure you don’t miss Zoya. Now only Tanveer will be in your life, not Zoya.

Ayan asks Razia, so I am under your control. At least I got to hear truth from you. You can do anything for money.. but Humaira.. she is not your slave. Razia asks, what do you mean? Ayan says, meaning.. do you even know that Humaira loves me. Razia says, that’s good news.. she is getting whom she loves. Ayan says, despite knowing that I don’t love Humaira.. you’re marrying her with me. He recalls his and Humaira’s night incident and says, a mother who blames her daughter for such thing.. won’t understand meaning of all this and she can do anything. Razia gets angry now.. she points a finger at him and says, I can do whatever I want with my daughter.. you don’t have to worry. And stop staring at me. Just remember that you will tell everyone today that you want to marry Humaira. And if you delay in saying that, then I will call Feroz.

Zoya is packing her stuff and Asad comes and knocks the door. He slowly enters the room. Mitwa plays in the background. Asad asks Zoya, do you really want to go? Zoya says, I will have to go. Asad says, there is a huge difference in wanting to go and having to go. Zoya says, I have no reason to stay. Asad goes closer to her and says, if I say don’t go, then will that reason be enough? A moment of silence… Asad keeps going closer and says, if I ask you to stay, then will you stop? Zoya fumbles a bit and says, why would you want to stop me, Mr. Khan? Asad goes closer, Zoya goes backward. Asad says, I don’t know that either.. all I know is that I can’t see you leaving. Stop. Zoya. They both have an eyelock now. And all that was just Asad’s imagination.

He’s still standing at the door. Zoya asks him, what happened Mr. Khan? What are you thinking? Do you want to say anything? Asad fumbles and says, no.. I just came to see… Zoya says in her mind, you just came to see? You won’t even say to stop for once? Asad continues.. is packing done? Zoya says, ya.. almost. Asad asks, are you leaving? Zoya says, JI (yes). Now Asad just talks random stuff.. is Sunday confirmed? Zoya says, yes.. it’s confirmed. Do you want to ask anything else? Asad asks, are you really leaving? Zoya says, yes, Mr. Khan.

Zoya continues, do you remember you told me that this country doesn’t want me to stay here? That is why maybe my visa didn’t get renew. And since I have came to this house, you want me to leave as soon as possible. So finally on Sunday, I am leaving… from this house.. and from your life.. for forever. Happy? Asad is expressionless. Tears come out from Zoya’s eyes, but she turns away her face. And now tears come out from Asad’s eyes too, and he also turns away, and then leaves from Zoya’s room.

In night time, everyone’s at the dining table at Ayan’s house. Humaira asks Mamujan if she can go to shopping with Ayan’s sister. Razia quickly answers, take Ayan with you as well.. he will want to do shopping for marriage as well. Girls start planning what they will buy. Razia makes excuses to go to Ayan and reminds him to talk about his marriage. Ayan gets angry and leaves from there. Everyone wonders what happened to him. Shirin gets up and tries to go after Ayan, but she gets dizzy.

At Asad’s house, Zoya is sitting alone.. remembering moments when she came to Asad’s house… her and Asad’s moments. Right then Asad comes to her room. He gives her an employment letter which says that she works in his company and says, if you give this in visa office, then you will get visa. After that, at least you won’t have visa’s excuse to leave.. and it will be upto you whether you want to stay or leave.

Both stare at each other and then Zoya finally takes that letter from Asad. She looks at the letter and then wants to say something, but by then Asad has already left from there.

Zoya smiles and says in her mind, that means he doesn’t want me to go… then why didn’t he say directly? Allah miya (God), I will never be able to understand Mr. Khan. I am not going anywhere, Mr. Khan.

Episode ends.

Precap: Razia has some scary doll in her hand and tells Shirin that it’s some black magic gudiya. Shirin is holding her husband.
On the other side, Zoya tells Tanveer, Mr. Khan never tells directly what he wants.. what’s going in his mind. For example, by giving this letter, he indirectly wants to stop me. And I have decided that I am not going anywhere. Tanveer is shocked.


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  1. Ok bye I think u r busy watching sslk I’m going bye cu tc :-)

  2. It should be fast that asad start hating tanu

  3. Ok my mom is watching sslk only but now there is break

  4. Farss gayab hogayi ho ya nahi. :-(

  5. It will be cool if asad gets to know truth about tanveer. N he will hate her n kick her out from his house good na :-) I will be just like :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  6. Farss whatu doing only chatting or some other work also :-) I’m just chating

  7. I know that all hate her but y can’t she understand. Farss think if asad marry zoya than how will asad treat zoya I will like if he is romantic what says:-) hehehe

  8. Farss but it should happen that tanveer shld get heartatack n die but it will not. Agar picture mein villen nahi toh mazza kaisa what says:-) hehehe

  9. Farss I’m sad coz of tanveer the nalayak kutti kamine b*tch.y she wants to destroy asad n zoyas life.yyyyyy.I just hate her . I think I will kill her……….!!!!!

  10. Asad plssssssss say truth to zoya that u love her sooo much. Tanveer to hell…

  11. Hi farss how u. :-) isn’t it sad that asad gives tickets to zoya to leave :-(

  12. Hi everyone. Anyone there :-)
    I read comments tanveer I just hate u b*tch…….

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    dear am watching songs from youtube ,,, what are u doing ?

  15. Kabhi!!!! says:

    Could anyone tell me what is in the fatafat news and the new promo of qubool hai it is banned in my country I don’t understand why?:(

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    hey guyz watz goin?????

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    @ asya forever: hi fairy aka fariha do you like kajol very much????????????

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