Qubool Hai 9th May 2013 Written Update

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Qubool Hai 9th May 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Qubool Hai 9th May 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Nazma too finds out about the person butchering the chicken, but cant identify because the pic is hazy. they however find about the stone eye, and tanveer is scared. Dilshad reprimands him for having accused zoya for nothing. As asad looks at zoya, she leaves with a hurt look on her face.

Zoya reprimands asad, in her own self. Asad hears this from the door. He says sorry, before zoya could interrupt him. Zoay says that he shouts in front of everyone, but apologizes alone. (MITWA MOMENT) She asks if he actually thinks she’s so bad. Zoya says that he doesnt realise how much he hurts her so much sometimes. Zoya asks if he actually thinks she’s so bad, and goes on to lecture him, with her back towards him. Asad leaves, keeping her gift on the table. As zoya turns around, not finding asad’s voice, she finds the gift, an dremembers how she had demanded the gift. He says that once he saw her wearing the saree, and she was looking verey beautiful. She remembers the rainy night.(MITWA MOMENT) She smiles at herself.

Asad and zoya share awkward glances at each other, at the dining table. They all discuss as to who the stone eyed girl could be. asad disbelieves her, and zoya as usual taunts her for the same. Tanveer is very nervous about this discussion. She tries to tell them about her research done on stone eyed girls, much to nazma and dilshads’s amusement and asad’s irritation. read full updates daily with pics only at Asad asks her to stop finally. Zoya asks him not to be so emotional, as if that girl is her best friend. Tanveer is very scared at the sight of it. As tanveer passes the pulses, she accidentally drops her lens into it. She immediately covers the eye with her hand, while all keep nervously asking her what went wrong. Tanveer tears away to run to her bathroom.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia vehemently denies that she didnt distribute gold coins, but the fakir keeps saying that she’s so generous, and modest too, as she doesnt want to accept it. While humaira is shocked, razia doesnt seem to believe what she just heard. The fakir bless humaira that she might have a happy married life and go away.

Shirin asks what had she wanted, that she so generously gave away 1.5 kgs of gold. Razia tries to convince everyone, but noone believes. She swears on humaira. But when they dont believe at all, razia decides to call the goldsmith. Humaira takes the phone from her, saying that she would talk to him. Badi bi is very amused at her plan working. After making the call, humaira tells everyone that razia didnt go there. Razia is very happy and says that she was right. But humaira intercepted her saying that she sent someone with the jewellery to be melted, and gold coins made out of it. Badi bi pretends to be distraught. Humaira severely reprimands razia for this insensitive act. Razia tries to defend herself, but humaira says that

Humaira says thats because she wanted her to wear the jewellery she had made for her daughter, but she couldnt bear when she made the descision to wear b adi bi’s jewellery. she reprimands her for having given away badi bi’s memories, and that even though she always trusted her mother, today razia broke her trust. Razia tries to pacify her, but humaira is beyond consolation, saying that she never expected thios from her, and that she would never be able to forgive her. Humaira leaves, razia is tensed, but badi bi is amused.

razia threatens badi bi, in her room, but badi bi is unfazed and is taunting her about the insults that she has had to face recently. She reminds razia that she’s guest here for just seven more days, before humaira throws her out of the house. Razia says that before that ayan would come back, and get engaged with humaira, and then he wouldnt allow her to be thrown out of the house. Razia says that badi bi’s using humaira against her, and she would use ayan against bi. Saying so, she leaves, while badi bi is still amuseed.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Tanveer tries to place the extra lens in her eye, but her nervouseness causes her to accidentally throw it into the basin and being unable to find it. Zoya and asad knock on tanveer’s door, while tanveer is very upset, at her lens not being found. as zoya enters, tanveer faces her, with her hands on her artificial eye. As zoya slides the hand aside, she and asad too are shocked to see her eye. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Someone dashingly gets down the bike, and zoya walking past, falls into his lap accidentally. Zoya is shcoked and finally calls out “ROBERT” meaning its Ayan.

Pictures will be late.. around 2-3am IST.

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  1. tulsidai25 says:

    Pleeeeeeeeease do not break asad and zoya jodi. They are meant to be together.

  2. mhk says:

    every1 is present here???

  3. Arohi says:

    Qh hai serial ko ‘palkoki chaho may’ serial ki tharaha math rakiyeh. Asad aur zoya ki jodi ko forever kar dhijiyeh.

  4. mhk says:

    hi aditzz. How r u?

  5. fan f qh says:

    Hi guys,.am so happy 2 hear dat gud news f asya.aditi can I plz get da site wre u got da info @ tanu wntin 2 kill zoya @ da parlour plzzz.send da site add here.thanks

  6. aki says:

    ok bye everyone…..see u all later…..tc…..

  7. aki says:

    opps bro i frogot to ask aapka exam kase hua?????

  8. zac says:

    Hey halloooooo!!!!! I’m the World’s Rank 1 Secret Agent…. No competion with big brother haan…

  9. aki says:

    dii aapna ye news find krna ka liya kitne sites eat kar di ??????????hehehehhe

  10. aki says:

    seennnnn secret asy4ever agent…………..hahahhaha…………

  11. Asya4ever says:

    Akiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii am here seee me

  12. aki says:

    frassssss diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii???????????????????????

  13. aki says:

    ya di i m here n aapka secret kam khatam ho gya….??????

    • Asya4ever says:

      Aki . secret hahahaha . asya4ever is my username right so i cant stop my self dear .

  14. aki says:

    frasa di aapki investigation abhi tak khatam nhi hue kya…????abh asya ki marriage ki news pata to chal gy ha….abh unki honyemoon ki news par investigation to nhi kr rhi ho app????

  15. Asya4ever says:

    Aki are u there ?

  16. aki says:

    bro tanveer ki bhen…..hahahaha use bhi kha zada ha……shayad mom ……..hehehehe……….

  17. zac says:

    Aki, next time becky mile na, to us k kaan k neeche do laga dena…tanvir ki behen hi wo..

  18. zac says:

    @Faruu contact Mr. Dhurendhar Bhatawdekar.. 😛

  19. zac says:

    Then do one thing…come to india and attend their wedding… If tanvir and razia does something then u kick them…

  20. zac says:

    Farru now r u satisfied ?????? Now stop searching for more news…and wait till 17th..

  21. saurav says:

    hi siti i got d news from indiatvforum.net dat tanveer truth wud b revealed b4 asya sangeet.she wud try 2 kill zoya in d parlour nd asad will see her.she wud accept her crime n say dat she wanted 2 marry him

  22. asya4ever says:

    BREAKING : Asad and Zoya to get married

    Asad and Zoya are going to get married in the hit TV show Qubool Hai. Asad played by Karan Singh Grover and Zoya played by Surbhi Jyoti are a hot favourite couple among the viewers. The pair are going to get married on the show in a spectacular manner. The episode is set to have some drama element. There is going to be music, dance and celebrations. The producers are planning to go all the way with this wedding episode. The show Qubool Hai is about a Muslim family, and their life. There is also love stories which has attracted many viewers. The actors, not only the lead actors, but all the supporting actors are very good at their work. This family has become one of the favourite television families right now. All the actors are going to be present in the wedding episode and all the viewers are ecstatic about this celebration. The wedding episode in Qubool Hai is going to be aired on 17th May and 20th May on Zee TV.

  23. zac says:


  24. thunder says:

    Gud evening asads and zoyas here… Face the problems day by day… Dont read the news… May b that ayaam-zoya marriage is done as a deal… So keep calm..

    n bye guyz have to study


  27. aki says:

    but why asya re shocked to see tannveer eyes…..hve they seen her stone eyes or something else…..?????

    • Asya4ever says:

      aki they will not see tanveer eye am sure of that .

    • Riza says:

      dont think so coz some1 post a comment about d real face of tanveer known after she tried to kill zoya in changing room.dont whether dat news is right or not

    good news guyz calm down n read this
    new spoiler its from confirmed source
    in upcoming episode there will be zoya and ayan twists n turn but ASAD N ZOYA KA NIKAH WILL HAPPEN AFTER ALOT OF DRAMA
    dont worry enjy the show and enjoy asya nikah soon

  29. thunder says:

    Yaaron aisa he apna yaarana,
    sath me jeena hai,
    sath he mar jaaana,
    har mushkil se hai ab to takrana,
    jo socha he wo,
    ab to hai pana….

  30. aki says:

    if after asya marriage……ayan fall in llve with zoya then we dont hve any prob………..it will be interesting to see asad jelasous…….

  31. aki says:

    if they re making ayan pair up with zoya then he is third evil in asya life……..

  32. aki says:

    galat kamo me razia ka dimag bhut tej chalta haa……then when didnt she tell shrien they .must marry ayan before asad…..kuch bhi ulat bola ka ayan ki saddi karwa detti………useless evil…….

    • eashel961 says:

      Yre exactly…aise keh k uskay matlab ka kaam hota… Humaora ayaan ki marg fast hojato

  33. eashel961 says:

    Lol fari di..!! Just now i checkd my bp and i think i do need to check urs..hehe
    Aur sbb ka kaha koi pathar pe lakir nahi hogaye…
    Maybe they will go according to our wish…

    Zoya ayan ki shadi k chances tou zyada hain:;(
    1- zee tv’s plot( agree its removed)
    2- shireen curse of no asad marriage
    3- gul khan statement of ayaan being ROMANTICALLY PAIRED UP WITH ZOYA:(
    4- new ayaan’s entry ..woh bhi puri filmy style
    5- PRECAP- zoya in ayaans arms…

    What say…? Tell me if m wrong

  34. asya cant be separated they are made for each other and i am 1 of ksg bst frnd sis he told that in the last week of may they would be married so dnt worry en plz dnt quit qh

  35. aki says:

    frass di hve u seen heart di comment in ipkknd page……she is leaving for ever…

  36. aki says:

    kash shhrien bhi ayan ko 24 hrs me shaddi karne ko kha de………that will be too much fine……

  37. Asya4ever says:

    Aki am angry with the writers . they are playing with us . remember they said asya will get married on 17 or 20 may and the marriege will take place . so what now . and now they said the wedding will not happen

  38. aki says:

    hii eashel n frass di…….
    frass di why re u angry…????

    • Asya4ever says:

      Aki am angry with the writers . they are playing with us . remember they said asya will get married on 17 or 20 may and the marriege will take place . so what now . and now they said the wedding will not happen

  39. Asya4ever says:

    Aki dear am here and am angry .

  40. eashel961 says:

    Guyz …m happy that maybe the cvs understood the voices of our heats beacuse there is no more the plot of zoya ayaan marriage…. See for urself on the zeetv site


    • Asya4ever says:

      Eashel we have seen it already . but y’day we saw the sbb that asad will sacri his love for his brother

  41. rooba says:

    hyeeeee frndzzzzzzz…………******

  42. Asya4ever says:

    Aki dear . i really am sad . and am quiting qh . i cant wait for nothing that is not going to happen . am fed up with these writers . they are so dump . zee tv is a not a good tv at all

  43. eashel961 says:

    Hello everyone …kaisey hain sab..?

    But there is chances of no marriage of zoyaan bcz on the official site of zee tv there is no more the plot relating zoyaan marriage

  44. aki says:

    frass di i m here……re u there……??????

  45. aki says:

    we can only hope fo better……..becoz after fall in trp….they might workout for asya marriage…..

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