Qubool Hai – Latest Promo – Tanveer Plans to Kill Zoya; Asad Catches Her

Written Update:
Tanveer to Zoya: You’re very lucky. You’re going to die while doing a namaz (prayer).

Tanveer spreads kerosine on the floor around Zoya.

Tanveer says: You will go straight to heaven. (and then evil laugh).

Zoya is praying.

Tanveer is about to throw a candle on the floor, but Asad stops her.

Asad to Tanveer: So this is your true face.

Tanveer is shocked.

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17 Responses to “Qubool Hai – Latest Promo – Tanveer Plans to Kill Zoya; Asad Catches Her”

  1. Zoya says:

    Yes yes iam waiting to see tanu face

  2. reet says:

    Yay asad u saw tanveer no more jammy jammy

  3. lol says:

    yes I have been waiting for this for so long and regards to it not being true m pretty sure that its true. promos mostly true

  4. Ravneet says:

    Yes yes yes tanu is done

  5. hadeeza says:

    At last dis tanu witch will be exposed wat a relief

  6. Poppy says:

    Yes yes plzzzz!!!!!

  7. aish says:

    Waitng for this scene

  8. KSG says:

    At last. After about 4 months the so called “tanu’s” asli chera is going to appear in front of asad. Waiting

  9. nimi says:

    am waitin 4 tis scene…thanks for wu

  10. saurav says:

    waiting 4 dis scene in qh.

  11. . says:

    thanks for WU in english cause we foreigners are followers of this drama. please keep doing this WU thank you thank you thank you :-) 😉 :-)

  12. helon says:

    i dont think so.. dis promo is true.. bcz nw a days qh is jst manupilating… i want asya scenes

    • nisha says:

      no worries, in sha Allah this is true and a video is updated in fb regarding asad and zoya having fun time together (latest one) :)

    • nisha says:

      i meant a video (behind the scenes)..latest shooting happened..

  13. muhibah says:

    Good,please get rid Tanu from Asad &Zoya’s love life,enough of pains,wanted to see more of their love moments,let Tanu be Haseena’s daughter in law…That will awesome…

  14. Nanu says:

    Really really hope that this time they will show this promo and tanveer will be exposed and also asad and tanveer wedding will not happen
    As last time too they said in the cliff scene asad will safe zoya and tanu will be exposed but they did not show it at all
    So just hope this scene will be shown

  15. sash says:

    Thankzzz sooo much for written update of video

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