Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th February 2013 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th February 2013 Written Update by vibz88

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th February 2013 Written Episode

Vihaan says he is not interested in marrying Rachna and he does not like either sister. Gunjan tells him Rachna loves him he tells everyone loves him so should he marry everyone. Vihaan is about to leave when he sees mayank and Rachna SD ,Shailesh, Rajeev, seema, sangeeta, charu, chaya, Shayl, Dayal, dholu, gopal and prabhu come out from behind the pillars. Gunjan tells him his game is over. Vihaan tells her she will pay for this. Gunjan slaps him SD wants to say something but Shailesh stops her. Gunjan says this is from Rachna . Shayl and Dayal scold Vihaan nicely . Dayal apologizes to Gunjan. She says Vihaan had designed the trap so nicely no one would believe her. She tells Rachna that she did it all for her as she knew how much Rachna loved him. Gunjan is crying when Mayank consoles her but Shayl tells him to let her cry as she will feel better after suffering all alone. Vihaan is about to leave when Rajeev asks him to apologize. SD supports Vihaan and does not want him to apologize as its the girls fault and Shailesh tells him to say sorry. He says if Rachna had come he would have rejected her outright. Shayl and Savitri Devi get into an argument as Shayl feels that she has not taught Vihaan to value relations and respect woman. Dayal says if Vihaan was the last guy on earth he would prefer his daughter to stay unmarried. SD takes Vihaan and leaves. Rajeev apologizes to the family. Seema , charu and Sangeeta want to leave as everyone will praise Gunjan and make her a goddess while Mayank will become her devotee so she wants to leave. Gunjan hugs Rachna and thanks Mayank. Rachna is hurt and has nothing to say.

SD keeps cribbing that Vihaan was not treated properly her husband tells her she should have slapped her son long back. He is about to slap Vihaan when Rajeev comes in between. He tells Vihaan that he is hurt and if he continues like this he will lose his brother. SD gets upset and Shailesh says its no use to tell him anything and asks Rajeev to leave.

PRECAP: Shayl tells Gunjan what would she tell Sneha and then they hug

62 Responses to “Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 11th February 2013 Written Update”

  1. hmn says:

    I don like Mayank

    • Miss Kris says:

      Me neither, looks too immature,
      But what can we do, hope they turn his character around if they want him to be paired with Gunjan in future, but sadly hes married. How will that be addressed, divorce?
      Or will Dayal himself have to throw Charu out the house? Hmmm what a situation.

  2. anonymous says:

    guyz we should give so many comments on this page.we are at 7th position in DTB please……

  3. angel says:

    gunjan n mayank shld b reunited…
    they make a good couple….:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t want to see gunjan and Mayank they don’t make a good couple someone else with gunjan please

  5. Anamika says:

    What a mind blowing episode.

  6. Anamika says:

    What a mind blowing episode.Just awesome as Vihan is exposed.

  7. Araf says:

    Nice episode.Happy to see the expose of Vihan infront of everyone.

  8. Younglife says:

    Nothing 2 say….. very goood

  9. Younglife says:

    Nothing 2 say…..

  10. Anonymous says:

    nice epi…

  11. saki says:

    awesome episode Woohoo

  12. I loveeee this episode finally vihaan is exposed…

  13. scunq says:

    Thanks for the update.i’ve missed wonderful episode today.can u guys update words that gunjan said to vihaan clearly.try to give full update.rajeev is awsome.rachna u doubted ur beloved sis it is too bad for u.atleast ask her to forgive u.

  14. Zeej says:

    Wow finally vihan is expose… Am so happy.

  15. vytharvi says:

    vihaan is very very bad and bitch ofcourse i agree with this

    have u noticed his love towards his brother rajeev. why can;t we say that he had romanced with rachchu to make rajeev jealous. ofcourse i agree why did he played such a iritable drama’
    plz take it serious i just had a conspiracy when i saw how much he loves rajeev. it may b crct or wrong
    for me rachchna is the prettiest and cute girl compared to gunjan but she is not fashionable why everyone ignoring her so much hurting her a lot earlier rajeev and now vihaan then……..

    • Julia says:

      can you tell me what happened before between rachna and rajeev? I did not watch from the beginning.
      btw ranjeev is so handsome

    • Mb says:

      It was acute one sided lovestory werein rajiv was rachna hockey coach .he was smar handsome stict and hardworking coach whereas racna was a girl with hidden potentials with no self confidence could not take her own decisions. Rajiv soon realized dis nd started being super strict with her ndhurt her ego so dat she culd becum starplayer. She thout he hated her but den soon realized dat he never said but dat he really did dis fr her benefit. Nd soon she fell in love with him. Dere were instances were rahiv saved him frm goons and wen dey attackked rajiv she took d stroke on herself. She secretly took care f him wen he was ill. Till den she was in love with him too much nd would dream f him. It was on a college trip were she slipped in a pit nd rajiv saved her while she told hr feelings to him nd he said dat it was impossible fr she is a student. She felt bad but rajiv did not show ny feelings aftr dat. Nd dat one sided love story ended dere.

  16. Mb says:

    I dont think it was rachna s ego rather i would say it was her guilt dat she doubted her best sister who did so much fr her nd dats why she culdnt say nything r maybe she was in a shock after knowing d truth dat badly she had been used by vihaan nd dat he did not love hr. Btw i think in tomorrows episode she will beg fr forgiveness. And after dis incident gunjan will b loved more by hr masi mausaji and ofcourse rachna. Gunjan has atlast managed to win d trust f dayal also

    • Miss Kris says:

      That true mb, did you see the shock in her, she could not even move, blink nothing. I strongly believe it’s shock.
      When she gets out of it she will then hug and speak to Gunjan again.
      And after all this the three witches still not satisfied.
      They represent the three ills of society, you remember the three monkeys, speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil. Well they are the opposit of that.

    • bindhi says:

      that is why i was glad vihaan pulled this prank on gunjan becuz i knew that at the end she would hav won all the hearts of the family except for…… three witches….. and they wouldnt even doubt her in the future especially for rachna and her dad

  17. Mb says:

    Yaa miss krish and bindhi u all r rite i think i got carried away. Atleast i should b happy dat dis rachna marraige chapter is closed . But i dont want charu scenes dey r so boring she always keeps making faces. I would love to see college scenes lyk some fest or competition lyk dat and ya miss krish i would love to see teenage things like crying over pimples. I really had laughed my lungs out once wen dey showed rachna applying turmeric on her face in middle f d nite and wen dholu called hr a ghost. Fr sum tym dey shuld show rachna gunjan nd chaaya scenes ofcourse here nd dere rajiv scenes( wat to do i m fond f his presence n d screen). But u kmow wat it was fun seeing wen vihaan got exposed. He was so overconfident. And yes we cant hav things so fast so i ll hav to wait naturally.

    • Miss Kris says:

      Can’t wait till he goes back to college and everyone should taunt him. Hope they have scenes. Everyone should laught at him, he would run and nite his face in shame. And his mommy dearest, “my d ear Vihaan” my foot, her husband need to give her a tight slap across the face in front the public

    • bindhi says:

      yes i want rachna to slap and expose him in school!!!!!!…..

    • bindhi says:

      yes i want rachna to slap and expose him in college becuz i am sure vihaan will go back to his same ways in college flirtin with girls!!!!!!…..

  18. tmright says:

    cool episode :) nice way to start monday with a smile.
    Can’t blame sd for that punks attitude, that stewpid dad is also equally responsible. Even at this age he gets driven by his wife…lol

    • Anonymous says:

      dont be to happy caus e i dont know why but i have a feeling that rachna still will want to marry vihaan. she said in one episode that she wanted to prove her love for him and wanted him back at any cost. and if you look at this serie, she isnt happy about the truth and ant gunjuns innocense. she has only vihaan on her mind. she is to blinded by love

  19. ammara says:

    i am sooooooooo happy finally vihann the truth has come out
    i am disappointed in rachna is her ego so big that she cant be nicer to gunjan …. if gunjan didnt do what she did vihaan would have made it worse for rachna gunjan saved her from marrying a real jerk she should change her attitude and apologize to shail and gunjan

  20. anonymous says:

    the episode was good.why rachna didn’t apologize to gunjan?this is unfair.

  21. abhilasha says:

    wanna see rajeev and rachna together as soon as possible .i dont like waiting

  22. urmilasingh says:

    well what a wonderful episode today. Finally the truth came out now lets see what will happen in the future.

  23. Anshara says:

    Fab episode.I am so happy.
    Finally the truth caome out
    Gunjan did a great job by slapping vihan.But rachna didn’t say sorry to gunjan.”my dear vihan” again supported her son.Rajeev is nice.good that dayal apologize to gunjan.
    But all over great episode.

    • Anonymous says:

      sorry that i have to say this, but i hope gunjun ends up whit ranjeev. manyal never realy trusted her when they were about to marry. he dindt understand the importance of a husbund wife trust relation. now he wants to win her back , but i find it to late. i hope she ends up whit a realy nice and trustworthy guy that loves her than live itself. cause that is what she deserves. and not a an untrustworthy hunsband whit an even worse mother inlaw

  24. new girl says:

    Phheww!!! Finally

  25. Miss Kris says:

    Wow, great, now the truthnismout, Gunjan is redeemed of being a selfish uncaring person. Vihaan needed more than a slap, he should have gotten from Shail and Dayal too.
    Now,mits show time, drum roll please, time for the three witches to turn on each other, can’t wait.
    Yes Seema is going to get it good from charu, because not Mayank will lavish Gunjan with attention,
    Not only him but whole family.

  26. Mb says:

    Vihaan is such aa jerk. He again insulted rachna calling hr behenji. Wat does he think f himself? Its high time rachna stands fr herself and becomes bold and first and foremost thing stops crying. There is sumthing wrong with her . Either she feels guilty fr not trusting gunjan r is sad with vihaans betrayal. She did not utter a word nor hugged gunjan back. Now d cvs shuld atleast bring sumone who actually falls fr her and accepts her as she is. I really sympathise her. Wats wrong with cvs dey r not concentrating on rachna love interest. I guess with d new promo dey will again start dat charu gunjan and mayank drama with seema nd sangeetha interfering. If dis week dey dont start rajiv rachna scene again i wont watch it. Dey r making us wait so much.

    • Miss Kris says:

      Wow wow mb calm down dear. One at a time. Yes I do agree with you they should show more of Rachna, but I think these two girls need a break from all this Shaddi talk and concentrate on normal teenagers worries, like pimples, fashion etc.
      We need to see something different other than boy girl, girl like boy thing.
      Come we need something unique with a lil romance to the side but not to rush into wedding etc. the girls need to live and experience life to the fullest before settling down and having that responsibility.
      But romance is inevitable na?

    • bindhi says:

      yes they need to start showing college scenes with rachna and rajeev……god i am tired of charus drama i mean for GOD SAKE mayank is married now.

  27. Zuby says:

    I hope the family understand the 3witches b4 something came up, as 4 dayal i hope he will give gunjal a breathing space,and understands value of sacrifice

  28. chaya says:

    nice epi way to go

  29. Tazzie says:

    About time!!! …. I liked the slap scene the best… ha ha ha.

    I wonder what’s next? Hope not charo drama – it’s quite old fashion, silly and ridiculous. No one in today’s time thinks or behaves that way.

  30. bindhi says:

    gunjan u go girl!!!! …….i was expectin rachna to also slap him and wat the hell is wrong with vihaans mom?….geez

    • Miss Kris says:

      Hi Bindhi, all of then needed to give him a slap and his mommy dearest the dear old SD needed a tight slap as well, her husband should have done it. I wanted to see Rajeev slap Vihaan but telling him he gonna lose his bro if he continues was as good as a slap.

  31. Gunjan & Mayank 4 ever!!! says:

    Wow finally!!!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    I don’t want to see gunjan and Mayank they don’t make a good couple someone else with gunjan please

  33. mahima says:

    shreya, cicil loves shreya

  34. Anonymous says:

    This episode was great ! looking forward for mayank and gunjan reunited.

  35. sumaiya961 says:


  36. Purvi&Arjun 4ever says:

    wow this great finally vihaan is exposed!!!!!!!!

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