Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th March 2013 Written Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th March 2013 Written Update by vibz88

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th March 2013 Written Episode


Rachna is lost in Vihaan s insults and Mayank s words on the stage. Vihaan is impatient as Rachna is not taking his name Rachna finally does leaving Gunjan Rajeev Chaya shocked!! It is announced that mental ability round details will be announced on the day of competition. Chaya questions Rachna s decision and she takes her in a corner to explain. Gunjan looks angrily at Vihaan while he smirks. Vihaan and Rachna explain their situation to Rajeev and Chaya. Gunjan overhears Rachna talking who says the day she wins everyone will understand her decision. Gunjan asks her why she is doing this and is getting manipulated by Vihaan Rachna tells her to relax and the family should not know. Rajeev threatens Vihaan that if something happens he will not spare him Vihaan tells him to concentrate on Gunjan but he tells his eye will be on Vihaan . Charu is excited about holi and when Seema is not interested she decides to plan with Rachna . Shayl asks Gunjan why she is upset she sys nothing. Charu decides to find out whats wrong between sisters. Rachna Shayl promote Zee TV s new show which will air at 10 o clock (Badaltey Rishtey). Gunjan is still hesitant and questions Rachna ,she says she has learnt from her bad experiences and she is not innocent.Charu overhears this

Charu goes and tells Seema, Sangeeta and Shayl that Rachna is taking Vihaan’s help for the competition slyly. Everyone is shocked to know Vihaan is her mentor. Charu says that she can understand Rachna did not speak up but Gunjan claimed to be mature atleast she could have told the truth. Charu sends Rachna to get her nail file and Shayl questions Gunjan and she tells Shayl the truth. Shayl asks why she dint stop her Gunjan says that Rachna believes Vihaan can help her win. Rachna overhears.
Rachna asks Gunjan if now she knows why she dint want to tell her mom and hurt her. She saysthat Gunjan told her mom even though she had told her not to and dint expect it. She says never mind atleast she is relieved that her mom knows. She says even if no one supports her atleast her mom does and is happy.


PRECAP: Charu asks Gunjan in front of Sangeeta and Seema if she still loves Mayank. Mayank overhearing this conversation, Gunjan confused

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23 Responses to “Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th March 2013 Written Update”

  1. sajni says:

    but now when i watch sslk i feel to kick rachna for behaving stupidly & everyone r thinking that gunjanis wrong mad mad mad mad mad

  2. ammara says:

    i really hope that rachna totally regrets chosing vihaan as her mentor and he messes with her and she learns a valuable lesson
    gunjan does not have to win let someone else win i would love to see what rachna would do then

    she cannot keep blaming gunjan for everyting ….. how can she let a person like charu influence her she is blind immature and naive and going about gaining independance in all the wrong ways

  3. shazeeda says:

    I dont know why Charu is messing with the two sisters creating friction

  4. Nasma says:

    Can you all believe that charu and gunjam are best freinds in real life

  5. MK says:

    I don’t know whose worst, Charu, Razia and Tanvi, or Ishita and Punni.

  6. deep says:

    Hi all,miss kriss,Charu is a deranged fellow,she should be sent to asylum,why can’t some1 send a random assassins or sniper just to get rid of her for good,she pollutes the earth and so many others…

    • MK says:

      Hi deep, thanks for the laugh yaar.

      She do need psychiatric evaluation and therapy badly.
      She has a deficit, some mental disorder and a total loose screws all round
      Really a waste of space.

  7. sakthi says:


  8. kjayamaha says:

    please do something for this charu she is not still punished for her bad deeds

  9. Anshara says:

    agree with you mrs arjun purvi kirloskar.

    wish someone give me 1 chance to kill charu.she is a first she snatched mayank from she is creating rift between sisters.actually she has no work whole day.that’s why she do these unnecessary things.instead of doing such things please do some household will be better.

  10. MK says:

    I hope it’s Seema who finds out what charu is up to against Rachna and Gunjan.

    Anshara dear, I hope they both face this tragedy together and not against each other.
    They could be miserable together and not against each other and weather the storm.

    I hope Charu gets punished for her evil deeds.

  11. MK says:

    Oh, I do hope that witch falls flat on her face.
    Come on Rachna you are very smart and intelligent don’t fall for Charu and her confusion.
    I have a feeling Rachna knows exactly what she is doing. I’m glad she has gotten mature
    But she should not acuse Gunjan without knowing all the facts.
    But in time I hope everything comes to light and she realizes what Charu really is.
    I hope Charu gets busted by Rachna.

  12. Mrs. Purvi Arjun Kirloskar says:

    I feel like murdering Charu…that good for nothing, goat face, stupid si ladki. I’m glad all the tension between Rachna and Gunjan is going to end on the holi sequence (as per the news reports). Still love SSLK

    • sajni says:

      but now when i watch sslk i feel to kick rachna for behaving stupidly & everyone r thinking that gunjanis wrong mad mad mad mad mad

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