Saraswatichandra 15th March 2013 Written Update

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Saraswatichandra 15th March 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Saraswatichandra 15th March 2013 Written Episode

Saras on the street:

The Episode begins with Saras walking on the streets and in deep thoughts of his childhood where he is pleading his mom to dont leave him and go and his mother committing suicide. He thinks what he father told that he is like his mom who never shows what is in her mind. Then Saras thinks about telling his mom to called him Saraswatichandra, Saraswati’s Son chandra.
He stops somewhere and takes the hammer and starts hitting the woods much to the shocked to the person who was cutting the woods. He stops Saras. Saras feels disgusted.

Kumud’s home:

Kumud thinks about provoking Saras to go and get the kite. Then she thinks of Badi maa’s words that his mother committed suicide in that pond.

Kumari and Kusum comes to her and asks did badi maa scold you. Kumud says yes. I did a big mistake and I deserve it. I need to correct my mistakes.

Saras comes back home. Vidyachatur and his wife says that they were very worried about him. Badi maa comes to him and says, you are still in the same condition. Pond water was so cold. change your clothes and I will bring turmeric milk for you. She looks at him with motherly love and he too stares at her with teary eyes. Kumud just looks at him from far…..

Vidyachatur asks did he eat food. Kumud’s mother says no. Vidyachatur tells his wife that Saras loved his mother more than his father and all the moments spent with his mom came infront of him.

Kumud comes there and starts crying and says Bapu. Vidyachatur asks her to say sorry to Saras. and says now we will not talk on this issue.

Vidyachatur consoles crying Kumud. She goes from there.
Saras is doing yoga and thinks of his childhood flashbacks of his mom committing suicide in the pond and he is crying for his mom to do leave him. He is very much tensed.

In the night, Kumud thinks that she should go and meet Saras. She comes to Saras room and knocks on the door and says me, kumud. Open the door. Saras gets up and comes near the door. Saras looks at her angrily from the slight opening of the door and closes the door on her face before she could speak anything. Kumud says today because of me.She says I know you are very angry. unknowingly I did very wrong. But truly I wants your forgiveness, if not today then later. I will come here till the time who forgives me. Saras hears her from the closed door. Kumud leaves from there. Badi maa comes there and says did you ask for forgivesness? she says yes, but he did not forgive me. Badi maa says you gave him a deep wound. It will take time to cover it up. Kumud says It is my responsibility. She leaves.

Scene Shifts to Dubai:

Ghuman is fuming in anger that she could not go back to Ratnagiri because of some mistake in Passport. Didi says that it is good that you are not going at this time, because it is a festive time and your plans are not good. Ghuman fumes. Then Laxminandan comes there and says I talked with the embassy and you will soon go to India. He says let Saras enjoy with Kumud. you want to meet them, I know. She says I need my son, when something happening in his life. He says ok.

She hugs LaxmiNandan with a evil looks.

Scene shifts back to Kumud’s home:

Kusum asks Kumud what did Saras told. Kumud tells that he closed the door on her face. Kusum says he dont looks like angry man. Kumud says he was in deep wounds. what I have done. Kusum says you have not done it knowingly. Kumud says when I saw his eyes for the first time. I saw deep pain in his eyes. and voice comes from my heart then I will clear his hidden pain but now I cant look at my eyes. He break the alliance and I break him. Kusum says you both gives pain to each other and understand each other pain. How is your relation? Kumud is crying throughout.

Scene shifts back to Dubai:

Ghuman is telling herself that she cant be late now, she have to reach Ratnagiri soon. Her Didi says there is something in Kumud, that’s why Saras is after her. you always wins the game, but forget to win this game. She provokes her that she will fail in her attempt to seperate Kumud and Saras.
Ghuman calls Saras. but he didn’t pick her calls. Saras was in deep thoughts. She gets angry and says I know he will pick whose phone call.

Scene Shifts back to Kumud’s home:

Kumud does the aarti and tells the God that she scratch his wounds and his heart. I will do whatever I can and persuade him to forgive me. It was my fault. God please help me. She turns and sees Saras standing.

Saras comes near her. Kumud offers him Aarti. He takes the aarti. Kumud tells Saras whatever happened yesterday, am sorry for that. She says you are in mandir, forgive me. Saras goes near God idol and prays. Kumud thinks that you dont know how stubborn I am. If I did a mistake then I will go any way to get your forgivesness. Episode ends on her tearful face……

Precap:Kumud says to Saras I need to apply the medicines. Saras replies, you dont even know how deep the wound is? So how will you apply the medicine?

Pics will be late!

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    pyar ki rishta kumud understand it kumud..!!

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    expressions well shown !! saras…

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    saras background music—-really haunting and makes me teary ..&-l

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    samud is d best couple..

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