Saraswatichandra 18th April 2013 Written Update

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Saraswatichandra 18th April 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Saraswatichandra 18th April 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kumud, Saras, Kumari and Kusum standing in the kitchen. Saras thinks of maintaining a distance and they move backwards. Kumari asks them why are they moving backwards. Saras is about to tell her that Kumud told him, but Kumud stops him and says she will prepare tea for everyone.

Kumud gives tea to Chandrika. She says Badimaa went to mandir to say thanks to her Lord. Chandrika says that the tea is not having sweetness as she might have forgot to put in sugar. Kumud tastes the tea to check and feels it does not have sugar. She keeps the tea and goes in kitchen. Saras comes there and sees the tea. He sits and drinks the tea. Just then Kumud comes there and says what are you doing. Saras stops and moves back. Kumud says it is her tea. Saras still drinks the tea. He says not to tell him in every matter as he is listening to her. He drinks the same tea.

Phone rings. Kumud picks the call. She tells her mother that she has to go for some work. Kumud’s mother says as Vidyachatur was not working properly due to tension. Kumud says she will fulfill the order and to not tell anything to Vidyachatur. Ghuman hears this and smiles.

Ghuman comes to Saras. He asks does she have any work. She says she spoke to an agent. Saras tells how she has come to know about the agent. Ghuman says she is his mother and she wants to help him. Saras tells he will meet the agent. Ghuman asks him to meet the agent today itself.

Kumud is going for the work and Saras is going to meet the agent. They bump into each other again. Saras moves back taking few steps. Kumari comes there and suggests them to go together. Kumari says she is going her friend. Saras asks Kumud to go first.

Kumud completes the order to save her father’s name. Saras talks to the agent to buy land close to the village for making a school. Kumud sees bangles. Saras sees her wearing bangles. She sees Saras in the mirror. O piya.. plays. He gives her signs that red bangles are good while standing there. Kumud says she did not like these bangles. She wears green bangles. He signs that it is not so good. She watches him in the mirror.

Suddenly few goons come in the scene. People panic and run away. Kumud is stuck in the crowd. Saras covers her. He saves her and send her to a safe place.

Badimaa says she has made Kumud’s fav. curry today and they are waiting for her. Ghuman tells Badimaa that even Saras went to town today and maybe Kumud and Saras will come together. Kusum says she will take a bus and come soon. Vidyachatur enters and says it is a bandh today. Kumud’s mother informs him that Kumud went to town. Viyachatur is shocked.

Saras and Kumud get into a rice shop. Kumud tells him thanks. Saras’s hand gets hurt while closing the door.

Suddenly, Kumud’s bangles falls, and Saras sees the red bangles. Saras says it is a good colour. Kumud says she did not tell this colour. Kumud says when will she reach home she does not know. Kumud sees Saras is hurt. She brings water and asks him to clean the wound. He says no its ok. She throws water on him from a distance. He says what are you doing. She says its over and smiles.

Vidyachatur talks to his client who says Kumud left the shop. Her mother says she might be coming. Kusum asks Vidyachatur not to worry.
Yash’s mother says that Saras is also in town. If Kumud makes a heart to heart relation, then all these people will be ruined.

Saras tells that they will have to wait here for more time. Kumud says how will she reach home. Saras tells all this does not happen in Dubai. Kumud says you are here for your mother’s school else you would have gone by now.
He says I live alone, so wherever I live, there is no difference. Kumud says she cannot live alone and she does not know how people live alone.
Saras tells she works in school, helps Vidyachatur, writes poems, and draws images especially of eyes.

She says you know a lot about me, tell me about you. They bothe argue. Saras asks him to ask anything. She asks whether he had a girlfriend. He says not even one. He says why you question so much. She says I m a teacher thats why. He asks why 4-steps distance. She does not answer. She says why he closed the door so hard. He scolds her. They both open the door together and smile seeing each other.

Kumud tells Saras that her family will be more worried because he is with her. She gives him a long stick to hold and walk keeping a distance from her.


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  1. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    Aw….saras protects her 4rm the crowd…..sooo kind…so cute they lukd <3 <3 ..

  2. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    He luks at mirror..and signals..she says takes tht itself 😉 😀 😀 :D:D

  3. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    Kumud had concern 4 saras 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 …..ab ise kya samajna hai mujhe ? 😉

  4. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    LOL…the way she cleaned his wound……bathed him…

  5. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    Aw..kumud…wat qns she asked:: girlfriend..???? 😀 😀 …y is ur smile sooo expensive..? y do u speak soo less..??

  6. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    Funny…romantic……..awesum killin music………..

  7. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    really awesum episode………………………………..realllyyyy awesum…

  8. aki says:

    Oye i m back ….n u all left….sry for comming late……..

  9. suku says:

    ok bye guys…i’ll meet you tonight…

  10. Abhaya says:

    bye suku…i have to leave now…meet you todays page…

  11. Suku says:

    i have one doubt…when the people are making sound for bandh there many people are running..but how only samud went the rise shop..

  12. Suku says:

    bye aki…

  13. Abhaya says:

    when yash come out of the jail he must stand against of his whole family na..

  14. aki says:

    Ok bye guys ….mom is calling for lunch ….meet u after few min…….

  15. Suku says:

    if ghuman find kumari’s secret she must blackmail her…or take the chance to humilate badi maa..

  16. Suku says:

    ya aki we dont know about ghuman’s son yet..and ghuman’s sis is must unmarried..because is always with ghuman..

  17. Abhay says:

    no aki i dont know about ghuman’s son..and i think ghuman’s sis is must unmarried..

  18. Suku says:

    when laxminandhan will know about her intention…he will really feel why he married ghuman..

  19. aki says:

    Precap is really nice……stick se 4 step ke distance……hahaha

  20. aki says:

    Any1 knows who will play the character of guman son……….?n is guman sis unmarried……?

  21. aki says:

    I m just wating for the day when laxmi will come to know that guman has sold haveli….n will slap her infront of all…….

  22. aki says:

    U guys had lunch…..??

  23. Suku says:

    ok aki…

  24. Abhaya says:

    i also fine suku..

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