Saraswatichandra 18th March 2013 Written Update

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Saraswatichandra 18th March 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Saraswatichandra 18th March 2013 Written Episode

The Episode Starts with Saras praying in front of God idols and Kumud comes near him. He feels her presence and turns around angrily looks at her. She bows down her knees and holds her ears and says that you say anything or not, but your eyes did say everything and I want to hear only one time that you forgive me. You asked me something. Yes I said you yes after seeing your eyes. Because I saw the deep pain in it.

I didn’t knew the reason but it was pure. And I wanted to share that pain. But I throw you in that pain. Saras closes his eyes. Kumud teary eyed says I am feeling very sorry. look at me once. Saras looks at her angrily and touch her tears coming from her eyes and says you might have saw repent in my eyes for writing that letter.

Saraswatichandra music is playing in the background. Kumud says but I asked for forgivessness for my mistakes but didn’t asked for forgiveness. She says there is something which we are not able to cope up, and gives pain to each other. Saras tells that he will feel pained for giving her pain. The pain which is in his life, he have to live with that pain but he learned how to live with the pain and you too will learn to live. He leaves.

Scene shifts back to Dubai:

Ghuman tells Sunny that Saras didn’t call her. Sunny tells that he didn’t call him either. He returns today from LA. Ghuman asks him to call Saras now. He calls Saras and gives the call to Ghuman. She smiles.
Saras pick up the call and tells that he should not have come here. I dont know what happened to me. Whatever happened to my mother, after that I didnt want to come here. I want to live alone. Dont want to meet anyone. She send me to the same pond where my mother went and didn’t return to me. She makes me remember all that. She should not do that.

Then badi maa comes there and asks Saras to have milk.

Ghuman feels happy to listen to Saras. When sunny asks Ghuman what happened. She says phone was not connecting. do let me know if he calls you. Sunny oblige.

Ghuman says to herself that your one mistake Kumud, cover up all the attraction he had for you. you should have not played with his past. His past is his weakness. Now it is my turn.

Scene shifts back to Kumud’s home:

Saras tells Badi maa that he dont want to eat. Badi maa says you did like this in your childhood too and your mother used to sing a song and asked you to have food. She sings chakki rani chakki rani………

Saras comes near her and sits besides her. When badi maa forgets the song, Saras continues to Sing. Badi maa smiles. He says maa used to sing this song for me and I used to hide under the table but she continued to search for me. My mother used to feeds me from her own hands. After I went to Dubai, I used to remember all these things and I was unable to eat after that.
Badi maa says dont say like this. I am with you. She asked him to have food.

Saras tells Badi maa that he learned to live alone. He doesn’t need anybody’s support and asked her to leave. Badi maa leaves and he too leaves from there. Badi maa feels sad and says he didnt forgot me but fears to make the relation with me again.

Badi maa asks Kumud’s mother to make sesame laddoos in the breakfast. She says I dont want to go but whatever happened, after that I am seeing that Saras. He was unable to say anything but his eyes always asks one questions. Where is my mother, Why she left? After Saraswati left, He cried in my lap and slept while crying. Kumud’s mother says that you have looked after him after Saraswati left. You supported him. Kumud’s mother asks her, did he recognise you? Badi maa says everything is finished then why I went to him. Kumud’s mother says that you went because all the relation ties never ends. She asked her to go and give him breakfast. Kumud’s mother leaves.

Badi maa says you are right. I can saw the glimpse of Saraswati in him and not Ghuman’s. He didn’t forgot anything but he did hide it in his heart.

Kumud sees Saras and hide behind a pillar. When Saras sees her and about to go. She says unknowingly I give you pain. I am feeling sorry Please forgive me. If you want you punish me or scold me. He says I dont want to punish nor forgive. She says pls look at me. Saras asks why? you want me to dont look at you. I am selfish. I dont know the importance of the relation. He goes in his room and he got hurt in his hand. Kumud runs after seeing this. He stops her and closes the door. He sees the wound and remembers Kumud words.

Kumud comes in his room and sees him removing his shirt. She feels shy.

He looks at the wound in the mirror. He takes out the shirt from the almirah. Kumud turns around. Saras sees her and asked what you need? She replies you got hurt. Saras says because of you. dont see. Kumud says I only want to apply the medicines. Saras holds her hand and replies you dont even know how deep the wound is? so how will you apply the medicine. Go from here.

Kumud says speak with your mother or father, by living alone you cant get away with your anger. whoever understands you. He remembers her words, speak up your heart to someone else. The episode ends on his angry face.


Saras holds Kumud and says our relation is like a cut kite whose existence or non existence doesn’t matter.


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  1. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    superr—saras-dugba relation !! <3

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    love samud…..

  3. Sheeza says:

    Guyz.ap dakho na itne garmi main koe be fan ka neechy ho to nend to aa jati ha.or phr jb fan full speed chal rha ho.ab mari mistake kha ha??btao plz.

  4. achu says:

    Mere Dost Tum Bhi Likha Karo Shayari
    Tumhara Bhi Meri Tarah Naam Ho Jayega
    Jab Tum Par Bhi Padenge Ande Aur Tamatar
    To Shaam Ki Sabji Ka Intajaam Ho Jayega… 😆

  5. aki says:

    Hey friends aaj ka wu aaga sabh aaj ka page me aajao…..
    Achu itne khaifi…haaa……nhi to mera has has ke hospital me admit hona ka time aajya ga….

  6. achu says:

    di……..soyaa…hehehehehe 😆

    di mein bhi soya tha ek din history class mein teacher muje uthaya aur pucha kya hoogaya abhi devil ko neend bhi nahi hai kya rath mein ……… mein bhola voh kya haina miss aapki sapne dekhte hai isiliye neend darke bhaag jaathi hai……. 😆

  7. aki says:

    Achu nice yar……….
    Sheeza di ek bar mai bhi geo ki claas me so gayi thi…..par mam ne kuch bhi nhi kaha vo teacher student ko bulki bhi nhi danti…bache mam ko bhaut paresgan karte hai phir bhi kuch nhi khate……or ek comp ki mam ha agar koe has bhi gaya to pura period bhar stand rkhti ha……

  8. achu says:

    aki,phir kya mein tumare bhare mein bholu……. Hmmmm :roll:

    tum bht achche hu ….tumse achche mein kisi nahi mila…tumare har bhat pe chootti bhachi ka innocence hai……tum sab ke taraf bht bht beutiful hu and tumse syada khubsyrat sindrella bhi nahi deekega…..har bhat pe tumare masoosumiyath muje cholate hai…………………………………………..hehehehehehehehhehehhehehehhehehehhehehehehhehehehehehehehehekya itna jhuut kaafi hai 😆

  9. Sheeza says:

    @achu:sleeping sa 1k baat yaad aai.last week main english ke clas main such ke soi gai.phr jo izzat hue teacher sa woh bs poucho nhe.hehehehe

  10. achu says:

    Gadha jo khaye wo Ghas ho tum,
    Buddhe ka Chyawanprash ho tum,
    Idiot stupid bakwas ho tum,
    Par jo bhi ho yar, Dost Jhakaas ho tum… 😆

  11. aki says:

    Achu mai kua bolu koye aapne bare me kase bolo sakta hai……

  12. achu says:

    sheeza di aap bhina …………… bht jokes marte hu 😆

  13. achu says:

    sheeza di aur sleep matching matching…… 😀
    aki sweety tum tumare bhare mein kuch bholona… 🙂

  14. aki says:

    Di aap kya kar rhe ho….
    Achu plz write some funny poetry….

  15. Sheeza says:

    O my choti ka liya tm yah hei ho na.

  16. aki says:

    Achu muje laghta ha sheeza di sleep karne chali gyai

  17. achu says:

    don’t wry!! aki it will be fine ………..deekho abhse tumari har cmt submit hogayeenge…… 😀

  18. achu says:

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  19. aki says:

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  20. achu says:

    achu will never be ghayab di….. always at ur service master jee ………….. 😆

    aki,kya kar rahi hu abhi… 😀

  21. achu says:

    no aki I didn’t see ……. 😀

    toh arts subjects toh aap bht funloving person huna di?? 😀

  22. Sheeza says:

    @aki:thanks 4r coming.or dakh na tm aai achu gayb??

  23. aki says:

    Sheeza di mai agyi……mera mobile me ye page khul hi nhi rha ha bhaut time lag rha ha……..
    Achu aaj mb me kya hua kuch pata ha to muje bata do plz……

  24. Sheeza says:

    @achu:yar arts subject han like fine arts etc

  25. achu says:

    aki will come at 10:30 😀

    and college student kya subject hai aapka??? 😀

  26. Sheeza says:

    @aki:tm kha chali gae???

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    student school ya college??? 😀

    and di aaki sweet pappa kesi ha?? 🙂

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