Saraswatichandra 20th November 2013 Written Update

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Saraswatichandra 20th November 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Saraswatichandra 20th November 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saras asking Danny not to do anything. Saras gets a call and leaves. Kalika talks to Danny and Danny thinks what was she saying. Saras asks Danny to come with him. Kumud sees everyone happy and laughing. The phone rings and Kumud goes to take the call but it stops ringing. Saras comes to her. They look at each other. They talk via signs. Saras says everything is fine. Kumud signs ok. Danny comes and Kalika and Badimaa ask Saras to leave Danny here. Saras agrees. He signs Danny to take care of everything well and leaves. Saras gets a call again. He picks it and its Budhidhan’s call. Budhidhan tells him how adamant is Pramad and he wants Kumud to come to him. Pramad’s mum calls Kumud and tells her that she left Pramad, but can’t see his condition now. She asks Kumud to be merciful.

Budhidhan asks Saras to talk to Kumud once for his sake as she will listen to Saras. He says I don’t want to lose my son. Pramad’s mum requests Kumud to come once and cries. Kumud is upset on hearing this. She runs outside the house. Saras is coming to Kumud and they meet outside and says Pramad…. Mohan’s family asks about Kusum. Danny sees Kusum coming and is sad. Kusum asks Kumari where is Kumud. Kumari looks around and says maybe she is inside, don’t worry, she will come. Kumud and Pramad talk about Pramad. Saras says you can’t go, its Kusum’s engagement. Kumud says we have to go, he won’t listen to anyone, lets go. Saras says listen to me but Kumud goes with Saras.

The phone rings and Badimaa goes to take the call. The ringing stops. Kumud says what are you doing. Saras says calling home, else they will search us. Kumud says if we tell them, they won’t allow us, then Pramad will be more ill, drive faster, we should not be late. The engagement ceremony starts. Danny looks at Kusum. The people say Kusum is very beautiful. Kalika smiles seeing Danny. Kumud and Saras come to meet Pramad. Kumud thinks of Pramad’s torture while walking to his room. Saras sees her fear on her face and says I m with you Kumud, come on.

Kumud goes upstairs and thinks how Pramad tried to burn her alive. He says do for what you came here. Mohan and Kusum starts exchanging the rings. Kusum looks at Badimaa. Danny is unable to see Kusum getting engaged with someone. Pramad sees Kumud and gets up. He says I knew it that you will come. He sees Saras with her and says Saras bhai, I knew you will also come with her. Badimaa says two mins. She says where is Kumud, how long will we wait.

Guniyal says Kumud is not at home. Mohan’s mum says it looks like Kumud is not happy with this relation. Guniyal says no. Kalika says both the sisters like the same, she says if Kusum likes Mohan, then Kumud will also like him. She says she is resting inside as she is not well. Badimaa says we should do this ritual now. She says even Kumud will want this. Kusum looks at Danny’s upset face.

Pramad thanks Kumud and Saras for coming. Pramad’s mum also thanks Kumud and praises her for coming. Budhidhan says I knew it Saraswatichandra that you won’t break my trust. Kumud comes to Pramad and Pramad says sorry. She moves backwards and looks at him. Badimaa asks Danny to call Saras. Danny says I tried but he is not taking my call. Badimaa says what might have happened, where are they. Mohan’s mum asks Kusum to exchange the ring. Kusum says not without Kumud. Badimaa says now we should not wait, we will talk to Kumud later. Murakh Das brings the medicines.

Pramad’s mum asks Kumud to give the medicines to Pramad. Saras looks on. Pramad takes the medicines and have it. Pramad’s parents are happy. Pramad looks like he is deeply regretting. He says you did not wear the kamarbandh today, but still you are looking so beautiful. He says it means you have forgiven me. Kumud stops and Saras gives her the letters. She takes it and says this is court’s notice about the divorce hearing tomorrow. She says and this one is from the hospital, it needs the family’s signature. She gives that letter to Budhidhan. Everyone claps as Kusum and Mohan get engaged. The pandit asks Kusum to make Mohan wear the ring. Kusum cries.

Danny looks at Kusum. Kusum drops the ring and everyone think where did the ring go. It comes near Danny’s feet. Kalika sees Danny hiding the ring and smiles. Kumud tells Murakh Das that Kalika is fine in her house. He thanks her. Kumud greets everyone and says I will leave now. Pramad’s mum says can’t you be here for some more time. Kumud says its Kusum’s engagement today, everyone are waiting at home. Pramad smiles hearing this.

Pramad comes to Kumud’s house and tells everyone that Saras brought Kumud to meet him and this is how he came to know about Kusum’s engagement. Everyone are shocked.


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73 Responses to “Saraswatichandra 20th November 2013 Written Update”

  1. arti says:

    @samud4ever & MU – love your comments! you both rock!

  2. falak says:

    guyz may i know why is sarawatichandra down in dtb rating than ipk 2 although this is far more better than ipk2 ??? than why actually my ipk2 frndz would be shocked to see me here but this is true ipk2 is not at all gud than saraswati i used to like ipk2 but really now my liking for it has been changed alot maybe due to the current track but from start i am watching saraswati in btw i left watching but still i like samud scenes alot far more than ashlok scenes….

  3. sadia marium says:

    hi arti di actually my exam is going on .That’s why i am not cuming

  4. Priya says:

    Actually kusum oly marry saras at last according to saraswatichandra novel saras wont agree but kumud made him to agree

  5. sree says:

    whn wil dis pramad die???

  6. sree says:

    danny let this engagement happen.u deserve some one better.and kusum get lostttt!!!!

  7. punnya says:

    waiting for tdys episode

  8. SaMud4Ever says:

    I just saw this picture and wanted to share it:

    Go to this Twitter account called Gautam_Jennifer. I love the pictures and commentary they post. Here is the link:

  9. SaMud4Ever says:

    Why Pramad? Why do you have to ruin everything? Why do you have to come to the engagement? When do you guys think Pramad will die?

  10. SaMud4Ever says:

    I don’t understand precap. How is Pramad all of a sudden able to get up and go to an engagement?

  11. SaMud4Ever says:

    Yes! I have been waiting for this forever:

    Kumud stops and Saras gives her the letters. She takes it and says this is court’s notice about the divorce hearing tomorrow.

    But I read, that Pramad will reject the divorce! -__-

  12. SaMud4Ever says:

    UGGGGHHHHHHH! Hated this line:

    He says you did not wear the kamarbandh today, but still you are looking so beautiful.

  13. SaMud4Ever says:

    Poor Saras, he has to watch Kumud give Pramad medicine. Pramad will never stop pestering Saras and Kumud, until he dies.

  14. SaMud4Ever says:

    Wow great job Kusum, trying to stall your engagement with the excuse of Kumud not being there. I just hope she gets married to Mohan fast, so at least one threat to SaMud will be gone.

  15. SaMud4Ever says:

    Good one Kalika:

    Kalika says both the sisters like the same, she says if Kusum likes Mohan, then Kumud will also like him.

    Yeah, Kusum does like Saras, her sister’s love, and that is a big problem.

  16. SaMud4Ever says:

    Love this line:

    Saras sees her fear on her face and says I m with you Kumud, come on.

  17. SaMud4Ever says:

    Awwwww…At least Saras and Kumud go together to meet Pramad.

  18. SaMud4Ever says:

    I feel like I haven’t seen Kumari in forever! Now that Kusum made clear to Danny that she doesn’t want to be with him, I hope Danny and Kumari get together!

  19. SaMud4Ever says:

    Lols!!! I love it when Saras and Kumud talk via signs! They look adorable, and they always understand what each other is saying! They minds and hearts are always connected! :)

  20. QH 1# fan! says:

    I feel bad for Kusum :( she is marrying and just for her sister’s happiness. And for the people that don’t like Kusum, it’s not her fault she fell in love with Saras and she is marrying someone else so she doesn’t create an issue for her sister so please stop talking negative about her. Please don’t mind what I’m saying. Why does Danny keep on forcing her to say her feelings??

    • SaMud4Ever says:

      I’m sorry, but I don’t agree. I don’t feel Kusum deserves any sympathy. She fell in love with her sister’s love, knowing how much Saras and Kumud love each other. I’m happy she is marrying someone else, but why is she so reluctant and she is always crying about Saras. Why doesn’t she fully move and forget about Saras? Saras was never hers to begin with. As for Danny, at least his love makes sense. He really loves her and he didn’t love the wrong person.

    • SaMud4Ever says:

      From your name, you obviously watch Qubool Hai! So how would you feel if Humaira fell in love with Asad, or Ayaan fell in love with Zoya. Wouldn’t you find it disgusting? Wouldn’t you hate it? In the same way, we hate Kusum for falling in love with the wrong person. Yes, I agree she is moving on, but her mind still thinks of Saras and she crys about him. That is what makes us really mad. I mean think about it, she imagines Saras putting the Kamarbandh on her over and over again. Isn’t that disgusting and valid to get angry over?

  21. MU says:

    there are three bitches in this serial:

    1) Pramad…countdown to death
    2) Kusum
    3) Kalika

    but in my heart Kusum is the worse she’s your beloved sister backstabbing you

    Kalika wants pure revenge for the disruption of her life and plans to take over Pramad’s heart

    Pramad is not an animal but a monster solely out there to destroy

    dealing with a monster is better than a backstabbing sister, at least you know the extent of the monster and he may know some of your weaknesses but your sister knows you inside and out and thats worse

    • SaMud4Ever says:

      I totally agree. Can you imagine Kumud finding out about Kusum’s mistaken love for Saras?

    • MU says:

      i hope Kumud doesnt turn out to be like Archana and Purvi from PR

      so self sacrificing…thats why the trps went down

      forced her love to marry her bitch of a sister and all 3 of them were still unhappy uughghh

  22. fan says:

    danny please move on with your life. kusum does not deserve your love

  23. fan says:

    kusum needs a tight slap and wake up. you are ruining your sister’s life. saras doesnt love or ever loved you

  24. renu says:

    poor kusum…

  25. arti says:

    another post! love this IF user!!!

    On the hot seat with SCians

    What is it all about?

    Well it is just like Koffee with Karan, On the front row with A.Chopra type waala programme.

    Difference here is we, the SCians, are the anchors/reporters and the guests are the characters of our show SARASWATICHANDRA.

    This week we have the pleasure to present to u the most talked/discussed character on the forum these days who is here to answer ur questions. She is our- KUSUM

    So get to work SCians, let’s get to know more about Kusum.
    Me, OSJ will start with my set of basic questions which Kusum Ji has answered for us to get to know her better.
    Name: Kusum NotSundari Desai

    Father’s name: Vidya Notsochatur

    Mother’s name: Gadhi Guniyal

    Age: Boring 20

    Profession: To sit and cry!

    Hobbies: To caress mor pankh all day long.

    Your favourite fruit: Saraspandu

    Your favourite dish: Sarasbhaji

    Your favourite dessert: Sarasmalai and Sarasgullah

    Your favourite toy: Sarasputla

    Your favourite Movie: Pati Patni aur Woh and Indecent Proposal

    The show which u dislike: Sach ka aamna saamna

    Your motto in life: I, me, myself

    Your favourite pick up line: When I see Saras, I am like can I take ur picture so that I can show Santa what I want for Christmas.

    The book you are reading these days: A book by K.Y.Desai – 101 ways to get the attention of your sister’s boyfriend

    If you can change one physical trait about yourself: I will go for plastic sugery anytime and get my didi’s face. Well for obvious reasons!

    OSJ: One last question for u from my side. Kusum ji, you are not being too loved these days. Viewers are like u r Meera ke bhes mein Suparnaka. And you have been crowned Irritating Queen and got the CMA (Chappal Maro Award) continuously for some weeks. How will you justify your character? Or anything you want to tell the viewers so that they change their opinion about u?

    Kusum: Well just wanna tell u peeps, I am like chocolate pudding, I look like crap but I am sweet as can be.

    OSJ: Oh that’s so sweet Kusum ji but some of us really don’t want to suffer from toothache!!


    So SCians, here is your time toget to know Kusum ji or to ask her ur questions. Don’t feel shy! Today is ur day n whats fun, u r the reporter and Kusum yourself


    • riya says:

      Name: Kumud Bandari
      Father’s name: Vidya Notsochatur
      Mother’s name: Gadhi Guniyal
      Age: Boring 20!!!
      Profession: To cry & make others cry even if there is mistake on my side.
      Hobbies: Over-reacting & hyper sensitiveness
      Your motto in life: Crying for the whole life,leaving husband, romancing with ex,getting sympathy from all families & most important making all viewers bakaras!!!

    • fan says:

      have to love the haters.

    • SaMud4Ever says:

      Lols! Hilarious! Very well written!

  26. arti says:

    well said!!!



    @shiny156: @anita9218 I believe pyaar kuch soch samajh ke nahi hota, kusums love fuh saras is divine.. n abt danny, uske liye keep watching our show:)

    @shiny156: @Reema__D @anita9218 she nevva hd physical desire fuh saras…hahaha

    Kusum dear, if your love for Saras was truly divine, you wouldn’t keep crying every time you see him and your Didi sharing sweet moments together! I know that you’re making an effort to not be a problem for your sister’s happiness and I hope you succeed in your noble quest but the fact that you behave as if Saras and Kumud had betrayed you proves that your love for Saras is anything but Divine!

    And you do desire him physically otherwise you wouldn’t keep remembering his accidental touch on your waist because you knew that he wasn’t talking about or to you (Woh kamaal tumhaari behen ke kamarbandh ka tha)! So please, stop lying to yourself that you’re Meera!

    No offense to Shiny! She’s a sweetheart but she needs to give her input to her character!

    Tweets taken from Kat’s post @


    • SaMud4Ever says:

      Very well said Mitsu! Couldn’t have said it any better! I’m not even sure if I like Shiny anymore. She doesn’t even understand her own character. She calls her love divine and says she never had physical desire. These are lies!!!

  27. sanjana says:

    arti di , gowry, honey
    sorry wont be able to come today
    mom ko pick up karne andheri jaana hai
    aap sabko
    good nite and
    take care
    sanju apko miss karegi :)

  28. arti says:

    remember saras made a promise to kailka that whatever she asks for her wish will be granted (when she gave blood to kumud)..i hope they dont (CVS) make kalika ask saras to go away from kumud’s life and break her heart. (kalika’s ultimate revenge))

    • MU says:

      thats what it sounds like or WORSE

      kumud must stay married to pramad until he dies and never marry her

      if saras is smart he’ll break his promise

      but if he’s too good for all mankind he’ll actually do it and marry kusum if the cvs get their way

  29. gowry says:

    Kalika says both the sisters like the same, she says if Kusum likes Mohan, then Kumud
    will also like him.
    kalika tryng to say indirebtly

  30. arti says:

    @mu..thank you <3

  31. gowry says:

    danny u dont feel bad . kusum is nt match for u. let her engagf wt that guy.Leavng our samud frely

    • arti says:

      yea..i wanted her engagement to happen. then danny and kumari should start liking each other. they make a great match

    • gowry says:

      exactly di . i thnk der s no need to show dany kusum lve. its waste. dany kumari matches bst. bt nw dany fal lve wth kustwm den hw it can be change

  32. arti says: well thank you :) hope you are well.

  33. arti says:

    kumud did right by going there. pramad is dillusional to think that kumud would forgive him that easily. saras im very proud of you for standing and being with kumud in good and bad times.

  34. arti says:

    danny shouldnt stop this engagement. he should let her get engaged to mohan because she will forever sulk over saras. (maybe with time she MAY move on)

  35. arti says:

    budhidhan and his wife sure knows how to blackmail! he tells saras he always considered and respected him as a father; then he should do this for him (talk to kumud and get her to come)

  36. arti says:

    didnt read the epi yet to comment..but wanted to point out kusum’s lines yesterday to danny..she said shes doing all this for her didi. she tells danny that how can he mistake her jokes/friendship with him as love? similarly why are doing you mistaking sara’s friendship for love? <- take your own advise and get married!

    She also over heard when saras was telling kumud that he will always be with her forever. (she was standing sulking behind them)

  37. arti says:

    hello friends!


    others..sorryy if i didnt mention your name :)

  38. honey says:

    nobody here…??

  39. honey says:

    i hate tis scene whn pramad tels 2 kumud tat she is nt wearng kamarbandh 2day n stil lookng bful..

  40. honey says:

    kumud n saras is the most beautiful couple evr… n kumud is d preetiest n saras is mst handsm.. love thm a lot..

  41. honey says:

    kumud n saras is the most beautiful couple evr…

  42. honey says:

    kusum is jus gvng d reasn of kumud she dsnt wnt get engagd idiot garl interfrng bwn our samud.. plz get lost.. poor danny..

  43. ara says:

    pramad will die shit…………

  44. Lucky says:

    Pramad always try to make samud in difficulty.Kumud should not go there. Very bad episode.

  45. samudfan says:

    oh great saras says i m with u

  46. pooja says:

    ye pramad ko koi zahar de do, pair uske kabar main hai phir bhi kaminapan nahi chodta. kumud ko jana hi nahi chahiye, marne do usko, he does not deserves anybody’s love then kalika

  47. Situ says:

    Poor danny…

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