Saraswatichandra 26th February 2013 Written Update

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Saraswatichandra 26th February 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Saraswatichandra 26th February 2013 Written Episode

The episode starts with the school scene, where Kumud offers chocolates to the students who have passed in the test. Her father Vidyachatur also asks for a chocolate. She says he is not good in Maths but later gives him the chocolate. He asks her not to say her mother about the chocolate, They leave for their home and talk on their way..
He says he received an email on the computer. She says whose email you have received. She says she knows when her father is lying. He then says that her Nandu Kaka has sent the photo of SaraswatiChandra and you should see it. I dont want to see his photo, as I dont want to go far from my father, I will not marry now, She says she will not think about her marriage even in her dreams .He says that her daughter has also gone on him, and he can see if she is lying. He says this guy will be more better than her dream man. He asks her to just see the photo once ans if she disagrees he will talk to his friend.

The scene shifts to Dubai:

SaraswatiChandra is driving a car in full speed, while Sunny looks on sitting beside him.
He says him to slow down the car, He tells him that if you dont want to marry, its ok, but I dont want to die as a bachelor.
SaraswatiChandra doesnt slow down, and says Why should I accept I cant, and applies the brake.

The scene again shifts back to India:

Kumud and her father open the email and the photo attachment and the photo is about to appear.

Kumud says her father that the boy has grown up in Dubai, and he might be eating non-veg food, and also drink wine. How will we match?
Her father says that he is LaxmiNandan and Saraswati bhabhi’s son and if one of the quality of Saraswati Bhabhi comes in him, he is a diamond.
She jokes that the guy has hair atleast when the photo is coming in email. She sees the incomplete photo and stares on seeing his eyes, the photo stops downloading as the server gets down.
Vidyachatur tells Kumud that he will say his friend Nandu to come India. Kumuds smiles while a music is playing in the background.
He then shows her drawing to her and says I have got your answer yesterday itself.

The scene shifts back to Dubai:

SaraswatiChandra walks out of the car, thinking about his father’s announcement in the party.
He runs in the desert while Sunny looks on.
He stops and says that his father was not with her mother when she was dying. Saras was with her, and he has promised to his mother that he will always listen to his father, but since his father never understood the meaning of life partner, he will not accept his father’s decision and he will not marry.

The scene shifts back to India:

Kumud says her sister Kusum that she doesnt need to say anything else after seeing his eyes. His eyes were not ordinary. His eyes had honesty in them, and somewhat I felt pain in his eyes and I want to share that pain.
Kusum says to tell her more. She shows the drawing to her sister. Kusum smiles when Kumud says that he is her future. Kusum then says that she has the first right on him logically as she has said yes to him without seeing his photo. Kumud says she has not yet said yes to him, but its just she could not say No. She smiles.

A scene shows Saraswatichandra standing in the desert alone.

Back in India, Kumud sees the drawing and smiles..

Kumud is getting ready to go to teach in the school where she works.
A song plays in the background.
She reaches the school and thinks of opening the computer, but goes ahead to the classroom. There is a new student in her classroom whose name is also Saraswati, Kumud smiles and starts teaching.

The scene shifts to Dubai:

LaxmiNandan asks Ghuman where is SaraswatiChandra. She says he went for meditation.
Laxmi’s mood goes down and he says his son breaks his confidence.
He says Ghuman that she has been the tie between him and his son.
Ghuman says that Saras kept quiet in the party, and she will talk to him if he says.
He says No, and Ghuman has leave it on Kumud now. She feels angry.
She asks her servant to look for Saras if he is at home.
She says her Didi that she is cheating her husband to shape her son’s Danny’s future, and she will not let Saras overtake her father’s empire. She wants her son Danny to be the only heir of the business.
Saras enters and Ghuman says she wants to talk to him. Saras tells her that he first has to meet his Dad, and he will meet her later.

Scene shifts back to India:
Kumud tries to open the photo but the download fails. The server get down again. She thinks that she has atleast seen his eyes, but he has not even seen her, then how could he say yes. By the time picture is fully downloaded, someone comes and disturbs her. Kumud looks at the woman. The woman asks who is this hero? When Kumud looks back at the screen the photo goes off and it shows download failed.

Scene shifts to dubai:
Laxmi asks Saraswatichandra that why didnt he join him in breakfast. Saras replies he is fasting.

Saras says he always fast as his mother, Saras says No to marriage proposal. Laxmi doesn’t listen to him and says that they will go to India, and he will ask his friend to send the girl’s pic.
Saras says No need, I don’t want to marry.
Laxmi says I have not asked your opinion, and he has said yes.
He scolds his son that he is not able to take his decision wisely, so I’m taking your decisions.
He says I’m bringing you to the right path and Saras has to follow his decision.
Laxmi leaves, Saras says I will not be able to follow your decision.

Scene shifts back to India:
Kumud is running while the song Kuch na kahe, bas chup rahe is playing in the background, a man’s figure is shown behind her.
She turns, and the figure comes close to her. She sees him in her dream and she wakes up.
The episode ends on her face.

Some lady comes and says Vidyachatur that when she lost her child he has given Kumud to her, and they have not asked her opinion in her marriage. She is shocked to hear that the groom is from abroad.
Vidyachatur says that this marriage proposal has become her dream.
The following scene shows Kumud at the poolside, writing poetry in the letter to Saraswatichandra that he should come to her, and Saras is shown writing letter to Kumud.


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  1. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    kumud sees her rajkumar……wow…luved it ..<3 <3 <3

  2. Profile photo of nivya nivya says: Verified

    D episode in which kumud see saras eyes…love u samud

  3. monaya Fan says:

    Intresting!! :)

  4. Xia says:

    Popular serial wow

  5. Anu says:

    Gud morn every1… Hav a great day ahead.:):)

  6. miss unbelievable says:

    Trajedy in the end??? Might as well enjoy the ride before it crashes

    So far its a sweet story interesting too. Forgive my rather distorted mind I thought the stepmom fancied him that’s why she was against the marriage I mean he,s hotter than the sun.damn. _nyways I’m glad Kumud has a mind of her own and knows what she wants in a guy. How many young women in india are pressured to marry because the boy is from a good background and decent family? That in itself does not mean that guy stands for all good values he could even have a hidden dark side like any other person out there.

    I know Laxmi wants what’s best for his son but what I think Saras really wants is for his dad to reconnect with him and his mothers memories. Yes he has given him a mother but from the start I knew she was a bitch she’s younger than your dad and willing to marry a widower. Yes she’s a damn gold digger. She’s like all the stepmoms we have watched on disney mean and evil. Tyhe reason Saras does these wild things is because he?s living it up and trying to escape his home where evil stepmom his dad is under her thumb and the world at large. There is so many themes to explore in this shbow.

    But this show is cool so far

  7. miss unbelievable says:

    Trajedy in the end??? Might as well enjoy the ride

  8. Shannon says:

    I am just gonna watch this I don’t bother about the ending if its really tragic then I will stop at that time now it’s great

  9. Anvi says:

    luv u SARAS ,awesome episode………

  10. vabs says:

    a realy shocking news that saraswatichandra is also telecast at doordarshan at 9:30 monday to friday

  11. HEART +অর্ণব says:

    @amena, good job, keep it up!

  12. HEART +অর্ণব says:

    Thnq soooooooo much, Nia & ishk! I searchd in wikipidea bt cudnt find d story. Thnx a lot!

  13. Anu says:

    Guys keep commentin..

  14. Siri says:

    Somebody plz give a link to download saraswatichandra serial’s title track if u get it… I badly want it.. I love the song sooooo much.. I googled but i didn’t get anything.. Seems like they have not yet released the song..

  15. Anonymous says:

    I don’t want to get attach to show…Coz in end I will crying :-(
    I hope SLB change the ending with sad to happy one!!!but mostly he did sad ending with movies that he produce..hope he will change this time¡!!!!!!

  16. Siri says:

    Oh NOOOOOO!! What a tragic story.. I dont wanna watch this serial then…

  17. Anonymous says:

    It’s really dramatic story with sad ending in the novel…kumud will convince Saras to marry his sister kusum..kumud will live life as widow 😉 😉

  18. Dazzler says:

    Todays epi was great….
    Sarasvatichandra is gonno rock….!!

  19. chandrakumud says:

    awsome episode!

  20. Kavisha says:

    Saraswatichandra’s step mom’s name is gurman not komal………

  21. Anu says:

    2day’s epi was awesome…

  22. aleena says:

    nyc epi… hi frnds can i also join u guyzz

  23. Anonymous says:

    email k zamane mein letter bhej rahe hai..

  24. HEART +অর্ণব says:

    Nice episode. & i think saraswatichandr’s step mom’s name ws nt komol, its somthing else…

    Btw, any1 can temme abt the novel sraswatichandr, plz?

    • Nia says:

      In a nation crippled with poverty and crime, young Saraswatichandra is brought up by his rather cruel step-mother, and eventually decides to shun materialistic life. Hoping to get him to change his mind, his father arranges his marriage with Kumud Sundari, but he remains adamant. When Kumud comes to know, she writes to him, they exchange letters, he comes to meet her and both fall deeply in love with each other. He returns home, makes preparation for the wedding but his step-mother instigates his father against him, compelling him to forsake everything, and writes to Kumud’s family accordingly. He changes his mind and goes to meet with Kumud but finds she is now married to Pramadh. A tearful Kumud re-locates to live with her husband and her family, but finds her husband unsophisticated, uneducated, alcoholic and womanizer who frequents brothels. Then Saraswatichandra re-enters her life when he gets employed by her in-laws under the name of Navinchandra. He notices her silent anguish

    • ishq says:

      its abt a guy namd saraswati chandra and he is bought by hi sstep mother bt he is a very kind unlike his step mother den his father decides marraige wit kumud den he refuses and writes letter to kumud about t
      later they both start exchanging letters and followed by short romance finnally saras leaves fr some work and he comes back saying that he cant marry kumud dis was the story of the film based on the novel

  25. Memy says:

    The longing for ARSHI will be fulfilled……dam sure…..

    • asr says:

      you are right…memy

    • virka fan says:

      yes yaar… thinking of the same…..

    • Anusha k gowda pintu says:

      i think no body can replace ARSHI……….BUT still its really good

    • Siri says:

      Ya but we will not get to see the naughty acting of shan ka devi..:( miss ipkknd

    • Anonymous says:

      First of all Kajen is better then them in my opinion cuz their really experienced and Qubool Hai and Saraswatichandra are both awesome<3 but ipkknd ew man for real the same old drama i have seen in any different show but Kajen's serial has a huge spice that gets the audience in the edge of their seats Arshi oh wow Jenn and Karan are a hundred times better then them :)!

  26. vinu says:

    fast updates plzzzzz

  27. Nia says:

    hey guys .. all saraswatichandra fans..!
    Please follow jennifer(kumud) and Gautam(saras) official fc on twitter ! :)

    And also a facebook fan page

    Thank you :)

  28. saraswati says:

    aww……saraswatichandra’s looks……..going crazy for him <3

  29. Anonymous says:

    can u hurry up with written update…..

  30. aleena says:

    i can b frndz wid u guyzz

  31. truthfull says:

    jeez…… so slow..!!!!!!
    can you update a little bit fast please.. please..

  32. virka fan says:

    love tis serial… will be in top 5…

  33. True indian says:

    Pics add karo na jaldi

  34. Saraswatichandra says:

    Nice episode… Thanx for the written update…

  35. achu says:

    nice starting….going to be in top5…………….

  36. Arshi. says:

    This is 2 slow.please update fast.

  37. Anu says:

    Dis show s goin 2rock… Luv u jenny

  38. Federer fan says:

    My favourite serial right now

  39. Anu says:

    It has been half an hour d show finished… Pls update fast…

  40. akki says:

    dont frgt to chilk like……n make tis top 1 show….

  41. Payal says:

    Great episode!!

  42. akki says:

    agree wit me guys… if im correct……….

  43. akki says:

    it will be top 1 witin no days……

  44. iloveyuhdammit says:


  45. Anu says:

    Pls update soon…

  46. ishq says:

    awesome scene wen kumd’s reflection appers on saras’s pic…♥♥

  47. Anonymous says:

    gautam looks is amazing

  48. Anonymous says:

    written update please

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