Saraswatichandra 8th May 2013 Written Update

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Saraswatichandra 8th May 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Saraswatichandra 8th May 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Badimaa sayins Kumud to ask her heart whether she loves Saras, she will get a single answer. Kumud says my heart has given me the answer but does it the came in his heart too. She thinks I will go and ask him. She prepares how to ask him. She says I will go and say I love you to Saras. She prepares infront of the mirror.

Kumari calls Umesh and says she got something with which she can trace her dad. Badimaa comes there, Kumari is tensed and pretends she is talking to her friend Hetal. Badimaa catches her lie, but Kumari manages. Badimaa says sod you remember what I explained you, never hide from your mother. Kumari says I remember, but if children want to know anything, the mother should not hide it. Badimaa is shocked.

Kumud thinks about Saras’s words. She thinks does he too loves her. This question does not let her sleep. She gets up and goes to Saras. She opens his door and he is sleeping.

Kumud watches him sleeping. She wants to wake him up and ask him does he love her. She sits beside him. Saras wakes up and says Kumud. She says I wanted to know. He says what. She says that….. nothing. He says Kumud listen to me. She walks out of the room. Saras stops her. He asks what is the matter, what do you want to know. O piya… plays.

She asks what he meant by saying such words. What feelings? Do you also see in my eyes what I see in your eyes. Saras smiles and says what do you see. She says first you answer me. What do you see in my eyes. He comes closer to her. He says love…
He says now you tell what do you see in me. She says love too. Saras smiles. He says maybe. She says not maybe, I m sure that I love you. He becomes much happy and smiles. She is about to go, Saras holds her hand and hugs her. Music plays…
Saras has a broad smile on his face. Kumud finds peace in his arms.

Their hugs looks never ending. Saras smiles while Kumud feels shy. He touches her hair and sets them. Music is still playing in background. Ghuman watches this and is shocked to see them so close. A flower pot falls and Ghuman hides. Kumud says it seems someone is coming and she leaves. Ghuman says Kumud is on a high speed. To stop Saras, you should be stopped first.

Kumud comes to her room, and thinks what Saras said to her. She is happy and smiles. Saras is also thinking about Kumud and smiles. He feels her touch. They both are very happy. Kumud talks to the drawing saying her dream war not false. They both love each other. Saras and Kumud are unable to sleep, thinking. Saras looks good with a smile on his face.

Badimaa thinks about Kumari. Kumud’s mother comes there and asks her is she alright. Badimaa says nothing, she asks her to sit. She says the letter came, did anything happen after it. She says no, I have given him the first and the last answer. But I m worried about Kumari, and she lied to me yesterday. I know she was talking to someone else. Does he talk to Kumari without my knowledge. Kumud’s mother says don’t tell like this. He was a pain for us. Ghuman enters and taunts both of them. But Badimaa is also not the one who keeps quiet. Ghuman says till when you will be annoyed with me. Badimaa asks her that everyone knows your true face. Ghuman says Laxminandan wanted to marry me, but Vidyachatur wanted him to marry you. And this time too, you people are trying to make Saras ready for marriage.

Badimaa says Laxminandan’s and Vidyachatur’s friendship is solid and about Saras, she is just trying to make his realise what his heart says. If you come in between, no one can stop me.
Badimaa leaves in anger. Ghuman says you don’t have your own house even after marriage, and why its like that I will find out.
Badimaa comes to Kumud and sees her sleeping with the drawing. She leaves.

Everyone are standing and Ghuman asks Kumud where she was the previous night, Kumud is stunned.


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58 Responses to “Saraswatichandra 8th May 2013 Written Update”

  1. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    ghumaaaaaaaan 👿 👿
    y does she cum in btwn ….. 😥

  2. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    tht nvrrrrrrr endin hug………..

    I died of FEELS literallly
    beautifully potryed ♥♥

  3. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    woa……the way she asked was superb ♥

    “kya dekthi hon meri aanko mein ?? ”

    wat else do V ol want ♥♥ 😀

  4. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    hw she gets confused wat to ask 😆 😆

  5. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    magic recreated … :*
    woa…….tuning….th radiant beauty of kumud…..tht soft light..tht fan wave ♥♥

  6. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    poor gal can sleep 😉
    hw many doubts she has 😉

  7. Profile photo of varsha-v-t-s varsha-v-t-s says: Verified

    aw….juz soo cute hw kumud practises in front of the mirror :* :*

  8. Yay ! I took 200… :-)
    Missing those days :-)

  9. Saraskumudlover says:

    ommgggg….. i sssttiilll cant get enough of this epiiissssoodeeeee ^_^

  10. priyanka says:

    please ghuman chudel ko koe dubai bhej do aur sars aur kumud ki shadi jald karwa do

  11. sandeep says:

    waiting 4 more romantic scenes…

  12. sandeep says:

    this is best episode among all episodes till today

  13. Aishu says:

    Loved to c ur love and first hug….really cute

  14. Sweety says:

    I didn’t expect, i am overwhelmed. Finally they confessed. Simply waiting for today’s episode.

    • saraskumud says:

      and it was just soo beautifully executed…i cant stop thinking about it. hehe

  15. dhami says:

    very nice..but kumari’sboy friend want to find out about badimaahubby thatsy he is using kumari and badimaahubby puts behinds bar so another new entry is badimaa relation guy he wil blackmails kumud bec that person wants to marry kumud to keep badimaa life into safe & happy.kumud agree with that proposal later saras wil go to kumud place to buy land unknowinlgy saras sees kumud with a bad hubby..later kumud becomes windower she wil tel to saras marry kusum bt kusum wil not agree to marry saras bec of sunny..atlast kumud wil agree to marry saras…….

  16. Abhaya says:

    how dare ghuman questioning kumud…???

  17. AK says:

    Superb,,,, I lv it !!! Sanjay ji grt job…:)

  18. niru says:

    loved the confession.i hope saras won’t go to dubai.

  19. rajisri says:

    awesome episode…
    The first romance between saras and kumud was amazing……
    I wish ever happy in their life….
    Look ghuman, u made a lot of mistakes, but don’t want to separate those two cute birds…

  20. Riya says:

    episode waz superbbbbbbbbb…….. love u saraskumud……..

  21. Anya patel says:

    Aww such a cute episod luv u samud don’t worry abt spoil sport guman

  22. anamika says:

    awesome episode,waiting 4 more romantic scenes…

  23. jpjatana says:

    best episode among all till today

  24. Saraskumud says:

    Absolutely loved today’s epi. That hug was amazing…and it felt like an eternity.

  25. Jaychander boda says:

    I just can’t believe ,what i see to day? Saras hugs kumud..! OMG.They are outstanding looking at both.i hope the show will continue very positively with saras and kumud’s love sequences.

  26. angel says:

    The story is really moving at a rapid pace and there is much improvement than last week…samud is really a cute couple..”kisiki nazar na lage hamare pyari samud ko.”i am just loving it..and hoping to see their marriage sequence soon….love u samud…

  27. aash says:

    Wat an epi? I mean, I still can’t believe ki confession hogaya aur upar se. Hug I’m really happy 4 samud, I hope hereafter there is no one 2 come btwn dem even tht crapo ghuman, love u badimaa please aise samud ko help karo na

  28. simi says:

    i think romance between two continue 4 some time before ghuman’s interference.

  29. Laiba16 says:

    fab epi

  30. anamika says:


  31. Swaru says:

    Mast, jhakaas, superb, awesome, fantastic epi.

  32. jazz says:

    awwwwesssommme episode today..!!!i can’t stop myself watching again nd again..

  33. kjhghdx says:

    superb……episode…………..damm cool………… :)
    luv u kumud and saras…. 😉
    u r rocking…jennifer and gautum…… :)

  34. Abhaya says:

    admin plz add pic soon…dont forget..

  35. Abhaya says:

    ghuman you are such a evil…

  36. Free tibet says:

    Their first hug was so romantic but I am really scared by this Ghuman shit she saw them and now what she is going to do this witch???? Ghuman damn just get the hell out of samud’s life you have standed since 20 years between Saras and his father now we fan will not le you do same with samud is that clear??? The character of two lovers were wonderfully act by gautam and Jennifer!!!!! Well done!!!!!!!

  37. sarah says:

    Today ‘ s episode was really awesome .
    Plz plz plz add pics soon…..

  38. Abhaya says:

    awesome episode…finally samud confess their love…

  39. Jerry961 says:

    Ghuman..ughhhh…haddi b/w samud…who cares abt u..badi maa is enough for u… 😡

  40. Busman says:

    Wow ! 2day’s epi is really most lovely epi. Truely , i don’t expect samud confess their love to each other suddenly. It’s really a nice shock to me. How u think frnds?

    • Nane says:

      I agree with you! did not expect this confession, but it was fantastic! I am very happy :) wonderful episode!

  41. Busman says:

    Wow ! 2day’s epi is really most lovely epi. Truely , i don’t expect samud confess their love to each other suddenly. It’s really a nice shock to me. How u feeling frnds?

  42. Jerry961 says:

    Oh badimaa..thancu thancu…finly u help kumu to realise her love for saras…superlyk :) :)

  43. KUshi says:

    Beautiful, awsome let it continue in ds way of splendid thinking…. bt nt d original novel style

  44. Jerry961 says:

    Wow wow wow jst too awosome…first hug… 😉 😉 BST EPISODE..spcly samud part.. :) :)

  45. Nanu says:

    The first hug of saras kumud how cute luv u Jennifer and gautam

  46. Situ says:

    Wow wat an episode yar … Just amazed to see… Great episode…

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