Uttaran 12th February 2013 Written Update

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Uttaran 12th February 2013 Written Update by Pooja

Uttaran 12th February 2013 Written Episode

Bundela House:
Mukta’s phone rings. Surabhi stops in her tracks to listen to her. She picks up & its Vishnu on the other side. As she takes his name, Surbahi is shocked. Tej Singh is wondering why is she taking so much time.

Vishnu says you came to Satara to meet me right? She says yes and asks him if he is Satara right now? He denies saying that he is in Mumbai right now. He was going back. He thought to give a call to her before going back. She gets excited hearing this. She asks him where he is right now. I want to meet you urgently. He tells her that he is at Dadar bus depot right now. Was going back so just called in to give my best wishes to Teacher didi and her daughter. She asks him not to go. She will come to meet him & gives him the address of the famous pao bhaji eatery joint near Dadar station. He agrees to wait. She leaves to meet him.

Tej Singh becomes happy now to see her going. He calls his men & informs him that she has left the house. He also warns them not to misbehave or trouble her in any way or he wont spare them.

Surabhi looks around and then dials Akash’s number. She tells him that Mukta has again called for trouble….she has gone to meet the real Vishnu. His face gets cut while shaving. He becomes angry that he will take care of her today only. He asks for the address & rest he will do. She says she will sms him asap. He wipes his face with towel & is extremely angry.

Mukta is in auto on her way….asking him to hurry up as she is getting late. On the other hand, Tej Singh’s men stop outside the mall and tell him that they have reached the location. Tej asks them to wait there & be ready.
Mukta prays to God that all goes smoothly. Once the real Vishnu comes in front of everyone, everything will be sorted.

Dadar Station:
Vishnu is waiting at the eatery but if facing the other direction while Mukta comes there looking for him. Some guy is selling paper. She is moving towards Vishnu but the guy stops her. He insists her to buy the paper. When she declines he keeps the gun under the paper & asks her to do as told or he will shoot her. A van stops right behind her & he asks her to quietly sit inside. She tells him that she will shout. He asks her to give it a try & see what happens. She worriedly looks around & spots Vishnu (with his back towards her). She then shouts Vish….when the guy puts his hand on her mouth & forces her in. As the car leaves with Mukta (with her face covered), Vishnu turns around to see.
He wonders why she hasn’t come yet. How long will he have to wait? He calls for a taxi.

Police Station:
Veer gives the Senior Inspector sweets to distribute amongst everyone in the jail. Veer asks for his permission to meet his son. The Snr Inspector sends the constable to go & inform Yuvraj Singh.

Veer tells Iccha, when you said that you want to see Yuvi in his sister’s marriage, I had applied for a payroll for Yuvi. But sadly the plea got rejected.
Iccha says it’s my fault entirely. I couldn’t give any happiness to my son. Its meethi’s wedding & my son is here all because of me. The Inspector looks at her.
Veer asks her whats her fault in this.
She replies that I am his mother….I can understand his pain. I never tell this to anyone but I do care for him…every day….every minute. It’s the destiny’s plan….he was away from me since he was born.
Veer tells her that past is past. Nobody will gain anything by digging in the past. We cant change the past but can make their future better. You have to think about our kids too.

The constable comes & says something in the ears of the Inspector. Seeing him come, Iccha gets ready to go & meet Yuvi. But the Inspector tells her that Yuvi doesn’t want to meet them.
She again becomes sad that her son doesn’t want to meet her.
Veer asks him to control herself. She is crying now thinking that her son hates her.
Veer assures her that its not yours but Mai’s fault. She has misguided him all along. But one day, he will change. After all he is our blood…we are his parents…he will come around. Teh loneliness of jail will teach him. But you have to control yourself.

Iccha asks the Inspector to hand over Meethi’s wedding card invitation to Yuvi. Maybe he hates her but its his sister after all….she should wish her luck. The Inspector sends it to Yuvi’s cell right away. Veer looks at her proudly. Background music of tadeva lagnam is playing.


The kidnappers bring Mukta to some barren place. They open the mask. She desperately starts shouting for help & is crying. They put her behind bars & lock her in the cell (looks like some jail to me). She shouts again to let her go. The same guy threatens her again to stay mum or he will shoot her. She is crying inconsolably.

Tej Singh calls his men & asks if she has come or not. Meanwhile, on the other end the kidnapper is speaking on the phone. The bird has been caged but she is very desperate to get out. She shouts who you are talking to. He signals the other guy to keep an eye on her while he speaks with the caller.
He says, Akash Bhai I can do anything for you. I can even forsake my life for you.
Mukta hears this & gets to thinking. My kidnapper’s name is Akash. Is he is the same guy who pretends to be Vishnu who is going to marry Meethi. But why is he doing this to her? Is it because that he is scared now that I will bring out his truth in front of everyone? She wonders how he got to know of all this. How do I get out of here….if I stay here then I wont be able to do anything. God please help me.


Tej is trying to call his me but no one is picking up. He is frustrated at this. Mai comes & asks if he has any news. He says that even he is waiting to hear it but these guys aren’t picking up his call. She taunts him that his guys are like him only – useless.

The guys decide to call and inform him as the girl hasn’t come till now. He tells them she left long time back….you must be enjoying somewhere else with my money. The guy repeats that she hasn’t reached yet. Tej asks them to keep looking as she must be on her way. When he disconnects, he and Mai are both left wondering as to where Mukta is.

Scene shifts to Akash who is telling Surabhi that Mukta is at her rightful place….in his custody. Surabhi is happy now that there wont be any more trouble for them. He says yes sister the trouble isn’t a trouble anymore. But only one thing hasn’t been taken care of….the real Vishnu.
Surabhi says he must have been around only.
He says that his men checked but dint found him anywhere. But the real scare was Mukta…not the real Vishnu. So sad…she has been caged just before the marriage. The groom is coming….now be ready. Its now only a matter of completing the rituals. The marriage will be mine but the destruction will be of Iccha’s family. Surabhi disconnects the call asking him to come soon.
Both smile determinedly. Episode ends.

Precap: Mukta on phone saying…..papa, these guys have brought me to….! But the kidnapper comes & takes the phone from her. He hands it to Akash (his back is towards her). Mukta shouts who are you? If you are so brave…..why are you hiding your face from me? She keeps on shouting while Akash is smiling & looking at the phone.

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15 Responses to “Uttaran 12th February 2013 Written Update”

  1. sanam says:

    I just hate dis akash I hope mukta escape from kidnapers and
    Bring his real face infront of everyone. I am agree mukta shuld talk to his dad
    Because he can do anything for his daughter and wife

  2. Saleha says:

    Uffff yawr i was thinking ke mukku ko to definately vishnu bachaega but uss ne to shout he nahi kiya n atleast vishnu ko to dekhna chaheya tha na that som1 is probably kidnaping a girl, that one with whome he was dancing in iccha’s daughter wedding….. kasam se kya mast episode hoti agar vishnu goons ka peecha karta

    • Mukta says:

      totally agreed ya phir som how vishnu goons se fight ker ky mukta ko bachata it would have been awesome !!

  3. Mukta says:

    I hate the new veer he does nothing but just smile n i jush hate his smile cant they bring the orignal veer back ???

  4. Mukta says:

    forgot to thank you pooja… really thanks for the update i wast not able to watch the epi soo thank you soo very much

  5. Mukta says:

    i just want to know why is she trying to do every thing alone, somtimes she actually reminds me of iccha she used to do that, be num n bear all things alone !!! just wan 2 know how will vishnu get to know about all this ?? n who is he opposite for gods sake some1 tell me !!

  6. sugakrish says:

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful detailed written update pooja. agree with you Tasha, Mukta could have called her dad Rathore…

  7. muskan says:

    its interesting..but mukta shud b careful

  8. Tasha says:

    I find Mukta very stupid. When she got the call from Vishnu, like an idiot she repeated everything so Surabi could hear all the conversation. The second mistake, she could have called her father before leaving and he could have taken care of everything like bringing Vishnu infront of the family members.

  9. dfd says:


    Its parol not payroll. Anyway thanks for the awesome update

  10. Profile photo of chota admin chota admin says: Verified

    Thanks pooja

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