Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th January 2014 Written Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th January 2014 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th January 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone thinking who locked the store room. Amma hears the sound and asks Vandu whats going on, lets go and see. Vandu says relax. Amma says did they do anything to Ishita, lets go and check. Amma also comes down. Simmi asks the guard who has locked Mrs. Bhalla. The guards says we don’t know, we were at the gate. Raman gets angry knowing from Mihir that he saw Amma at the store room. Ishita is shocked. Raman asks Amma to tell them, is this the way to take revenge, my mum would have died as you locked her in store room.

Ishita supports Amma and asks whats the proof. Mihir says I saw her myself, I don’t know what she was doing. Ishita says don’t say anything Amma. Raman says stop covering her, let her speak. Ishita argues with Raman and where is the proof. Mihika says Mihir is lying as he wants to show me and my family down. They argue and everyone look on. Amma is tensed. Rumi is happy seeing their fight. Mihir says I m sure it was Amma. Rumi says maybe Mihir is right and saves Amma. Mihika is happy seeing Rumi support her. Simmi scolds Rumi for supporting Amma.

Simmi says my mum was missing since she went to request to Amma, she has locked in store room and you all are so disgusting, everyone are involved. Ishita calls Raman a liar and using her as his wife for business purpose. This gets into a heated argument. Mihika says Mihir you left me for this man. Raman argues with Ishita. Mr. Bhalla comes and asks them to stop arguing and come home to see Mrs. Bhalla. Raman says if anything happens to my mum, I will create a big havoc. He leaves. Amma cries and tells Rumi I have locked Mrs. Bhalla. Rumi is shocked and says its fine aunty.

Amma says I was angry and I took revenge. Rumi says don’t worry, my mum is fine, if anyone knows about this, they won’t leave you. He asks Mihika to take Amma inside. Mrs. Bhalla gets conscious. Raman asks are you fine mum. He says lets take her inside the room. Ruhi hugs Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita also comes there. Mrs. Bhalla cries seeing Ruhi. Raman gets angry seeing Ishita. Ishita says shall we leave now Ruhi, say bye to everyone. Ruhi leaves with her. Ye Mai tenu yaad……………….. plays…………….

Ishita tells everything to Shagun. Shagun smiles and says its ok Ishita, this tension will end soon, the custody hearing is in few days, then all this will end. How will she adjust with me if she visits them often. Ishita says I will leave now. The maid stops Ishita and says Ruhi wants to meet you. Shagun says meet her once, else she won’t sleep. Shagun thinks she has to make sure to Ishita that Ruhi is important for her. Simmi tells Mrs. Bhalla what Amma did. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to stop it and go and bring BP machine. He cares for her and tells her that everyone enjoyed a lot.

Mrs. Bhalla still misses Ruhi. He asks her not to worry and take rest. Ishita tells some stories to Ruhi and spends time with her. Ruhi says I did not say bye to Papa. Will he feel bad and get angry on me. Ishita hugs her and says your Papa loves you a lot, he will not be annoyed. Raman thinks and does not have food. Raman asks Mihir to stay in their house as its very late. Raman misses Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla asks Rumi to go and give the prasad to Ruhi. Raman says I will give it.

Mrs. Bhalla says will you go there. He says yes, my daughter is there. She says love her, tell her that I have sent this for her with much love. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman loves Ruhi a lot, he hide his love ad pain in his heart. Mr. Bhalla says its Ruhi’s hearing tomorrow, my heart says they will meet soon. Dil se dil ka………… plays………………

Ishita asks Ruhi to sleep. Shagun and Ashok come to Ruhi with a new doll. Ashok says we brought a dress also for you. Ishita says her fav color in Pink. Ashok says thanks, you can’t be wrong. Shagun says Ishita, this gift for you, thanks for supporting us, we saw a smile on Ruhi’s face because of you. Ishita says I can’t take this. Shagun asks Ishita to come tomorrow in court hearing. Ishita says what will I do there. Shagun insists and says for Ruhi’s sake. Ishita says I m very sorry, I can’t help you in this matter, I will leave now. Ishita tells Ruhi she is leaving, good night. Ruhi says tell my good night to Papa as I forgot. Ishita says fine.

Amma is crying thinking what she did with Mrs. Bhalla. Mihika comes to her and asks why are you crying. Amma says I have closed Mrs. Bhalla in store room. Mihika is shocked. Amma says I did not know this would happen. Mihika pacifies her. Amma says I wanted to show everyone what Raman did. She says I told Rumi. Mihika says I will apologize on your behalf, come with me. Raman comes to Shagun’s house and gives the tiffin to watchman asking him to give it to Ruhi saying her grandma has send it. The watchman says Ashok’s daughter. Raman is angry. Ishita sees this.

Raman sees Ishita and both are annoyed with each other. She walks by his side and he taunts her. She says what. He says you and Shagun are together, Ashok can’t get a better person than you, in how much are you sold. Ishita looks at him angrily.

Ishita scolds Raman and calls him selfish. Raman looks at her.


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  1. sia says:

    yeh hai mohabatein

  2. sia says:

    kabhi kam na hongi yeh chahatein pal pal bade yeh hai mohabatein

  3. sia says:

    thx kiran. So much misunderstanding. Now ishita will help shagun n ashok

  4. sia says:

    i luv the bg

  5. Kiran says:

    Hi Sana the video shows an upcoming sequence in which Ishita believes Meer made some clip of Mihika and distributed around her elder bil beat up Meer and ishita comes to the Bhallas and says that now she knows their house isn’t good for Ruhi and she’ll make sure they never get custody

  6. sia says:

    Atleast amma realised what she did to mrs.bhalla

  7. sia says:

    still only 75

  8. KSG FAN says:

    Don’t knw

  9. K@J@! says:

    Which video sana?

  10. Sana says:

    Guys anybody explain what is in video which posted before this witte episode

  11. Avni says:

    Hiiiii sia

  12. KK says:

    yes di bye tk see u soon

  13. KK says:

    Yes di Now will be having my lunch after 30 mins

  14. sia says:

    i guess u r tired. Take rest n be fit n fyn soon. Tc bye c u soon

  15. sia says:

    ok as u kiya?

  16. KK says:

    the pasword is ok

  17. sia says:

    kaha gayeb hojate ho?

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