Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th April 2013 Written Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th April 2013 Written Update by -JungleeBilli-

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th April 2013 Written Episode

Everyone singing at singhaniya house. Yash dancing. Nandani and Rashmi is there too.

At maheshwari house, everyone talking about how Akshara is fond of this pooja and how she used to do it before marriage.

Akshara and everyone sings ‘pyar mil jaye’ She looks dull. Naitak smiles seeing akshara

Kids drag naitak to the middle. Naitak walks slowly. Both akshara naitak walk up to each other.

Naitak takes akshara to the car. Both have a panic attack as naitak isnt driving properly.

Gayatri is worried about them as naitak hasnt arrived home. Bhabhimaa consoles her and asks her to call them up.

She calls them up. Naitak doesnt pick it up.

Akshara lectures him. Naitak says you pick it up. Akhshara then doesnt pick up the call.

Gayatri’s phone gets rejected. Akshara is worried as she isnt at home, and everyone will find out. Here varsha knows akshara is missing.

Varsha is worried about where they will be. She tries to tell someone about it but starts to talk to herself.

Some phone call between gayatri and rajshri. They speak in english. Varsha looking at Rajshri. Maheshwari house will soon leave to go to gayatri’s house..

Argument between akshara and naitak as naitak isnt taking her home but somewhere else. Akshara is adamant to go home.

Nurse consoles the family about Mahendra away to sleep. Bhabhima doesnt feel right.

Varsha calls naitak and akshara and trying to find out where they are.

Precap: naitak leaves her to an unknown place

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14 Responses to “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th April 2013 Written Update”

  1. swaru says:

    ya we must wa8….bt were has naitik gone??????

  2. Ritz says:

    ok guys don`t fight………lets see wat happens next!

  3. KHUSH says:

    i think u both r ri8!!!!

  4. Ritz says:

    u r ri8 swaru… bt she has 2 be careful 2wards her family also na

  5. swaru says:

    we r talking dat akshara should save her marriage 1st rather dan anything

  6. KHUSH says:

    wat r u guys talking about?

  7. swaru says:

    ya dats true bt she have 2 be a best wife also…….

  8. Ritz says:

    bcoz she is d best bahu. beti n maa

  9. swaru says:

    she should 1st think about naitik…..

  10. swaru says:

    y akshara is so worry about family………i don`t understand dat?

  11. swaru says:

    y akshara is so worry about family………

  12. Sonya says:


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