Balika Vadhu 6th April 2013 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 6th April 2013 Written Update by AnjanaYYZ

Balika Vadhu 6th April 2013 Written Episode

The Bidaai
– BS tells Shiv to take care of his daughter, A. Shiv assures him. Sumi looks like she sucked a lemon Some women insist on A tossing rice rasam, so Jaistar gets blessed.
– Bidaii Sequence with Singhs, Jaitsarians, Shyam, and A with Background Song recorded by the BV Actors including Anup Soni (hope he never sings again!!). Shekhars’ spectate Shiv looks like J stole his halwa!
– Basant n Bhairon confuse cart n car and push AnSh’s accelerating vehicle
– J appears on the roadside to hitch a ride, but Anandi waves tata bye bye

The Haveli
– Singhs race home to be with J. He comes after them and appears glum. The Singhs are excited that he’s agreed to remarry. DS blesses A, who fulfilled her duty whilst living. They discuss the kind of wife he wants. He never treated their choice properly and the one he chose didn’t treat him properly. There is no such thing as “perfect” partner – “perfect” changes with circumstances and J wants one approved by Anandi.

-J leaves and Singhs discuss some more what kind of wife J requires. DS assesses that J wants someone similar to A.

– BS leaves for business in Ajmer.

The New City – Udaipur
– After Asli Bidaai AnSh have Asli Grihapravesh in Udaipur where they are greeted by Nathuram and Kailash Kher’s Piya Ghar Song.
-When Shiv wonders about the GRAND WELCOME, Ira explains last time they were welcoming new bride and this time the new homeowner/Laxmi. A she just wants to be daughter of house not the homeowner.

– Ganga asks her GOD to review her divorce docs before she signs them. He looks them over and nods his “go ahead”.
– The lawyer tries to get her think one last time if she wants to give the relationship a chance before signing, but Ganga is confident she wants to freedom from her rishta with Rakshash Ratan. She signs the divorce docs and is visibly happy afterwards.

Voiceover: When women experience domestic violence then they want to close the doors of their abusers ever returning to their lives.

Precap: Anandi turning down IraLok’s bedroom at Kesar Bagh. N J deciding to participate in Holika Puja at Singhs.

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  1. Profile photo of admin admin says: Verified

    rimjhim is out for couple of days due to personal reasons.. and we don’t have any backup updater for this show so short updates at first..

    anyways detailed update is added now

  2. natalie says:

    its better to read this short update. this show is boring now a days. we have stopped seeing this show becoz of new anandi. new anandi’s expression s hell, cant able to see even promos ya…

    • rena says:

      You are always so negative, and keep bringing new Anandi in every mail you post. Agreed, we all relate to Pratyusha as THE Anandi, but now she’s left the show, and its not easy to fill up her shoes, but Toral is trying her best, so just give her some time and enjoy BV for the great TV show that it is. Try to put yourself in the same situation, and I assure you, you will be hurt by comments like yours.

  3. stinson says:

    whr d fuck is rimjhim man ???? its pissing me off wid this loser updater.

  4. xyz says:

    wt d hell ! Can’t u update full episode wid pics it sucks to open with such expectations thn fnd this borng short update

  5. safia khan says:

    Plz update fas and y don’t u upload d pics

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