Chanchan 19th September 2013 Written Update *Last Episode*

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Chanchan 19th September 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Chhan Chhan 19th September 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Manav and Chhan Chhan coming home. Everyone welcomes them with a smile. Umaben says we came to know about your victory, so we were waiting for you to welcome you. She asks Kaumudi to do the aarti. Kaumudi does the aarti. Manav and Chhan Chhan greet everyone and Umaben and Matilal blesses them. Umaben praises Chhan Chhan and she proved that Manav was her strength. Matilal says I m proud to have a son like Manav who got the lost respect back. Dada ji says our future is bright, we will be united and will be together. Dada ji says I won’t be here for always, I will come here when I come to know that you people are having a child. He laughs. Everyone asks where will you go. Dada ji says I got respect and love here, but I saw greed here, so I had to wait here for so long, but now I have to go to ashram with peace seeing you all safe and happy.

Umaben says when you gave me the keys of the house, you gave me the right to take the decisions, she says now you have to agree that you will celebrate your birthday then you will leave. Everyone requests Dada ji to stay with them and celebrate tomorrow. Dada ji agrees. Maansi hugs him and says you see how we celebrate your birthday. Everyone laughs.

Kaumudi’s daughter wishes Dada ji happy birthday and asks him to close his eyes and she has a surprise. She gives him a bouquet. He thanks her. Kaumudi comes and gifts him a shawl. He likes it and thanks her. Ranjana and Sanjana also gift him and wish him. Next comes Maansi with the gift. Dada ji is very happy and blesses Maansi. Manav and Chhan Chhan come and says bless us also. They bring gifts for her. They gift him a camera. Dada ji asks why. Chhan Chhan says take photos and send us so that we are connected. Dada ji agrees.

The women are cooking in the kitchen and have a talk. Chhan Chhan says she is making the cake. Maansi says Dada ji can’t eat everything together, so we should keep chits for him to select. Manav notes down the names of what they are making. They tell him the names of the sweets. Chhan Chhan’s chit is selected and she gets happy. Manav comes to Chhan Chhan and shows her the chits. He wrote only Chhan Chhan’s name on all the chits and did cheating. Chhan Chhan is shocked and smiles. They have a laugh.

Chhan Chhan welcomes everyone in Dada ji’s 75th birthday. She says lets do something special that everyone remembers. She says I have learnt a lot from this family and we enjoy when we stay together. She says Manthan will be telling us how different we are. Chhan Chhan requests Manthan to come on stage. Manthan says how can I do this, I don’t know, but have to. He acts like everyone. Everyone laughs and claps for him. Chhan Chhan thanks him for making them laugh. She says when I came in this house, I thought how will I adjust in this house. She says Manav and I will show you how was my journey in this house. Manav plays Dada ji. Everyone laughs and claps for them.

Manav says Dada ji came to know by Chhan Chhan whats right. Chhan Chhan says something changed my view of life, and thats Umaben. Chhan Chhan acts like Umaben and scolds her bahus. Umaben laughs. Umaben says Chhan Chhan told many things about me, now I will tell you abot Chhan Chhan. She says when Chhan Chhan came in this house, she was like this and acts like Chhan Chhan. Umaben praises Chhan Chhan and says I m happy that Chhan Chhan is part of this family.

Umaben says I want to share some truth with all of you which I did not tell you. She says I did not think Chhan Chhan deserved to be in this house, but now my opinion changed. Everyone clap for Chhan Chhan. Dada ji cuts the cake and everyone sings happy birthday to you. Everyone are happy. Matilal says now its my turn to say something. He gives an envelope in which the winner’s name is written for the competition. He says after me they will be taking care of the house. He asks Mokut to read the name. Mokut says Manek will read it. Manek says Manthan will read it. Manthan says Manav will read it. Mokut says we don’t want to separate, we want to be together and we want you to be at your place. Dada ji is happy with the result. He says this is the best gift for me. Everyone smiles. They take family’s photos with a smile. The show ends on a good and happy note that family must be united in any circumstances and the family members should stand for each other amidst the difficulties.

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  1. Sanaya says:

    Sanaya is my favorate actor. Iam a big fan of sanaya. I love u sanaya


    Guys go check this link out………It is an another promo from the makers of rangrasiya……… according to this we can see our old kushi kumari gupta in in another role from 30th december…………


  3. finusa says:

    OMG! did you guys see this?

    Gurmeet approached to play the lead opposite Sanaya in Nautanki Telefilms’ next on Colors

    Gurmeet Choudhary is surely on a roll, when it comes to getting offered the best of roles on TV. Post his successful stints as leads in Star One’s Geet Hui Sabse Parayi and Zee TV’s Punar Vivah, the actor is being flooded with interesting offers.

    As reported by media earlier, he was approached for the sequel of Gunahon Ka Devta to be produced by the Producer of Lapataganj on SAB TV, Ashwini Dheer. We now hear that the talented actor has been approached by Nautanki Telefilms for their upcoming show on Colors.

    As we know, Saurabh Tewari’s next on Colors already has the vivacious Sanaya Irani as the lead. And the hunt is presently on for the lead guy, who will play a BSF officer. Amongst lot many known faces approached for the show, Gurmeet happens to be one. We hear that the makers were keen on casting him as the lead opposite Sanaya.

    A reliable source states that Gurmeet has been in consideration for a while. However, he usually quotes an exorbitant amount, as the man is keener on doing films now.

    Yet another source though told us that Gurmeet was indeed approached for the new show on Colors, but he did not fit well into the role.
    If sources are to be believed, Ashish Sharma, last seen in Zee TV’s Rab Se Sohna Isshq is also in talks presently for the lead role.

    The yet untitled show will launch on Colors post the culmination of Bigg Boss sometime in December 2013, and will take the 9.30 PM slot.

    We tried contacting Gurmeet, but he did not reply to our calls and text messages till the time of filing the article.

    Let’s see who bags the role opposite Sanaya in this Colors show.

  4. sherlyn says:

    i did not expect that chan chan would end so soon any way all the very best for ur next serial luv u hoping for a very good come back all the best

  5. Chandrima says:

    Chanchan khatam ho gayi!!hope sanaya will be back soon with something new..all the bst sanaya…

  6. rebekah says:

    nic drama…………………kept it short n simple…….sanaya come back with bang on ur next venture

  7. Sanny Fan says:

    Nd also luv u loaadssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss §anny dear!! <3 <3

  8. Sanny Fan says:

    though there are a 100 comments, they r all from 1 person!! I expected more ppl to be active on this page, atleast today!! V disappointed!! Atleast arshi fans and sanny fans shud hv participated mor
    e actively,only for our dearest sanaya irani!! Anyway thnx to those who hv participated!! :-)

  9. pree says:

    100 done jaa rahihu meine :)

  10. pree says:

    ……… !!!!!!!…..

  11. pree says:

    noooooo colors deal 😉

  12. pree says:

    start 2 count nos 😉

  13. pree says:


  14. pree says:

    haa 19 more 2 reach 100 :-0

  15. pree says:

    kondal vananai kovalanaai venai unda vaayenai ullam kavarndaane

    andar amudu unda arangan en amudinai kanda kangal matravai kanaade eeeee

    ban ki titli dil uda uda he kahi doooooooooooo…oo..or

    chal ke khushbu se chuda chuda chuda he kabi nooooooo…ooooor

    haadse ye kaise ansune se chalke chumene dedoko koi noooooooooooooooooooo….ooooooor :)

  16. pree says:

    surkhbwaala soz waala … faiz waala luv

    hota hn chod luv se zyaada waise waala luv ishq waala luv

    hua joh dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua

    ishq waala luv ye kya hua he kya khobor yehi pata he zyaada hua ishq waala luv

    oooooooooooooooo 😉 :)

  17. pree says:

    kyun dard he itnaaaaaaaa

    tere ishq mein rabba veeeeee

    rabba ve rabbba veeeeeee…………

  18. pree says:

    hey arohi i too heared bt nt sure bt her nw show in colors 😛

  19. pree says:

    jo pehle hua na….

    ab hone laga heeeee……..

    dil hum ko jahaan phir

    q sone laga heeeeeeeee ………. ………………
    ye ishq he ya kuch horahe bas khali khali

    chorahe ………. ……

    ipkknd ….. ipkknd 😉 😀 😛

  20. arohi says:

    Sanaya is really coming on saurabh tiwari’s show on colors??
    Awesome yaar
    Best friends on same channel plus with the same producer :-) :-) :-)

  21. pree says:

    starting song …. ipkknd title sng 😛

  22. pree says:

    done strt 2 sing a sng no 1 is here so no fear 😉 :( lets start ………… 😉

  23. pree says:

    chanav pair cute 😛 ♡♥♡♥

  24. pree says:

    sanaya bhi mtlb barun lover miss u dr :(

  25. pree says:

    zani d, kanch sis, missing u too here :(

  26. pree says:

    Best of luck 2 sanaya 4 new show 😉 😛 😛 😀 😛 ♡♥♡♥

  27. pree says:

    pree story of twin started here 😀 😛 missing u a lot my dr farss twin :(

  28. pree says:

    hmmmmm missing d older cmters here jeeya,eashel,sheeza,my twin 😛 , aki,anjana,anjali,……….. :(

  29. pree says:

    reminding d starting stage of cc :)

  30. pree says:

    done start ur wrk preeee 😉

  31. pree says:

    akka thnx q???? 😕 koi bt nhi………… no sry’s r thnx u said already d same 4 u :mrgreen:

  32. Fan of sarun-a.p[Yamuna] says:

    Oops today is jannat ka b’day hai.. Ye kaise bhulgay main? M cmng to ipk page…

  33. Xia says:

    No di abhi tak toh nahi aur aap

  34. Xia says:

    Mrng?? Now its evng here anyways di im fine hws u n ya sanaya is telented lyk u is c my sister

    • Fan of sarun-a.p[Yamuna] says:

      Haaw :-O.. Evening? Whats the time there.?

      me aur talented?? Hehe kya hogaya tumhe? Ok lunch toh kiya na tune?

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