Jodha Akbar 10th October 2013 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 10th October 2013 Written Update by Atiba

Jodha Akbar 10th October 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1
there are celebrations in palace. Gifts are being given common people. All prays for jalal’s life. Maham is not so happy. Jodha gives her jewelry as a gift to servant. Here ruks says to maham why you are not happy, maham says so you are happy for husband is saved or your childhood friend. Ruks says i prayed for king, his life is very important to many and he is my husband. Hamida thanks jodha for praying for jalal, jodha says i didnt pray for him, i prayed for a son of a mother, for a person who stood in front to save me, hamida says you do magic with your words, you know what words to use to give credit, jodha smiles. Maham thinks ruks have respect for jalal as a king but she cant reach to his heart.

Scene 2
rahim comes running to jodha and says i want to listen jalal’s story. Jodha says king and queen were alone in jungle and queen took gunpowder out to save innocent animals but wouldnt do it if she knew that dangerous animal will come. Tiger attacked jalal, they fought but in end king won rahim claps and says jalal is very strong. Rahim ask these fruits are for whom? Jodha says for jalal, rahim says i will take it to him. Jalal is with rukaiya when rahim comes and says you should eat these fruits as you are injured. Ruks says salima cares for you a lot. Rahim says salima give me that but jodha and ask jalal to eat. Jalal eats, rahim leaves. Jalal ask ruks do you like this way of jodha? Ruks after giving you pain whats the need. Jalal says she gave me pain but cured it also. jalal says i’ve listened that she had made remedy for me before hakim came, ruks says after giving you wounds whats the need for that, I’ve answered her back correctly on her mistake, i have given her tight slaps jalal says such small punishment for such big thing, ruks is stunned. Ruks says i would have done very bad to her. Jalal again says for this much big crime, this much small punishment.

Scene 3
Adham is flirting with javeda and says you bevarage very nice. He presents her a diamond necklace, javeda cant believe and says real diamond dont shine that much, are they fake? adham fumes and ask her to leave when sharif enter, javeda takes the necklace and leaves, adham says to sharif good you came lets discuss agra and dehli, sharif says forget about both adham says what you are saying sharif says jalal has got consciousness, our soldiers thought that they were there to stop other and start fighting and hakim came here. Well jodha had already made remedy which saved jalal’s life. He suggests to adham that we should wait for right time and to get closer to jalal.

Scene 4
jodha is sitting idle, ruks comes in and says you didnt ask for permission when came in my room then i dont need permission either. She says i thought finger prints of slaps must be there jodha says you can try now if you want, ruks says no i am so happy today as jalal is save so will not do anything. Ruks ask for that remedy jodha gives it to her, ruks applies that remedy on jodha’s cheeks and says dont think what you did was right if i am applying this, she hopes that if it worked for jalal then it should work on your cheeks. She leaves.

Scene 5
maham is in deep thoughts when resham ask what are you thinking? Maham says jodha did such a big mistake but jalal is not furious. She says think jodha begum as maryam zamani resham says i cant think hindu begum as MZ maham says its about her open minded thinking everything will be changed, ruks is blind she is happy that she is the queen of jalal but she doesnt know what is brewing between jalal and jodha, they are coming closer and they are behaving differently after coming to agra from ajmer.

Scene 6
bharmal comes to agra, moti sees him and informs jodha, she says maybe he got to know about the attack. Jodha says it happened only 3 days back and it take 7 to 8 days to reach this news to amer there must be something else. Bharmal comes to jalal and ask how are you jalal? Jalal says i will be alright. Bharmal says i am thankful to you, jodha comes there, bharmal says sukaniya is getting married only because of jalal, he asked for sukaniya’s hand from our neighbor state, bharmal says for a father if daughter is not getting married is a very big thing but you took mthat responsibility and arranged her marriage. Jalal says this marriage will lessen your emnity with them also. Bharmal says i am here to invite you all, i have listened that if elder sister along with her husband participate in marriage and do every ritual then its a good omen, jodha looks on, bharmal invites maham also. Jodha thinks jalal had given marriage proposal for sukaniya its strange, he arranged her marriage. she seems happy inside.

Precap- ruks says you are the king of hindustan nobody can point finger at your decision then why dont say no to go to amer. Jalal very seriously says i love jodha, ruks is shocked.


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