Jodha Akbar 28th February 2014 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 28th February 2014 Written Update by Atiba

Jodha Akbar 28th February 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1
moti and jodha are going to court, moti says to jodha that what happened was not right but you shouldnt have interrupted ruks in her orders. Jodha says i cant tolerate this being rajvanshi, moti says i am worried about consequences.
Hameeda is going there too, she says i am worried about ruk’s behavior
Salima says i dont know why ruks is over reacting on things.
All reaches court, jalal comes there, all greet him. Jalal says i dont interfere in harem’s matters but on special request i am here, he orders to bring them whose matter is this, ruksana, aziza, mazher comes there. maham says 1st tell jalal about your name, they gives their intro.,,,,They disclose that aziza is in love with mazhar and they wanted to marry, Ruksana says their wedding was arranged in childhood. Ruks says childhood friendship and relation is very important, Jodha says love is most important
Jalal says one side is childhood friendship and other side is love and according to Muslim rule, nikkah can be done only when both groom and bride are ready so i am giving you one months time so you can decide whom you want marry,,,,,

Jalal leaves from there. One begum complains to Jalal about Ruks that her harsh behaviour towards baandies and rude to other begums, She treats other behums like her baandies.
Maham speaks in favour of Jodha, Jalal asks whether his decision to give ruks the responsibility wrong ?? Was there any one who was wiling to take responsibility, one baandi names Jodha begum, Some favour her But Jodha says she is not suitable for that post. Jalal says that all begums would ponder over that issue too next morning he would decide and if they could not arrive at a conclusion. He would not hear a single word against Ruks. Ruks smiles at him, he leaves from there.

Scene 2
Hameeda is discussing with other begums that ruks behaved harshly and had taken rash decision. Salima says that jodha might not be experienced but she felt from the heart and took decisions after feeling for the other, One baandi who was over hearing all this thinks of informs ruks.

Scene 3
Jodha comes to jalal who is having head massage from dasi , he says come, he says because of this harem scuffles i have an head ache, jalal ask dasi to leave. he looks at jodha and smiles, jodha sits infront of him, jalal says you say something else and do something else. Jalal naughtily tells Jodha to give him head massage faking a head ache..Jodha protests that he had just received head massage from baandi. Jalal says that the baandi’s hand would never have the same effects that her soft tender hands would have, he looks at her naughtily. Jodha shyly picks up the oil And massages him scalp (bg music plays). Jalal says that ruks is doing good job but i am happy that how you had refused to take over the responsibility of harem Unlike other begums you are different. Jodha says i am leaving leave But jalal requests her for some more head massage .. She declines politely asking him to catch up on lost sleep, she leaves, jalal is smiling.

Scene 4
Ruks comes to Salima She is angry with salima for speaking against ruks and speaking for Jodha, salima says i am disappointed with your behavior. Ruks then has an outburst directed at Salima, Salima then tells ruks to stay within the limits of decency and That i am like your elder sister Even if ruks is incharge of the harem, She should be respectful to her elders .. Salima says jodha is more balanced and took better decisions she felt for others from the heart .. If ruks behaviour remained like this then all begums would one day go against her, She asks ruks to leave

Scene 5
Jalal comes to ruks’s room … Jalal is informed by ruks that hameeda and Salima were both in favor for Jodha and against Ruks ..Jalal tells her that all the bandies and begums are all standing against ruks and for jodha .. She should control her harsh behaviour ….Jalal warns her that she should not take her enemies lightly … Especially jodha begum .. Because she is talent treasury .. She might just topple ruks from her position if she is not careful.

Precap for MAHA EPISODE- Jalal asks the three .. .. Mazhar, ruksana, aziza for their decision on marriage after a month ?? Ruks Jodha declares in court that she is ready to take on the challenge of looking after the harem for a month as ordered ..

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254 Responses to “Jodha Akbar 28th February 2014 Written Update”

  1. maryam funmi says:

    Things are going on the way we like it . The series is now becoming more interesting. Please let us have one hour of the show so we can cool down of tension of anticipating of what will happen.

  2. shabana says:

    guys i hope rajat[jalal] supports paridha[jodha]

  3. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    hi victry m gud n wbu? Yes yes hapie

    mataji aap mujhe chod kar kaha gayi?

  4. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    mataji missed u a lot. Leg bilkul theek hai na? Itne din kaha thi aap?

  5. Profile photo of Victory Victory says: Verified

    Hai sia and sanjana hw r u?

  6. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    mataji mataji mataji kaise ho aap?

  7. sanjana says:

    hi anyone here?

  8. Profile photo of avni avni says: Verified

    koi haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii?????????????????????????????

  9. Profile photo of avni avni says: Verified

    NEW PROMO 1st March
    Krishnas idol is shown and three bandis holding Krishans idols…all in one picture…

    Reshams voice(she is not shown): harem ki saare hindu daasiyon ke hojre maein unki bagwan ki murthiyaan mili hai

    all the Hindu daasis are holding krishna idols and are happy…LOL

    Ruquaiyya to Jodha: ye harem ke kayde ke khilaf hai, ye kaam jodha begum ka hi ho saktha hai..

    Jodha looks surprised with Ruqus accusation against her may be she dont know anything
    jalal, Salima, HB all stand looking surprised with it…
    (Ruquaiyya is wearing green dress as of yesterdays, Jodha is wearing yesterday pink and yelllow combo, jalal is in blue)

    Jalal and Jodha in his room (Jalal to Jodha): humaien yakeen nahin hotha aap BEK ke audhe ke liye aisa kuch kar sakthi hai LOL

    in all this conversation Jalal was calm and cool he was not angry with Jodha at all…may be Jalal is making sure Jodha will fight against Ruqu for BEK election …i think its Jalals trick

  10. suraj says:

    Ok bye dear tc.. :-)
    miss u ll guys :-(

  11. Malaysian ja fans says:

    I m from Malaysia , this is best serial in Malaysia ,we all love this show. I a bit upset with some people when condem about this serial , serial and history are different , there have to be some twist and turn to make the serial interesting, if they keep on showing romance it will get boring. When I read Akbar history in British library .queen jodha is multi talented person and she rule Mughal dinesty with excellent after Akbar death. It clearly said that Akbar teach queen Jodha about administration and Akbar slowly making queen Jodha to be a perfect Mariam us zamani. Because this is a biggest post in Mughal . I think the reason jalal inderecly asking Jodha to accept harem admin to make her strong in admin. true fact is jalal know that Jodha started to love him and soon salim baba blessing will come true. ( please don’t hurt our Malaysian with your hush comment )

    • Avi says:

      I love it just the Jodha – Akbar too but really it is more fiction than fact. Take it as fiction and it’s perfect. Take it as fact and it has many flaws.

    • Anna says:

      yeah like this epi is set as a plat form for future strong r/ship of Jo n Ja. If don’t like don’t watch it at least let us enjoy the show .

  12. sia says:

    gud gud. Where were u these days suraj?

  13. sia says:

    hi suraj how r u?

    Shukriya maansingh lol

  14. suraj says:

    Salute to salima begum… 😉 waitin for maha- episode. Love joal scenes.

  15. izzy-girl'7 says:

    Hello guys,,,,,,,,,

  16. Profile photo of meetisree meetisree says: Verified

    hii ji’ans gud evng finally there wil be a MAHAEPISODE toni8 yayyyyy
    nice weekend agree??!!!

  17. sia says:

    koi hai?

  18. Profile photo of gayathri gayathri says: Verified

    Hi everyone plz any one tell me that my thinking is right or wrong.

    Apart from Paridhi,Rajat and others i am very much enjoy and impressed with background score and that loveble song too. Music is one of the huge and important source in JA. It gives more life in the scenes.

    If truely ekta mam gone then what happen. I mean her crew also gone or remaining.
    Definity they dont change main leads and important characters. But others???
    i am afraid and worried this only. r they change every thing?
    One of us may be she is Janas she said that ekta not back out she use dummy name. Initially i also used to think like this offically she out but indirectly support.but if it is possible in this media line.

    Plz any one clarifye my doubt.i hope they dont change any thing even ekta left.

    • izzy-girl'7 says:

      No I don’t think that’s gonna happen
      I mean as long as the real writer and the director’s still there
      Then JA will still be the same
      And just because ekta backed out doesn’t me the crew would be changed

  19. Little flower says:

    In my POV they showed ruks, Jo and jalal story as mazhar , ruksana and aziza. Bcoz one is friendship and another side is LOVE.

  20. mnacd says:

    Today episode was boring

    • sanvi says:

      No it was beautiful episode. 1thing I must day that its ‘JA’ speciality that not only lead chareters (love n romance btwn jo ja r ja n ruks (but all characters too entertain us lije convo btwn mil n dil, r convo btwn cosisters,political issues wars raheem even ma entertain we audience alit……

  21. Savri says:

    Ruks is sooo fiery lol

  22. Savri says:

    Other than the setting of Jodha Akbar its almost like other serials. Jodha’s mom in law won’t accept her, she is softening her husband’s feelings and there are cat fights. Difference is it is between many wives.

  23. zaaynab says:

    Wowww jodhaa u sure feet dat placee….. Nice epi

  24. priya says:

    Anybody know about the show is it goes offair or not

  25. Anna says:

    Hi unlike other say boring, I like the episode just to c Ja N Jo. The way I c thing the trail case about f/ship n love is actually about Jal,Jo n Rq. This is where Jala have to fight his battle. He looked at Ruq wehen he mention c/hood f/ship n love he looked at Jodha. Lets c how it end. Well I also like the Harem issue. I think Jal intelligently handle the issues. He ask if any one challenge to take over Ruq. When Jo was mentioned he was taken a back n surprise of her warm acceptance in the Harem., but when she denies he looked at her rather understanding that she do not want to create more mU n trouble with Ruq. The instigation of Jo to take up challenge was very clever of Jal. He is trying get Jo acquitted to Harem and Mughal lifestyle. It is also to indirectly to tell her she is equal to Ruq. That was nice. As for Ruq he say she has a challenger. This is very subtle to tel her to mend her ways and indirectly to accept Jo as she is also his wife and he loves her. The face off Salima n Ruq was good. Salima said she has to change or she’ll loose what she has. Lastly n not the least the head massage. It was cute n a short one. I like the cute smile the both excuted. U can’t expect them to be too intimate too soon. She didn’t hesitate to touch him when needed and ask her cutely though she knew he is pretending. This is how they are getting use to each other slowly as yet to to be that close like many wanted to c. Come on!! they just started to like n relaise their feeling it will take some time after all it is 16 century. Unlike ruq v c Jal is always touchy n close whenever he pacify her or v meet her. They have come a long way indeed. Some even said want more interesting episode……wait the platform is being built for further excitement.

  26. Profile photo of ananna ananna says: Verified

    Ok..annas..main to tin char bar kar chuki hu..

  27. Profile photo of salmaah salmaah says: Verified

    Hi, Can’t wait for the maha epi, excited. Love massage part. Nice epi

    • AnnaS says:

      Wow jalal that us called rajneetti
      You made excited jodha to take haram’s responsibilities indirectly
      You made ruk fearful to loose haram and break her arrogance
      When ruk raised her hand jalal hold it and put it down
      I like the way he snap her figure at ruk told her how smart jodha is
      I like saeema’s acting very wise, authorities,calm and gentle
      Ruk was pretty good showing all the emotions, anger wow acting
      RAJAT offcourse is rajat a feblious one

      This time he got jodha, wind get in her win game, jodha didn’t even know telling her she can’t handle haram , ha ka matlab na or na ka matlab ha so cute
      Please vote to save

  28. izzy-girl'7 says:

    Okay guys me too going

  29. izzy-girl'7 says:

    Feel bad about what sia di?

  30. Profile photo of ananna ananna says: Verified

    Sab gaye kya..?

  31. Profile photo of ananna ananna says: Verified

    Me fyn sia di..ok sd tc

  32. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    ok bye anana gn dear sd tc c u soon

  33. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    wow wow wow i hit 200th comment

  34. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    izzy did u feel bad abt dat?m sry

    yes anana me here but leaving soon. How r u?

  35. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    but luk its 2nd overall n 1st on zee.

  36. Profile photo of ananna ananna says: Verified

    Sorry its sia di..ap ho na di..

  37. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    haha ok ullu gn sd tc

    i myt need dat 2. So i will go wid my ullu.

    Ok final wala bye gn sd izzy tc

  38. ali says:

    So borring serial. Jo kuch bhi dikhate hai aisa kuch hi hota hoga akbar ki life mein. No.1 serial toh bilkul bhi nahin hai for me.mythalogical,historical ya aise aur serials mein Mahabharat is good at this time.unka raj sabha ka room accha hai as compared to jodha akbar.

  39. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    Nearly 200 comments lol wow goodnight to all xo

  40. izzy-girl'7 says:

    Di this is the Adress to gwara gwara island
    No 0000 dream-land street Jupiter

  41. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    izzy ur wings r being mend dat as well

    iss ullu ko mein kya naam doon ?lol

  42. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    ok m going bye guys gn sd tc c u soon luv u

  43. Profile photo of anu (jodha begum) anu (jodha begum) says: Verified

    hahaha but I will continue watching JA and I will not stop my comments.. maybe I won’t talk much but I will give my view on the episode like always which everyone calls it ‘analysis’ LOL

  44. Profile photo of sia says: Verified

    then my ullu will be flying gal 3 oh no

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