Jodha Akbar 9th July 2013 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 9th July 2013 Written Update by reeti.poly

Jodha Akbar 9th July 2013 Written Episode

Ruqayia is searching for something. and she sees mahamanga waiting outside for jalal and she goes out side and asks her what she wants now.. and mahamanga says she doesn’t have any restrictions for meeting shehansha any time. Ruqayia says she has the only right on her every min while she is with him and leaves

Resham comes , and mahamanga has been asked.. and mahamanga says ruqayia didn’t let her meet shehansha then she gives a ring to resham and tells her that she likes it right then says it is filled with poison and says that she has to give it to zaheer and then zaheer will be murdered and the guild will be coming to bairam khan and why this couldn’t reach to shehansha and she says that the guilt has been already taken by Ruqayia now. This poison will kill 3 lives together

Morning arrives and Jalal starts practicing with his sword and suddenly he keeps a trigger and some one is standing with an apple on his head and then he starts aiming on it and then jalal says he doesn’t believe in him and believe can only be learnt from zahir and then he calls for zahir and some one comes and says jalal that zahir is dead before sometimes in the jail.

in Akbar’s darbaar (court ) he asks who ordered to arrest zahir and mahmanga says , bairam khan has ordered and jalal asks why she didn’t let him know if she knew it , mahamanga says she tried but ruqayia didn’t let her meet him and she also shows some proof and then jalal calls for ruqayiya and she says yes she did it mahamanga and the jalal says because of her this deed it took a life and he could have saved it and then he calls for bairam khan’s peshi ..

Akbar says did he arrested zahir and why , bairam says he has been taking all these decisions while jalal was only 15 and will take all in good in for of him . And jalal says don’t he think that he had done injustice but he doesn’t agree and leaves ..jalal says only 3 people are important in his life that is ruqayia , bairam khan and mahamanga and he shouldn’t have talked to them like this
Mahamanga says she should not fall weak like this and then says this chair is strong and the man who will seat in this should be more strong

Mahamanga comes to resham and gifts her something and says no body got the clue of zahir’s death and ruqayia hears this and says mahamanga that she also has interest in playing chess. move was good but she should remember that now this is her chance .

Akbar is in bare body and many ladies are aorund him in the bath area and he is in the bath tub with rose plates and water and ruqayiya comes and orders every one there duty regarding the smell of the room , and lunch , then medicines etc. and this makes smile Jalal and after saying all these ruqayia starts leaving and jalal stops her saying that he is sorry for what he did and ruqayia also says sorry and then she says jalal should promise that he won’t say anything infront of others and jalal agrees. Ruqayiya says behind all this mahmanga has a hand and jalal opposes and ruqayiya says he lets people to rule his life and jalal says in his life and soul only ruqaiya rules and no one can take her place

Preap: Jodha’s one of the dasi says why her mother is giving so precious gifts to her and she says its because she has done such a great job and then jodha sees this while her mother is saying that she has done a great job sending them letters and jodha is shoked

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  1. Saumya says:

    saw d promo
    its nice
    :) :)

  2. ritu says:

    hope so too @diya

  3. diya says:

    hope for a episode which make me what a episode..ekta mata plZz

  4. suraj says:

    hi @ritu @yuvi … hw r u…..

  5. ritu says:

    hi @suraj

  6. yuvi says:

    k guys.hav to go and prepare dinner.i will join in 30 min

  7. suraj says:

    hello r’ians …….

  8. ritu says:

    yup @diya,hehe

  9. diya says:

    ohhho ..ritu than enjoy ur meal..

  10. diya says:

    hello yuvi …hii ritu..what u guys doing

  11. ritu says:

    m gud @yuvi.. how r u? hey @diya

  12. ritu says:

    hey @yuvi,@fizzy,@diya.. guys! u there?

  13. ritu says:

    hello R’ians

  14. yuvi says:

    hi rians

  15. diya says:

    hello fizzy nd all R’ians….hw r u all …

  16. Fizzy says:

    Hi every1…

  17. tamara says:

    why does akbar have so many wives? he doesnt seem to like anyone except ruqaiya…

  18. diya says:

    gud mrng cutie’s…have a lovely day

  19. forget about that says:

    good morning….

    aap logon ko nahi lagta??? yeh ekta mata kuch zyada hi intazar kara rahi hain akdha scenes ke liye???

    yeh maham anga-ruqaiya-bairam scenes kuch zyada hi hua!!!!!!!!

  20. Arti says:

    This ruqaiya is annoying and ugly. Can’t wait for jodha to take over!

  21. suraj says:

    moood gorning r’ians…..

  22. Fizzy says:

    Hey diya me fine..sry 4 late comment

  23. suraj says:

    gud nite r’ians hv jalal dreams….!

  24. diya says:

    gud ngt R’ians sleeping…hv rajat dreams…nd suraj for u ….hv paridhi drms …

  25. yuvi says:

    why dislike all episode?

  26. diya says:

    me fine@fizzy…hw r u??

  27. diya says:

    yup yuvi..sem..exams r hell tough as well as boring…so mch syllabus in such a short period ..hate it…
    @fizzy ….hy hw r u…

  28. yuvi says:

    speaking of sem exams.i am glad i finished my studies.looks like u two are younger than me. having prepare fr sem exams is always tough

  29. Fizzy says:

    hey every1 ….Today was a good epi ,lots of rajat scenes :)
    Hmm…Jalal is soon going to change his words
    Really anxious 2 c Jalal and jodha 2gether
    Hey diya & suraj..Hw r u guyz?

  30. diya says:

    i hv done with my first year exams nd they went quite nice..hw was urs

  31. diya says:


  32. diya says:

    me just lying on bed ..chatting wit u all….

  33. suraj says:

    doing my bro holydays work…..! 😀

  34. diya says:

    me fine yuvi…yup u r right…rajat”s looks,the way he talks nd i cn say every bit of him is just mesmerising…….
    hiiii@suraj….what r u doing..

  35. suraj says:

    todays episode make my mood…..!now let see wat. action ruqi… takes….to teach mahamanga a lesson…
    hi@diya @yuvi

  36. diya says:

    hiii yuvi…after a long time…hw r u????
    thanks reeti.poly for written update…

    • yuvi says:

      i am fine diya.hw r u?i was not free for the past 2 days.i had gone to see my sister who is in hostel.was spending some time with her.i love wat an acting.his voice mesmerises me

  37. diya says:

    rajat…rajat…rajat….lots of rajat scenes today im quite happyyy…
    the way he said subhnallah was just subhnallah loved it
    nd ruqaiya nd jalal misunderstanding nd fight sequence was quite nice
    jalal u r going to correct ur words soon …as very soon u will realise that all of mahaanga nd the khanbaba love u only as a shenshah nd three who r mst ur life is jodha jodha nd the jodha
    that mahamanga is very clever….so many politics.even when the real herione is not here…im excited to wtch how our sweet jodha will come out frm all these politics…nd win the jalal’s love….

  38. yuvi says:

    I am silverr medallist……..hi diya

  39. diya says:

    hiii R’ians …today me the gold medalist…yuppy

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