Kaun Banega Manav! – Chanchan

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  1. anika says:

    plzzz mohit is so cute in sanaya k saath wahi best lagta hain harshad bhi cute hai farhaan thoda-2 harshad jaisa dikhta bhi hain but harshad ki acting to mind-blowing i love harshad

  2. anika says:

    mohit and harshad best option

  3. ashika says:

    i want barun 2 b manav.farhan is not acting very well.he has no expressions in his eyes .the way he is looking at sanaya is just awkward.he is not a match of energetic sanaya. so pls cast barun as manav.then d serial will top no.1

  4. Simran Sandhu :) says:

    Arnav singh raizada is needed for khushi once again. but if not him, then Karan wahi, i love him too!!!!!!

    But since farhan is new, he should be given a chance still!!!!

  5. mjhtarvinarshilover says:

    Barun n mohit r good.. But they r already good with sanaya… If we dont give chance any other thn how can agn 1hit couple will cm… So thr should be change… If arnav s role z also played by mohit thn we never know how arshi will hit in industry… So plz choose any other but not farhan…
    Arjun bijlani z perfect plz choose him…

  6. mjhtarvinarshilover says:

    Arjun bijlani… I thnk he is perfect for manav’s role…..

  7. daisy says:

    let it be mohit

  8. Deeksha says:

    Barun agar mamav banega to seriel 1 par aa jaega

  9. Deeksha says:

    Varun sobti plssssss

  10. fiji islands says:

    Arnav banega Manav plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!

  11. mubs says:

    Barunnnnnnnnnnnnn plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Trishna says:

    I dont like Ravi. I LOVE HIM! But I Like Mohit, Harshad and ARNAV!!

    • maan (chann chann&manav) fan says:

      well the news is not true vipul sir has already said that farah is nt gettin replaced here is the short piece frm his interview” However, when we contacted Producer Vipul Shah, he went on to rubbish the news saying, “It is true that Farhan is still learning the art as he is new to the TV scenario. However we have not reached a point where we need to replace him. We are presently auditioning for Saas Bina Sasural 2, and it might have happened that few popular names were given the lines of the lead guy in Chhanchhan to narrate. And I am sure the news has leaked from here that Farhan is getting replaced. It is not true at all.”

    • Trishna says:

      I Hope so… Farhan is not that bad… I Like him..

  13. sumicam says:

    arnav banega manav plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. asya4ever says:


  15. john3 says:

    Varun Kapoor

  16. pihu says:

    i want anyone bt no NANDISH SANDHU…

  17. sarun4eva says:

    i want barun or mohit

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