Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 18th February 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 18th February 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 18th February 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Madhu tells Paddo-Trish that the pain will make her stronger..and that she wants to move ahead! The memories of this betrayal will help her move ahead! Trish agrees! The duo hug! Next day morning.. Madhu packs Trishs tiffin! Bittu calls Madhu and asks her to come to the studio! Madhu asks who the film belongs to but he cuts the call..! Madhu is confused!

At Kamal Studio… the director is getting set ready for a valentine special shoot! The guy asks for the heroine n gets to know she hasnt come yet! Madhu arrives and asks for where the makeup room is..? No one answers! BG-Beintehan! RK arrives on the set… and walks past Madhu …! She feels his presence.. turns but misses him..! The set is ready. RK understands the scene from the director! Madhu is standing just near the shot..! The director suggests to take a rehearsal.. RK agrees! The shot begins..! RK looks at the camera n walks forward slowly..! In the meantime, Madhu walks directly in front of RK with her back turned.! Suddenly the piece of cloth being flown is released and RK-Madhu collide with each other and the cloth falls on the duo..! RK-Madhu eyelock..!

RK removes the cloth piece and says CUT IT! The director says..another rehearsal..! RK glares at Madhu n she steps away from him..! Madhu collides with a light post and is about to fall n RK says.. MADHU! Madhu looks at him! He says.. ex-biwi..! RK says.. Ex for .. Experienced or Extinct? RK says..what brought her here? The desire to be insulted more? The AD says.. where is the new hairdresser of the heroine? Madhu says.. yes.. coming! RK says.. bal bal bache … so why are u here? To insult .. To slap?? Or want to melt in fire?? What sort of fire are u?? Wax which refuses to melt?? Well sure.. ur smart enouf not to burn…! Anyways.. its the days of love.. so lets love.. n well hate is evil step sister of love..! He takes a heart shaped balloon n says.. Happy Valentines Ex-Biwi..! Madhu walks past him but RK pulls her dupatta! He sings.. ‘Dil lena khel hai dildar ka’! Bittu ji watches them..! RK bursts a balloon sings ‘Khaya hai dhoka maine pyaar ka’! Madhu rushes out..n Bittu runs after her!

Bittu says..he dinno .. and Madhu says.. dun call Bhabhi ji.. RK says.. yes.. dun call anyone randomly that! RK walks away n comes to his vanity van! A reporter comes to ask about Bollywoods fave romantic movies..! He overhears Madhu tell Bittu that how he thought she will work where RK is? Reporter asks if they can put a red rose on his suit? RK recollects Madhu putting a rose on his coat.. n says no..! RK says.. he raised a lion which died after eating rose! Reporter think a big fan of his gave..! RK says.. no . n says.. that he wont answer if he doesnt like her questions..! Reproter says sorry! Reporter asks..which is his fave romantic movie? RK says.. Mr. India..! Reporter wasnt romantic n RK was. .n shoes the reporter off!

Madhu comes home in a huff.. n cribs about Bittu giving her work on RKs set! Paddo asks her if she is fine? Madhu says..yes .but rues that how muchever she tries to go away from RK ..he comes back in her life..what to do? The duo hug n Paddo assures..all will be well..!

At the mansion, RK is walking upstairs and Radha passes by .. without looking at him..! RK tells Radha that.. if she remembers she had a daughter in law.. called Madhu .. who came on the set.. today some people gave her work on his set..! RK tells Radha that she does not know her son..! He says that…she thought he will feel remorse seeing Madhu? Well he din..! He says..he din feel a single extra heart beat..! Radha walks away but RK calls her back and says …when she came before him..something pinched.. how can she start a new life ..?? so easily?? But ..then she was shaking. .n felt like..she would collapse n belong to the earth.. ! RK says.. n seeing that he felt happy .. very happy..!

Part 2

RK says..he felt bad.. ! He says.. wish ..she had broken when he had forcefully married her.. n then he din have had to do all the love drama n she din have to get betrayed.. n then it did be Madhubalas PACKUP .. FOREVER! RK asks Radha if he is right? Radha walks off..! Bittu stays silent..! RK walks off .. whistling..!

In his room .. RK pours out a drink ..n sits on the couch..!

Part 3

Madhu is setting the clothes.. and RK is drinking..! Both their radios are on and the song plays.. ‘Baho ke darmiya’! Both of them are taken aback..! Both are lost in thoughts..! Flashbacks of the past..! RK picking Madhu up in his arms.. their slow dance during the studio night Karva chauth! RK fumes.. and Madhu cries..! Madhu tries to shut off the song. .but cant! RK fumes more.. finishes his drink ..breaks the glass ..! Madhu closes her ears..! RK gets up and throws the radio n breaks it..!


Precap —- Madhu in RKs vanity ! RK pulls Madhu and says that.. why is she here? He used to think ..that she held her self respect dear.. but seems she loves to get humiliated time and again! Madhu warns RK to dare touch her.. ever again.. !


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  1. aarya says:

    rk is too rude
    wish madhu gave him tit for tat like…

  2. aksa says:

    awesome epii RK is just too good.

  3. drishti says:

    nice epi…
    rishbala’s 1st meet after break up….

  4. bindu says:

    why these few seconds seems as hours before starting the show???

  5. bindu says:

    .hip hip hurrey,we crossed thousand points this time,,,,,,,,

  6. renu961 says:

    aine,sanju,..m fyn


    i miss u tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo darling n now only i checked the old cmts,…

    u,pal,aps,jerry,kriya’s words gave me strength 2 face the challenges in my life dear,….

  7. Ritz961 says:

    guys!!!! live chat shuru ho gya hai….
    jaldi bhago,

  8. renu961 says:


    i think,no1 is present now,…

    but,1 good news,…i found a short cut 2 reach my training center 4m my hostel n now m strong than b4 n i decided 2 not worry by thinking about my mom as my mom’s words changed me n even i cant watch mb frequently due 2 my studies,i can chat with u all if tym permits in bw my studies,…

    how r u all???

    yday,i want 2 talk with u all,…but my bad luck,u all went offlyn n this tym too,.,..wat rama,..wen i come onlyn my friends r going offlyn,…i want 2 talk with u all,….

    hmmmmmmmm,…wat 2 do??????????????????????????

  9. Aine says:

    Helo.any1 gayab kyun?

  10. sanju91677 says:

    @anjie teek hai na abh toh mein jaa sakthi hoon waise mein pounch gayi zerox shop bye darling love you a lot

  11. Anjie says:

    Sanju di sirf aapke kehne se ja Rahin hoon gud night di and I love u
    Gud night everone:)))

  12. Diksha says:

    BYE aine,anjie,sanju,eashel,dazel,meethi,kappa&al Mb fans.see u at 9:30 on dis coment page.lov u guys,bye and ya Drushti luv u and don’t upset wid da media who r spreading rumours abt u&neeraj.

  13. Meethi says:

    ….What happened to u dear?why u cry???

  14. Rudz says:

    @meethi di:hi my sweety di!m gud…& u?i was also miss u a lot…di i heard u’ll goin’ 2 norway with ur jeeju aftr 2 weeks..congratulations 4 dat…@ da same tym i m little bid sad 2 coz i’ll gonna miss u so so much..if u get tym plz try 2 cum dis page..hw long u’ll stay there?4m now i m missin’ u…don’ t worry i don’t wanna make u upset…i want, u go there with lots of happy keep smiling my most adorable di…..

  15. sanju91677 says:

    @anjie darling mazak kar rahi thi @anie agli baar repeat math karna
    @meethi kohshish karne mein kya jata hai ek baar jab unki d achi ho tab bath indirectly karkhey dhekna accha abh muje jana hai
    @anjie,anie,meeti,dazzler,rudz all mb frnds aap sab se subah se bath nahi hui itni miss kiya bata nahi sakta waise kal bhi miss kahroongi mere liye wish karna kaisi wish jaana hai toh meri old comment check karna abb bhi mein jaa rahi hoon bye

  16. Meethi says:

    What happened to u dear?why u cry???

    • Anjie says:

      Meethi di sanju di ne mujhe misunderstand kar liya…
      I wrote her ttht did you read abt my latest prob( the one abt parents teacher interview)
      And she thought ke Maine unse kaha ke aap meri new problem hain!!
      She’s not talking to me any more…
      U can even chq the comments as well:(((((((((

    • sanju91677 says:

      anjie itna sara pyar diya mann nahi bhara loh aur dhey thi hoon ILU ILU ILU ILU ILU ILU ILU ILU ILU ILU
      Abh toh jaa khey so jaa

    • Meethi says:

      @anjie:my chotie champ nt like that yar.sanju di like u so much.

  17. kappa says:

    Deiva how are u

  18. Anjie says:

    Sanju di plz check the comment plzzzzzz

    • sanju91677 says:

      anjie janu i love you so much maine mazak kiya darling bas abh rona nahi tumhari di yehi hai ILU ILU ILU ILU ILU ILU
      @anie ILU ILU ILU ILU
      Dohnoh khey liye dher sara pyar happy so smile guys nahi guns

    • Anjie says:

      Sorry di Maine sach mein kuch nahin kaha…..
      And ya phir se aisa Mazak mat karna coz I think ke without knowing Maine app ko hurt kar diya…..
      I’m sorry again
      And I love u toooooo di
      Bst if luck for tomorrow:)))

  19. Aine says:

    Anjie:main nrz houn.complain kei nai mari.
    Sanju:am sory di next tme aasa nei hu ga.

    • Anjie says:

      Aine di help me actually sanju di ne mujhe misunderstand kar diya… Read the comment below
      Actually I’m about to cry u know..

  20. Meethi says:

    @sanju di:i think it impossible to change my jiju mind di.what to do.

  21. sanju91677 says:

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    tuje nahi boloongi bye
    bye yaar kal bath kahrenge

    • Anjie says:

      Di plz plz plz plz ek baar mera comment toh padiye plz
      Varna I won’t be able to sleep for sake of me plz jst once
      It’s jst a great misunderstanding

  22. Diksha says:

    Okkk EASHEL&,sory Anonymous.Gud luk for ur exams.

  23. alishba says:

    bye every one

  24. Meethi says:

    @anjie:read my below comment.
    @rudz:hey my chotie doll hw r u?miss u a lot.

    • Anjie says:

      Di Maine older same comment pe reply kiya
      Phir se karti hoon
      Nz Is a very beautiful place filled with nature..
      You’re always welcome and I’m waiting 4 u to come here
      Aur haan ur project is so interesting
      Wishing you a very best of luck regarding the success of ur project:)))

  25. Rudz says:

    Hi my dear sanju di,hw r u?yestrdy or aj ab sabko bohot miss kiya tha…

  26. alishba says:

    [email protected] worry yar i ‘ll pray fr ur success god karay aap ist aavo

  27. sanju91677 says:

    @dazzler maine link paste kiya tumhari comment khey neechey
    @anjie aaj gayi thi good aur kya kaha tumne mein tumhari prob hoon teek hai abh seh mein kuch nahi bohloongi bye only to u
    @anie sirf mood nahi hai iss liye tum nahi gayi kyun

    • Anjie says:

      Hauuuuuu di nahin nahin Maine aisa kab kaha…. I said ke main ek nayi prob mein phadd gayyi which is ke main apni mom ko parents teacher meeting ke baare mein Batana bhool gayyi I didn’t give her the appointment form!!!! Tabu toh Maine aapko older comments padne ko kaha
      Bt still I’m sorry di you know I love u a lot
      Ap ne hi toh kaha tha di tht I’m like ur little angel:((

  28. Anjie says:

    Dekha dekha sanju di Aine di darti nahin hai aapse
    Main toh boli baali, bechari types innocent si hhon!!!:)))

  29. Manahil Khalil - best Jodi says:

    Ok guys … Bye for now…!!!! C u all in today’s comment page

  30. Rudz says:

    Hi…any1 there?

  31. Diksha says:

    ANONYMOUS k bache tum phir aage,pehle to keh rahe the ki ab yahaa nahi aoge,achcha MEMORY LOSS!!

    • Manahil Khalil - best Jodi says:

      Hello diksha .. Ik baat boloon . Tumko bataon k yahan per lakhon anonymous hair….!!!!!
      M not lying..!!!jo username nahi likhta site waley USka naam ANONYMOUS KER DETE HAIN…

  32. Aine says: also 4rm pakistan.welcome dear….

  33. Meethi says:

    Okies guys i’m gng sanju di bye.take care.

  34. alishba says:

    eashel nice name dear hw r u

  35. Manahil Khalil - best Jodi says:

    And everyone …
    My nick name is EASHEL and i m from Pakistan…
    I love to watch movies and dramas..!
    I m in 9th arts – my board exams are in one month so plz pray for me

  36. Aine says:

    Anjie:mari complain kyun ke?
    Sanju:sanju di anjie school gei the woh main aj colg nei gei?

  37. Meethi says:

    …..@anjie:yeah i like newzland becoz my chotie champion live there na.i don’t abt this dear yesterday my jeeju told me abt that after we concentrate our present related 2 vehicle design.

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