Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 18th January 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 18th January 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 18th January 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

RK tells Madhu to shut her halwai shop ..

Madhu fumes n leaves but again says SWEET to RK n he chases her around n they both fall on the bed..!

RK threatens that.. if she says SWEET again. .during Sangeet he will express his feelings for her n embarass her Madhu says.. really?

Madhu says..she too can do it.. n before him n RK gwaffs! They bet again! RK says.. SARFAROSHI ki tamanna .. aab hamare Sir me hai.. dekhna hai zor kitna.. Mallika-e-ghar me hai

Trish overhears Shammo talking about how he cant give advance..for wedding preps..! Paddo resists going to the parlour but Trish insists..! Ballus men ..take clicks..!

Kuku Bhatiya returns.. from tour n says.. world is bitching about Paddo… ! Radha says.. no one will talk.. as RK has given statement! KK Bhatiya.. says.. RK doesnt respect him at all while busy getting in laws married..!

Radha offers prasad to Kuku Bhatiya.. but he throws it.. on the floor..! RK comes..! Roma expresses relief.. that.. Paddo has supported Shammo .. n thanks her n gives her jewellery!

RK tells Kuku to pick up the prasad on the floor n calls servants to rather throw the old furniture [Bhatiyas] into a dark corner…! Sikky n Kuku shocked..! Sikky tries to oppose n RK says.. onscreen also only HERO will talk..!

RK then let it be.. if they dun stink more..! RK orders them to pick up the plate.. n they do…!! He tells them that he called his mom .. mom n asks them to stay away from evening function of Shammo-Paddo… n if they come to stand aloof..!

Tailor..helps Ballu to put on a sherwani..! Ballu shocked seeing pics of Paddo – Shammo smiling..! He fumes.. seeing the pics..! Ballu strangles the tailor..!

Part 2

Trish pays off the decorator … the full amount! Shammo says..he wont go to parlour..! Trish agrees n says..they can do at home!

Madhu is decked up in saree.. n Radha offers .. her to wear kangan n jewelery .. but she resists saying .. saree RK chose is all shining . n now this ..

Radha insists n shares that RK called her mom!

Part 3

Radha she is happy to hear RK calling her mom.. Radha says how all this happened..! Radha credits Madhu ..

Madhu asks for ghunghru .. n jhumkas.. n hugs Radha!


Precap — Madhu dancing on Mai ni Mai … ! RK watches..


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671 Responses to “Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 18th January 2013 Written Update”

  1. Diksha says:

    Yaar, geet do u knw who is da B.F of drushti dhami?

  2. aps says:

    Ok..we’l cntinue at nyt n nw waise bhi 20min r left 4 d much awaited epi of mb

  3. Vishti says:

    Hai guys. Hw r u? Anyone online?

  4. Ritz says:

    thanks aps..
    ooo teri kriya, itna taugh ques

  5. Kriya says:

    Yr netwrk is irritataing…
    V wl continue at nyt…tab or bhi log honge…

  6. Kriya says:

    Main bhi deti hu..
    old comedy movie
    starring srk

  7. aps says:

    Hmm..ritz is ekdam ryt.

  8. Kriya says:

    Nai nai..ritz sahi h fir toh..
    Ab aine ya ritz koi do tum movie…n 2 hints…

  9. Kriya says:

    I thnk ritz is ryt…

  10. Aine says:

    Kriya:rockstar ka tu pta he hona tha na full day rock rock krty rhta hain.kbi rk rock.kbi madhu rock.

  11. aps says:

    Beech k tym k hai yar…isme akshay kumar b hai..aur btau??

  12. Ritz says:

    bewafaa.. is dis ryt aps?????

  13. Kriya says:

    Yar or bhi koi it new or old?
    2 hints banti h…hehehe

  14. aps says:

    Its nt tezaab…last mein a hai guys chck it.

  15. Kriya says:

    Waah mb pankho..kya masst guess marte ho..jiyo rocktars…

  16. Kriya says:

    My comment awaitng moderation..mera bhi tezaab

  17. Kriya says:


  18. aps says:

    -E-A-A…..starring anil kappor….

  19. Aine says:

    Kriya:mera b same ans rockstar.

  20. Kriya says:

    Ekdm correct aps…
    Haan netwrk bahut dagbaaz h…

  21. Ritz says:

    m fine too sathi,
    kriya.. its rockstar

  22. aps says:

    ritz… ne phasa lia hoga yar……

  23. aps says:

    ritz….network ne phasa lia hoga yar…

  24. sathi says:

    @ritz: hey ritz. . Hw u? ? M fyn. .

  25. Kriya says:

    Its lyk fill in d blanks…
    Jaise ek movie di..but v hav 2 write d vowels only frm d spelling of d movie…
    Suppose i give
    _O_ _ _ _A_
    now v hv 2 guess d name by saing consonants…
    N also v can gv hints….
    So hint fr dis movie..
    Starring ranbir kapoor…

  26. aps says:

    hey ritz….
    aine…its ok…dn’t be sorry bt aisa kch ni hai so plz kbhi mt sochna…

  27. Aine says:

    Aps:ignore krna wali bat main ne es leya ke ka mujy yah feel huwa tha.but main galt the so am sory guyz.if i hurt u guyZ.

  28. aps says:

    Ek letter se movie ya serials na…

  29. Kriya says:

    Sathi..m also good…
    N studying n chatting these days…
    Studying…!!! Lol

  30. Ritz says:

    hi,@sathi : how r u??????
    aps & kriya.. ki haal hai doston??

  31. Kriya says:

    Lets play bollywood..u knw how 2 play it?

  32. sathi says:

    @kriya: m fyn, kriya………..hw u?? wat u dng thes days???

  33. Kriya says:

    Thanx a ton sathi..
    I also watched this on sbs…
    Part 1 was damn funny wen goons beat rk…kaise pit ta h woh..hehehe…
    N how r u?

  34. Kriya says:

    Kuch khele kya aps n aine?

  35. sathi says:


    much awaited 2days epi’s segment….

    Sbs 21st January ‘ 2013
    WU by DDW Admin

    2 seggies aired

    Part 1 : RK was beating up goons ( those of Balraj for kidnapping Madhu) he beats them up & also gets beaten up by them …

    Off-screen VD : Sometimes the hero also gets beaten up . Its good to know both sides of the story (referring to beating up & get beaten up lol)

    Part 2 : The Much Awaited Sangeet (Must Watch)

    Madhu dancing on SOTY song “O Radha teri chunri” a lot of teasing going on between Madhu n RK …. RK holds her hand & starts dancing with her . They are joined by MIL Radhajee , Bittujee , Malik , Roma n others

    Madhu-RK dances on a the romantic number “I love you” from Mr. India . They tease each other not mouthing the key words “I Love You”

    Off-screen : Drashti : I’m enjoying a lot coz usually what happens only 1 person dance & the rest watch n get bored but here everyone’s participating so its a lot of fun ….

    Watch from 2:07

  36. Kriya says:

    Hello aine n aps…
    Sahi yar aps…mujhe toh lag hi gai thi phle hi…..
    Abhi toh lets party on my mind coz mb massssssst dhinchak aaega…

  37. aps says:

    gud eve kriya ritz n aine……

  38. aps says:

    Dil Jiteya mai jitun…Dekhungi dekhega tu…ye dil se Sharat lag gayi….
    mujhe to teri lat lag gayi lag gayi……Zamana kahe lat ye galat lag gayi…..
    mujhe to teri lat lag gayi……. :):)

  39. Ritz says:

    gud evng kriya,
    @aine : no tum nai,yahan pe koi dup sim tha… sry toh use hona chahiye

  40. Kriya says:

    Gud evening frnds…

  41. Ritz says:

    its k sim,bye….
    agr woh tum nhi thi, toh definately wohi purana moron hoga!!!
    name change karke aa gya

  42. sim says:

    Catch U guys at night…
    @aine-how are U see U at night nd don’t think that m ignoring U..

  43. sim says:

    @ritz its the real sum
    Jisne dadiji kha h msg mei time that is not me I don’tknow who is that

  44. sim says:

    I didn’t knew about that….
    call U Ritz…thl h na yaarrr

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