Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 8th January 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 8th January 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 8th January 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Madhu recollects Radhas she enters bedroom! RK comes n says..he knows she wants to know.. how they will leave their family? He says..he has no idea. .n takes her someplace..! Makes her stand … in a dark area.. n then lights up a candle..! Asks Madhu to come n its a house layout .. with candles!

He tells her its a map of their home n asks Madhu to enter.. ! Before Madhu can enter.. RK says.. Gruh pravesh. .RK style n lifts her! He takes her to the living room ..says.. about sofas.. windows.. …n him making paintings …seeing his jungli billi ..making his world beautiful the kitchen!

RK takes her to the kitchen.. make 3 times food with ghee n masala.. n not to make karela.. else he will kill the vendor of karelas! A corner for Madhu to give him champi!

RK shows the bedroom .. where bed without wall (aka no pillow wall) n no interruption not even God! No photoframes! RK tells Madhu not to show their kids.. Mr Indias sad scene! RK asks.. three kids [2 daughters n 1 son].. having her face n his attitude..!

He talks of three rooms… n 2 kids in one room as fights keep love alive! Madhu asks about his dads rocking chair n RK gets emotional n hugs Madhu! BG- Tera ishq hi ..! Madhu wishes this dream to be a reality..!

Recruiter talks to Trish how she can quit? Trish says.. want to so but came as he requested..! Trish arrives… n hears Ballu eating noise.! Flashback of childhood! He offers her apple [aka Ramu kaka] to eat.. but she says.. dun like..! Paddo says..she is feeling strange.. n worried! Madhu says..before wedding proceeding start.. she has to do away with old darkness.. before new mornings..! Paddo with shaking hands..tries to take off her mangalsutra..finally Madhu helps to remove n says..she is free.. to leave her cage..!

Part 2

Paddo immerses the mangalsutra in the river..! She is in tears n Madhu gives her strength..!

Part 3

Paddo puts water on her head n it washes off her sindoor…! Madhu watches relieved..! Paddo feels free…! Duo hug!


Precap — Madhu talking on phone saying.. no need to worry n right then Ballu comes with a broken glass n is about to attack Madhu..!


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  1. pal says:

    ok..guys…meet u all on 2day comment page…:)

  2. Aanya says:

    Ya m fine…aur weather toh mat hi poocho…..kashmir mein minus 2 degree hai aur jammu mein 4.8 degrees…thandd..

  3. aps says:

    Hmm…nw only 15 min r left…:-)

  4. Aanya says:

    How r u???

    • pal says:

      m gud …yaar…what abt u???…fine naa…there must more chilly weather as compared to other areas….:)

  5. Aanya says:

    Hey pal…kitne dino baad mili ho….

  6. aps says:

    Same here yar…din to kat jata hai kisi tarah par jaha 7.30 hua ni ki bs lagta hai jaldi bje…..n hamesha precap aisa dikhate hai k bechaini aur badh jati hai.

  7. pal says:

    hi…frnds me back too… :)

  8. Aanya says:

    Hey every1 howzz life going on???
    Now everything is gud wid my cell…now I can talk Wid all of u widout interruptions

  9. Kriya says:

    Dats great dani..congrats…
    N coffee..i love cold coffee..n its so cold so no cold coffee…hehe

  10. Anonymous says:

    madhubala is out of top 5 in trp list……

    • Kriya says:

      Yeah i knw…
      All dumbo shows r in top 5…
      Dats m not saying coz m mb’s fan…
      But seriously in actual d shows in top 5 r toppers in stupidity n dumbness..only balika vadhu is okay 2 b on first..

  11. Dani says:

    Hey frnds who r the fans of coffee? I m going 2 make coffee, who wil share with me? Hehehe:)

  12. Ritz says:

    bye frnds
    c u all on todays comment page!!!!

  13. Dani says:

    @kriya: gud evening:) u got the news of my selection na? I m so hapPy frnd….:)

  14. Kriya says:

    Gud evening friends

  15. Ritz says:

    seriously @aps, its vry irratating

  16. Ritz says:

    whats dis guys????
    my 2 comments are awaiting moderation..
    hello anonymous
    @dani : ur welcum dani

  17. aps says:

    Ritz….dis netwrk irritates so much yar…

  18. aps says:

    Ritz…dis netwrk irritates so much yar…

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. Dani says:

    @aps and ritz Thanks alot frndz.
    @sadhana! Dear i gave a test be4 1 day they toOk 50 studnts who they wil gve training 4 2 years and after that job yahoOo!:)

  21. Ritz says:

    thanks 4 d link zara..
    but, i hve voted already

  22. Ritz says:

    @aine : i replied 2 u,but my comment is awaiting moderation…

  23. Zara says:

    Guys plz go to plz vote 4 her become fan of her.she needs alot votes

  24. Aine says:

    Ritz and aps my real name is Aleen khan.
    Age:17 or main parti houn and i am doing i.c.s. And my hobby is collect stone and reading books.i love cricket and i also play cricket.i live in pakistan(lahore).or mari life ka sb sa acha pal woh hota ha jb main apne bst frnd ko yaad krte houn.q k woh ab maira sath ne.
    Plz tell me smthng about u guyz,

    • Ritz says:

      @aine : aine dnt feel sad,u hve got many frnds here nah!!! see
      me,aps,kriya,pal,sadhna and others
      and my real name is rituparna sarkar, m a 18 years old girl.. m a 1st year clge student..
      pursuing b.a. honours, m live in india(kolkata/calcutta)

    • aps says:

      My name is apurva n 4m india(lucknow)….i completed my in 2012 n nw preparing 4 pg entrance….n ya dn’t b sad we all are ur frends yar.

  25. Sadhana says:

    @aps,ritz. Ek secreat bolu. Mera papa aa gaya. Aur mein abhi chori chori chupke chupke chat kar rahi hum. M going with 5.45 pm. So mere jane ke bad sab se meri conveys batana. @dani,congrats yar,which programe r u talking abt?

  26. aps says:

    Oops…you tube ni chal rha hai mobile par shyad netwrk prblm hai…bt anyways thanx a lot dear 4 d link…i’l watch aftrwards.

  27. deiva says:

    hey friends did u see the new promo…

    • Ritz says:

      thank u so much 4 d video link deiva..
      it really nyc
      m eagerly w8ing 4 dat epi!!!
      anyways, how was ur trip 2 chennai???and howz ur mom now???

    • deiva says:

      hi ritz..

      my trip was good yar. gone to meet my sister n give her a jewel set. can;t do that with parcel service so i had to go personally. again got bus by 1pm n reached home 1t 10pm. n my mom alright now.

  28. aps says:

    Me fyn aine…u tell wats on ur side?

  29. Aine says:

    Hey Ritz and aps.hw r u frndz?

  30. Dani says:

    Hi all of my frndz! How r u alL’? Enjoying life Na?:)
    Dear frnds i was selectd in that program, i becme 6th position holdr, thanks 2 alL of u 4 praying…:)

  31. Ritz says:

    hi @aps
    hmm nanhi-munni
    guys, dis week madhubalas TRP 3.7
    again we r in top 10
    congo!! congo!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Good day all

  33. aps says:

    I knw….we have already discussed on coffe n maggi once….

  34. aps says:

    Hi ritz…

  35. Ritz says:

    bye kriya,
    @aps : welcum back!!
    nanhi-munni sadhna.. aap ho nah yahan????

  36. Sadhana says:

    Hey sab so gayi?? Wow only 100 cmts to get 500,gr8.

  37. aps says:

    Me drinking coffee yar…wahi bana kr layi hu abhi n bhai ko maggi di bna kr…n u knw plate b lick kr li..hehe

  38. aps says:

    Padh liye meri talented miss secret…yar ab kis naam se pukare tmhe…itne naam jo mil gaye hai n ya dn’t wry mai kisi ko ni btaungi.

  39. Sadhana says:

    @bye kriya,adv gudn8. @aps,u had coffee/tea?

  40. Kriya says:

    Bye ritz..
    Bye talentd intellilady..

  41. aps says:

    Me back guys….

  42. Sadhana says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Hehehehehehehehehehe. Huhuhuhuhuhu. Aap log soch raha hogi ki mein PAGAL ban gaya. Nahi nahi nahi mein pagal nahi hum,actualy kal humare yaham,govt ne smile dhin bana dhiye hai. Aur sari bache school mein,1st period,ek doosre ko dekhkar muskurayega. Intresting na. Waise yeh BACHE logon keliye hai jaise ki main jaise logon keliye. Phir bhi koi bath nahi,tum bhi participate karo na. Hehehehei

  43. Kriya says:

    Nanhi munni patakha…
    Hum kisi ko nai bataenge talent wala secret..
    Hain na ritz..ssssshhhhh

  44. Kriya says:

    Ritz: Hehehe…lol..dadi bhi pareshan

  45. Sadhana says:

    Ham ham mein hum bada talent wala. Ek secreat batao,waise aaj tak chupake raha tha,sirf tumlogon se bata rahi hum. Yeh joh talent words,meri birth ke badh banaye hua word hai. Mujhe dekhar yeh word banaya tha. Kisi ko mat batana. Heheh

  46. Ritz says:

    vry nyc!!!
    hamari pyaari si choti si,multi-talented comedian @sadhna!!!!

  47. Ritz says:

    dadi : so ja jaldi!!
    pota : dadi kya hum hamesha 5 log hi rahenge?
    main,papa,mummy,behen aur aap
    dadi : nhi,teri shaadi hogi toh 6 ho jayenge
    pota : phir behen k shaadi k baad phir 5
    dadi: phir tera beta hoga toh 6 log ho jayenge
    pota: phir toh aap mar jaoge na dadi, phirse 5 ho jayenge
    dadi : sooo jaaaaaa CHUP-CHAP!!!

  48. Sadhana says:

    @guys,meri aaj ki halath ke bare mein,meine ek poem likha hai.
    “choti choti ankhon mein ansoo hai(meri eyes),itna kaham se aa gaya. Khubsurat khubsurat hattom(my hands) thadap rahi hai,cmts posts karne keliya. Zara zara phone pe chadne ka dil tha mera,papa dhand sunse thoot hayi thi mera dil. Mein pareeshan pareshaan pareshaan,koi batao mein kya karu? Kaisa hai mera poem,hmmmm.

  49. Kriya says:

    Sadhana se bachkar….
    Dhishum dhishum…
    Iss ladki k pas kitne talents h..ohh me…hehe…

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