Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 8th October 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 8th October 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 8th October Written Episode

Part 1

Madhu shows RK the bill and asks him that if he thinks all is over..then what is this? She says its bill of.. veg Seekh Kebab.. and says..she got it in the kitchen..! She says..its proof of his faith and proof against his lies..! She tells RK.. that in his heart he still believes in Bappa but refuses to acknowledge..! She asks RK to stop the act! She says its an internal fight… its his fight… a fight between asteek n nastek..! RK says.. enouf and says.. theres no fight. .no faith . .just dun believe.! Madhu says.. fine and tells RK that he thinks the idol is piece of stone then pick it up and throw it out.. after all what is God before him .. he is superstar RK.. ! She asks him to win and defeat her and Bappa! RK grinds his teeth! Madhu asks RK to go ahead..n why not show all..what he can do ! She asks him if he is scared? She pulls his hand and RK says …fine.. the idol and Madhus faith both will be out of the house.. today! He drags her with him to the idol of Bappa..! All watch shocked.. Radha tries to stop him..! RK tells Madhu that this is her lesson.. that is never to challenge RK!

He picks up the idol and drags Madhu along..! Radha tells Bittu that RK can do anything .. so they better follow..n asks Dips to come along! RKs driving the car with Madhu in the front seat..n Bappas idol kept in the backseat ! Madhu tells RK in the car that a person cant run from two ppl … oneself and God.. and RK is tryng to run away from both..! She tells him that his past will trouble him till he faces it! Madhu asks RK to trust God..! She tells RK to re-connect himself to God.. to trust a bit have faith a bit…! She will help to shed the darkness as Bappa will show him light..! RK says.. friendship was broken by Bappa.. trust also he broke.. now its fight between him n Madhus Bappa! RK tells Madhu he is not asking her to stop believing but she should not interfere in his life.. n dare not tell him to trust or distrust! He brings Madhu to the chawl and takes out the idol and drags Madhu along..!

Shammo – Paddo- Trish are getting ready for the Visarjan procession! All are shocked seeing RK! Shammo is distributing Prasad! Shammo asks RK what he is doing there?.. RK says.. he cant take prasad as he has two burdens.. one Bappa and another Shammos daughter..! He asks .. Paddo to keep Burden no.1 and keeps Bappas idol in Paddos hand..! He says.. Bappa mite not have liked being with him.. ! He asks for Prasad from Shammo..n says that tho he does not take Prasad but since Shammo has re-entered story… for his respect.. ready to take! Shammo says.. no matter how big son is..Father is Father..! He says that even if elephant sits he is taller than donkey! Shammo tells RK not to show so much arrogance before God.or he will break.! RK says.. father and daughter talk alike.. so who has gone on whom??? Madhu sulks..!

Shammo pulls RK by his arm..and asks who called him there? RK says Reason no. 1..he does not need to ask anyone to come there.. he is Shammos son in law.. ! Reason no. 2 is to bring Madhu and Bappa and Reason no. 3.. is that.. Shammos wife aka his mom in law invited him over.. so! All fume ..! RK tells Shammo he is happy seeing Shammo there.. and asks if he got well soon.. maybe coz of Bappa and family love or RKs money for the treatment.! Madhu asks RK not to create more drama! RK says..what no drama .. all this worship is a drama only..! RK asks Madhu if she is dying to be part of the drama.. ?? He tells her fine..but only till Bappa is there..! RK asks Madhu to do visarjan of Madhus Bappa and the chawls Bappa n to explain him not to come in RKs life again! He says that once drama ends Madhu should come home in time..! RK tells Madhu .. that she knows who RK is … bad boy ..n she ..good girl..! He bids adieu! RK turns to leave and sees his whole family there..! He says.. in laws and family all together..! Great..! Radha asks RK why he is creating the drama? RK says..they made him do the drama .. trusting stone but not themselves..! He asks Bittu to stay back and drives away!

Part 2

Ganpati Visarjan proceedings start.. ! All start to play the drums.. trumpets and dance.. n throw gulaal! RKs honking in the car but is not able to move forward..! Chants of ‘Deva … o Deva’ go on..! RKs frustrated ..! RK sees a huge Ganpati idol ..! He keeps honking but to no avail ..! He looks around and spots a father son dancing near a Ganpati idol and recollects his childhood days..!

Part 3

Radha apologises to all on behalf of RK .. n Madhu asks why she is saying sorry?! Radha introes herself saying that the one who insulted them .. is her son.. n she has lost faith that he will ever improve! Madhu tells Radha not to lose hope and that God will ensure things change! Dips says.. the person who changes so easily is not RK! Madhu says..where there is faith.. there is chamatkar [miracle]..! She says Mom aka Radha has prayed with her heart.. so RK will change..! She says that People lose.. but not God..! Someone throws Gulaal on RKs jeep..! RK stares at the large Ganesha idol in front of his car..! RK keeps staring at the idol..!


Precap – RKs dancing with others in the procession …and also does Aarati with the family..! A shooter fires a shot on him.. n all are shocked..! RK falls on the ground..!


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  1. aksa
    November 06, 12:37 Reply

    Kya dialogue marte hai sasurji. Aap ko kisi film mein villain hona chaina. Wow RK is so damn funny wow love u RK. 

  2. aksa
    November 06, 12:36 Reply

    RK u r super duper.

  3. kr
    October 09, 09:18 Reply

    day by day so interested so superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. Sunitha chowdary
    October 09, 06:56 Reply

    Sapno ki dhuniya me likhi gayi kahani madhubala ek ishq ek junoon…

  5. Sunitha chowdary
    October 09, 06:54 Reply

    I am a bg fan of drasti and vivian frm the past wen they were shwn in star one nly. Bt didnt xpct that they both wl wrk together.and the result is a blost… Rk and madhubala.. Rockz

  6. Sunitha chowdary
    October 09, 06:51 Reply

    Madhubala and rk have some sort of chemistry. A villan and heroin chemistry bt stl it luks grt…

  7. Sunitha chowdary
    October 09, 06:48 Reply

    And the writers of madhubala also rockz. They made evry episode smethng intrestng and new. Hatsof to the writers…

  8. Sunitha chowdary
    October 09, 06:46 Reply

    Thousand credits to the person who is gvng updates and pics. Realy gud wrk.

  9. Sunitha chowdary
    October 09, 06:33 Reply

    I have seen madhu with hrithik roshan somewhere. Bt i didnt remember it. Plz anybdy tel me

  10. Sunitha chowdary
    October 09, 06:25 Reply

    Yeah. Rk’s arrogance nly hs strength. Wen he shws that it sets fire. And madhu’s confidnce nly her strength. It gvs rain. Results neutral

  11. Sunitha chowdary
    October 09, 06:24 Reply

    Yeah. Rk’s arrogance nly hs strength. Wen he shws that it sets fire.

    October 09, 01:44 Reply

    This is show is great …no dragging…RK’s presence is fire on screen …acting is superb by RK….RK carries his attitude ,arrogance ,etc. so well..worth watching…..luking forward 4 more RK madhu scenes…pls writer dont make it a typical family drama…so far we r in luv with this so passionate luv story….Rk’s energy and strength should be maintained even if he falls 4 madhu…

  13. FreeFallin
    October 08, 22:49 Reply

    Hi All
    As I started watching the show 3 weeks back, I cannot understand why Trishna (madhu’s sister) hates Madhu so much. And what is the reason why she can’t forgive her? What did Madhu do?

    Please clarify! Thank you.

    • Anonymous
      October 09, 05:06

      she(trishna)hates madhu bcoz of three reasons:

      *she wants to be heroin but her dreams got ruined bcoz of rk- madhu war as a result of which she was insulted and thrown out of set.

      *she finds her responsible to everything happened in their life

      *(Big reason)she feels jealous from rk madhu marriage and thinks she is enjoying luxurious life their and here they all are suffering bcoz of her

  14. bs
    October 08, 22:40 Reply

    nice luv story

  15. KSG!!
    October 08, 22:02 Reply

    N this is how the love story of Madhubala and Rk will begin

  16. aanya
    October 08, 21:46 Reply

    i m also waiting for rishbala romantic moments…
    m dying 2 see it..
    rishbala rocks..

  17. KSG!!
    October 08, 19:18 Reply


  18. Arshi Fan
    October 08, 16:19 Reply

    excellent episode..waiting for more Rishabala scenes.

  19. Anonymous
    October 08, 14:18 Reply

    Nice episode rk started sharing his secrets with madhu..secert like ‘war with bappa’ he did in car….:-)
    eagerly waiting for rishbala scenes in this week..especially the one in which madhu caring for rk n both feeling a little bit love for each other:-)

  20. Laila
    October 08, 14:03 Reply

    More rishabala scene coming. So thrilled………

  21. kash
    October 08, 13:55 Reply

    i love the show it is awesome…..Rk is rocking

  22. rishbala rocks
    October 08, 13:39 Reply

    The person shoots on the order of rks step dad…this s given n spoiler frnds…thanks for the fast update and pics frnds….hope ther ll b mor rishbala scenes…gd n8 frnds

  23. AMLP
    October 08, 13:24 Reply

    wow….superb…luvd it..

    “gud girl bad boy.. bad boy gud girl….”

    nw waiting for more madhu-rk scenes…<3<3

  24. @soha
    October 08, 13:07 Reply

    how come u know?? nd how r u so sure??

  25. Soha
    October 08, 12:54 Reply

    Hey guys
    Do u know who shot rk?
    Well let me tell u,the man who aimed on rk shot,shot him by the order of his dad I.e. kuku.

  26. 123
    October 08, 12:17 Reply

    Wowwww This show is awesome!!

  27. kinjal
    October 08, 12:05 Reply

    I love to see r.k. and madhu together. I am eager to
    Watch what will happen after the fire on r.k.

  28. sumbul
    October 08, 11:36 Reply

    the best episode of the whole show

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