Navya 29th June 2012 *Last Episode* Written Update

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Navya 29th June 2012 Written Update *Last Episode* by karan_13

This episode begins with OM recalling Sugandha’s words. Baba tells Buadadi that he lost his all relationships while Buadadi tells not to worry since OM is still with him.

Baba gets shocked to see OM leaving. OM tells Baba that he respects his all traditions and rules, but his kids disrespect them. So, he has to go away from him as a punishment.

Anant and Navya feel happy to see OM and he says sorry to Sugandha for his misbehavior. Buadadi cribs against family members and Baba gets angry at Buadadi. He tells Buadadi that they are his kids and how dare she say go wrong against them.

Baba says that Anant was right that now he is alone in the house and no one remaining. Anant and OM get surprised to see Buadadi and Baba. Baba tells OM that his elder always preached him that the rules are above all things.

Baba tells that his kids also obeyed, but Navya never adopted his rules. He always tried to make evil plans against Navya.

Baba tells Navya that he finally defeated Anant. Navya tells Baba that he is elder and should never say sorry to her.She Doesnot Want To Make Him Lose.

Everyone returns to Bajpai house and Baba gifts Sugandha her new book and announces Navya will be one of the important members in business, she will looks after the vedant Publication as well as Home also…

The episode ends with Ranbir and Nimsha’s engagement where Baba says that it is the start of Navya.


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30 Responses to “Navya 29th June 2012 *Last Episode* Written Update”

  1. sanskrithi says:

    plz make part 2.i hate ranbir nimisha can he forget rithika?

  2. Profile photo of Jiya says: Verified

    hmmm make part 2

  3. lin says:

    make navya part 2

  4. lin says:

    plz start navya part 2 on starplus

  5. Bluepearl says:

    I love anant and navya

  6. Bluepearl says:

    God navaya nd anant serial. Nd anant is very hansam.

  7. CHINNU says:


  8. alid says:

    Plzzzzzzz plzzzzzz waiting 4. U both navya and anant

  9. alid says:

    Navya and anant so cute couple.we want them again in star plus

  10. Anonymous says:

    hhmmmmm my favt serialll i mis u anant and navya

  11. blue says:

    i love navya my family said no serils but i somehow saw it sekretly i miss it plz start navya 2

    • geetha says:

      i love navya serial it is too lovely,the pair of anant navya is superb so restart this serial again,we miss the serial………………..

    • geetha says:

      we want the serial again sooooooooooo plz restart it again PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

  12. MANSI SANKHE says:

    plzzz do navya parT 2…!!!!PLZZ PLZZ….

  13. Anonymous says:

    i want to see them agin

  14. Angad says:

    sooooo sad that navya came to end suddenly… y *+ ended it ????…dis ws mah fav.serial:(

  15. kriti says:

    navya and ananti want 2 see u back on t.v
    as i am big fan of yours plz plz come back soon on another show

  16. sowmya says:

    sooooo sad that navya came to end suddenly it was soooo sweet to see navya and ananth in 1 show…plzz repeat the show atleast in maa tv…

  17. navya 2 should start says:

    navya 2 should start or Star Plus Hai Hai

  18. moon says:

    want to see anant and navya again

  19. Anonymous says:

    my wife says navya serial must start with episode#1 at the same time.

  20. pranati says:

    miss it!

  21. Anonymous says:

    So sad that navya serial came to an end I wish to see navya part 2 ….I’m that much attached to that serial..

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