Pavitra Rishta 11th June 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 11th June 2013 Written Update by sk11

Pavitra Rishta 11th June 2013 Written Episode

Episode begins at D home. Some chawl ladies are wondering why the chawl is being decorated so much. Another chawl lady says because Archana is finally coming home. Chawl lady then says thats fine but who are these boys decorating? So the chawl lady question Teju asking if Manav has is holding a fucntion. Teju responds he isn’t and looks around the chawl and is amazed at how beautifully it’s decorated. She wonders whose doing this and in walks the Hero Soham. Soham is exteremly happy and saying proudly there should be no limit and everyhting should look amazing because his mommy is coming home today! Teju begins to smile hearing Soham say this. Then Soham notices a place that looks dull and isn’t properly decorated. His friend says they didn’t have hammer to decorate there. Soham gets irriated and just then Teju calls out to Soham waving from the 2nd floor. Soham greets her and says hello. Teju asks if Soham is doing this decoration for Aai? And Soham says yes and that it’s a sur-sur-sur–surp-supriseee and smiles a huge smile from ear to ear. He says he will see her after because so much has to be done. Teju says ok and she will bring a ladder and hammer for Soham dada. He says great!

Scene switiches into the D house. Savita is on the phone and telling the caller that her bahu is finally coming home and her home will get a new life with their bahu coming home. The caller on the other line says yeah, and the chawl wale will be able to see more fights. Savita gets upset! She asks her you think I fight with my bahu? People like you use your black tongue to tarnish my name!She further insults the caller by saying even though you left the chawl, your dirty habits haven’t stopped. Teju is walking by and Savita asks hey teju where you going with the hammer etc? Teju thinks to herself, is she says the truth about going to Soham, she’ll get upset. Before, Teju can respond,Savita says oh you’re going to Kanta right? Teju smiles and says YES! Savita says okay put your stuff down and open that notebook on the table.Teju is hesitiating. Teju opens it and Savita says this is a list of all the things Kanta has borrowed from different homes with the dates and hasn’t yet returned.Savita instructs her to write down the ladder/stool with the hammer down in the notepad with today’s date.Savita also says, Kanta took sugar last week and hasn’t returned the bowl yet! She tells Teju to make sure she writes that down too. Teju writes it and leaves. Savita stands there wondering why God allows such people to be born? Teju goes outside and waves to Soham and tells him she brought the stuff and he says great!

A chawl man is upset with one of Soham’s friend who is working on the decoration. The chawl man says how much longer your work will take. Your work has stopped the whole chawl from doing anything and is a major distrubance. He says what if the loud noise hurts the ears of the elderly? The friend responds by saying the old should put cotton in their ears and if one day the children don’t play, it won’t be such a big deal.Chawl man is upset and says I explained to you nicely and you’re speaking to me so rudely. Another worker/friend of Soham interrupts just as Sacchin is walking by and says to the chawl man that Soham’s aai is coming home after a long time and its justified to do all this and there shouldn’t be anything lacking in the welcome home of Soham’s aai. He tells the chawl man to keep it moving. Sacchin looks visibly upset at the conversation they’re having. Sachin asks the worker if he has any manner? and doesn’t he know how to speak to elders? Upon hearing this, Soham turns around. The worker rolls up his sleeves obviously ready to fight and asks Sachin if he’s going to teach him some manners today? Soham says OH NO! to himself that they’re going ot create a scene. Just then fireworks go off in the middle of the chawl. A woman who was standing near the fireworks in pulled away by Sachin but she’s hurt form the fireworks. SOham asks he Kaki, are you okay? Sachin tells Soham that she’s hurt because of you. You’re a gangster and do all this bad stuff. And Soham says what I do wrong? Sachin replies and says then whose fault is it? And he says on top of that you have no idea how to speak properly with manners and doesn’t care about anyones life. Sachin thens says what was the need to start fireworks in the middle of the chawl. Soham says it was to welcome aai home. Sachin says it’s because of you my aai.. and Soham interupts and says she’s not just your aai, she’s my aai too. Sachin says she’s just your aai for the sake of it, just for the name of it. He questions Soham with right he’s doing this welcoming. He says you’ve done nothing but hurt aai. Soham yells back aai has given him this right. The chawl people are all watching this verbal fight and the D family comes out from their home and are watching also on the second floor. Soham ackowleges he’s hurt his aai but he’s repented and is getting better. Sachin says aai would never distrub anyone for her. Teju is shown getting upset and running to come downstairs along with Savita & Damador. Sachin says that it’s Soham’s pasttime to hurt people. Soham grabs Sachin’s coller.

Teju comes in between and says Soham what are you doing, let him go. Soham says, leave it Teju. He’s calling me a gangster so today I’ll show him what gangsters do. Just then a big black car is pulling into the chawl. SOham says to Sachin that you read a few book and became a lawyer and think he can mess with him? Sachin says because of your fireworks this woman is hurt and he should be thankful that they haven’t complained to the police yet. The chawl and D family are watching on the sides. Manav gets out of the black car and is watching this alteration with the cousin brothers. Sachin says they haven’t filed a police report but he will. Soham says please go ahead and do it. You have a thick skull and can’t understand things.Soham says it was an accident and wasn’t done intentionly.Sachin taunts Soham and says you never do anything purposly just like (background music stops) you didn’t shoot aai. Soham looks enraged. He throws a punch at Sachin but his punch is intercepted by Manav.The D family is shown with their shock faces. Manav looks angry and pushes Soham’s hand away. Manav asks Soham how dare he try to hit his son? Soham says didn’t you see what he’s saying that I intentionly shot aai. Manav yells back so what wrong did he say? And who gave you the right to call Archu aai? Soham looks sad and upset. Manav questions Soham and asks if he knows what a mom, dad, brother, sister or a family even is? He says if he knew, he would have never raised his hand on his older brother. Teju interrupts and says this isn’t Soham’s fault. Manav looks angirly at Teju. Sad music begins to play in the background and Soham asks what is wrong with you people? He says he did this all for aai. He says the fireworks went off by accident. Manav says creating a scene and hurting people will please your aai? She won’t be pleased in fact she’ll be upset! Manav says he can never see Archana upset. He tells him to leave. Soham looks very sad and looks around and says to his friend didn’t you hear the saab? Lets go! He waves up and down to Manav when he calls him Saab. Soham looks like he’s about to cry. Teju is very upset too. Soham leaves.

Purvi is shown walking down a street with Pari in hand. She’s rembering the conversation she overheard between Shalini and Onir. She remmebers when Onir asked her to marry her. She remmebers her asking Onir that he’ll accept her in this condition? Onir had said yes, because I don’t want to be connected to your past, but to your future. She remmembers Onir saying we’re meant to be and compatible. Purvi remembers her telling Onir that she thinks she’s never fully understand ONir yet and Onir replies that with time she’ll get to know him and understand him better. These are all flashback scenes. Purvi takes a seat on the side and thinks to herself that why would Onir do this. She says to herself that you’ve done so much for and been there every step so now why you’re leaving me like this? She says when the whole world was against her, he stood with her. She thinks he knew he was the only support she had. She thinks that all those words and promises were a lie. She thinks inspite of having a first wife, he married her.She wonders how could Onir do this to her. She begins to cry.

Soham gets home. Varsha is excited and says oh you’re home so soon. She asks about Archu and how was the welcoming. Soham just lays down in the bed very upset. Varsha asks what happend and why is he crying. Soham isn’t saying anything and then finally says that Manav Deshmuke called him a gangster again and tells her the entire story again of what happend. Soham says to Varsha that he knows the woman was hurt because of the firework but it was an accident. Varsha asked him then why didnt he tell Manav then? Soham responds by saying Manav will never hear it or even understand. he only thinks of him as a gangster and thus can only do bad and thats it! Varsha says understand one thing Soham, no matter what anybody says, she knows he’s not a gangster and she knows he’s changing. She tells him to never give up doing good and don’t let anyone question his character. Soham says it won’t matter. varsha says no it’s time I explain to them what the deal is. She gets and leaves and Soham is asking where you going?

Scene switches to D home. Damador is telling Manav to stop thinking about Soham and stop sulking because he has to go get Archu. Teju comes to Manav and says whatever happend earlier wasn’t SOham’s fault. Manav says please, he doesn’t want to talk about it. Manav goes outside and Varsha is there. He says Varsha? The family inside hears this. Varsha says truthfully, she didn’t want to come here but after what you did with Soham, I had to come here to make you relaize your mistake. The whole D family comes outside to watch and Soham is shown walking up the stairs and also becomes present at the scene of the tamesha. Varsha says she knows she’s younger in age and realtion to Manav but… Manav interrupts and says what relationship are you talking about and with what right? Varsha says she knows she made a mistake and the D family has suffered a lot because of it. She says but she’s repented and today her own aai has accepted her. Everyone is watching. Varsha says but it’s sad that he couldn’t be the bigger person and forgive his son like Sulo forgave her. Varsha tells Manav to remmeber one thing that today Archu is out of coma and coming home because of Soham. She says instead of thanking Soham, you keep humilating him. She says even when Soham is not wrong, you keep blaming him. She says this is your biggest mistake. Soham interrupts and says aai let’s go. He says what’s the point in talking to them. Varsha says no soham you go from here as I won’t let you stay in the place where you’re constantly disrespected! Varsha turns and leaves with Soham. Soham looks back at Manav as leaving. Manav stares back.

Manav is shown coming into Archu’s hospital room. Archu is on the phone talking to someone. Archu tells Manav that aai has forgiven Varsha and she’s going back to her home. Archu is happy that today shes going home and also varsha is going home too and of course Soham is also coming back to his home. Archu gets up to dress to go home. Manav stops her and says he brought something for her. Archu opens the present and it’s a green sari. Manav says he wants to see his Archu dressed just like the bride she was when he first brought her home and that’s how he wants to bring her home this time. Archu goes to change. Manav takes out his phone and calls home and tells Damador to tell everyone that he’s bring Archu home and not to tell Archu anything about what happend with Soham today.Damador agrees.

Punir are home. And Onir is saying purvi it took forever to find you. he noticed purvi is upset. Purvi puts pari down and is crying. Onir asks what happend. Purvi says I can’t take this anymore. She folds her hands infront of him and yells just tell me the truth. Onir looks down and asks what truth? Purvi asks him what’s the truth between you and Shalini? Onir looks shocked.

Precap: Purvi is leaving with pari and a bag. Onir is trying to stop her and says where you going. Purvi says you’ve lost that right to ask. He says lets go home. Purvi says that’s not my home anymore.

Pictures coming soon.

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77 Responses to “Pavitra Rishta 11th June 2013 Written Update”

  1. SJL says:

    Archana has done wrong with Purvi and she will repent for this.

  2. JKL says:

    Manav is more rude, he does not want to understand Soham as he has set in his mind that Soham is a goon. Manav will understand his mistake of sending Soham back when Archana will ask for him and he will be left answerless.

  3. Afsana says:

    Thank GOD. The truth is out, finally. But I am pissed with Manav. Clearly he is a clueless guy. He supports Ovi and says that she is a good daughter when in reality she is a spoilt brat that ruins everything, then he treats Purvi like a nobody even though Purvi sacrificed such a huge thing for his daughter and finally he defends his nephew for his own son just because his son was a gangster. Manav needs a knock on his head. What kind of a father does this, seriously.

  4. Sonya says:

    Superb acting by Soham. A lot of emotion – love it. You will do well in your career I can see that. Nice episode. Purvi should not get upset to such an extend as to leave the house. Remember he accepted you for what you are so you need to hear him out. I liked this episode and love the way Soham was all out to decorate the place for his Aai. Very beautiful.

    • AK says:

      Sonya don’t forget that Onir has a first wife, Shalini who i think has not divorced the guy. By this PuNir wedding is null and void and Purvi is doing the right thing by leaving Onir for his rightful Wife

  5. neha says:

    hey guys wat happened 2 u all how u can accept d sudden changes in d characters ekta always does it n plays wid d emotions of people she doesnt hav right 2 do dat she initially shown a very gud husband in onir n now he turns negative which is not acceptable anymore n by arvi’s fan request changing d whole track is shown d feeling of insecurity of cv’s

  6. aysheer says:

    pv ur stil here

  7. MK says:

    I would like to see a nice romantic story where there are no twists and turns that hurt people badly and separate lovers for years on end, for a change.
    There are no such show on zee tv that portrays such a beautiful story.
    I like HD, but even inshi was separated for eight years.
    I hope they don’t separate them in this new track.

    I really hope it’s time to reunite Arvi. Something good happen to Soham. Hope it’s not with that Gaurie, can’t stand her. They should introduce a new girl for Soham. Varsha needs to repent and look after her mother for the rest of her life. And get revenge against Manju Punni and mitral in the bargain.

  8. MK says:

    Yes AK, is just to convince the writers to do same.

    • AK says:

      Those writers are good for nothing all they know is to create love triangles which are not that common
      . Rifts between sisters or friends because of a man
      The bad are always successful in making the good suffer.

      Imagine they don’t read comments posted by people on social sites or blobs related to shows all they know is messing up characters and creating irrelevant plots.

  9. MK says:

    Hey Anu Ak MU, aysheer welcome back after so long,

    Poor Purvi, I feel for her now more than ever. Archana is a bad mother. She is hugging and caring for the one who wronged true lovers and separated them. And chased the one who is always doing good.
    Hope Arjun gets Purvi takes her home and send divorce pals to Ovi and Onir. Well lets hope he did not divorce his first wife so his marriage to Purvi is null and void.

    Really never liked this actor as manav and more so now I just simply dislike the bloke more than ever.

    I really like Soham.

    • Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastically Pissed says:

      MK read my grand idea below

    • MK says:

      Saw it, really, this show has me lost for words to describe what’s going on. It’s just just……..
      Yeah that’s me now.

    • MK says:

      MU you know I wish these dumb ass writs would ask fans opinion, let us submit our views and take on it and make the story accordingly. I rooting for you.

    • AK says:

      Heyyo Mk

      I don’t think Onir divorced Shalini therefore Purvi is single. The sad thing is her being rejected, abused and ridiculed by her adoptive family.

      Arjun should be our Superman and save Purvi :)

      Soham is the best :)

      MU I loved your grand plan

  10. AK says:

    Mk where are you today? hope you are okay :)

  11. aysheer says:

    hi guyz,archu is back,nyc hi ak

  12. AK says:

    You are right MU, he is useless they should end his character.

    • Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastically Pissed says:

      hi (waves)

    • AK says:

      How are you?
      everyone at home?

    • Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastically Pissed says:

      at work (hope the boss dont see me lol)

      im ok and you?

      My theory should be that Soham becomes the son of the house of Sulo and Varsha. So he’ll take care of them

      Im also hoping Varsha and Soham will beg for Purvi to stay there if refused Arjun to the rescue

      Im heavily depending on Varsha to unite these 2 love birds

      Purvi should be dressed as a dulhaan with red and all glory with baby Pari in tow. Varsha DK Soham and Arjun will be at the wedding. Varsha will secretly tell Archu and in case Archu tells Manav as usual he will convince Ovi to go back to arjun and like an idiot she shall listen.

      When these 2 idiots try and stop the wedding, it will be seen that the couple is completing the 7 seven circles and Arjun applying vermilion on Purvi. Archu will be there blessing the couple but it would be at another mandap.

      When these 2 idiots halt the wedding they shall see that its a different couple getting married and apologise

      Thats what these writers should do

  13. AK says:

    Actor of the day Varsha, Soham and Purvi.

    Worst Performance Damodar instead of advising his son to patch up with his son, he tells him to forget, Manav and Sachin for pointing fingers at Soham

    Average Teju

    No Credit Archana

    • Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastically Pissed says:

      AK if you havent realised then now is the time

      Damodar is useless he knew Savita did wrong but he remains useless and silent

      He knew so many evil deeds of Savita all he did was taunt her saying he will wait on God to unite ar-man

      The day he spoke to savita is when the entire family found out about her evil along with sachin

      Damodar is the worse father then what do you expect when a man doesnt rule his household but has that viper doing it and controlling then he taunts savita saying she doesnt know what rishtas are?….He’s so weak that he end up being a drunkard because he cant deal with his own marriage

      like father like son like mother like daughter

  14. AK says:

    Manav should die in a car accident or shoot on a raided area. He supports the wrong and ignores the right. He should realize soon and change his behavior for better because at the end of it all he will fold his hand, kneel before Soham and Purvi and ask for forgiveness. And that I forsee! I would love to see him all weary asking for forgiveness all his mistakes for not listening to excuses made. Manav SUCKS Ovi SUCKS after all the duo.are father – daughter

  15. Anu's SECRETARY xD says:

    I loved the good Onir…but thank you God, Purvi got some brains!! The heavens have finally opened and used what Archu had but never always used…some sense! I believe Arjun will find her and take her home!

  16. QH & PV #1 fan! says:

    FINALLY!!! 😀 Onir is caught!!! That’s what you get for your bad deeds!! Good job Purvi!

  17. Soja says:

    Stupid manav.

  18. PAT says:

    Manav is the biggest ASS in this serial…………….. I am sorry my language,,,,, but I had to say it……… Purvi,,,, you are an educated woman,,, look after yourself and your baby and don’t let anyone put you down not ever your aii who don’t want to see your face or listen to you………….. Well done Varsha for putting that family in their place but I think they need more………………

  19. honey says:

    manav stop behaving like dis,what is the point dat u luv archu

  20. arviforever says:

    now purvi has only pari with her.

  21. bru says:

    go varsha go

  22. Anu says:

    Seriously i jus wanna kill him… He s not at all understandin soham’s feelings…

  23. SS says:

    oh NW wat wld hav 2 punir!!!

  24. anonymus says:

    hey RD HW R U MAN ?

  25. Anu says:

    Manav seriously i want to kill u…

  26. SS says:

    well said varsha!!

    • Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastically Pissed says:


      manav is like a chuwawa all it does is yap un-necessarily

      Manav is angry and blames everyone when he should blame himself and the other who ruled him

      when archu starts to support Purvi savita will turn on her like the viper she is

  27. SS says:

    onir y did u did dat 2 purvi….??? dat does onir want frm purvi?

    • Mahi says:

      I don’t understand why Onir chose to marry Purvi….maybe just to get her through the rough times ans save her reputation……I admire that he never took advantage of the marriage though.

  28. SS says:

    wat a cmment…wel said!! miss unbelievable

  29. Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastically Pissed says:

    Manav is a thick skull

    I hope Archu saw everything

    she has a worthless in laws

    I hope Gauri and Sachin get married and stay together. 2 stupid ppl deserve each other

    Archu take Soham Pari Purvi and Arjun and run away

    Im depending on Varsha to unite purvi-arjun by getting them married because Archu is too stuck. Sachinn you are just like savita

    so annoyed right now

  30. Mahi says:

    Crazy Manav, why does he hate Soham so much…..he always finds something negative to say about him.

  31. SS says:

    Dnt worry ananomous…ovi is soon gng 2 ask arjun!! den she is gng bck 2 canada!! DATS d end of ovi’s character

    • Mahi says:

      Really SS?

    • SS says:

      yes mahi….remembr archu& ovi conversn….ovi soon gng 2 ask 4 divorce…archu is d reasn y ovi wld gt a peace of mind…& its cnfirmd by indiaforums!!

    • Mahi says:

      Oh that’s nice. I think Archu won’t stop her from getting a divorce like u said because its the best thing to do. I don’t like Ovi’s character in the soap but I think she’s pretty.

    • AK says:

      He hates him because he thinks he will steal Archu from him.

  32. anonymus says:


  33. SS says:

    felt so sad 4 soham……manav ab tho maaf kar do….he is d reason y ure archana is alive 2day!!

  34. SS says:

    Whre r u ol guyz? AK,RK,MK,VEER,ANU….& EVRY1 ELSE!!

  35. SS says:

    sachin bck means gt ready 4 a love triagngle btw soham,sachin& gauri…anywayz i dnt care….i jst love 2 c soham’s actng…!! he acts so well

  36. SS says:

    Gud bonding btw teju & soham…jst like purvi & soham !! lovng it

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