Pavitra Rishta 14th June 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 14th June 2013 Written Episode

Gauri is playing with Pari and Purvi is cleaning the dishes. Gauri’s mother comes to the kitchen and asks Purvi to leave it as she is a guest. Gauri comes there and asks her mother to let Purvi work saying if she was on her place, then she would also be working like that. Gauri’s mother tells Gauri that Purvi does better job than her because she does her work being quiet. Gauri says, this is why you miss my talks when I am not at home. Gauri’s mother leaves.

Gauri then sees Purvi crying. She asks Purvi to forget what happened. Purvi still cannot believe how Onir can betray her. Gauri then tells Purvi to go and meet aai, but Purvi says, she must be angry at me after what happened other day. Gauri says, how many days a mother can stay angry with her kids? She decides to call her, but Purvi still says no. Gauri says, I am her doctor so I can call to ask her about her condition. She calls and it’s Soham who picks up. Gauri gets surprised and doesn’t say anything. Gauri then tells Purvi, what is Soham doing there? Purvi says that means aai brought him to her home and says I am so happy. Gauri says, what’s to be happy in that? I am feeling bad. God knows what your family would have to suffer from because of him. Purvi tells her, I understand you, but don’t say anything against Soham dada. Gauri says, because he’s your brother, right? Purvi says, no.. because he is a nice person. Gauri says, all sisters find their brother nice. She then says, leave all this.. I am too sleepy.

Soham is looking at his childhood photos and everyone else is having dinner. Savita and Soham look at each other and Savita doesn’t respond to him. Savita calls Archu. Archu comes and sees Soham sitting alone on a side. She gestures Teju to call him. Teju invites Soham, but he says, you all family members eat.. I will eat later. Archu says, you’re part of this family as well. He joins in and sits beside Sachu. Sachu gets up and leaves saying he’s not hungry.

Archu tells Soham to eat, but he says, I can’t eat because I don’t know if my ‘mai’ (Varsha) ate or no. She doesn’t eat without me. Right then he receives a call from Varsha. Varsha tells him, I was about to eat as well. She asks him how is he and how’s everyone? Soham says, I am missing you a lot, etc. Varsha tells him, don’t worry, Archu tai will love you more than me and tells him, some family members will be angry with you and won’t behave properly, but don’t fight with them. Soham says, I am your son, I will handle everyone. Hearing this, Savita makes a face. Soham tells her, I will talk to you later and disconnects. Manav tells everyone that he kept party tomorrow as Archu got fine. Archu says, why party in that? I didn’t come to house for the first time. Manav says, yes.. but you came back after 2 months and I want to celebrate it. Soham interrupts and says, absolutely right… Aai came out of the coma after 2 months.. it’s not a small thing. He says, I liked this idea of Manav Deshmukh. He asks Teju and Manav’s father, am I right? Both say yes. Soham gets excited and says, there should be music and.. and then he gets quiet and says, you all can plan rest. Archu smiles.

Arjun is driving somewhere and sees Shalini and Onir together. He stops. Onir tells Shalini that Purvi found out the truth. Shalini asks, what will we do now? Onir says, we can’t do anything now.. it’s upto Purvi. Arjun is trying to listen, but cannot listen their conversation. Onir continues, I feel bad for whatever happened, Purvi is completely heart-broken. Shalini pats him on his back and Arjun calls Purvi.

Pari is crying and Purvi is trying to make her sleep. She receives a call and Gauri picks up. Arjun says, Purvi I want to talk.. Gauri says, wait a minute, I will give it to Purvi. Arjun asks who are you speaking? She says, I am Gauri and passes the phone to Purvi who doesn’t want to talk, but Gauri says I already said him, you’re here.

Purvi talks with Arjun. Arjun asks who is Gauri? Purvi says, she is my friend and is going to stay in my house for few days. She asks him, why did you call this late? Arjun tells her, that Onir.. Purvi cuts him and says, Onir is sleeping. I will tell him to call you tomorrow. She hangs up. Arjun is surprised and wonders why Purvi lied to him.

In the morning, Savita comes outside and sees Soham sleeping on the sofa. She says, wah, look at him, how he is sleeping. If he wasn’t my Manav’s son, then I would have taught him a good lesson. She wonders how to wake him up. She then sees a glass of water and throws water at him. Soham gets up and says, who is this? Savita says, it’s me. What were you saying? Soham calms himself down and asks, what kind of way is this to wake someone up? Savita says, everyone has woke up and look at you still sleeping with so much interest. Look at your aai.. she went down to get water. Soham says, you could tell this by waking me up proper way as well. I wouldn’t know in sleep where aai is and what she is doing. Savita says, you wouldn’t understand anything straight way so this is the way. Soham asks her, why did you start in early morning? Savita says, I am like this and I will stay like this. Look at your aai, but why would it matter to you? Who is she to you? Soham says, I am going. Savita tells him to wash his face, but he leaves before that.

He comes to Archu and Archu asks him, why did you wake up so early? Soham says, that budhiya woke me up by throwing water on my face. My mai wasn’t used to wake me up like this. Archu asks, how she used to wake you up? Soham says, she puts her hand on my head and slowly wakes me up. My day used to go so nice. Archu says, sorry, I made a mistake. Soham says, why are you saying sorry? Archu says, because I didn’t wake you up like that. Soham says, it’s not your fault.. that budhiya. Archu says, she is your aaji. She starts laughing and says, you’re like aaji.. you talk like her and you’re going to have a good time with her. Soham asks her to go now and he will bring water. Archu leaves.

Soham puts his bucket before neighbors and they start arguing. Savita is watching them and gets excited. Neighbor says, before your aaji used to this and now you came on her place. Archu smiles looking at Savita. Savita says, Soham did a good job.

Gauri comes to Manav’s house. She sees Soham drinking tea and making noises. She gets irritated and rings the door bell. Archu and Manav come out. Manav goes to make tea for them and Gauri. Gauri says, I just came to give injection to Archanaji. She puts her phone on dining table where Soham is sitting and gives injection to Archu. Soham gets up and by mistake Gauri’s phone drops and breaks down. Gauri says, you broke my phone. Soham says, if you put it on the wrong place, then this is what will happen. Gauri says, I put my phone on right place.. you put your tea cup on wrong place. Both stare at each other. Archu apologizes Gauri on Soham’s behalf. Gauri asks her, why are you saying sorry? Soham goes in. Manav comes out and invites Gauri for the party. He asks Archu if they invited everyone. Archu says, I was thinking to invite Onir. Manav asks, are you sure? Soham again comes out. Archu says, yes.. I think we should invite Onir. Manav says, okay I don’t mind if Onir comes. Soham interrupts and says, Purvi will also come with Onir. Archu tells Manav, I will leave now as there must be too much traffic. Gauri gets worried as Archu may find out the truth if she doesn’t see Purvi in her house.

Gauri rushes out and calls Purvi and tells her that Archu is going to her house to give invitation card. Purvi gets shocked.

Archu comes at Onir’s house. She smiles looking at him. Onir doesn’t know what to say. He invites her in. Shalini comes out from the shower. Archu is surprised seeing her there. Onir is worried.

Precap: In the party, Onir takes Shalini on a side and asks her, what are you doing here? You know Purvi has found the truth, then why are you creating more troubles? Shalini says, I am not an un-invited guest. Archanaji invited me and that’s why I came. And anyways, in few days, everyone is going to find out that we are married. Archu hears it and is shocked.


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  1. Aarya says:

    Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta has seen Arjun (Rithvik Dhanjani) and Purvi (Asha Negi) struggling with their feelings for each other, no matter how much they deny it. Since both are married to someone else, these feelings are termed as illegitimate. But with Ovi (Shruti Kanwar)- who has migrated to Canada – almost out of Arjun’s life, there seems a small ray of hope in this relationship.

    And the best part is, Purvi’s husband – the ever understanding Onir (Shakti Arora) – will apparently be the cupid who will bring these two lovers back together. According to rumour mills, Onir will pretend to be the bad guy and indirectly unite Arjun and Purvi. Once the couple is back together, he will go back to rekindle his romance with Shalini (Maneka Lalwani), his first wife. Awww… now isn’t that just too sweet!

    While we are sure that Arjun and Purvi will come back together and take care of their daughter, Pari, we wonder how the family will react to the news. Will they object to the unification or accept the inevitable and let them be? To find out, keep watching Pavitra Rishta.

    finger crossed

  2. AK says:

    Raghzz your one lucky galll, you will be wished twice by us

    • RAGHNEE says:

      Hahahah AK bhai .. But I bought a blue dress but my mom said she will sent me back for shopping to buy a pnk one cuz it’s sweet 16 ….

  3. AK says:

    Aysheer I didn’t fall asleep yesterday. After Watching English Vinglish I went off line cos I thought you guys had retired.

  4. RAGHNEE says:

    Awwwwww I am sorry MK di 🙁 ….

  5. aysheer says:

    i tnk every one is gone,mk dont go wake up

  6. aysheer says:

    mk sori ,nd plz dont tnk am pokenosing bt it seems ur married

  7. aysheer says:

    mph sori guyz but i rily dont get wat ekta is upto nd i hope ak hasnt fallen asleep again

  8. RAGHNEE says:

    hahahha see i told u guys its 16th july check my old comment .. but for now i have to go cuz have to get ready for a party .. okey bye till tomorrow

  9. RAGHNEE says:

    but did i wrote …. i told 16th july .. and tomorrows fathersday right

  10. RAGHNEE says:

    guys my birthday is on 16th JULY and not JUNE hahhahaha

  11. aysheer says:

    masha Allah ,though am back coz am changing back to qatar.ak ur even a beta poet dan me dearie

  12. AK says:

    Guys do you think Archana will hear Shalini and Onir! I just hope this Precap is right

    Precap: In the party, Onir takes Shalini on a
    side and asks her, what are you doing here?
    You know Purvi has found the truth, then why
    are you creating more troubles? Shalini says, I
    am not an un-invited guest. Archanaji invited
    me and that’s why I came. And anyways, in few
    days, everyone is going to find out that we are
    married. Archu hears it and is shocked.

    • MK says:

      I really hope she overhears. She would realise that Purvi has no one, and of course she has a good heart after all.

  13. AK says:

    Aysheer how is college?

  14. AK says:

    For my friends

    To me you are an angle in disguise.
    Full of intuition, intelligent and wise.
    Always giving and helping through good times
    and bad times.
    You are the best friend I’ve ever had.

    If I ……….

  15. AK says:

    Mk you don’t.share pics nowadays!!!!

  16. aysheer says:

    huh i thought i had lost u lyk d oda day,where did u go dear

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    I am watching English Vinglish Mk am not sleepy yet :O

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    Mk dear how are you and the kids?

  19. AK says:

    Another bday message for Raghzzzz

    A wish 4 ur b’day..
    whatever u ask may u recieve..
    what ever u seek..
    whatever u find..
    whatever ur wish may it be fun field on ur
    b’day and always..
    Happy Birthday Sister

  20. AK says:

    Hi Aysheer how are you?
    I am fine 🙂

  21. aysheer says:


    hi ak i hopeuve ot gone

    if u believe ,den u will be free

  22. AK says:

    Beautiful people have a good night 😀

  23. AK says:

    My you have:
    All the joy your heart can hold;
    All the smiles a day can bring;
    All the blessings a life can unfold;
    May you get the world’s best in everything.
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday my dear Chote aka Raghzzzzzzzz 🙂

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