Pavitra Rishta 9th December 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 9th December 2013 Written Update by H Hasan

Pavitra Rishta 9th December 2013 Written Episode

The episode starts with Naren telling Ankita that he is not scared as she is with him and he can sit with her like this forever. Naren tries to get close to her but Ankita feels uncomfortable. Naren says, you said in London that it was allowed after marriage. Ankita says she needs some time. Naren asks, how much time she needs. He gives her 1 hour and 30 mins. Ankita says she needs 6 month. Naren agrees and sets a alarm for that day. He asks her, whether she will leave him in this six months or afterwards. Ankita says no. He sleeps and asks her to sleep. Ankita covers him with a blanket and sleeps on the couch. Naren wakes her up and says surprise is waiting for her while the song Sunraha haina tu plays in the BG. Naren serves her breakfast tea and says he remembers that she used to have 2 spoons in the tea. Ankita smiles. He asks her why she slept on the couch. Ankita says she doesn’t have couch at her home. He calls someone and orders a big couch. He asks Ankita to tell her address. Ankita tells her address. Rushaali comes and says your and your family responsibility is Naren and she is happy to see him responsible. She asks her to get ready to go home for pagphera rasam. Naren insists that he will also go with her. Rushaali has no choice but to agree with him.

Purvi recalls Arjun’s words and says you called me back in your life but said you lived with Ovi. She determines to know the truth. She calls Arjun. Ovi picks the call and says Ovi Arjun Kirloskar speaking. She says Arjun is busy. Purvi says she wants to talk to Arjun. Ovi says, I don’t think he will talk to his old love. Purvi disconnects the call.

Arjun recalls about Doctor’s words that he has a blood clot in his brain. He gets tensed. Ovi comes and about to say something. Just then door bell rings, Ovi goes to open the door. She sees through the glass and is shocked to see Archana, Manav and Teju. She tells Arjun that they have come and she can’t face them. She says she will leave from the back door. Arjun opens the door and asks them to come inside. Manav tells Arjun that Purvi told them everything. Archana says whatever happened between you two. Arjun asks, what? Archana says she wants them together and that’s why wants them to remarry. Manav says we was thinking that Ovi is staying with you but we were wrong. As all the misunderstandings are cleared, we want to meet Ovi and take her back home. Arjun thinks situations are getting complicated. Ovi looks at them and feels sad. Archana asks him to help them find Ovi. Manav asks Arjun, when he wants to get married and says they will take out the mahurat. And take Ovi back to Canada. Arjun says there is some awkwardness between them and says they need some time to marry. May be after 3-4 months. Purvi comes and gets surprised to see them.

Archana asks Purvi about her opinion about marriage. Purvi is silent. Manav and Archana asks them to discuss and let them know. Purvi asks Arjun, to tell that he lied with her. She asks, where is Ovi. Arjun calls Ovi and puts the call on the speaker. Ovi asks Purvi not to interfere and let them live. Ovi cries as she feels bad not to meet her parents. Arjun says sorry and asks Purvi not to come in his life. He asks her to take her parents back to canada and convey the truth there. Arjun comes back and tells Manav and Archana that Purvi also wants to get married after completing her projects. Purvi tells Archana that she will come with them. Archana asks her to stay and spend time with Arjun.

Purvi says she has to convince Pari also and till then Arjun project will be completed. Archana feels something fishy. Manav says he will book the tickets, Purvi says she will do it. Manav invites Arjun to come to Canada to meet Purvi and his daughter Pari. Archana asks Purvi to stay a bit longer with Arjun and they leaves.

Naren and Ankita are going to her home. Naren stops the car midway and comes to the shop to buy chocolates for Ankita’s siblings. He gives the debit card but the shop keeper asks for money. Naren gives his watch and goes back to the car. Ankita takes his watch back and pays the money to the shopkeeper. Shopkeeper says he is a mad man. Ankita eyes him angrily. She gives his watch back. He eats all the ‘love me not’ chocolates and asks Ankita to read what is left. Ankita reads ‘love me’ chocolates are left. He asks, do you love me…Ankita smiles as he holds her hand.

Archana, Manav and Teju are waiting for Purvi outside Arjun’s home. Teju looks at Ovi who is making a quick move as she don’t want to come in their eyes. She calls her.

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  1. Tithi says:

    Titli thik hoese?

  2. Tithi says:

    Bye titli.amio mb page e jacchi.

  3. Tithi says:

    Hmm.thik ache.ekhn mb page e gie fake take out kore dao.

  4. Titli says:

    Hlo??thnk u thnk u thnk u a lot dr.

  5. Titli says:

    Hlo??thnk u thnk u thnk u a lot dr

  6. Tithi says:

    Taratari ei email ta just type kore ekta comment koro.tarpor ami jabo.

  7. Tithi says:

    Ami ekhane.tumi eita use koro.kintu kokhono amake mail pathio na.karon eita ami normally use korina,sudhu wu te comment kori.

  8. Tithi says:

    Titli,sono,email([email protected]).use it.

  9. A says:

    Tithi tmi ekhane?

  10. Ashvik lover!! says:

    all I hope is that somehow purvi or atleast he r family finds out abt arjun’s illness and then I guess ll will be fine…. the writers of the show want to make it interesting with twists and turns and all that but I think sometimes the audience would just like to see good/nice things… like arvi reunion rather than arvi break up…. what say guyzz!//

  11. shanu says:

    nice episoe i like it

  12. ASHVIK FAN says:

    i jst want arvi back… oh man i miss them nd their chemistry… plz cv’s jst bring them back… i luv reading only arvi part nd rest i skip…. plz don’t end arvi story wid bad memories… i jst luv arvi ashvik..

  13. what is the full name of that abreviation?

  14. uhm sorry but what is that abreviation for?

  15. hhmmm can be ……but what if he gets his memory back???

  16. Baba emoji... !! Aadhil says:

    I think ahanas character resembles with ankitas character not face but nature attitude and behavior.

  17. neelam says:

    i hope naren will still love her like this after his recovery

  18. manci says:

    Couldn’t agre more wit u angel manu
    Jus luv d 2 of dem
    I really wnt narita 2 be 2gether after Naren’s recovery

  19. Naina... says:

    I think Ankita’s Past I mean if she died and then she has taken Another Birth of Ankita and Before the same Ankita was Ahana
    What Do u all think Guys?

  20. AK says:

    Oh poor Arjun has clot of blood in his brain ;'(

    I feel sorry for Ovi she has stayed 20 years away from her parents and loved ones. I cant wish this even for my enemy. I hope she tells Arjun secret

    NarIta scenes are just mind blowing

  21. sabrina says:

    yep mahi is right we have ankita and naren too and their story is good we shouldnt focus on one side

  22. Mahi says:

    I agree Arvi scenes are missing but don’t forget we have Ankita and Naren. Their scenes are good.

  23. Sana says:

    Hi sabrina in which college do u read

  24. sabrina says:

    oh i love the serîes with ankita and naren scenes,its romantic i wish the series continue for long!

  25. neha says:

    wat a bullshit drama
    I just want arvii to be together

  26. Miss Unbelievable says:

    (watches PR dying)

    • Minnal says:

      As far as im concerned its been dying a very long & slow death, ever since the original Arman couple got back.

  27. ss says:

    becoz of d current track arvi chemistry is missng!! i just want 2 knw whn is d serial gng 2 end becoz hardly anythng making sense…rithwik leavng d show…shruti wld soon disappear ..out of nowhre….& maybe asha 2 !!! & wat wld be left is ankita ankita in d show..!! itz bettr 2 end it

  28. Zainab says:

    Purvi is strong this time!

  29. hafsa says:

    Plz put the remaining episode soon.

  30. Ashvik lover!! says:

    complications!! goshh!!! I hate this…. I wish arvi get back together…

  31. tmkuc says:

    hey arjun wats ur prob. man u idiot

  32. Angel Manu says:

    loved that love me love me not scene

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