Phir Subah Hogi 22nd March 2013 Written Update *Last Episode*

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Phir Subah Hogi 22nd March 2013 Written Update by tulipdaisy

Phir Subah Hogi 22nd March 2013 Written Episode **Last Episode**

Wedding preparations are underway,Adi supervising . Vikram ready in black sherwani, Reva comes with divorce papers saying its his wedding gift.Vikram says he is sad they could not become a couple,Reva wishes him luck comes out and cries.Jamunia consoles her and wishes her luck and leaves.Sugni is getting ready gets flash of old times,vikram comes she says she is feeling very weird,vikram holds her hand and asks if she really wants to marry her becoz he wants only her happiness, sugni says she wants him and her happiness is with him.Vikram asks her for forgiveness, sugni asks why vikram says if she comes to know he did something wrong with her will she forgive him…vikram says what all he did in life was to get her love as she is ultimate for him,sugni says she cant understand.Kuhu comes and calls them for wedding. Sugni leaves while vikram is worried.

ViNi at mandap doing rituals all are happy, sugni keeps looking at Adi in confusion and vikram not happy with whatever going on. They start pheres, sugni keeps staring at Adi, remembers marrying adi, getting shot falling in the river and stops the pheres.All look anxiously,sugni turns to vikram then tells Adi how can he see her getting married to someone else. All are shocked, sugni asks if she is a doll for them, she removes the Ghatbandhan when Adi stops her & says now you are back in your world. He ties the ghatbandhan and says you married me to teach TVS a lesson,Reva used you to save her marriage but Vikram loves you alot and has proved it n number of times that too like a puja,no one can take it away from him. If he tried to kill you indirectly he also saved you many times in benaras and he has never taken advantage of you but always protected you.ViNi listen quitely & Adi says he didnt wanted to marry you now also wanted to sacrifice his love for you.

MS tells no one can love her as much as Vikram and he only brought you back searching for you all over benaras.
Vikram tells he cant marry her as her memory is back.

Sugni stops him while Adi holds their hand in each others, they continue the pheres with PSH title track in background.Adi & Reva leave the mandap while ViNi are declared man and wife. MS blesses them.Hukum tells them gulabia has gone to thirath yaatra and apologise for their msitakes.

ViNi suhaagraat sugni waits when vikram comes, ore piya in background, he keeps staring at her and approaches her,sugni smiles blushes.vikram takes her hand and they sleep,vikram kisses her hand and says he has not enough time to talk to her,he says as chulbuli he liked her a lot, sugni asks and now, vikram comes close to her and kisses her.

That is the end of Phir Subah Hogi.

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59 Responses to “Phir Subah Hogi 22nd March 2013 Written Update *Last Episode*”

  1. Aranda says:

    poor ending vikram was supposed to die or get jailed ….hate vikram n s
    ugni together…

  2. Emilia says:

    what was the use of involving Adi’s love at first place, coz only Adi had true true love and honesty.
    Why couldn’t the writer see that.
    the story I loved, I never missed it, only to find its annoying ending it sucks. :-(

  3. Emilia says:

    I wish I never wasted my time watching this story. the ending sucks.
    so annoyed, what a huge regret, I should have watched something else.
    what is the writer showing us?

  4. Rebecca says:

    what was d use of giving hope abt adi n sugni..y did vikram lose all his attempt 2 seperate adi n sugni den..n y did d writer even bring up d scene of lov btw adi n sugni in d 1st place..d ending is nt fresh abeg

  5. Rebecca says:

    bliv me dis is d worst program i av eva followed… punar vivah is d best!!!….fr cryin out loud..hw can sugni end up wit vikram..dis is all nonsense

  6. Mercy says:

    Regretted ever following this soap o.very poor ending joh

  7. valley says:

    Really!! Sungni you are a very confused reck,n a true dancer,after all adi has been true u still see rtrue love in dat vikaram..well not your fault its the writer’s fault n zeetv series fault..mtcheew so crappy

  8. irene says:

    i love the ending cus vikram deserves sugni. its because of vikram sugni entered that mansion. its true they says true love never dies. Adi was only fulfilling his promise to sugni’s mother. God bless the writer for such a lovely ending

  9. KING says:

    this is so stupid sugni shows that she is a real bedni not wife type
    after all her mother suffered for and all what adi did to her she still went back to vikram this story is worthles

  10. Steve says:

    The ending of this show makes me regret watching it….how could sugni end up with vikram?..punar vivah still the best

  11. Barbie says:

    OMG…How dare u….sugni…worst ending ever….sugni,Adi deserves u but sha hu am I to question tru luv……..PUNAH VIVAH THE BEST

  12. Barbie says:

    OMG…How dare u….sugni…worst ending ever….sugni,Adi deserves u but sha hu am I to question tru luv

  13. Mark says:

    Worst film ever, i wish vikram died, i hate sugni bcause she is so foolish. gosh so so unfair for Adi he deserves it bcause he is so weak.

  14. dammy says:

    Worst ending ever,kinda sad,adi deserve sugni,I wouldn’t even bother to watch it again on Zee tv.thought adi and sugni will end up together.smh.gosh.

  15. Love says:

    How can sugni end up with vikram. RUBBISH!!!!!

  16. Leah says:

    Zeetv pls look at d end of any movie before u collect. This is d worst film av ever watch how can sugni go back to vikram? I hate vikram i wish she could av marry adi

  17. JT says:

    not happy that Sugni ended up with Vikram, meaning her mother’s fight was useless after all. But the writer wrote it that way so we just manage the story the way it is. Poor Aditya baabu….I liked the guy with sugni shaaa.

  18. faith says:

    Wow, am very happy sugni and vikram ended up together, I was a bit disapponted that sugni was ending up with adi. Adi’s girlfriend was very good so how can adi leave her. All those that didn’t agree with the ending should go and form theirs if u think writing a story is easy

  19. mariam says:

    I love the ending, it wasnt proper for sugni to fall in love with aditya. Aditya belonged to amrita and sugni was so unfair.
    The ending was fair.

  20. Raji says:

    Loved the ending!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge fan of Adi..but i didnt wanted him to end up with her!!

  21. Jagriti says:

    Overall the show was actually a good one…but one question is arising again n again in my mind…
    Sugni luved adi alot…
    Chulbuli luved Vikram..
    Bt wen sugni came back into her senses whom did she actually luv is actually nt shown..
    Theme was nt clear of the show

  22. lol says:

    hated this shit show but the end was the shittest of all

  23. az says:

    this is so stupid!!how come a mad man like vikram been considered as true love but a nice man like aditya who accept sugni as she was doesnt love her truly?the ending just too frustrated!!i dont care whatsoever low trp they had for the show but ended the seriel like this just too much bakwas hai!!

  24. Ruchika says:

    Loved the ending. Always wanted vikram-sugni together. Best jodi on tv. True love always wins at last. Aur waise bhi ‘VIKRAM SUGNI KO MILANE KE LIYE PURI KAYANAT KOSHISH KAR RAHI HAI :-)’

  25. Chandra Chowdhury says:

    I am happy seeing Vikram weds Sugni at last. But it is a very absurd writing written by a immatured writter. What happend to Amrita and Adi? What is riva’s fault? Why suman left unpunished?? Hundreds of “why” is there, The whole episode is written by a immatured writter with a nice and strong plot.

  26. Puvanes says:

    stupid show and stupid ending…..regretting watching this show…

  27. Alia says:

    U guys are totally mad and ungrateful,what does this have 2 do with the writer??the writer just made u a favour by making this written update and he/she just wrote what she saw she wasn’t the one who made the show…u dnt make sense guys man!!

  28. Dailyreader says:

    Hate the ending. Wasted my time watching this serial. Never gonna watch Zee tv serial again.

  29. AS 4eva says:

    Adi & Sugni were in love!!! Y da hell did she marry Vikram???? Writter u’r sick!

    • Milia says:

      AS 4Eva sorry but i think u haven’t watch in the begining of the movie Sugni and Vikram used to love Eva destroy their love and Sugni got married Adi to saved the life of Eva and then love came to Adi because he help her a lot.

      I am very happy with the end of the movie that Vikram and Sugni married each other thanks writer.

  30. deepu says:

    I am glad that sugni n vikram got united at last i thnk its nt d best jodi r smthng dat maters its always d lve dat maters

  31. ammara says:

    totally agree with u mk loved sugni and vik from the beginning when it went to aditya a nd sugni i stopped watching so happy vikram got his love finally he always wanted what was best for her

    • Miss Unbelievable says:

      When he shot her mom and attempted murder on his own flesh and blood and was willing to keep Sugni as his bedni I when Reva gave him permission to?

      Yeah that’s love and protection for you. If thatis love I rather be an old maid starting now

      But in the end Sugni became an old geezers lover not through bedni but marriage. But still an old man

      She lied to Aditya about being with him forever. This show represents broken love and dreams

  32. MK says:

    This Story was always about Sugni and Vickram, but the writers messed up when they introduced Reva, they tried to be too soap opera style and it went wrong.
    Vickram was always Sugni True love and vice versa. Love the ending.

  33. Punar Vivah is the Best! says:

    I’m so glad this serial has finally concluded. I have always thought that Vikram and Sugni belong together. Adi is such a wonderful person . Sugni does not deserve Adi. She belongs to old man vikram! ha ha ha !

  34. horla says:

    i hate dis show how can they do dis to adi. I think they are going to do it on sunday i hope she get back with adi

    • Miss Unbelievable says:

      nope…its the last episode. the serial ends today

    • Afsana says:

      I agree with you, this show should have ended with Aditya being reunited to Sugni. Not Sugni and Vikram. Vikram never loved her, if he did then he would be honest about Reva from the beginning.

  35. Miss Unbelievable says:


    Im glad thise serial ended. Im so thankful. Aditya is like Arjun…spineless

    Amrita dont take back Aditya at all and how the hell aditya ended up here out of the blue?

    A good show gone to the pits due to greediness for TRPS


    • Miss Unbelievable says:

      Gulki I wish you well. I hope you get a better show

      I hope Zee tv wipes out all their serials never to be retrieved ever.

  36. PV and QH #1 fan! says:


    • Afsana says:

      Ya I agree. I was really heartbroken when I saw Aditya give Sugni to Vikram. Writers are stupid. The show was going so well with Aditya and Sugni being together and now it ends with Vikram being with Sugni. What utter bullshit is this. This is crap, I am really sad with the way it ended. Glad it’s over, hope to see Gulki and Nandish in another serial together though.

  37. RAGHNEE says:

    World most worst serial award goes to phir subah hogi

    Bad ending very bad ending

  38. aysheer says:

    writer i tnk u frustrated d little fans u had ,wit such a downcasted endin,bt stil congrats

  39. ammulu.chani says:

    Best bad serial sugini was maried to tvs.what abt adi.this is too bad.

  40. fan says:

    thank god its over. worse rated serial!

  41. urmilasingh says:

    that is really stupid. i mean aditya and sugni were the best couples. i did not like how it ended with vickram and sugni n i am sure alot of people does not like it either.i always wanted aditya and sugni and i also thought that after she get back her memory, she will say that aditya is the one she love.

    i hate the way it ended

    • fan says:

      the story initialy was about adi/sugni. dont know how it ended up this way. anyways im happy it ended because it was just plain stupid.

    • Afsana says:

      EXACTLY what I had thought too. Since she said that her love for Aditya is true and that she always will be with him and now she is willing to be married to Vikram. What the hell. And Vikram is so cheap. I REALLY HATED THE WAY THIS SHOW ENDED. So sad for Aditya. But I am hoping that Gulki and Nandish do come together for another serial.

  42. MK says:


  43. Mahima says:

    WHAT THE HELL!! THE FIRST SERIAL FROM ZEE TV FROM WHICH I DONT LIKE THE ENDING!! I just want Sugni and Adi but its over now… Hate it.

    • mausam says:

      Is the ending morally and legally right? If Sugni was married To Aditya then is her marriage to Vikram valid?

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