Pratigya 16th August 2012 Written Update

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Pratigya 16th August 2012 Written Update by a_uma

TN Hall : SS and KN entertaining some neta… Neta asking SS why u left politics.. SS says I did lots for the party, but they did nothing for me… all my juniors getting ticket and becoming leaders, but I who had done sooo much was not considered… Neta says I have good news, the party has decided to give you ticket in this elections… but there is a problem… the entire city is talking about Sarju the goon who was killed by that girl.. Sarju has lots of supporters of his caste… your DIL is fighting the case of sarju’s killer.. . you will lose your votebank… KN says but SS has already kicked P out of the house then how can it be a problem.. Neta tells SS you get a big lawyer and fight sarju’s case… get his killer punished… then all of sarju’s caste ppl will be on your side.. SS agrees.. tells Neta that I will not let go of this opportunity… I will get the election ticket at any cost… Neta leaves.. SS tells himself that he will win this election even if he has to do anything for it…

TN Hall : GD praying… Pys brings kheer to her.. K enters TN .. GD spots him and tells him to eat the kheer as she had it prepared for his b’day.. K refuses..asks GD where was this love when I tried to get your blessings.. GD tells him its yr b’day and I will not allow you to refuse.. tries to force him to eat… K pushes the spoon and it falls down.. KN and Ksr come out of their room.. taunt GD and tell her that if SS comes to know of this, he will throw you out.. then you have to live in an old ppl’s home or beg on the streets.. K angry… grabs KN collar and tells him to stop talking in sick manner with his elders.. K goes inside in anger.. Ksr says both K and P are always disrespecting their elders and now trying to teach others.. asks KN angrily why he did not hit back… KN replies he has bigger issues to handle and has no time for these quarrels..

KP room : K on the phone complaining to P about GD’s behaviour… P scolds him and says why did you not eat the kheer.. K says GD is showing false concern for me… P consoles him and says that GD would have been afraid of SS and that’s why she did not bless you in the morning… maybe GD did not want a confrontation with SS.. K tells her all this behaviour has upset me.. Arg comes up to P and tells her that policemen are missing from outside the house… K overhears and tells P to give phone to Arg… reassures her that police would have just gone to get paan or something and they will be back.. tells her that if you like, I myself will come there and guard MMFG house… Arg refuses.. K then tells her that I have a gr8 business plan in mind.. with your education and my business knowledge, we could have a good business going… Arg happy… K tells her to hand phone back to P.. P thanks K for supporting her family so much… K says I will do anything for my wife’s happiness.. P pleased…

Allahabad Road : Neta sitting in car.. goons approach the armed guard and tell him that they are Neta’s caste ppl and want to speak to him.. Neta calls them to come forward.. the goons complain about Sarju’s death and tell Neta that he is of your own caste.. help us to get justice… Neta tells them that he has spoken to SS about it and he will engage a big lawyer to fight sarju’s case & get his killer punished.. tells goons to go home and not to worry… Neta leaves..
Goons not happy.. one of them says let the court-police-lawyer do their work, but we will take revenge for our bhai’s death.. that girl will suffer for it..

Arg’s room : Goons enter room… P and Arg sleeping .. goon holds P down and cover her mouth with his hand.. preventing her from screaming.. another goon holds a knife to Arg’s throat, about to kill her.. P wakes up with a start.. it was all a bad dream.. Arg also gets up and asks her what’s the matter.. P about to tell her, but stops… P goes out of room towards the front door, Arg following her puzzled… P finds the two constables sitting outside GH .. P is relieved.. and tells Arg there is nothing to worry about…

ASY home : SS goes to meet ASY… he’s surprised and pleased to see SS.. welcomes him and takes his blessings… SS chats with ASY.. asks about Shakuntala.. ASY says she gone into town to buy some stuff… SS asks him about his work… ASY replies… SS tells him ever since I accepted you as my son, I remember you and Shaku a lot… I could not allow you to remain in TN due to family pressure… ASY says I understand… SS tells him that in a relationship one has to help one another… you needed me to acknowledge you as my son and I have done that.. now I have need of your help… tells ASY that I have a problem.. I need you to fight a case for me, without asking any questions… ASY puzzled, asks what sort of case.. SS tells him not to ask any questions, just agree to do it for SS’s sake .. .. ASY perturbed…

no precap…

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