Punar Vivah 11th January 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 11th January 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 11th January 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
Arti, decorating their room, with the scindia family pictures’ collage while the kids watch happily. She asks for forgiveness from their photos along with the kids and asks them to forgive fast. When she goes over to pamper them, the kids put her on statue and deliberately try to get her to laugh by sharing a joke. ansh starts telling the joke and arti desperately tries to stop laughing. Yash sees this from a distance. The kids complain that arti is strictly not moving. He gives them the idea of tickling her but they say its against the rules. Then yash says that he has an idea and starts making funny faces so that she laughs and moves from her stature. The kids say that she won since she didnt budge under yash’s pressure and go out to play. while she is stuck in her kissing position, yash comes close to her making her finally withdraw away and yash leaning in on her. The kids statue them in this position while they have fun. The whole family engages in fun.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s house and ansh’s school
The next morning, teacher tells suraj that ansh got hurt today during his P.T. class and after being given first aid, he’s stable now. She says that she called so that someone could come and pick him from school. Suraj hears ansh’s voice on the phone crying out for yash. He begins to call out to arti but then thinks otherwise wondering about buaji’s words. suraj cancels the phone saying that they dont have any relation with ansh whatsoever and cancels the phone while the teacher is confused. Suraj is tensed at the recent happenings. The teacher begins to check her diary for any other contact no.

She contacts the dubey house and prashant picks up the phone. The teacher tells him the entire story and he leaves lying to his mother that it was his friend on the phone who has called him urgent.

Scene 3:
Location: Outside the school
Ansh is not very happy that prashant came to visit him since arti would get angry, but prashant reminds him of their freidnship and how he had helped ansh with arti and ansh had given a friendship band in reciprocation of his love. He asks ansh to shake hands with him but ansh does it half heartedly. Prashant asks about ansh’s health and says that they would have a fun day today. But ansh refuses saying that he would only go with his parents. After thinking, he says that yash is busy in meeting and therefore didnt bother about ansh, and refused to come to ansh. Hence he had come since he could never leave his kid alone. Ansh remembers prashant’s taiji’s words saying he is prashant’s son. He lures ansh by giving him chocolates and toys and takes Ansh with him in the car.

Scene 4:
Location: In the market and yash’s house
Arti and yash are marketing when they come across an unfortunate kid who sells balloons for a living. He takes that kid and buys all balloons from him. He asks arti to give 1000rs. to the boy and asks him to go get food. yash wishes that all children should get food, education and the love of their parents. Arti too wishes for the same. They think that balloons would thrill their own kids and drive off in the car. They come home and ask for ansh from the girls. They tell arti that ansh was hurt and was sent home, so he would be here only. While yash gives balloons to the girls, Arti goes inside and comes running outside saying that ansh isnt at home. He is shocked to hear this.

yash calls up the school about this and finds out that ansh has been taken by prashant by the teacher, pretending to be his guardian. He asks her why they didnt call at his house, she tells him the whole story of how suraj had refused to come. When arti asks him what happened, yash tells her that ansh was taken by prashant. She too is shocked to hear this. Yash, in anger, leaves.

yash comes and tells arti that shobha told that prashant hasnt returned yet. arti is shocked to find that he lied. Yash asks arti to come along with him and they would find ansh together. The kids too sensing the gravity of the situation, tell arti that they would behave and she should go with yash, without bothering about them. They begin to leave when yash finds suraj wacthing them from a distance.

Scene 5:
Location: In the playground
While prashant is trying to get ansh on his side by saying that arti loved him forst, ansh vehemently denies having seen arti loving prashant ever, and that she only loves yash. Prashant is irritated to hear this.

Scene 6:
Location: Yash’s house
Yash stops suraj and says that he never could have thought that suraj would give yash’s punishment to his son ansh. He accuses suraj being responsible for his son’s disappearance. Suraj retorts back saying that now could he understand the pain of losing his own son and the pain that is borne when the child is in torture, when ansh is not even his real son. Just one year of bonding is such important to you, that you forgot the pain that he would inflict on his parenst when he left them for this girl and leaves. They are hurt and tensed and the screen freezes on Arti’s face.

Precap: Arti, whose hand prashant has held asking her to hit him, snatches her hand away from him and takes ansh and begins to leave. When prashant tries to follow them, yash intervenes and throws him on the ground threatening that if he ever tried to disturb anybody from his family again, he would kill him.


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197 Responses to “Punar Vivah 11th January 2013 Written Update”

  1. Magi says:

    Have been enjoying reading your various points of view for quite some time now and must say that I think all you guys rock, sometimes I agree, sometimes I think how could you say that but I always appreciate you varying opinions and have had some good laughter as well.

    Would like to say something on Aarti’s behalf. In my view Aarti is not a selfish person at all her greatest proof of this came on her birthday when Pa S told her to ask for whatever she wanted and he would grant it.. knowing that the truth would come out someday as she fully intended to tell Yash she could have kept this promise as a trump card and hold him to his promise but without giving it a second thought she asked for Pari to be forgiven. As far as Prashant is concerned, maybe Aarti saw what she wanted to in him, she is the type of person who believes that if you are good to someone they would be good to you. When Prashant decided to leave her for (Neela I think is the name of the woman) she begged him not to go, Aarti was of the mistaken view that if she tried harder and loved him more everything would be alright but the fact is that he is the direct opposite of her, he is selfish to the core. Even when Ansh was kidnapped he asked what that had to do with him, if at any time he could have showed some concern it was then. Prashant thinks only about himself and what makes him happy at the moment, should Neela come back and he gets a few dollars in his pocket again, his desire for Ansh would dissipate before you can count to three.
    In terms of the lie Aarti was backed into a corner by the Dubey’s Mr. Dubey to a greater extent she wanted to tell the truth from the get go and even actually did call Yash and said everything after which she was berated by Mr. Dubey who reminded her about all the favours they had done for her and her son. She was literally between a rock and a hard place and also she did not want to make the Dubey’s lose face because they had been good to her.

    The following excerpt from the written update of April 2, 2012 clearly show that she wanted and in fact did tell Yash the truth.
    “Episode begins with Aarti telling Yash that she knows it is too late to talk about this matter but it is important. Gaytri says to Yash’s father and Prateek that, first Aarti denied to perform Kanyadaan by Aarpita’s mother, but now Paridhi made fun of her during music ceremony.

    Aarti asks Shobha and her father in law, why they did not talk to Yash about her divorce news. Her father in law tells that what is need of telling the truth now to Yash’s family and why she did not tell the truth when she knew about it. Aarti tells them that, she doesn’t know anything that they have hid the news from Yash’s family.
    Aarti says to Shobha that, she can’t marry hiding this big truth about her divorce and decides to tell the truth to Yash before marriage. Shobha says that if she tells the truth then her marriage will not happen, but Aarti accepts it.

    Aarti calls Yash mobile, but due to noise Yash was unable to hear. Shobha says to Aarti not to call Yash, but she keeps trying to call him. Yash and Prateek sit on mandap and priest starts rasam. Yash’s elder brother tells Yash and Prateek about next dance performance where Arjun and Purvi from Pavitra Rishta perform to a song where Kamaal Khan sings.

    Meanwhile, Yash notices his phone messages from Aarti saying that she wants to tell something very important. Aarti tells Yash about her divorce news and asks Yash for his decision. Aarti’s father in law says Aarti that Yash will not answer showing the disconnected phone wire. At the wedding place of Yash and Prateek, Karanveer Bohra danced on Pyaar ki Pungi song. Aarti’s father in law scolds Aarti that why she is trying to spoil his image in society. Aarti says that she can never do it and says that she will leave that place with her son Anash and packs her bag. Aarti’s father in law tells Aarti that if she wants to spoil his image then she can leave her re-marriage and keep her son Anash happiness away from his father”.

  2. Profile photo of Rimjhim Rimjhim says: Verified

    hey guys thanks everyone for being so ardent readers and enjoying my work…hoping to keep up th work for you guys!!!
    lov all of ya!!!

  3. Suni says:

    Hi Afreesh , the place is wet and cold outside but I must venture out . Lots and lots of rain these days . Ttyl .

  4. shla says:

    I may be fiercely arguing with you about Aarti, Yash and other PV characters but please remember I respect your views and opinion even though they are totally opposite from mine.

    Thank you for debating and as I said earlier you are just brilliant.

    • Suni says:

      Thank you Shla . I must also thank you for engaging me in debate . I know that we don’t agree on many points , but we are both loyal fans nonetheless :) . You are brilliant yourself Shla .
      I must say Good Night , I have classes tomorrow . Take care until ..

  5. shla says:

    Suni, On Pappa’s rule, Aarti turned blind eye in earlier thread and you quoted “IT IS A FOOL THAT PRACTICES TRUTH WITHOUT KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRUTH AND FALSEHOOD and finally it reminded you about Parthi:
    First of all the quote is correct but you are applying it wrong. The key phrase in there is KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE”. Dear, Aarti knew the difference and she has remorse for mistake. She knew she was wrong and she always wanted to rectify the situation as soon possible. I and many have have explained this many times and you are just ignoring what many are saying here. In an attempt to make Aarti more than 100% perfect (which is impossible) you and Afreesh are constantly saying she did the mistake and never realized the gravity of her mistake. That is absolutely incorrect. It is all based on your assumptions and no facts are supported by what Aarti has said in any of episodes.

    As far as Parthi’s situation, Aarti has told Prathi to tell the truth to Prathik herself at the earliest time as Aarti believes in telling the truth oneself in her own words at earliest. She never said immediately (at earliest) and most importantly she believed (I know you don’t agree here, but read every word in my previous sentence) and preached that truth should be told. So your argument is little stretch

    • Suni says:

      Shla , I love your persistence . But if one knows the correct thing but chooses to practice what is wrong , then that only makes them a hypocrite to open their mouths and preach . If she sort to love herself then she would also recognize her own errors and her own jeopardizing of her marriage before she spoke to Pari about Being honest with Pratheik .

    • Suni says:

      Shla , I will be off line for a little while . I will return soon and respond .

    • Suni says:

      With regards to Prashant . Aarti knew this man well enough to marry him . She went to college and had other options , Aman said so himself when he taunted Yash . She chose Prashant . When he left her , she begged for him to stay . Why did she beg for such a lowlife man who is showing his true character now ? Even after he rejected her again at the temple , and after marriage , she dreamt of their moments together . She wanted the man back and wished desperately only for him despite knowing his true colours . She longed for this current change of heart towards her and Ansh . She pawned Arpita’s bangles to save him without any remorse when he fell ill .
      All of a sudden he is a threat because she has been exposed ? All of a sudden Ansh has been banned from his sight ? Again , hypocrisy , for she drove for miles alone with a man she hated . She opened the door and let him in when he merely coughed despite no one being at home . She drove him and their son to the hospital although the Dubeys could have carried him .

      Her efforts to maintain the lie were greater than her efforts to tell the truth .

      Now all of a sudden she is making great speeches to Prashant . Why didnt she do this before ? he is still undergoing treatment , so his state of health did not curtail her anger now and it shouldn’t have before . The truth is out and Yash has her back . She can admonish the man she cried long tears to have return to her . God has granted her wish , why is she unappreciative now ? We saw the Prashant , that she knew and love on display with Ansh and the stone . She may deny that Prashant is her husband now , but why is she saying that Prashant isn’t Ansh’s father ? She is giving merit to his accusations by denying that fact . Prashant said not a word to her then , he did not even challenge her .

    • shla says:

      Prashant was a lowlife which Aarti found out later in the marriage about Prashant and not before. The evil people pretend and that is what Prashant did and he showed his true colors. He is showing now again after pretending to be nice earlier too. It is absolutely false that she dreamed about Prashant after her re-marriage. Never. You may be confusing with what you have saw in flashback scene of the time when they are married and before Aarti married to Yash and took their oath during punar vivah.

      Come on Suni, if Aarti were to say that Prashant is Ansh’s biological father then I do not know what would be your reaction here. Even if she were to be silent, I am sure you would have condemned her and said why not she accepts her new family. This is an impossible argument. In my opinion she did the right thing to prove to Mr Suraj Pratap Scindia.

      Prashant is past life for Aarti immediately after Mehandi and Aarti has every right to admonish the man after she choose her new life partner. For me it is just that simple.

      You saw Prashant and his love for Ansh and it was at display? Where was that love when she was pregnant with that baby? And don’t forget he now jealous of what he walked away from. On Prashant is her husband now? Absolutely wrong. They were divorced and Prashant lost that right that moment. Now Yash married her and Yash is her husband. Period.

    • Suni says:

      Shla , I just took time to search for the episode with the particular scene where Aarti remembered Prashant after marriage . Please check April 13 th , 2012 episode .
      With regards to Prashant misrepresenting himself , I cannot say that with certainty for we have little to go on with regards to what led to the decline of his love for Aarti . . When she had him beaten up for being late by a group of men , he seemed understanding enough back then despite some understandable complaints .
      But when he walked out in utter disgust , Aarti knew what he was . When he never returned not even to see his parents nor child , Aarti again knew what he was . Yet she waited and denounced any hopes of remarriage . It was faith that brought Yash and Aarti together . The Divine Being helped unite them . Therefore Shla , I am not worried about Papa S being able to seperate these two . For what Gad has blessed , no man can curse . I worry more about Aarti growing her character , mending her flaws and strengthening her marriage .
      Shla if you claim her to be 100 % perfect them you diminish your assertion that Aarti is only human and prone to making mistakes . No one amongst us is 100% perfect . Only a Gods hold that honor .

    • Suni says:

      One thing before I finally go Shla , I didn’t state that Prashant is her husband now . I said that she ” cannot ” say that Prashant is her husband now but she shouldn’t deny that he is Ansh’s father . This is a fact and many remarried couples have to deal with a lifetime of their ex spouse interacting with the children . There are no ex children , you cannot break such relationship because you do not love your ex partner anymore . This is a sad reality and one of the greatest problems in a remarriage and unfortunately most times the kids suffer from their arguments .

  6. shla says:

    Sorry I have to start new thread as with my small screen here it is hard for me to scroll down and respond. Let me answer first answer to Suni’s response to earlier thread and I will break it into 2 separate threads as we are discussing too many points and mixing up things.

    On did Aarti consult anyone before agreeing to her punishment in the episode:
    Dear Suni, if you remember the episode, after Aarti was not allowed to speak and importantly many things (4 points I identified below) happened after she was not allowed to speak and before Aarti accepted the decision from Pappa. Please note in previous sentence I said accepted and she did agree to follow Yash after Yash made the decision to accept punishment for both of them. Now 4 things: 1. Yash pleaded for her case, 2. Gayatri pleaded for case and 3. Mr Dubey said it is not his fault and finally 4. Shobha also begged and pleaded for her case. So how could you say she did not consult? She saw what happened there and gave opportunity to everyone who is talking there to please her case and allowed all elders to convince Pappa. Mr Pappa did not listen to anyone and want her out immediately. What exactly then you mean consult? I am sure you don’t mean literal meaning of consult. So I can’t understand why you are not looking at facts.

    On Yash accepting his decision to abandon his family:
    Yes, Yash is correct in this particular situation to abandon his family as Yash was not given any other options by Pappa. He is not going to stand for craziness of his dad. As a true responsible man, Yash (unlike Prashant) who understands his responsibility towards his wife and kids did absolutely right thing.

    On the point that I don’t get the fact of self-love and I am not listening to you:
    I just don’t understand your thinking Suni as I said earlier and I am just going to leave it there.

    • Suni says:

      Did Aarti plead for herself ? She is very vocal for other people’s affairs , why not her own ? Did she ask Yash how he feels ? You don’t have to listen to me Shla . It doesn’t matter to me who listens or not , I have never sort to sway your opinion ,I merely state how I feel .
      Aarti created the man that Mr Schindia is today . He gave her many chances in the past . You mentioned before that Papa S had divorce papers drawn up . But Aarti had agreed to those terms . She had accepted that she would leave Schindia house after Ansh’s safe return . She pleaded for a chance when she admitted her flaw of giving priority to Ansh over the Schindia family needs . If the marriage was worth anything to her at that time she would not have agreed so easily to leave . Only after Yash saved Ansh did she change her tunes .
      Papa S had respect for her at one point and listened to her on the Pari matter , but how much must he forgive and overlook ? She went about her merry way deceiving everyone , she was too ashamed to beg for she knew how wrong she was .

    • shla says:

      Yes, Aarti absolutely did plead silently. You can see in her fearful eyes and that is a fact which contradicts your assumption that she did not plead. Looks like I can’t convince you to see my point of view. Do you remember when she was vocal with same Pappa, first time he forced divorce paper on her? You forget that and now you want her do the same thing again (to scream and beg again) in front of Pappa, Mr Scindia, not to punish her? He did not listen to his son, how then any of us could believe that he will listen to her if she was vocal now given the history. I don’t get it.

      As far as she created Mr. Scindia what he is now? You referred to the incident where she pleaded to save her son and to agree to the terms of saving her own child. Suni, don’t forget she wanted to save her own child which she carried in her own womb for 9 months with lot of pain just to bring that child to this loving world. So at that time she screamed as vocal as she can be and also begged to save that child and accepted the price in the desperation. At that time, she did little know that she was dealing with cunning and evil father-in-law who would put price to save her son as separating her from new husband. At that time luckily, Yash and Aarti both realized when they met at Ansh’s competition that they were tricked by this wise or should I say cunning man. Do you remember that scene, “when Aarti rang the bell, Mr Scindia comes to door and says, oh good you have come to senses and are here to return the papers. And then Yash comes from side to his surprise and Yash says they are not divorcing and Mr Scindia lets both of them in the house.”

      And you say Aarti is deceiving instead of Pappa? Aarti made a mistake she wanted to correct and never to decieve and Pappa made a mistake with intent of deceiving and never corrected or apologized. There is a difference which makes a deceit act. Come on, how could you Suni. Passion is good to some extent but your passion to protect Pappa is making me speechless. What I simply want Pappa to do is be reasonable and give a reasonable punish to Aarti, if he chooses but please please don’t carry out the action he loudly proclaimed at the end, “I declare that Aarti and Ansh has to be separated out from Yash and his two daughters. And it is Mr Suraj Pratap Scindia’s word.” Pappa should stop playing games and testing Aarti and let Yash, an adult and responsible man, to figure out how to handle his wife. He is making mockery of marriage and not just punar vivah.

    • Suni says:

      Papa S has been married for way too long for you to accuse him of making a mockery of marriage . Aarti was willing to be with Prashant , what did she know about honest men given that she came from the Dubey house ? I do not now , nor will I ever condone his current coarse of action to seperate Aarti and Yash . But , Aarti was extreme with her deceit and he is extreme with his punishment . As you sow , so you shall reap . She walked and talked bravely with her lie , now she should do the same with her punishment . He is the head of the household , and , like I said before , who doesn’t like his decisions should leave and find their own home . I will never stand below anyone’s roof and ignore their rules . Aarti chose to marry into the Schindia family . She made the final decision because she wanted betterment for Ansh . She got her wish with Yash’s devotion . She repaid his kindness with dishonesty . She knew his stance as it pertained to lies , yet she persisted . Fortunately for her , love has blinded him . Her greatest fear was to lose Yash . God has again blessed her with her wish . Yash stands by her side . She never wished for family peace , only Yash .

    • shla says:

      Suni, You say Suraj was married for long time. That does not mean anything. They say Quality and not Quantity (or longevity here) matters. But look at what he has done to his wife. She has no voice. She cannot express her feeling and opinion like we are debating here.

      He has not built his marriage on trust and but on fear. You said once all sons go to him for final decision. Every one, except Yash, has stopped thinking to understand and decide what and what is wrong and what is life. Becoz Mr SCP does final decision.

    • shla says:

      I meant to say everyone except Yash has stopped thinking and stopped deciding what is right and what is wrong in their life.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I guess Aarti tries so hard to please everyone (even going to the extent of concealing the truth about her past) is because of what fate has dealt her prior to and even in her Punar Vivah.
    Firstly, she was an orphan. That alone can damage a persons self image. Her need and search for love and acceptance led her to Prasanth.
    He turned out to be a despicable individual when he insulted, cheated and abandoned his is heavily pregnant wife and even claiming that the child was not his. The second time in her life that she had to deal with abandonment, loneliness etc. Only a woman whose husband has treated her like Prashant treated Aarti can understand the devastating feeling of rejection, unworthiness, emotional trauma she experienced.
    The Dubeys took care of her and loved her like their own child.

    When they begging her not to divulge the fact that she was a divorcee and not a widow. She felt that she had to comply even though she was against it, as they had done so much for her.
    When she helped Yash in resolving his issues, she did it so that she will be accepted by her new family.
    She was and still is (by some)treated a little differently from the others. Her need for acceptance of herself and her son played some part in her choices and actions. The moment she faced disapproval she accepted her punishment or left as she expected rejection again.

    She is heart broken about the family breakup but I’m sure a part of her is glad to be accepted by Yash despite her mistakes.
    Yash is the only one of the three brothers brave enough to challenge is father, Aarti speaks her mind. This annoys Suraj, it bruises his ego a bit. The sons are married and have families of their own but are not allowed to decide for themselves. They have to think like their parents. And if they step out of line in this regard they are ostraci
    zed. The family lives under dictatorship. Maybe that’s the problem with extended families, everybody knows everyone elses business, there’s very little privacy.
    Daughter in laws, in this family are expendable. You break the rules you’re out. Marriage holds no importance then. The couple can so easily be separated.
    People with evil intentions are given more importance and people trying to keep family together are thrown out of the house.

    • shla says:

      I am totally agree with you.

    • shla says:

      I meant agreement

    • Anonymous says:

      And I am in total agreement with your arguments as well. They are an exact reflection of my own thoughts on what is happening in this series. Hope high handed attitudes and inflated egos will give way to forgiveness and acceptance and a happy family.

  8. Suni says:

    Oh Raji . I feel so badly about not noticing your comment before about having been in an accident . Please forgive me for my mistake o missing that particular comment . . I hope that you are better now , I will pray for your speedy recovery and hope that you get back to normal soon .

    • Suni says:

      And you are still so positive despite that setback Raji . I admire that .

    • Raji.trs says:

      Hi Suni, Good morning. . Thank u dear.. U Dont feel dear. Yesterday i wasnt connect net so not send reply.
      I am suffering from fever and with leg pain over yeah…
      Sign out.

    • SJ says:

      Raji I am s sorry , to hear you are not feeling well, get well son feel better

    • Suni says:

      Oh Raji , I am very sorry to hear that you still have pain . Time will have to be your healer and then the Mumbai girl who speaks Tamil will be back on her feet again . You have time to watch old episodes of PV, there are some very funny scenes in the old episodes as well and I noticed that the music has changed a bit . Just a suggestion to keep your mind happy . If you see Bua orThaji or Prashant chage the episode . Raji do you know that Sj is a real doctor by profession ? She is always helping us to feel better . But these days she says that there are no more chill pills , Yash and Aarti took them all or she would have or she would have offered you some dear , to help with the pain , her humour is her best medicine to give us when we don’t feel our best .
      I really hope that you get better soon .

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